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Four playgrounds, three swing sets and one water fountain make up this local park. Along with seven benches and one particularly delicious ice cream stand.

Cool, huh?

9/3/2009 #1

Katou was floating by herself, lost in Tokyo park. She was searching for Tezuka since he suddenly disappeared in the morning only leaving a small note saying that he would be in a place called school for a while. Katou went to go bring him back from the place called school because she thought he was trapped in there.

"Mitsu-chii! Shout out for help if you hear me! Don't let them hang you by your toes, throw water balloons, drink something called bleach, or any kind of those sick demented things!" Katou shouted out and then she spotted it.

"Wah, that looks so delicious." Katou's eyes shined as she saw an ice cream stand.

9/4/2009 . Edited 9/4/2009 #2

"How undesirable. The sun here is too weak. I knew I should've stayed at home, where it's actually fucking warm." Rokurou, sitting in a small sandbox (conveniently scaring off all small kids who wished to play in it), glared upwards at the sun. Resting himself against the edges of the sandbox, he closed his eyes and cursed his life.

Fuck Akutsu. Fuck it all.

"Mitsu-chii! Shout out for help if you hear me! Don't let them hand you by your toes, throw water balloons, drink something called bleach, or any kind of those sick demented things!"

His eyes snapping open at the overly loud shrieking, he located the rambunctious girl with a glare. Boring eyes into the back of her head, he wished her death.

9/4/2009 #3

Katou felt a glare but ignored it. 'No one can see me anyway~' Katou thought. Katou floated towards the ice cream stand and looked at her mass selection.

"Hmm...Mitsu-chii said they exchange food for money called 'yen'. Hmm...I'll give him all the yen he wants later!" Katou stole some ice cream and floated away. People ran away since they saw a 'floating ice cream cone'. Katou just ate her ice cream while watching other people run.

"Humans are weirdos..." Katou mumbled.

9/4/2009 #4

Rokurou, in his human form, stared at the insolent being that dared called herself a Lytherian. He wondered if he had ever met anyone as blatantly stupid.


Stretching out of his position in the sandbox, he stood up. Amongst all the chaos of the humans, he found it perfectly easy to change into his Lytherian form without being noticed. He did enjoy creating mass chaos, but he just wasn't ready to be bitched about it from Akutsu, even if the reactions from humans were priceless.

Floating towards her, he reached out and nicked her ice cream, taking a bite of it. "It tastes like shit." He said afterwards.

9/4/2009 #5

Katou was busy watching the whole chaos going on. "Is there something going on?" Katou asked out loud but then another lytherian floated towards her, ate a bit of her ice cream, and then said it didn't taste so good.

"Hmm...? Is that so?" Katou licked it again. "Well, everyone has their opinions." Katou smiled.

9/4/2009 #6

"You disrupted the humans, stole merchandise, and did it all with blundering stupidity." Rokurou snorted. "Pretty amateur stuff."

Staring at her, he decided he must have met the Lytherian version of the small brat that always hung around his partner. Oh fuck.

"Are you always so smiley?" He asked, glowering. "It's fucking annoying." Considering the atmosphere, he concluded that she probably was a user of the skies. They were all the fucking same.

9/4/2009 #7

Katou stared at him while eating her ice cream slowly. After he was done, Katou started to laugh. "You're a really interesting guy you know? I like you." Katou said in between her laughter.

"And besides..." Katou stopped. "Smiling is a disease."

Only for an instant, Katou's face was more serious and strange. But then it changed back into a happy smile in no time. "So what's your name?" Katou asked.

9/4/2009 #8

Sora was sleeping in a sakura tree when she heard barking of a creature she hate, a dog.

"AH!' shouted Sora falling of a tree and landing herself on the floor.

9/4/2009 #9

Rokurou snorted. "It's hard not to fucking like me. I'm fucking awesome." Something resembling a smirk twitched at his lips as he watched her laugh. She sure reminded him of- No, no. It was retarded to think of his past.

The semi-smirk disappeared off his lips just in time for her attitude change. So the fucking bubbly had a backbone, after all. He couldn't fucking care less.

"Rokurou." He answered her absentmindedly, glaring at the dog that had just passed by underneath where they were floating. Distantly, he heard a scream. Chalking it off as a stupid human, he sighed at the stupidity of all the beings around him.

9/4/2009 #10

"That name sounds tough." Katou commented. She then heard a barking dog and a scream. 'What's that...?' Katou wondered.

"Ne, what are you doing here?" Katou asked, smiling. She noted that his clothing was different, his hair was spiked up, and his nose was pointed out. "Wah, you sure are cool." Katou thought differently though. Anything that is different is cool in her book.

9/4/2009 #11

"Good." Was all Rokurou responded, not bothered about the dog and the scream. Humans were such fickle creatures, they screamed at everything. Hell, some girls had even screamed at him the other day when he was strolling around in his human form.

"I'm here to cause mass mayhem and chaos to these inferior beings." Rokurou stone-faced. "My partner ran away like a little coward a while ago. And do you have anything better to do than steal shitty ice cream?" He saw the tiny wisps of her hair being blown gently, making her look softer. Frowning, he stayed very still for a second. After discerning that there wasn't even the slightest breeze, he knew she was a sky user. Either she was of the air or wind variety, he did not know. "I know."

9/4/2009 #12

"Really? That sounds like fun. And nope, I have nothing better to do." Katou finished her ice cream.

Katou noticed that he still kept the same expression and even stood still for a moment. "Is something wrong?" Katou asked. She still had smudges of ice cream on her face yet Katou didn't really notice.

9/4/2009 #13

"You really have no clue, do you?" The half-smirk was back, this time a bit more obvious. Letting himself be amused by the air girl was shaping up to be one of the few entertaining things he'd had in the past week.

Staring at the smudges that covered her face, he sighed. How fucking old was she? "Yes, something's wrong. You've managed to grow yourself chocolate pimples." Rokurou remarked, brushing at one of the smudges. Grimacing, he wiped his hand on the branch of a tree. "Use your power to wipe it off or something."

((ooc: I have no idea what flavour Katou took, so I just said chocolate.. XD))

9/4/2009 #14

"Woo! I got chocolate pimples!" Katou tried to lick some of them off. "Hmm...? my power...? Nah, that's too boring. It's only useful for battle." Katou pouted.

Katou had found someone to talk to. She was so bored before. Rokurou was way more fun an interesting then attempting to talk to Tezuka by asking questions about human life.

((Yep, she took chocolate! Sorry for the short posts :/ they always seem short XD))

9/4/2009 #15

"So you have wind?" Rokurou asked, interested. This could be interesting. Even if his partner was complete shit, at least he'd have something useful during battle, if it ever came to that.

Looking at the smudges still on her face, he rose an eyebrow. "Do you have any manners? Go and wash those off. And you still haven't told me your name yet, girl." He said the last word sarcastically.

9/4/2009 #16

"So you have wind?"

"Yep, its fun to use in battle." Katou grinned as she remembered her previous battle with two other lytherians.

"Do you have any manners? Go and wash those off. And you still haven't told me your name yet, girl."

"Okay! And my name is Katou." Katou noted his sarcasim at the last word of his sentence. "I'll be right back~" Katou sang slightly. She floated away, looking for a fountain. She then laid eyes on a small black thing popping out of the grass and spewing out water.

"What's that?" Katou went close to it and cleaned herself...doggy style. "I wonder if humans like to wash themself out in the open...?" Katou hair was soaked and her clothes were drenched. She came back to Rokorou with a literally wet smile.

"I'm back!"

9/4/2009 #17

Rokurou, intrigued, watched as the gir- Katou washed herself like she was... some kind of animal. Horrified, he couldn't take his eyes off the disgracing Lytherian. What the fuck was she smoking?

"Do you have no shame?" He asked, mouth agape. "You are so... fucking strange." He said, still shocked. Looking at her wet smile, he shook his head. "You're a fucking idiot, you know that?" He shrugged off his snakeskin jacket. Throwing it at her, he scowled. "I don't ever want to fucking see you do that again. Understood? Now go back to your fucking house and properly wash up." When she didn't move, he glowered. "What are you fucking waiting for? I'm not going to fucking carry you there. Go! Out of my sight!"

Shaking his head, he mumbled curses and went to sit on top of the ice cream stand. "I'll be waiting here. Come and return my fucking jacket when you become god damn decent. You better not get my jacket fucking wet."

9/4/2009 #18

Katou blinked as she stared at him while talking. He was obviously throwing insults at her but why did it sound so strange. "You're so...nice!" Katou smiled. "I'll be back~" Katou floated to the way she remembered where her house was.

"Hmm...Mitsu-chii's mom has a light air..." Katou mumbled. She had the ability of sensing people's different 'air'. She thought that Rokurou and Noriko's 'air' were very unique and colorful.

Katou flew all the way to Tezuka's house in no time and went to the bathroom's...sink. She took of all of her clothes and took a nice quick sink bath. After she was done, she took her clothes and washed them properly in the old fashion way because Katou didn't know how to work what Ayana (Tezuka's mom) called a 'washing machine'.

That only took about five minutes at most and the drying process was easy with Katou's suddenly useful power in something other than battle. "Hmm...maybe I should make sure Rokurou's jacket is all sparkly! oh wait...I'm supposed to stay away from bleach...it tasted horrible..." Katou almost groaned.

"Hmm, it's clean and dry!" Katou handled Rokurou's jacket with care she then floated back towards the park by following Rokurou's 'air'. Katou quickly found him in the same place and same spot.

"Rokurou!" Katou beamed. She floated to him and held out his jacket to him. "I didn't get it wet, I promise! But I did clean it." Katou smiled.

((Yay~ My longest post :D))

9/4/2009 #19

Nice? Was the girl fucking blind? Rokurou shuddered as he waited for her to come back. He actually felt like a decent Lytherian. Oh fuck. He'd have to be extra mean when she came back. Growling, he floated down and created a bit of havoc, making several humans scream and/or cry. Feeling like himself again, he rose back up to his seat.

He could feel her coming miles before she arrived. She emitted such a queer aura that he couldn't help but feel her coming. Scowling, he was relieved to see that she had washed up properly and didn't look as fucking stupid as before.

"Took you fucking long enough." He remarked as he took his jacket from her and put it back on. Immediately the smell of soap and cleanliness filled his lungs. Staring at the reason for this prepostorous smell with something akin to disgust, he saw her beaming face. He almost felt like he shouldn't bitch at her.


"It smells like crap!" He growled, but it was evident that he didn't mind it as much as he sounded like.

((ooc: Off to bed. =D))

9/4/2009 #20

"It smells like crap!"

Katou thought about the way she washed his jacket. She did it right with the right soaps, cleaned/dried the right way and basically, everything she thought she did was right. Maybe he didn't like the smell. "I'm sorry." Katou stated bluntly. She wouldn't cry but she couldn't get mad at him for some strange reason she couldn't explain herself.

'I would've smack him already...' Katou stared off into space. 'Oh well, he's forgiven~' Katou smiled once again.

((Night~ :D))

9/4/2009 #21

Sora picked herself up, and groaned. She hated when dogs got the best from her even the most pathetic ones scared her. she thought they were diabolical creatures with big sharp teeth.

"If I wasn´t afraid I would freeze that diabolical thing," said Sora.

She heard some voices and decided to check it out. She looked to see two Lytherians. She could try to eliminate them. First though she would have to eliminate humans around. She materialized her lance, and turned into her human form.

"Cold Chill," whispered Sora making it snow.

9/5/2009 . Edited 9/5/2009 #22

Rokurou gave Katou a disapproving look. "Don't get all upset at me, okay? I'm a fucking bastard. Deal with it." Looking somewhere else, he glared. It was probably the closest thing to something nice he had ever told a girl.

Some hairs pricked on the back of his neck, signalling something bad. Just a second later, he felt a drop of snow on his jacket. Growling, he pulled it closer to him. He could stand the cold like any average person, but he preferred to be away from it. Besides, this was a fucking new jacket.

"Fuck." He swore as more snow started falling. "I've gotta leave." Rising up higher in the air, he scowled. No doubt it was the work of a Lytherian. Well, he certainly wasn't in the mood to amuse some fucking idiot. "Later." He nodded at Katou.

And then he was gone.

9/5/2009 #23

"Don't get all upset at me, okay? I'm a fucking bastard. Deal with it."

"Really? but you're a nice person." Katou pointed out. The air was getting colder and Katou could feel the small snowflakes fall on her face. 'It isn't winter...' Katou thought.

"Fuck." He swore as more snow started falling. "I've gotta leave." Rising up higher in the air, he scowled. No doubt it was the work of a Lytherian. Well, he certainly wasn't in the mood to amuse some fucking idiot. "Later." He nodded at Katou.

And then he was gone.

Katou didn't understand why he left but now she was alone. "Bye!" She waved. 'Who's there...?' Katou wondered.

9/5/2009 #24

One left and now only one remained.

"Icy way," Sora whispered turning her boots into ice skates and the whole ground of the park into skating ice.

She of course was going to give a warning for the Lytherian to leave before she attacked. It wasn´t going to be fair to attack then ask the Lytherian to leave.

"Leave now!" shouted Sora.

9/5/2009 #25

Katou couldn't believe that someone made the park all snow for them self. That's what she thought. Katou floated quickly towards Sora.

"What? This isn't your park." Katou appeared behind Sora. "It's everyone's." She lectured. She was still in her chibi form.

9/5/2009 #26

"It´s the humans park, but it´s my territory, now unless you wishto fight me leave," said Sora.

If a fight started Sora knoew that she would have to do her best to fight this girl. She looked like she was from the Sky region, a sister element.

9/5/2009 #27

"Oh...? Then I'm sorry for trespassing, your highness. Bye~" Katou then began to leave.

((Sorry, that's just how Katou is. Ask for a battle, she'll give you one. x3 but now there's no action O.o))

9/5/2009 #28

"Icicle blast," said Sora making a large sharp icicle come out from her sleeve.

Sora then skated away to make distance incase the Lytherian attack back.

9/5/2009 #29

Katou ducked and missed the shot wthout even looking behind. She turned around. "I thought you wanted me to leave." Kaou said.

9/5/2009 #30
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