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what lies in grandview? a few vampires maybe a few shapeshifters... who knows.
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what happens when we not do it(Bad grammar) ^^

10/16/2009 #1

Remi's changing; Involves Remi and Christian ____________________________________________________________________________

Remi sat on the couch, feeding Brandon. She waited for Shane and Damon to wake, of course they would be sleeping in. She leaned back against the couch after laying a sleeping Brandon next to his twin sister then heard the low frequency growl just outside the house. She tensed, staring at the door wide eyed. She heard it again and she stood, walking outside, peering around the house edge. A large piece of wood struck the back of her head and she yelped, falling to the ground. She felt the thick blood start to mat her long hair and tried to crawl away, blood dripping from her face, leaving a small trail on the ground. A pair of hands grabbed her by the back of her shirt, another grabbing her arms. She tried to scream but her voice ust wouldn't work. She struggled weekly before the large, broad vampire holding both of her arms tightly transported tem to an underground tunnel. She stared wide-eyed at the makeshift walls, doors lined them, many dug out rooms behind them. The man behind her, Samuel, shoved her forward, they passed by another Vampire shoving a well built boy with shaggy blonde hair. Remi glanced at him, his expresion mirroring hers, fear. Samuel shoved her into a vacant room. the only thing inside were some chains and a bed. He shoved her onto the bed, ''strip,'' he ordered. She froze, ''w-what?" he growled, ''Now!" she flinched and quickly removed her clothes. She crossed her arms over her breast, feeling inscure as her surveyed her then got on the bed with her. She screamed when he proceded to rape her, His fangs lengthened as he bit deep into her neck and she screamed more. After ten minutes her screams became gurgled, than silent. She layed limp in Samuels arms, pale and drained, her eyes glazed over. He bit into his wrist and pressed it into her mouth. As soon as his blood hit her throat she started to drink. After a few minutes he took his hand away and sealed his wound with his tongue. She limped, her eyes closed but her skin glowing. He left her in there.

The next night her heart stopped, Samuel sat on the bed next to her, waiting. A few minutes later she opened her black eyes, her throat burned in a thirst she couldn't understand. She ran her tongue over her teeth and jumped lightly when she felt fangs. She looked at Samuel and suddenly became fearful, he grinned at her. She growled deep in her chest and lunged. He wasn't expecting that and fell back when she landed on him. She snarled and quickly ripped his throat out and ran, opening doors on her way out, vampires and humans scurried out quickly. She ran out and paused only for a second. Everything seemed, brighter, more colorful. She could see perfetly, even if it was night. She prowled her way and transported infront of Damon and Shane's house. It seemed normal to her. She knocked three times on the door, noticing she couldn't enter if she tried. She heard voices from inside and the door opened. Damon froze, ''Shane...'' he called.

10/16/2009 #2

Damon and Cameron's changing; involves damon, cameron, and their uncle_____________________________________________________________________

Damon had the ax, chopping at the large blocks of wood, making them smaller to fit in the fireplace. The full moon provided the light. It was the second time they have ran out of firewood in the week. Cameron sat on a stump of the tree that he had just cut down, her stomach starting to round, she was four months into the pregnancy. He noticed her shivering, it was November, "Cameron go inside you'll catch the cold.'' He said, wiping his brow on his long sleeve, leaning on the axe. She watched him for a second and stood, ''alright,'' She walked to the house, Damon watched her, worried. A couple of people, including his uncle, went missing for a few days. He watched her until she was inside then started to work again.

Cameron walked inside, humming. She went into the small kitchen and sat down beside her aunt and started to help her peel potatoes. She studied her aunt for a minute, her long black hair, a trait her and Damon inherited, was pulled back so that it wouldn't fall into her face. She looked sad, probally due to her husband being missing. Their was a loud, urgent knock on the door, making both of them jump. Her aunt stood, patted down her skirt on her thighs, and walked to the door. She opened it, and gasped in shock. Cameron stared at the doorway wide eyed where her uncle stood. She went to the doorway, she noticed he looked...different somehow. Her uncle grinned, ''Can I come in?" He asked the aunt, ''Yes of course come in!" She said, her and Cameron stood aside. He walked in and stared at Cindy's, their aunts, neck. Cameron looked at him confused as he smiled. "I have a present for both of you," He said. Cindy's eyes lit up a little, "Where did you go?" She asked. He grinned, "I died." He said then bit into her neckCameron heard a snap and her Uncle cursed then looked at Cameron.

Damon dropped the axe when he heard a terrifying scream, Camerons scream, from inside the house. He blanched and started running the trail as fast as his legs could carry him. He ran inside and stopped, staring wide eyed at the scene. His aunt was on the groung, bleeding from the neck. He looked and was shocked to see his uncle, WHAT WAS HE DOING TO CAMERON! He watched as cameron drunnk from her uncle's wrist then saw his uncle snap camerons neck. "No!" he yelled leaping at him. His uncle looked up, ''no no I'm helping her!" Damon watched him drop his dead sister on the ground. He jumped at him, he was bigger than his uncle and was confused when his uncle easily pinned him, ''Let me go!" He yelled, struggling. He cried out when he felt fangs prick into his neck. About ten minutes later the uncle snapped his neck then drug them into the basement.

The next night he waited beside Cameron and Damon. Their eyes opened, pitch black. Damon blinked and looked at his uncle then snarled, ripping his neck out with his fangs. he heard Cameron's and depair and looked at her, She was on the floor weeping in agony. He crouched beside her,"Cameron?" he asked sotly, worriedly. She looked up at him, ''My baby'' she whispered then started to weep.

10/30/2009 #3
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