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The perfect spot to execute the perfect crime.

Mugging? This spot is famous for it. Beware of innocent smiling old men. They're the worst.

9/3/2009 #1


-Late at night-

"My name is Kira! And I will bring you down!" The dark-haired boy sprinted towards him, wielding his axe high in the air while laughing uncontrollably.

Now, only ten minutes later, Rokurou was holding him against the wall, one hand firmly planted around his neck. Pathetic. Blood dripping down from one side of his face, his clothes held more scratches and cuts than it had for a long time. However, his injuries were nothing compared to the so-called 'Kira'.

Blood spurting everywhere, he was dyed a rather disgusting shade of red. So much for being 'dark'. His clothes were stained and splotched, along with his face, that was suffering a severe amount of pain. His eyes, large with terror, looked about to pop out. His hair was splattered with the blood dripping down from the back of his head, that was now forcefully pinned against the rough cement wall of the dimly lit corner.

Around them, dents and destroyed pavement lay in shambles. And of course, the trademark red, brighter than ever in the light shade of the moon.

Growling, Rokurou tightened his grip onto Kira's neck. The other man made out a horrifyingly weak strangled noise.

"You've failed me." He whispered, leaning in close to the terrified body of Kira. "How could someone with so much power..." His other hand traced the outline of Kira's face, acknowledging how much power was inside. "...Fight so weakly?" It had been rough. It had been tough. But never did Rokurou feel challenged. The desire to kill... it had been so, so much stronger than he had remembered. Before he knew it, he was standing in front of the man, pushing him towards death.

Kira, still not ready to give up, raised a foot to kick his opponent. Rokurou, being taller, was holding Kira up so that he couldn't touch the ground, but Kira was sure he would be able to land a solid kick.

With another strangled scream, he realized his loss was already fixed. Screaming in agony, Kira felt blood choke out of his mouth as his leg exploded into tiny trails of sand. After that, it was his other leg. Then his right arm. His left arm.

His vision blurring, Kira didn't even feel like a Lytherian anymore. His body was practically ton to pieces, a puddle of sand beneath him. Tears flowing from his eyes, he looked into Rokurou's eyes with absolute fear. This man... was a demon.

"Never threaten me again." Rokurou growled. Kira shut his eyes in fear. Rokurou gripped his neck even tighter. "Especially not the ones I love." Kira prayed that the end would come soon.

With a final growl, Rokurou let go of Kira. He watched coldly as the detached body tuped onto the ground, paralyzed in between time and space. He was not dead. Just... gone. And he would stay gone, for the rest of eternity.

Rokurou left the dark alley, blood tinting his entire body, knowing that Kira would never open those eyes again.

9/13/2009 #2

((I didn't want to slaughter a nice little villain from Glacia's story, so I just made one up...XD))

"I-I-I s-swear, I wa-was j-just bl...bl...bluffing!"

Noriko cocked her head to the side, smile still firmly in place. Her lids drooped down halfway but her gaze still pinned the other figure in place. She sneered in disgust at the drool and tears that mixed in and ran down the boy's face.

She leaned forward and placed her index finger on the side of his mouth, on the trickle of blood that was painted there. With an amused 'Hmm,' she ran her finger over to the side of her cheek, smearing the red in its path.

She swiftly pinned the finger in the boy's shoulder, getting him to elicit a cry of pain.

After all, she'd broken both shoulders. Shattered, really.

"Bluffing?" she finally spoke, voice a mixture of haziness and curiosity. But really? She was pretty damn angry.

The boy nodded furiously, forgetting the pain from the finger-shaped bruises about his neck that had been given to him by the girl in front of him. "Y-y-yes! I, I w-was ordered to!"

Noriko slapped him harshly across the cheek. "I never told you to talk," she smiled. She leaned even further in, wrapping an arm around the boy's shoulder. Her nose quivered slightly from the stench of blood--blood that wasn't hers. The blood was never hers.

The boy's shivering grew, until his trembles escalated into ruptures of fright. Noriko felt a sick wave of satisfaction when she gazed into his eyes--disgusting gray eyes that reflected sheer terror and disbelief that this, this was the strength and the violence and the power of Illunia's beloved princess.

"So tell me," Noriko continued. "What did you say about Jamie?"

The boy froze. He'd approached her with an intent to kill--as ordered by his queen. He'd taunted her on many, many things, just to get her to fight; so many, in fact, that he couldn't remember them all. But he was sure that he'd only said a single sentence, out of hundreds, about her brother-

Noriko pressed the blade of her scythe against the boy's neck, her other arm still hanging casually about his shoulder. Her eyes narrowed further and her smile grew bigger. "I'm waiting for a reply. What," a trickle of blood appeared where the scythe pressed into dirty, dirt-crusted flesh. "did you say about Jamie again?"

The boy sniffled and shook uncontrollably. His mind wouldn't form a coherent answer. "I-I-I-I-Agh!"

He looked up from his fallen form, still sniveling.

Noriko stood over him, fist still in the air from where she'd punched him and knocked him to the floor. She dug her heel painfully into his stomach, glare intensifying. "You said he was stupid?"

Noriko pressed further until she felt a sickening smooth motion under her foot. Oh?

Her heel had dug through the flesh.

The boy gasped and wheezed.

Noriko took her heel back out, making a face. "Ew." She kicked his side. "Do you know how long it took for the shoe-maker to craft these for me?"

She smiled. "But it's okay. I'll be nice. I'll forgive you for the shoe." Her smile dropped and shattered on the floor. "But Jamie?"

She raised her scythe into the air and brought it quickly and cleanly down, through the boy's bruised neck, through the first few inches of cement beneath the neck. She stared dully on as blood began to stream out of the wound, collecting in a pool about the dead form, and forming a sort of bloody halo about his head.


She walked away.


9/13/2009 #3

((Ohohohoho~ Thank you, Mercy :) This shall probably be my last post for today and quite possibly tomorrow. XD))

Noriko breathed deeply, grip still on the scythe that was slammed into the wall, through another nameless Lytherian's shoulder.

"No, please, I-"

"Where is he?"

"I can't tell, I promised not to-"

"Then I might as well move up in the competition."

Crack. "AUGH!"

She wiped her palm over her cheek, trying to rub off the blood that stained it--blood that wasn't hers. It was a fruitless action, though; blood merely spread even further on her skin.

She felt dirty. She could smell the sickening, metallic tint in the air she'd grown used to. Still panting, Noriko released her scythe and left it still protruding from the brick wall and the blue-haired being as she leaned against the opposite wall.

Idly, she wondered how long it had been since the encounter in the meadows.

Twelve weeks, three days, and five hours. And seventy-six Lytherians left in a comatose state.

Oh, wait.

Seventy-seven, Noriko counted, staring dully at the crumpled form before her. All of whom had had contact with Dante and Jamie after they'd left.

The 'young medic genius with the human doll,' they'd called them.


Noriko gazed through lidded eyes at the form pinned against the wall. He was a boy about her age, from a village not far away from Illunia's main city. The first village Dante had stopped at.

She'd learned a lot since the meadows.

The two were traveling from place to place, continually seeking out the best in the medical profession--doctors, professors, nurses, wiccans, even 'shaman's. Jamie could speak now, from what she'd heard. But he was still 'empty.'

And Dante was...healing people as he went, giving all of his self for help for Jamie in turn. But occasionally Dante grew violent and attacked some of the village children and adults--especially when they talked of Jamie as a doll.

The people described Dante as serious, impossibly kind, and gentle. But that wasn't the Dante Noriko knew. She knew the playful, teasing, loving Dante. Not some suit-and-tie figure Dante was now seen as.

But the funny thing was, not a person she'd met would tell her where Dante had been headed next. But she knew that they all knew. It was as if...they were shielding Dante and Jamie from her. Hiding them. Keeping them locked away from her.

So she'd killed.

No, not killed.


And she was so sick and tired of attacking, slashing, weighing down, kicking, punching, defending, destroying, but...she couldn't stop. She felt so close to the two. She couldn't stop here.

And until she was done, she couldn't face anyone else--not Katou, not Roku-nii, not poor Syusuke to whom she'd lied about taking a trip to her homeland, not even that weird ice-girl. She'd almost caved and run back to Roku-nii one night, when she couldn't take it any longer.

But just as she reached him, saw his back, saw him and his ridiculous outfit...she flaked. She ran back to the hotel room she'd gotten for herself and had curled into a ball on the bed and slept for days, clothes still reeking of blood and grime.

Noriko glanced once more at the lifeless boy. Suddenly, something arose from deep in her stomach; she felt sick.

She doubled over and opened her mouth, letting it out. Coughing a few times, she wiped her mouth on her blood-stained sleeve before collapsing against the wall. She could still taste the bile on her tongue. Noriko slid down, clamping a hand over her mouth and gasping.

She didn't want to be alone anymore. She hated being a strong princessa.

But she had to be.

Because in order to gain what she had lost, she first had to lose some more.

Noriko coughed.

9/16/2009 #4

Too much time had passed. Everyday, contestants were dropping. That wasn't a problem, it was just tat there were too much dropping out too soon. Katou wondered what happened to them. Another strange thing was that Noriko had been missing. Katou could still feel her aura but it was like she was trying to hide it, making sure no one would find her.

Katou knew that Noriko was not weak and that she would not drop out but the same place where so many contestants disappeared was in the ally. In the ally, Noriko's aura was strongest. Katou was worried about her, she felt really lonely especially what happened in the meadows.

'I should have stayed with Noriko...' Katou thought as she looked at the trail of blood in the ally.

The blood grew stronger as Katou came closer. Her stomach made twists and turns, the smell was so horrible then she heard coughing. 'Is someone alive?' Katou wondered as she ran towards the sound.

"Hello? Anyone here?" Katou asked as she drew closer.

((Sorry for a short, worthless post -_-"))

9/18/2009 #5

"Hello? Anyone here?"

Noriko looked up harshly, hand sliding to grasp her scythe tightly. She stood up, grip tightening. "Depends," she answered stiffly, leaning heavily on the wall.

Her vision wavered. She shook her hand to focus once more, fighting back another wave of nausea. Gods. She wanted someone to cling to. Dante. Jamie. Roku-nii. Even Katou would do.

Noriko extended the blade of her scythe at the incoming footsteps warily.

With a whisper of "Sepulchiria," she pointed her free finger down. A bout of gravity shot off.

((Wow. A long time for such a short post. -,- XD Well, I took care of my business so I don't have to leave anymore. :-D))

9/18/2009 #6

Once Katou was closer, he saw more of the mysterious person's features. It looked like Noriko but she sounded too weak ad even her attack wasn't much. She even had gravity power but this person couldn't be.

"You should take a rest," Katou said in a calmer, clearer tone. "You look really tired."

The girl's aura was similar to Noriko but something changed, it was darker and...fragile. Katou would never believe it but the blade that she held...Noriko was the only one to have it. Katou focused more on her surrounding and noticed blood splattered everywhere, scarlet colored stains were all over Noriko's clothing.

But if it was Noriko, Katou would almost hug her.


Since she knew that Noriko probably didn't like hugging from...a commoner. Katou stayed back to give Noriko some space. She wanted Noriko to not identify her as an enemy especially in the state she was in.

9/18/2009 #7

"You should take a rest," Katou said in a calmer, clearer tone. "You look really tired."

Noriko hissed in disapproval.

Katou? What the hell was she doing here?

"No thanks," she bit back, pushing her blade forward. She narrowed her eyes at Katou before leaning back casually, swishing an arm to 'present' her 'handiwork.'

"You like?" she drawled, placing a smirk on her face. Making a fake demeanor was always her specialty. Noriko's tone took a sinister turn as she pointed her scythe at Katou's once more, hair spilling forward to cover a shoulder.

"You'll be next if you don't leave soon."

She couldn't have Katou come and pull her back.

Not now.

9/18/2009 #8

An arm.

It was so evil, yet there was something wrong. It was weird seeing Noriko look so evil without a smile. Smiling while doing something terrible was how Katou identified her by. Looking at her hiss and face filled with a sinister look, just made the girl in front of her look like someone else. And it just didn't feel like Noriko anymore.

Noriko's scythe was pointed toward her but Katou wasn't scared for even a second because she knew it wasn't Noriko.

"Who are you and where's the real Noriko?" Katou asked. Katou's face looked sad even a twinge of beg and worry were etched in there.

9/18/2009 #9

"Who are you and where's the real Noriko?"

Noriko laughed. Foolish girl.

She leaned forward even further, feeling her long hair spill even further over her shoulders and graze Katou's shoulder. She paused when she felt small drops of water hit her head.

Was it drizzling?

"I'm Shiori Noriko, Princessa Addrienne. This is me."

Oh, dear. She hated rain.

Noriko spread her arms wide open. Water fell on her face, drenching her bangs and her cheeks and her eyes. It ran the blood down her cheeks and painted a scarlet painting across her careless expression. She really hated this rain.

"I am me. The nice and smiling Noriko died. Long before she met you, Katou," Noriko dropped her smile and pointed her scythe even closer to Katou's throat than before. It barely touched her skin, her smooth collarbone.

Water continued to pelt down and sag Noriko's clothes against her body, causing the white fabric to near see-through. The sleeves weighed down on her arms, and her short skirt stuck to her legs, but all she could feel was the point of her scythe pressing languidly against Katou's skin.

What would it feel like, to slit open the throat of an ally?

Noriko gave a humorless smile.

"She died when she was left alone. She grew sick," Noriko opened her eyes and let the brilliant sheen of silver take over. "when Roku-nii left. And she died when Jamie died."

She hated the rain.

9/18/2009 #10

"Not you, the girl who smiles after she almost killed me. The girl who I was trying to get to know before I left you in the meadow then she disappeared." Katou wanted to thank the rain, it helped hde the fact that she was crying. She heard Noriko's story but she couldn't do anything but listen. She knew, no matter what she said, it wouldn't make Norko feel any better.

"Besides..." Katou looked at her. "You were never really smiling." and you're aura glowed strangely Katou mentally added.

The rain soaked Katou's clothes which made them heavier and now her head was cold but her hot tears were the only thing keeping her face a bit warm. Se looked at the scythe pressed hear her throat. She wondered if Noriko would do it.

"Even if you kill me here, I'll forgive you." Katou smiled.

'Sorry, Chiaki, I might not live today.'

((Oh em gee, how did this post turn up? Gosh, playing as Katou is so weird XD))

9/18/2009 #11

"Not you, the girl who smiles after she almost killed me. The girl who I was trying to get to know before I left you in the meadow then she disappeared." Katou wanted to thank the rain, it helped hde the fact that she was crying.

Noriko paused.

Was this girl an idiot? Why would she cry over her?

They barely knew each other.

"Besides..." Katou looked at her. "You were never really smiling." and you're aura glowed strangely Katou mentally added.


...This rain was really getting on her nerves.

The rain soaked Katou's clothes which made them heavier and now her head was cold but her hot tears were the only thing keeping her face a bit warm. Se looked at the scythe pressed hear her throat. She wondered if Noriko would do it.

"Even if you kill me here, I'll forgive you." Katou smiled.

Noriko narrowed her eyes. "Huh." Stupid girl.

She was Princessa of Illunia, the most cold-hearted land of all. She could kill Katou without a second's hesitation in an instant.

To actually surrender herself...

Noriko glared through the rain, giving a glowing effect to her eyes; the silver hue danced through the rain's sheen, staring almost casually at Katou's crying form. "Do you think,"

Noriko whirled around, hair fanning out to stop just before Katou's nose, coat billowing out, water splashing off, and landed a heavy kick on Katou's temple. "-that I need your forgiveness?"

Noriko raised her scythe.

"If everyone needed forgiveness, no one would hurt anyone."

She swung.

"Roku-nii wouldn't have been an asshole and left."

She set her scythe on the ground and flipped over and came down on Katou.

"That bitch wouldn't have taken Jamie."

Noriko slapped Katou's cheek furiously.

"Dante wouldn't have left."

Noriko opened her eyes, panting lightly in the rain. "And you...you'd live after this."

When had she gotten so weak?

9/18/2009 #12

'Where am I?' Katou wondered.

Everything was white and she couldn't see herself. Then she saw images of her whole life - being abandoned, being alone, gaining a family, losing a family member, going to the tournament, and meeting new people. The last one was Noriko looking frustrated and tired.

everything turned a dark red and then pain burned on her chest, temple, and cheek. She was just slashed, kicked, and slapped by Noriko. 'Oh yeah, I let her do it...'

"Do you really want to die?" a voice said.

"No, not really." Katou responded. She felt so calm once the voice spoke.

"Then why did you let her attack you?"

"Because I'm an idiot..." Katou said softly. "I like being happy and being mad forever will not make anyone grow as a person."

Everything went black but only one spot shined white. Katou floated toward there. She wasn't ready to die today. She made a promise to Chiaki and she would help Noriko in the best way she can.

Because that's who she was.

"Then get over it. The past already happened, there's nothing we could do to change the past." Katou stood up. Her cheek, temple, and chest were blazing but Katou managed to get up. She had already learned how to endure pain - she was prepared for it. "But you won't, will you?" Katou looked at Noriko, sky blue orbs meeting shining silver ones.

"What can I do to help?" Katou asked, a smile plastered on her face again even though blood was trickling down her side.

But she really wanted to say, 'I'm sorry. I wish I was there.' but she knew Noriko didn't like symphony.

9/18/2009 #13

Off in the distance, vibrant red lips curved into a smirk. Watching the scene unfold in front of her, it took all she had not to toss her head back and laugh.

She wanted to laugh at the pitiful mess of a princessa. She wanted to laugh at the girl who thought she could actually make a difference. But mostly, she wanted to laugh because she was enjoying the dark emotions swirling around her. As she breathed in, she could feel those emotions fill into her body, making her want to laugh at the stupid beings who were just trying to sort out their feelings.

Hungrily, she grinned. Her grin was wolf-like, with sharp dazzling white teeth and an evil beyond anything you could imagine. Her body shook with spasms. The anguish, the hatred, the darkness of it all... She loved it.

More. She wanted more. She wanted to feel more hurt from the two. She craved blood. Blood made everything so much more interesting. Her fingers twitched like scared little mice. Blood... Oh, how she wanted to see that beautiful, vibrant colour dance over their little bodies...

Breathing heavily, she tried to control her urges. Even though she loved the dark alleys and all the crime and pain that happened there, she was supposed to prevent deaths. Especially Lytherian ones.

Yes, Helena Rougebent was crazy. But she loved every second of it.

Digging her nails into her palms, she sighed in relaxation as trickles of blood flowed down her hands. The colour, just like her name, was a beautiful rouge. Grinning madly, she went back to focusing on the two.

As the princessa raised her scythe to land the finishing blow, Helena twiddled her fingers. The princessa was now under her spell. It was too late to move, too late to kill the other girl.

Moving in on her prey, the loud taps of her red stilettos alerted them of her presence. Of course, the frozen girl could only look at her from the corner of her eyes, being frozen for the moment. Stopping in front of the two, she silently twiddled her fingers and pulled the other girl into her trap. Her grin came back.

"Hello, children." She purred, licking her lips. "Now, I'm pretty sure you don't know who I am, but I know who you two are." Pausing, she twirled a lock of her red (what else?) hair. "Rokurou's little friends, right?"

Not giving them a chance to speak, she gestured at herself. "I'm a friend of Rokurou's as well. Although, he probably wouldn't call me that." She chuckled darkly. "So. Here's the deal. I'm part of the Council of 8, Helena Rougebent. You two, are about to break one of our laws." Her grin dropped and a long smirk replaced it. "And we can't have that, now can we?"

She grinned again. "You might be wondering why you're frozen. Good question. You see, I'm a puppeteer, and right now," She widened her eyes crazily. "You two are my puppets." Her voice lowered to a soft purr.

"So, unless you two want to be banned and tortured in several ways that has made the strongest of men cry, you will behave." She raised an eyebrow. "After all, we wouldn't want to upset our dear Rokurou, now would we?"

Twitching her fingers, she pulled Katou and Noriko closer together. "So... Why don't you two just give each other a friendly hug..." She locked the two puppets in an embrace. "And the next time I catch you, it will be someone else who will suffer."

Narrowing her eyes, she stuck a picture to the wall.

After a second, she grinned madly again. "Well. My job here is done. Think about what just happened girls, and remember the consequences." She laughed maniacally before disappearing and loosening her spell on the two.

On the wall, stuck a picture of a voodoo doll with the exact same features as Rokurou. On it, there were already two needles plunged in deep.

((ooc: This is, uh... an acquantaince of Rokurou's. =D And let me just say, that she is pure evil. I hope I stopped the fight in some way. XD))

9/18/2009 #14

Noriko spat with disgust on the ground when she could move again. Just a few moments...and she would've been able to summon enough power for a wordless spell to slam that assuming bitch six feet under. Damn.

She trembled with anger.

Roku-nii sent that bitch?

So that's what he'd been fooling around with?

She should've known.

Noriko turned to face Katou. She sharply pushed her against the brick wall, clamping her hand over her shoulder and leaning in. She trapped Katou between herself and the dark, grimy musty wall, glaring furiously with blazing eyes. "You," she hissed. She clamped harder. "go back and tell Rokurou; tell him to back off."

Noriko let go of Katou, and stepped back. She grabbed her scythe again, turning around. "Tell him; he angers me once more by sending council scum like that...and I'll show him personally why I am the successor to the throne of Illunia. Tell him that I'll show him why I was selected by Luna to receive its powers."

Noriko tossed her head back forward and walked away. Rokurou would pay for that.

((XD Now she's pissed at Rokurou...oh, god, I've got to stop...))

9/18/2009 #15

Katou almost gagged. The woman's aura was so...chaotic, jumping everywhere in different directions like spears sharply cutting everything in its path. For the first time in Katou's life, she felt so disgusted.

Once her spell was gone, Katou thought about Rokorou. How did he-...?

"You," she hissed. She clamped harder. "go back and tell Rokurou; tell him to back off."

Katou didn't even flinch. Noriko needed help but the girl was too stubborn to accept any. After she left, Katou looked at the sky. It was still raining, cloudy, and dark.

"There's no point in telling me this..." Katou whispered. She hadn't seen Rokurou much either. Something always happened and she couldn't even say hi. "We don't see each other much." Katou pouted.

'Where are the days when Noriko wasn't so different, when Rokurou was around with his cool and sometimes funny choice of clothes...' Katou smiled, 'Or Sora with her enthusiastic battle spirit...' Katou laughed. She then walked out of the ally, heading home.

9/18/2009 #16
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