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"I do," said Sora "But I also want to see your strength," said Sora.

She skated backwards further and further. She did a triple lutz and in midair attacked Katou with icicle blast again.

9/5/2009 #31

"Battling huh?" Katou smiled. It would be the most fun she's had all day. "Alright." Katou shifted the direction of Sora's icicle blasts. hey missed her and hit a few nearby trees instead.

"Game start." Katou smiled as she prepared herself.

9/5/2009 #32

"Cold Gale," said Sora doing another lutz.

She landed in the air and with her ability going she could skate in the air, where she passed there would be an ice path behind her. She now was ready for a decent battle.

"Arctic Blaster!" shouted Sora from her hands came an icy beam coloured with the colours of the aurora borealis.

9/6/2009 #33

Katou was fast and lucky enough to dodge Sora's attacks with only a scratch on her clothing. 'This one is pretty aggressive.' Katou thought as she charged for Sora.

"Is that all you got?" Katou provoked.

9/6/2009 #34

"Winter Wind!" shouted Sora making a cold wind with ice shards propel to the other Lytherians direction.

The other Lytherian was pretty good. She made a triple lutz to get higher and launched another icicle blast in the direction of the Lytherian.

9/6/2009 #35

Katou used the wind to shift the diection of the ice causing it to break the nearby ice cream stand.

"Oh no! The ice cream!" Katou rushed to the ice cream stand. "And this was my favorite ice cream." Katou frowned as the chocolate ice cream was melting in the grass.

9/6/2009 #36

"Baka," said Sora.

She used two times the icicle blast and charged to the Lyhterian with her lance. She was going to eliminate her no matter what and if she pushed Sora to the limit she would use Absolute Zero.

"Rule number one! Always be alert!" shouted Sora.

9/6/2009 #37

"Gah!" Katou got cut on the side by two of the other Lytherian's icicle blast. 'I forgot this was a battle. I can't be worrying about ice cream.' Katou thought.

Katou held on to her side. "I call to the Kamikaze. In the sky you rule, Let me soar." Katou grew silver wings and flew high in the sky.

"Hmm, what should I do with this one...?" Katou wondered. "Might as well figure out her fighting style and then go for the real attack." Katou flew back down and charged for Sora recklessly.

9/6/2009 #38

"Winter wind!" shouted Sora again sending an icy wind and sharp shards in the Lytherians direction.

Or the Lyterhian was analyzing her strategy or she was plain dumb in charging like that. Sora made a toes loop jump and sent three more icicle blasts.

"What is your name fellow opponent?" asked Sora.

9/6/2009 #39

Katou used her wind to change the direction of the icicles towards the other Lytherian. 'Yes, My recoil won't happen if I don't use my own power to cut that person.' Katou smiled.

"It's Katou. What's yours?" Katou asked as she watched shards of ice thrust themselves towards the other lytherian's direction.

9/6/2009 #40

Sora smirked and stomped making an ice wall stopping all deflected attacks.

"I´ll give only a tip, your element contains it," said Sora.

9/6/2009 #41

"So like...Ariel?" Katou asked, blankly.

She then went in for another charge but this time she chanted a spell. "let my soul be unconfined, unbounded by my cage. I'll break free." And Katou was ready for the other lytherian's attack. This time, she wouldn't be reckless.

9/6/2009 #42

"No, you dummy head!" shouted Sora.

She skated out of the wall made a triple lutz andsent another winter wind then time being followed by a rain of sharp ice shards called Frigid Shards.

9/6/2009 #43

"Well, that's your own fault for not telling me. I'll just call you Ariel!" Katou laughed. All of the ice just went right through her but Katou was fine yet she looked like a ghost.

"Let' bump it up a little." Katou smiled. "To the Kamikaze, The fragments of my heart bind together and form my strength, protect my friends, and destroy my enemies." Swirls of the wind began to form in the shape of a sword. Katou grabbed her katana and added air pressure to the blade, making it seem as though the blade was bigger than it really was. Her sword has an irregular blade with a blue hue to it. It has the kanji 'kamikaze' engraved on it. The guard is swirl-shaped and its grip is formed like a dragon's arm.

9/6/2009 #44

Interesting thought Sora.

"You baka, my name is Sora meaning sky you dummy head!" shouted Sora.

She again did a triple lutz in conjuction of cold gale making her 'fly' through the sky leaving an icy path behind.

"Imprisioning Frost!" shouted Sora launching a fast blue ball of light that was capable of making an ice tomb of what ever it touched.

9/6/2009 #45

Katou disappeared and reappeared behind Sora. "What? You sure it's not Ariel?" Katou asked. She kicked Sora and watched her fall. Katou flew high into the air and held on to her katana tightly.

'She hasen't done much...is she waiting for something?' Katou wondered.

9/6/2009 #46

Sora smirked. She twisted herself as if she was doing a toe loop jump and landed.

"Winter Wind! Icicle Blast! Frigid Shards!" shouted Sora.

There was no way she could handle of those attacks, not even the chilling lance that she mouthed.

((I´ll be in the shower brb))

9/6/2009 . Edited 9/6/2009 #47

Katou tried to fly out of the way. She was sucessful and then she quickly thought about her strategy. 'If I become the wind, I won't be able to hit her without my recoil getting in the way but it's easier to dodge. If I remain in my normal form and fight with my sword, I don't have to worry about the recoil but it's hard to dodge her attacks.' Katou tried to think straight.

'Well, I'll just push her until her energy is drained.' Katou grinned. She soared back down and went in to cut Sora with her katana.

9/6/2009 #48

"Are you sure you want to do that?" smirked Sora.

She made an ice wall right in front of Katou. She skated behind her launching imprisioning frost to trap her.

9/6/2009 #49

Katou sighed at the situation she was in. 'She sure likes to attempt to trap me.' Katou thought. 'Maybe there's a deeper meaning to that...'

"Hey, are you going to run away while I'm trapped here, Ariel?" Katou teased.

9/6/2009 #50

Sora smirked again she was trapped as she wanted. Perfect, she now could put part of her plan in motion.

"Glacial Blizzard!" shouted Sora creating a violent ice shard blizzard inside the trap.

9/6/2009 #51

Katou felt her skin being cut. 'So this is what it was.' Katou thought. She made a wind barrier to deflect the ice coming at her. 'Her tactics are defend, trap, and then attack. It's a pretty stable plan.' Katou thought. "But it won't work against me!" Katou looked carefully at how big the inside was.

"For the kamikaze, let the rage blow away the enemy. Bring forth a new beginning." A mini tornado began to form inside the trap and break it completely before fading away.

Katou grabbed her Katana and changed into the air only to return to normal near Sora to slash her.

9/6/2009 #52

"Try me!' shouted Sora jumping to a lower altitude.

She kept sending rows and rows of icicle blast and winters winds. She came higher up behind Katou to launch Arctic Blast.

((I´ll go to Atobe´s side now))

Atone was having tennis practice when his vision blurred, but returned.

'Sora must be draining my energy' thought Atobe.

9/6/2009 #53

To avoid injures and waste less energy, Katou just became the wind. 'She's using too much energy. she'll collaspe sooner or later.' Katou thought.

"I thought you were stronger than that but you're only using small moves!" Katou mocked.

9/6/2009 #54

I´ll have to use it, thought Sora.

"Icy Kaleidoscope!" Shouted Sora making a huge sphere encircling Katou.

It looked like the horizon so there could be no difference in the appearance of it.

"Absolute Zero!" Sora called out her strongest attack.

She removed all heat from the sphere letting it be, absolute zero.

9/6/2009 #55

Katou could feel her heat draining. 'I'll freeze to death.' Before Katou could be completely frozen, she became the wind and escaped just in time. Katou nearly escaped but when she returned to her body, it was stiff. 'Darn, the ice thickened the air.' Katou thought.

"I am just fragments in the wind. Let the kamikaze set me free. Let my soul melt into the sky." Katou chanted. Her body was slowly fading away until she just disappeared from normal sight. Katou became one with the wind but her voice could still be heard. "Fragments of the wind, unite to form my power. Tie together with the enemy and lead them to their destruction. Bring upon a new beginning." Katou's voice sounded like echos and it was rougher than her previous chants. "The Kamikaze's Cyclone." two layers of wind surrounded Sora. One was the outer layer (solar wind) and the inner layer (regular wind). The inner layer would cut Sora like a million swords were attacking her at once. The wind would continue to cut Sora until her whole body was filled with cuts.

The wind then faded and Katou materialised again. Katou couldn't use that attack to kill Sora or else she would die too. Katou's cuts were in the same places as Sora's. 'Why does my recoil happen during battle? Am I really that strange?' Katou wondered as she held on to her sword in a defensive stance.

9/6/2009 #56

Sora started falling back, her vision blurred a bit, ubt it came back.

Atobe won´t handle any longer if I keep it like this, thought Sora.

She twisted, but fell with her bottom on the floor. It was time to go melee. Her lnace materialized in her hand and she charged to Katou spinning like a top with the point of her lance away from her.

9/6/2009 #57

Katou smiled. Melee was more of her style. Katou lifted her katana up and deflected Sora's lance thrust. 'Let's see her melee skills.' Katou's attacks were fast and sharp. She didn't leave much time for Sora to attack.

'She really did run out of energy. Now it's all up to will.' Katou grinned as she went to slice Sora with much more force.

9/6/2009 #58

Crap, I´m not a melee fighter, thought Sora.

She had to use her element, and fight using ice skating.

"Ice World!" shouted Sora making an invisible wall.

The blades on her ice skate grew, she was now going to fight Ice-Fu. She made many leaps thrusting the blades in the direction of Katou.

9/6/2009 #59

'Interesting change of style.' Katou thought. 'but melee is more than that.' Katou actually let Sora's lance strike her but now it was stuck on her side leaving Sora open. Katou thrusted her blade on Sora's stomach. She then took Sora's lance out of her side and spit the blood out.

"This is my advantage." Katou smiled. Her side was bleeding and her left leg was shaking but she lifted her katana up for another attack. "Are you ready to die!?"

9/6/2009 #60
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