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L.A. Clearwater

--------Off topic---------

Here at off-topic, we get to exchange thoughts, ideas and communicate with each other. If we also have something to say, let everyone here know! By the way, could someone start the ball rolling for the RPG? Unluckily, I haven't got an idea yet (sighs). Well. good luck to everyone!

-----End off-topic------

12/12/2009 #1
Niki Tori

thanks Louise. I haven't gotten any ideas either. =( How about we all decided on the era and second genre first. Wether the story is futuristic or historical or present. Perhaps we could do an Action/Fantasy? Though I think with our character stories in mind a romance wouldn't be too bad either. ;3 wink. lol. it all depends on everyone eles. X D

1/4/2010 #2

well, my brain is dry at he moment but i think niki-chan's got a point, we should first decide the genre and time period...unles there's time-traveling involved xDD

8/23/2010 #3

any1 interested in a ninja RPG set in the near future? i dunno if ur a fan of ninjas, but hopefully i gave you a good idea. the characters should learn jutsus (techniques), or similar to spells cast, or martial arts skills.

so, is any1 up to it?

10/3/2010 . Edited 10/3/2010 #4

well, seems like a good place to start, 0w0 and what about adding magic used as a jutsu? too much xD?

11/21/2010 #5
Kiteria Faye

I'm up for anything, just let me know when it starts. I'm not good at coming up with ideas, but the writing i am good at.

8/7/2012 #6
Vaan Swall

May I post my RP idea here? I'll give a brief synopsis:

Poem Reader is about a depressed girl in her middle aged years who uses poems to let go of her feelings. Somehow, when she becomes immortal (along with her three dogs), she uses these poems to kill off the people that were cruel to her. Now, two years later, she's using poems in general to kill of people who commit those same "crimes". The only people who can stop her are a group of simple people who's special weapons are enhanced with certain spells. The closer they get to her, the more difficult the poems become to decipher, and the more intense the fighting becomes, no less the killings of "criminals." If anyone's up for it, PM me and I'll make a new thread.

… Or I'll just make it now, and see if anyone responds. I dunno, just an idea…

12/4/2013 #7
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