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Angsty Bohemian

Welcome, good (or not so good) people, to the Bohemian Writers Guild. I'm your humble (sometimes) administrator, Angsty Bohemian.

Here's where you tell you your name, penname, nickname, or whatever you'd like us to call you, as well as any random facts you feel like.

I'm Angsty Bohemian. Call me that, or Angsty, or Boho.

I love writing and music. I mean, staples of the world, am I right?

I'm pretty angsty and sarcastic, and I get bored... often.

My favorite color is black (i really don't care its a 'shade')

I love a lot of books that were totally ruined when they made 'em into movies.

And for now, that's me. Take it or leave it.

9/27/2009 . Edited 9/28/2009 #1
Filly and Phips

OK! I'm The Bohemian Vagabond.

Call me..... that or BV, BohoV- i really don't care.

I love art, film and writing- and music of course

I can really be anything. But lucky you I'm not that angsty! :yay:

My fave colors also black- because of ink

and yeah I'm bored

9/27/2009 #2
Angsty Bohemian

Welcome to the forum. Yadda yadda, etc etc, blah blah blah.

Oh, yeah, so BV is a Mod. Which means that anyone else has to listen to her.... unless she says something really stupid or pointlessly random XD (No offence Vitz)

9/27/2009 #3
Filly and Phips

Same goes for you dude!

If she tells you to do some really pointless shit- seriously thats for me to do, not you random peoples


9/27/2009 #4
Angsty Bohemian

Mhm, and if either of us get really really high and hyper sounded or all depressed then..... well.....

I feel sorry for you.

9/27/2009 #5

Hi! :D I'm ranDUMM, and... I am cool :D I love to read, write, draw, listen to music, and just generally have a lovely time doing random things :D

9/28/2009 #6
Angsty Bohemian

Hey ranDUMM! Welcome-ness.

9/28/2009 #7

Hey im timmy.:D I like reading writing and also alot of the books i read have been ruined by film:(

9/28/2009 #8
Angsty Bohemian

Hey timmy.

Amazing how we all like reading and writing?

Sorry, just bein' observant!

Anyways, four members now. That's cool XD

9/28/2009 #9

Hiya! I'm Katie.

I love movies, music and reading! (Not very original, I know!). I also love animals (especially cows and giraffes), nature, rugby league, caulilower, catching the bus and H2O.

9/28/2009 . Edited 9/28/2009 #10

Hery katie. Omg i like h2o too:P

9/28/2009 #11


Who'd of thunk it?

9/28/2009 #12
Filly and Phips

Hey Katy!

so thats five members now right? Yay!


9/28/2009 #13
Angsty Bohemian

Hey Katie!

Yes, BV, five. I'm glad you can count that high. its a real shocker.

9/28/2009 #14
Filly and Phips

hey! i take that offensively! i can count- i just can't do math! difference dude difference!

y'know wha AB?????!!!

I'm bored

9/28/2009 #15
Angsty Bohemian

Oh, right, I'm the one with counting issues. Never mind. xD

And, sorry, can't help ya'.

9/28/2009 #16

Howdy Gang.

How is everyone today/tonight?

9/28/2009 #17
Filly and Phips

yo! move it over to Chat

and.... im good- i guess

9/29/2009 #18
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