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Angsty Bohemian

A collab is like a roleplay, except for the fact that there are no set characters. The first person starts writing a story about ANYTHING, and the next person continues from there, and so on. I minimum of three sentences is required and a maximsof ten can't be exceeded (I'm not nit-picky. If you go a bit under or over it's fine. Jut don't write one sentence and don't do a full page).

Fell free to use any characters or genresyou'd like. If you want to do a random mega crossover, be my guest. If you want to make lots of complex OCs, that's cool too. Please be respectful to what others like though.

If you need to ask another persona question outside of the story do it like this ((wordswordswords))

9/27/2009 #1

Can I start?

9/28/2009 #2

I hope it's ok if I start.

Here goes:


Joe entered the small, dank room, puffed, sweaty and his legs aching. Motes of dust gently wafted through the air. A thin beam of light was being projected from a tiny window. The window overlooked a set of drab apartment buildings and was the only source of light for the derelict room.

Joe breathed a sigh of relief and slid down the wall, feeling around for any foreign objects. His hand rested upon an object which he recognized as a think plank of wood. He stretched out his legs and closed his eyes.

For the moment, he was safe.

9/28/2009 . Edited 9/28/2009 #3

He was unaware of the person watching him fearfully. hidden by the gloom and a wellworn, shabby blanket. A homeade knife was held tightly in the persons hand, and the other hand brushed dark black hair from her face. She tried to remain perfectly still, lest the man see or hear her. A terrible urge to sneeze gripped her.

9/28/2009 #4
Filly and Phips

But she fought it back. This man deserved to die, and she wasn't going to blow all her planning because some random dust bunnies. She ran her hand down the flat of the knife.

You motherfucker... She growled low, getting into a crouch. This is what you get.

And she jumped, holding the knife over her head...

9/28/2009 #5

A reflected glint of light from the young womans knife was the only warning he had. He twirled barely avoding the slash to his throat and grabbed her knife hand. The woman kicked him in the shin and he let out a little gasp. She was trying to break free but the man pushed her againts the wall, wrenched the knife out of her hand and was about to stab it deep within her chest, when he recognised his assialint.

(Sorry about spelling, i know its awful:S)

9/29/2009 #6
Filly and Phips

"Taylor?" he whispered, unsure. The Taylor he knew had long hair, not sloppily cut. And she had always worn neater clothes, but now as he looked over the struggling girl, he noticed the ripped jeans, the heavy black sweater and the fearfull and angry look in her eyes.

That look that hadn't been there before.

"Oh shit."

9/29/2009 #7

Oh shit, thats all he got to say?, taylor thought, I should try to stab him again.

"Its nice to see you again" joe said, trying to give a winning smile. She smiled back.

The she drove her knee into his groin.

9/29/2009 #8
Filly and Phips

"Can't say the same for you, old friend." She growled sarcasicly, spinning the knife in her hand as he writhed in pain on the floor.

He deserves this. she cackeled.

"Why are you here?" Joe asked, sputtering.

"I don't know- I asumed that part was obvious." She kneeled in closer to him, holding the knife to his throat. "Or are you really that fucking oblvious?"

His stuttering answered that.

9/29/2009 #9

"So, what? You're just going to kill me?" Joe asked. Despite his cocky attitude, deep down he was trembleing with fear. He had never known Taylor to be a shy little compliant, she had always had that wild, dangerous streak.

Taylor leant down, her face inches from Joe's. She pushed the knife harder against his throat, droplets of blood formed and trickled down his neck.

Come on Taylor, she egged herself on, You remember who this is right? You remember what he did.

9/29/2009 #10
Angsty Bohemian

But Taylor's hesitance was her downfall. Before she got the chance to finish the job a foot connected with her head hard enough to sent the knife clattering to the ground a few feet away.

The new figure took strides over and lifted the blade, spinning it slowly between elegant fingers before pocketing it. The figure was concealed by a cloak and hood. "Been reduced to savages so quickly? What a shame. I'll admit I'm quite dismayed to see you started the party without me." The figure gave a careless shrug accompanied with a sigh. "I suppose one can't be picky."

Him or her's hand rested on the knife.

9/29/2009 #11

A faint moan was heard from across the room as Taylor struggled to get up.

"Vince, you bastard. I thought you were dead," She managed to mutter.

Vince gave a sinister laugh. He fluttered his black cloak and let down the hood, revealing an unshaven, scarred face.

"How could you possibly know that was me?" he asked thoughtfully, twirling the knife in his hands.

"Well that was easy," Taylor replied, "You see, I always get this feeling of nausea whenever you're near."

Vince chuckled again and strode towards Taylor. He grasped her hair and hoisted her to her feet. With a hand clasped around her throat, he pushed her backwards until her back hit the stone wall.

"Weren't you ever taught, my dear, too never anger people of power." He looked down at the knife. "And it seems at the moment, I have the power".

9/29/2009 #12
Filly and Phips

"Wasn't it you that taught me to always hold an Ace up your sleave?" Taylor pulled out a gun, aiming right between Joes eyes. "Well your about to loose your trump card."

She pulled the trigger, killing the man.

"I'm not going back. His secrets went to the grave with him, and so will yours." She aimed the gun toward Vince.

9/29/2009 #13
Angsty Bohemian

Vince slowly lowered his arms in defeat, and then whipped out his own gun, holding it towards Taylor. "I believe two Aces is much more efficient."

"Fucking bastard!" Taylor hissed, stepping closer to the man. Her glare seemed to get even more murderous, while Vince was utterly calm for the given situation.

"Well, you can pull the trigger and we both die. Or you can lower the gun like the lovely little tramp you are and save someone a really big mess to clean up."

9/29/2009 . Edited 9/29/2009 #14

Taylor took a moment to weigh up her choices. If she pulled the trigger Vince would be dead, but she wouldn't be around to enjoy it.

"Ok, lower your gun," she spat at Vince. Vince gave her a wry grin, "Sorry babe, but I just don't trust you. You lower your's first."

Taylor smirked, "Clearly you're underestimating my intelligence. On three, kay?"

Taylor counted to three and both lowered their weapons.

Taylor looked over at Vince in suspicion.

"I take it Bruce sent you?"

9/29/2009 #15
Angsty Bohemian

Vince let out a laugh, somewhere between a bark and a low cackle. "Babe, please. Bruce? My, my, you really haven't been keeping up to date, have you? I don't work for him anymore. Learned that the only way to get what you want is to come out on top." his lips turned up in a wiry smirk. "Him and Joe should be seeing each other about now. I'd truly love for you to join them...." he trailed off.

"But what?" Taylor asked with a bitter sarcasm. It was always a but something, his interest she reminded herself.'

"So smart, so strong." His smirk only deepened as he walked over to the other side of her, and she cautiously turned, not trusting him to her back. Ignoring her question, he went on with his....story. "Nobody sent me. This was supposed to be closure. But you got in the way." he spat, and she seemed quite smugly satisfied about the fact.

9/29/2009 #16

"Not my problem you've gotten lax" taylor grinned smugly.

"Wel, well someones gotten confident" Vince purred " Pity that confidence was lacking when youre family got murdered"

"Shut youre mouth" Taylor growled.

"Poor little orphan Taylor. If only she could've saved her family, but instead she ran away like the coward she was...Or probably still is under this show of bravado"

"You dont know what youre talking about" Taylor said, itching to bring the gun up and fire. She knew she wouldnt have a chance before vince killed her though.

"Well i didnt come here to dredge up old, repressed memories. Ive got a job, you might like it. It involves the man who killed youre family"

Taylor flashed back to that terrible life changing night.

9/30/2009 #17

Daddy, Daddy! What's going on? A fearful girl clutching a teddy screamed.

A loud pound on the door had been followed by several gunshots.

"Taylor, Follow your mother and go! Now!" A man had commanded.

"But Daddy, what's going on?" The girl cried.

"Look Taylor. Daddy loves you but this is his business now. Can you be a brave girl and follow Mummy?" The man said gently, despite the increasing voices approaching.

The little girl nodded and took her mother's hand.

Suddenly, a door burst open and several large men entered the room, guns poised for action.

Without so much as a hint of remorse, one of the men aimed and fired, hitting the woman fair on the chest. The little girl screamed.

"Run Taylor, Run!" The man cried, before being roughly grabbed around the shoulders.

Taylor ran. Those were the last words her father ever spoke.

((Hey. Sorry about the length. Kinda got carried away. Also, I really like this story. Everyone's doing a great job! :D))

9/30/2009 #18

Taylor focused back on vince. She knew that there was no point relieving those memories, the past is the past. Vince was watching her with his trademark crooked grin, mind you it was hard not to smile crookedly with those scars on his face.

"You found out who did it?" Taylor asked Vince.

"Not exactly, but theres something going on that i think involves that...incident"


"Spare the dramatics girl, I wouldnt have involved you if i didnt need youre particular skills, truthfully i wouldve killed you by now and buried you in a ditch"

"So you dont know anything? Its been years since that happened and you find me now to tell me that you think something now involves then?"

Vince paused and frowned at her.

"That sentence was convulated" he commented..

Taylor rolled her eyes in annoyence and crossed her arms across her chest.

"Just tell me the information you have" Taylor growled.

(yeah i know this is actually turning out kinda good:P )

9/30/2009 #19

"Well, there's this guy. Goes by the name of Big Jeff." Vince explained. Without warning he reached into his pocket and extracted something. Taylor was quick to react and she quickly aimed her gun towards Vince's chest.

Vince held his hands up in mock fear.

"Calm yourself honey, I was just getting this" he laughed. Vince produced what appeared to be a small slip of paper.

A photograph? Taylor thought.

"You recognize him?" he asked as Taylor studied the photo.

Taylor supressed a gasp as she ran her fingers gently over the person in the photo.

"Yeah," she began shakily, "That's my brother."

9/30/2009 #20
Filly and Phips

"My, my- fucked up families all over don't we hun?" Vince chuckeled.

"Jeffrey wouldn't hurt us. He loves us- he would never..." Taylor sputtered. Vince's hand rested on her shoulder, almost conforting. She pushed it off, growling. "You know as well as I do Jeff wouldn't hurt a fly."

"I think, little girl, that I know him better you do."

"No you don't, nothing's thicker than blood."

Vince rolled his eyes. "I know this is difficult but--"

"How do you know he did anything?" Taylor screamed, cutting him off.

"Because I helped him!"

9/30/2009 #21
Angsty Bohemian

Suddenly, Taylor looked about ready to kill him again, despite the consequences. "You helped him? You helped my brother MURDER them?" she yelled, stepping closer to him, gun drawn again in a strong grip, straight at Vince's chest.

"Geez honey, don't flatter yourself and take it personally. Besides, it doesn't appear to me that you have a problem with cold blooded murder." Vincent lazily nodded in the direction of Joe's body.

"That's different!" she yelled venomously.

"Really, how so? After all, just another body, right? Just another unknown person that's time ends with a bullet... The only difference, is that you were there to watch, and then we lost you."

"You helped kill them! You know what, you killed them! Stop trying to blame Jeff!"

"I've killed a lot of people." Vince agreed. "But no, I can't take all the credit for this specific incident."

9/30/2009 #22
Filly and Phips

"Oh really?" Taylor asked, really wishing she had her gun back. She didn't mention how Joe wasn't supposed to be another body on a long road. He was supposed to be the man who did it. Tonight was meant to be her revenge.

She had spent months getting close to him, finding out his secrets, and she was so sure it was him.

"Well. I was involved," Vince droned on. "But it wasn't my plan." He noticed her eyeing the dead body. "And old Joey over there?" he waved his hand. "Just a-"

"Just another trap?"

9/30/2009 #23

"Hmmm a trap? Well, you could say that. You could call it pure luck that i came to see joe but..." Vince said.

"But?" Taylor asked.

"Oh nothing, just thinking. So you gonna help me or not?"

"You killed my family, you really think im going to help you?!"

Vince gave a low deep chuckle.

"You dont want to find youre brother? Sure he may have murdered youre family but-"

"Wait may have?" Taylor questioned.

"I never did find out who hired the hit but if he did do you really think you wouldve survived if he didnt want you to? if he didnt then both of ye can be happy familys and ride off into the sunset, living happily ever after" Vince smiled crookedly.

10/1/2009 #24

Taylor snorted. In all of her experience she had discovered there was no such thing as happily ever after.

"So what do you want? For me to find my brother and then kill him?" she asked. Vince thought about this for a moment.

"Well, he has to die. That's inevitable. But no one said you had to do the killing." he retorted.

It was Taylor's turn to think. She'd be searching for answers her entire life and maybe with Vince's help she would be able to get some. She may even be able to save her brother in the process.

Sighing, she turned to Vince.

"Fine. I'll help. On one condition. You have to promise to help me find whoever ordered that hit on my parents. Agreed?" She ordered.

Vince shrugged his shoulders.

"Whatever," he mused.

Looking back at Taylor, he raised his eyebrows.

"Well, Are you coming?"

10/3/2009 #25

Taylor rolled her eyes.

"Fine! Ill come, but remember that this is only a temperorary thing. Once this is over were gonna have a hell of a lot to talk about" Taylor said.

"Im sure we will." Vince replied.

Taylor glowered at him for a few seconds and he stared camly back.

"Well? Are we going?"

"In a few minutes, Im waiting for my assosciate to come pick us up"


Vince chuckled and trew her a condescending look.

"You though we'd hunt down Jeffrey with just the two of us. You have seriously no idea how powerful he has become, do you?"

Taylor frowned at vince. Truthfully she never even heard of jeffrey in the underground circles...If she did and found out about her family sooner, she didnt know what she'd do.

Vince sighed and was about to speak when the sound of several running horses echoed from outside.

"Youre assosciate?"

"I have only one" Vince murmered.

The sound of hoofbeats stopped and silence reighned supreme, Until the door got kicked open with such force Taylor was quite suprised the door didnt get ripped off its hinges.

Vince cursed and dragged Taylor away from the man in the door. His dark green cloack billowed behind him from the breeze outside, and his hand reached into hs pocket and drew a gun at frightening speed.

Bullets ripped through the air towards them but vince had already dragged them to the ground.

"Vince, whats going on!" Taylor shreiked.

"Its one of Jeffreys assasins. If theres one theres more coming." Vince said.

"So what do we do?"

"RUN!" Vince barked and dived towards the window behind them.

10/4/2009 #26
Filly and Phips

(Break for Chapter 2)

She broke into a run before Vince had a chance to say it. When you hear the word Assassin, it's generally a decent reaction.

One of Jeffrey's assassins. The words were still ringing in her ears. Jeff did always have a way with people, Taylor remembered. She dashed breakneck down the back ally, pushing down trashcans behind her. Vince did the same, although he seemed to have a harder time with running than the smaller girl did. They reached a wall at the end. It looked like it led to some appartment buildings.

Taylor began scaling the wall, reaching the top with relitive ease. Vince jumped after her.

"So..." Taylor started, trying to catch her breath. "This 'associate' of yours. Does he have a name?"

"Not that I know of."

"What?" Taylor screamed, earning her the prize of getting Vinces hand over her mouth.

"You trying to get us killed?" Vince hissed. Taylor's enthusatic nod was ignored. Vince rolled his eyes. "We call him Shade. It's just a nickname."

Shade... Taylor racked her brain, trying to think where she had heard it before.

10/4/2009 #27

(Hey do we take a break for chapter 2 or was that saying were on chapter 2?)

10/4/2009 . Edited by Filly and Phips, 10/4/2009 #28
Filly and Phips

(break off at the post before my own- of course its up to vote.)

10/4/2009 #29

(Well i vote for continuing on, but im game either way:P:)

10/4/2009 #30
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