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Angsty Bohemian

Have a piece of writing not getting any feedback? Or just feel like gettin' some more? Well you clicked the right link(If the title didn't give you the idea). oh, and if you're in the mood to read, good job on the clicking as well!

So, if you want someone to read and review your stories, poems, songs, or whatever just post something like 'Will someone please read _____.' Or if you want to give the summery and link you can, but it really isn't necessary.

As admin (and a person with far too much free time), I'll try and review everything posted.

Now, if you are going to leave reviews, I'd really prefer that you lefta good one. no 'that sucked' or 'good job. update soon'. If you're going to review, take the time to do it right. Now, this isn't a requirement. No penalties for leaving lame reviews or not doing so at all, but again, it's appreciated by authors. And remember, you get what you give.

Also, I don't like flames. I like critisism, but not mindless or grudge flaming. We all should be mature enough to know better.

9/27/2009 #1

Danse On Wood.

Summary: Paris enters a british school full of weird, strange people. To her luck there not human, no there werewolves. Keeping out of there way wasn't supposed to be a problem. But since the leader of the pack wants her dead or gone, she has no way to escape.

Reviews would be cool.

11/19/2009 #2
Anna Cate

Tea Boy

Summary: A team of secret agents in the UK, led by the mysterious "Captain Jack," battles monsters, aliens, accidental time travelers, and more, all while dealing with friendship, love, loss, and other challenges faced by young professionals in high stress jobs.

Rating: M

Genre: Science Fiction

Length: 10 Chapters Posted, updating 2 a day until I catch up with what I've written so far (94 chapters and counting)


3/16/2010 #3
Autumn Blaze

Could someone please read and review my; Around the Bend, and/or Fallen Hearts.

I'll repay the favour.

Thanks N.M

2/25/2011 #4

Could you please review Dimensions? I'm a new writer so I'm trying to get a good following right now. (And anyone else who sees this post is totally cool to read too). I'd really appreciate it. And I love to review so if you review mine and want a review, seriously just tell me, it will be my pleasure. Thanks!

7/8/2012 #5
Arya the unknown

Hello, I'm in desperate need of reviews.

8/27/2012 #6

Hey, review anyone?

2/15/2014 #7
Wendy Thompson135th

VA: I'll review one of your if you'll review one of mine.

3/7/2014 #8
Absolutely, that sounds great. Thank you!
3/7/2014 #9
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