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L.A. Clearwater

Everyone is allowed to post their stories here, as long as they're manga and anime. Don't bash people or talk trash against them, or else, you'll be banned from this forum. =)

As for me, if someone could review my story Vampires Creed 1: Autumn Moon. Anyway, every poster should pay back every review he/she receives from other posters in this forum topic.

9/6/2009 . Edited 9/7/2009 #1
L.A. Clearwater

Hey guys! Why don't you start advertising your stories now? Well, if you've got time, please take a look at my story entitled Vampires Creed 1: Autumn Moon.

Remember the rules!!!

9/18/2009 #2

You story sounds interesting I think I'm going to read it.

it will be the first story I read on fictionpress

I have a story to will you be interested in reading it? if so check out if not it's okay :)

anyways here's a preview :

It happened during the day, a time where everyone is supposed to be free of emptiness and sadness altogether. My mother once said to me the day is a safe haven to sworn off evil and that the night is when everyone feels the pain of their own depression; however she was wrong.

9/19/2009 #3
Alisa Palmer

Hm your story sounds familiar. Either way, I'll read it and I guess I'll find out if I've read it or not.

The story that I'm really wishing people would R&R is my story Blood Shed. I don't have it all posted, but the five chapters that I do have up should give a pretty good idea of what my writing is like. Looking for some hard critique, and nit-pickers are certainly welcome. I want to know how I make this the best it can possibly be.


Sam's family paid the ultimate price to protect her, giving their lives to three ruthless vampires. Now consumed with the desire for revenge, Sam turns to the only one who may have the power to assist her - Sebastian. How much is she willing to sacrifice?

12/2/2009 #4
Tomoyuki Tanaka

I'll read all your stories when I have the time later tonight. =) Please be patient! I still have a whole load of other stories I need to read to... TT__TT and manga to draw.

For me, I have a story Absolute Zero if you guys are interested. It's in my profile if you wish to check it out. The summary's all there. *Grins* If you love manga, I hope you'll love Absolute Zero. Thanks.

I'll check out Blood Shed and Vampires Creed 1: Autumn and SexyxXxKiss92's story later...please wait for them! Thanks.

12/10/2009 #5
Niki Tori

Right now I am starting a manga, i really need critiques for my artwork. At the moment I am really trying to get better at it. It's based of my story Working For Affection.

If you want you can check it out.

1/4/2010 #6

Hum... sounds interesting,I'll be sure to give it a gander.

Now I have a story which I just updated not to long ago, and I'd like peoples opinions of it. If you would, plz read 'Sora no Sketch', and tell me what you think. :D

Oh, and if anyone is willing to be the beta/co-writer for the story, I'd appreciate it. =]

8/17/2010 #7
Sakura Reyna

I have read and submitted a review for "Sora No Sketch,"....(^_^) I thought it was a cute idea, but are you going to finish it? I also need a BETA editor for my latest work, "Idol Siren," if no one minds. I've posted the first three chapters....It's a great story if you like J-pop and are interested in the music industry. It's just my modest take on it based on manga style! Thanks!! I'll review you if you review me

9/16/2011 #8
I have a supernatural fic going called 'Purge: First Breath'. Its kinda like Fairy Tail, with serious action and random notes of comedy.
1/29/2012 #9
Kiteria Faye

I have a story on here that I'd like someone to check out called Dimensional TimeWarps. I'll definitely check out you guys' stories too. A bit about my story? Well, this one girl, Cecelia, is minding her own business and doing her chores like her mom asked before both her parents left for some trip, when suddenly the wind picks up and she sees this black hole in the middle of the sky and three figures drop down right into her front yard! They turn out to be three boys, roughly around her age, from another dimension. She puts them up since they don't really know where they are or how to get back. More happens, but i'd prefer you to read and find out rather than me just blab the entire story to you. Please check it out. Dimensional TimeWarps.

8/5/2012 #10
B. Chuck

I've got a story. It's called Kuron no Toshi. I would be grateful if you reviewed it, and I shall return the favor as well. E3%83%AD%E3%83%BC%E3%83%B3%E3%81%AE%E9%83%BD%E5%B8 %82-Kur%C5%8Dn-no-Toshi

4/21/2013 #11
Siri Ess


I am new here, and I've just posted my first story which has a touch of those everyday tales of Shonen Jump. I promise, it gets exciting later on, over the course of the next few chapters! I'd be grateful for your genuine opinions, and would be obliged to return the favor, as well. :)

Here's the link & summary: he-Youjinbukai-Doragon

Harasaki Hyuro of Second Year at Seitsuka High is someone every other person is tired/terrified of. Aka Banchou of Gazentaka,his infamous domain where he rules. Dealing with everyday fights and their consequences has earned him nothing but unwanted trouble.This year he only hopes to fulfill his unrequited love,but fate seems to have something else veiled in his destiny's checklist.

6/14/2013 . Edited 6/14/2013 #12
Hello I'm Raveg64 and some of my stories are the night walkers and the overlying saga. The night walkers is about this guy who has the role as the white knight and fights these unknown monsters and stuff. And the overling saga is about this boy who finds a book and gets sucked into a world filled with giant monsters, and must team up with a monster named aerojin to defeat an evil entity knowing as xeimax
9/5/2013 #13

Hello, bodaciousphandom here! I recently starting writing again, so hopefully I'm not too rusty! My most recent work is Angelology, so if you're into demon slaying, uncovering secrets and lost legends, feel free to check out my story! Thanks in advance!

12/19/2015 #14
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