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"Scientists have somehow missed definitions of gender in human beings," states Dr. Makarand Fulzele. Insights gained from years of practice as surgeon makes him wonder if indeed we have overlooked facts staring in our face. Nature has a tendency to hide many secrets but at the same time it provides enough clues to unravel its mysteries. Dr. Fulzele picks up loose threads from life to stitch together the theory that man is an extension of woman in his new book, "Man Is the Extension of Woman: Know the Ultimate Truth about Yourself" (published by iUniverse). Dr. Fulzele's book explores similarities between men and women against the backdrop of their genetic differences, physical variations, and emotional and intellectual dissimilarities. Dr. Fulzele who is a successful surgeon further explains in his book: The main hypothesis I discuss in this book is that, if a woman lives long enough she will be converted into a man physically. A similar thing can also be stated about man. It is wrong to categorize humankind into two genders as it implicates that they are extremely dissimilar and physically opposite to each other. I try to prove that man and woman are just two different stages of one developmental process. And physically they are very similar. The ideas presented may sound unconventional but Dr. Fulzele implores readers to consider his point of view with an open mind. "Your world will not change if you do not agree with me. But if you agree with me, how does it change your world? If more people agree with you and me, how does it change our world? The possibilities are limitless." About the Author Dr. Makarand Fulzele is a successful surgeon and medical superintendent of a government hospital in Mumbai. He enjoys tapping into hidden and mysterious regions of the human mind, where many strange thoughts occur and get ignored. He is also the author of "Rainbow," a book similarly dedicated to the spirit of light.

8/11/2013 #1

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9/15/2014 #2

Exploring ideas and searching for the true nature of things is the very essence of Science, which really means "Knowledge".

The thing is, it sounds like this Fulzele guy studied human anatomy but missed the lessons about human reproductive cells.

The sperm the man produces is what decides if a child will be male or female, along with a variety of other things. School children of the higher grades take classes on Biology that teach this fact all over the world, even if this fellow was not taught about these things in his schooling. Really, he may not even be an actual doctor. People can call themselves anything and then write anything. Man and Woman are clearly meant to act as partners in this world, but Man is not an extension of Woman, as is evidenced by knowing the truth about the sperm cell. The Science on this one plainly lines up with what God tells us in the Bible.

Since this is in a forum to talk about the Being that Christians and Jews call God, among other aspects of spirituality, I'm guessing you wanted to introduce thoughts something like, "What if what we are shown in the Bible is not true?"

Am I getting warm?

Everyone can rest easy.

The Bible is the Truth, as we keep proving (against some people's will) with our application of actual modern knowledge and technology. The more we are able to discover, the more scientists keep running into God.

The Human Genome Project de-codes our DNA, and that alone shows us SO much: we have never been a lesser species of creature; our DNA is programmed to adapt our offspring slightly with each generation to the parents' needs, instead of waiting millions of years for random mutations.

And there is much more. Even the Global Flood has been proven (Mediterranean sand layers the Black Sea floor). The Red Sea has a sunken land bridge right where the Hebrews would have crossed (so they didn't have to scale the sides of a Red Sea with no water), and it is visible to us now by satellite views like from Google Earth!

Keep your eyes and ears open, because with the modern anti-God agenda, facts that back up the Bible get reported only until they are realized as supporting the Judeo-Christian worldview.

That part from The Human Genome Project, that shows our adaptation to environments is programmed rather than random, was on the news one morning of one day in, like, 2008. You would think people all over would go, "Wow! Look at all the implications!", but no. It was reported no more after that.

This Fulzele guy says he's "dedicated to the spirit of light", which is a well-known code phrase for the disproven Gnosticism that is disguised as "New Age" religion.

3/30/2015 #3

The post is presented as a preview for belief that everything god created was not under his control.And if god is about absolute control then there is no god at all.

7/15/2015 #4
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