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A small little forum made for those who want to collaboratively write a manga styled fiction. Everyone is welcomed and I'm hoping to make this into a group.
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Chidori vs Rasengan
Discuss and agree on what kind of place and time that we are writing about. In the not so bright future, or the past. Imaginary timelines are also accepted, though it might only be used if the event we are writing a mecha story or fantasy. Environments and architecture are also VERY important, as this put's the reader in the mind of the author/authors' more.
1/6/2007 #1
Charming Dice
I prefer modern cities. They're something everyone can easily picture. Even if you live in a rural area, you can look at the net, tv shows, movies, etc. to get a great view of that type of setting. Its something we could all do, in my opinion.
1/7/2007 #2
Chidori vs Rasengan
yep, modern cities are one of the easiest settings to write about, but i prefer multiple settings ^_^
1/7/2007 #3
Queen of Cyrum Sasarai
I prefer fantasy myself, but I'll go with the modern setting as well. It IS easier for everyone to imagine... But even if its set in a modern time, we can still have nifty fantasy elements, right?
1/7/2007 #4
Chidori vs Rasengan
Yea exactly! And not to mention we could use our imagination as much as possible to invent stuff(like weapons, tools) for our stories. As I said, architecture is KEY! But for now we will have to decide on the Plot, but even before that... REGISTER DAMMIT YOU LAZY B***!
1/7/2007 #5
Queen of Cyrum Sasarai
And I really like how story idea number one would have alternate worlds, all kinds of them, it makes all kinds of things possible, (even if taking place on earth) and gives the world the fantasy twist I love. By the way, you can contact me on AIM, my sn is Garfakcy. But I advise you do it a little later, for I need to go and eat right now. (I'm STARVING! It's almost 2 my time and I haven't eaten a thing!)
1/7/2007 #6
Chidori vs Rasengan
lol, as much as i like the idea of different worlds, we MUST make sure that EVERYONE of them is detailed and kept in check, less we giveth the wrong descriptions or confuse them XO and i'm sorry to ay that i don't have AIM = but i do have hotmail though XD (and yes! i'm a math freak T_T)
1/7/2007 #7
Queen of Cyrum Sasarai
Okay, I have added you to my list on hotmail. My hotmail addie is: (cause it would be nice to be able to IM)
1/7/2007 #8
Chidori vs Rasengan
cool! uhh... anyone else?!
1/7/2007 #9
Queen of Cyrum Sasarai
Oh, and I forgot to add: Yes, I agree about the worlds needing to be detailed and fleshed out. No need to worry about mine... It's from several previous stories (what? I like to link things!) I even have a very wrinkled, crappy map I drew... I don't even know how many years ago. I know the history better than this world's. So, seriously, don't worry about that. And I'd be more than happy to let others be from the world too. (It would take me forever to explain EVERYTHING, but I can answer any questions you throw at me)
1/7/2007 #10
Chidori vs Rasengan
yea(we love linking stuff, do we? XD) and if we must do that, i suggest we incorporate geography in it(seriously! i know enough...) and i think that we could also incoporate physics in other stuff, like architecture(SERIOUSLY!!) it's still in experiment though, needs a lot or sorting out to do XO
1/8/2007 #11
Queen of Cyrum Sasarai
Well, if it's too confusing for me to use my old characters, it's all right... I realized that you hated dragons and one of the characters is half... (But that's okay, I can put those two in another story, cause I have some ideas for them) I'm not big on REAL geography, but I do draw maps everytime I write a story. What can I say? I can't write properly without a map, character sheets and drawings. Sometimes I do without the drawings, but usually I do try drawing them. (There are some stubborn characters that are just too hard to draw properly though) Anyway, as mentioned, I have characters at the ready, but whatever happens, I don't think most of my characters will actually be from earth because... Because I really, really suck at making real world type characters... (One of my characters is half-demon for example...) I also have a little ball of fire, a bat, and a skeleton. (I'm not sure why, they seemed like fun characters to have...) I think Kristy may want to have girl characters, so I only made a few; I don't have the greatest affinity for female characters for some reason (I mean I love Ten-Ten, Temari, Katara, etc--but I really suck at making unique and likable girls myself). So yeah, I have 14 possible characters at this moment (including the three from another story). (Not that I'll use all 14, just that I have fourteen characters I can choose from, depending on what sort of characters we'll have. Because there is nothing I loathe more than having two mean bitter guys, or two cute bubbly girls. There are plenty of personality types to be than just one kind) Anyway, I am really liking my characters Ember, Necros, Silence, and Charlotte... So hopefully I can use them...
1/9/2007 . Edited 1/9/2007 #12
What about Rosario? .
1/9/2007 #13
Queen of Cyrum Sasarai
What about Rosario?
1/9/2007 #14
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