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Ah, humans and their stupid idiocy. Needing to go to this horrible sounding thing named 'school'.

It's so sad how superior Lytherians are.

((ooc: I know perfectly well how many characters don't go to the same school. But it's too troublesome to make all the schools so just label which school you're talking about at the top of your post and you should be fine.))

9/3/2009 . Edited 9/3/2009 #1


Katou finally found it. The place Tezuka called 'school'. It was such a strange place, no one was outside and it was too huge. Katou floating inside and began her special 'human schools' report.

"Let's see..." Katou began to write.

From my sources (the wonderful Mitsu-chii), I can deduce that humans, particularly the young ones, go to a place called "school". They go to "school" to learn about their languages - English, Japanese, and Math - and prepare their knowledge/skills for their future jobs. I can come to the conclusion that school is very enjoyable. Everyone has an excited face like Mitsu-chii's...

Katou continued to write more as she observed. Humans were very interesting and weird, she thought.

9/12/2009 #2

Noriko glared silently at the hallways as she walked by. This place was so infuriating--Syuu should be entertaining her, not attending to this...school! Was school more important to him that she was?!

Noriko stopped in her tracks when she saw Katou.

That girl was everywhere. Literally.

Noriko paused. A devious smile took over her face, and she licked her upper lip slowly in anticipation. That Katou girl liked cheering people up, right?

Noriko summoned her scythe quietly, spinning it once, twice, before gripping it. She hurled it easily at Katou, straightening up when the blade landed right in front of the other girl's feet, slicing cleanly through the ground.

"Yo, girlie. I'm bored." Noriko grinned. "And do you know what I like to do to cure boredom?"

Noriko walked over and picked up her scythe. "Fight."

9/12/2009 #3

The human subjects never look like they enjoy it. Some of them even looked worried. But there was one subject sleeping soundly without a care even when his master threw his white writing utensil at him. the human subject just brushed his master off. He might get 'detention' as punishment. I must explore this...

Just before Katou could write more, she had sensed Noriko. Katou didn't even need to move an inch. She returned to her human form and smiled. "That would be nice but..." Katou put her notebook away and looked at the building. "This school is full of humans. If you could get them to leave then I'll battle you."

Katou wouldn't bring the humans into this besides, both Noriko and her humans were in the buildings with their pendants. If something ever happened to them or the pendants then it would be game over for Noriko and Katou.

9/12/2009 #4

"That would be nice but..." Katou put her notebook away and looked at the building. "This school is full of humans. If you could get them to leave then I'll battle you."

Noriko's grin broadened. "You do know how many things that implicates, right?"

She twirled her scythe in her hand continuously. "There are many ways to get a human to 'leave.'" Noriko ran a finger down the side of her blade, grinning wickedly over its edge at Katou. She raised a brow daringly.

9/12/2009 #5

Katou rolled her eyes. Noriko was insane, of course. She thought in a different way. "You know what, I think I'll do that." Katou weakly laughed. She wouldn't let Norko have that type of fun.

Katou just crawled inside of the school (the window was open, what were the humans thinking?). She snuck into the chemistry rooms. There seemed to be so many pretty colors in glass containers. She opened them pretty easily and mixed a few together then she flung them at the wooden door.

"Students, please leave your rooms, there is a fire. This is not a drill."

Katou walked out easily and snuffed out the fire, only leaving smoke. When Katou go out of the building, she was back with Noriko. She smiled at her and said, "Yes, I'm a goody-two-shoes. Let's fight now."

9/12/2009 #6

Noriko rolled her eyes.

"Oh, gods," she laughed. "Giving me the first move? You should know better," Noriko murmured before disappearing form sight, zigzagging at a furious pace, closing in on Katou.

With a whisper of "Sepulchiria," Noriko lifted Katou swiftly to the air, sending her crashing to the ceiling.

She reappeared, a mock-remorseful look on her face. "Oops."

Noriko grinned and twirled her scythe in one hand. "By the way, I don't go easy."

9/12/2009 #7

Katou felt okay. The humans needed to get a better mineral though since she cracked some of it, courtesy of Noriko. "You have a crazy fighting style, you know?" Katou said as she got up, materialized her sword in an instant, and charged for Noriko. She had to find out more about Noriko's fighting style, counter it, and keep Noriko satisfied.

But she also wanted to improve. She needed to push herself further. 'I'm taking one of those eight seats. That's why I need to be stronger.' atou assured herself. Noriko would be a good stepping stone for her advancement.

9/12/2009 #8

Noriko laughed. "I don't have a style," she shrugged. "Styles are for boring people who can't think of anything new."

Noriko narrowed her eyes at Katou's determined expression. "Look," she sighed. She easily blocked Katou's incoming attack with her large scythe, twirled it along with the other girl's sword, and twirled around to land a kick on Katou's side. "If you're looking to beat me to move on, that's not happening. I once trained with the soldiers of Illunia," Noriko swung her scythe down.

She looked up at Katou. "I've had formal military training--I know how to kill a guy with a plastic spoon."

9/12/2009 #9

"And you think I care?" Katou asked. She knew it wasn't about skill, power, speed, stamina. It did help if you had all those things but what mattered the most was will. "Fighting is fighting." Noriko's kick didn't even hurt, in fact, it was weak.

Katou was able to push back Noriko's scythe more easily. Her secret training had paid off nicely. But Noriko was harder than that. She knew Noriko would use her gravity to intensify her attacks.

'But how do I beat someone who can move all matter?' Katou wondered as she kicked Noriko and then held back to a defensive stance.

9/12/2009 #10

Noriko grit her teeth when the girl's kick connected. This girl...she had no technique whatsoever!

Noriko planted her scythe firmly on the ground, weighting it down, and grabbed the top of it. She jumped, and flipped mid-air and came down heavily on Katou's back, increasing her weight by five times. She heard a sickening crack as something shattered, and narrowed her eyes.

She took off from Katou's back and came back down again, this time, on her feet.

9/12/2009 #11

When Katou's back cracked, she had never felt so alive. Katou missed the second time Noriko want in for another attack. 'Come on think, what can't she move?' Katou wondered as she got back up on her feet.

She remembered something about what Tezuka told her last night - something about matter moving all things. 'The only thing it can't move is nothing but how is nothing gonna help me fight Noriko?' Katou sent multiple crescent shaped gust of wind toward Noriko's direction to cut her.

She needed more time to think.

9/13/2009 #12

Noriko swiftly dodged all the cuts sent her way, but let out a small "Mmph" when one managed to hit her arm. She stared at the blood slowly trickling down to her elbow, and a smile overtook her face.

"You'll pay for that," she sang.

She crouched low and shot of for Katou at an indistinguishable speed, scythe twirling at her side. She sent a bout of gravitational pull at Katou and pulled her down and locked her there. With another smile, Noriko slammed her scythe down; it sliced through Katou's sweater and managed to graze her side.

"Don't think so hard, girlie," Noriko murmured in Katou's ear before straightening up again. She released Katou from her hold, only to jab the blunt end of her scythe into Katou's stomach. "There are those who can think and battle, and those who can't. You," Noriko stared at Katou, smile widening. "Probably can't."

9/13/2009 #13

Hyoutei's courts

Sora walked along the path in Hyoutei looking for Atobe. She assumed ever since she left the helicopter he would be back for his tennis practice. She was in her human form. She looked at the tennis courts. Atobe was there playing a tennis match against someone else with brown hair. He used a style that looked more like karate.

Sora got some interest in the boy. He was obviously losing yet he wouldn't give up. Why was that? She decided to follow the boy when the match ended. When it ended she followed the boy to a large wall. He took his tennis raquect and pratised.

Why won't him give up when he clearly can't win? thought Sora.

"Gekokujou," muttered the boywhile he practise.

He wants to overthrow Atobe, why won't he give up? I can't win from Noriko so why go on, thought Sora Is it because he wants to get stronger? Maybe I should get stronger and try to bet Noriko. Yosh! I have decided, to get stronger.

9/27/2009 #14
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