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A small little forum made for those who want to collaboratively write a manga styled fiction. Everyone is welcomed and I'm hoping to make this into a group.
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Charming Dice
We need characters for this to work. I've come up with a list of questions we'll need answered (some more than others). Since characters don't come from thin air, we'll have to vote their traits and whatnot. So answer any or all of the questions below and we can put this together. 1. Male or Female? 2. Teen or Adult? 3. Rich, Poor, Average Wealth 4. Anti-social, Friendly, or Other? 5. Super-powered from the start, Powers gained over time, or Powerless throughout? 6. Tall, Short, or Medium height? 7. Thin, Muscular, Shapely, Heavyset, a Combination of Those, or Other? 8. What color eyes? Brown, Green, Blue, or Other? 9. Human, Other, or Half Human/Half Other? 10. Peaceful or Violent? 11. Humble, Arrogant, or Other? 12. Weapons Combat Skills, Hand-to-Hand Combat skills, Stealth Abilities, a Combination of These, None of These, or Other? 13. Romantic or Not? 14. Sexually active? Heterosexual, Homosexual, or Bi-Sexual? (Note: I don't write yaoi, but someone else could) 14. Loyal, Disloyal, or Other? 15. Fearless, Fearful, or Other? 16. Hero or Anti-Hero? 17. Smart, Foolish, or Average Intelligence? (bonus) Add anything else about the character that you want to.
1/7/2007 #1
Queen of Cyrum Sasarai
While I think these are definitely some good questions to answer, I think we should really decide who will play as the main character and have them fill out all that. We should also have these questions (and other relevent information) put together in character sheets. If we treat our characters as we do in a roleplay (I make character sheets for all my characters prior to their role in a story) and have a place to look at them all, it'll be easier on all of us. Also, if we seperate into groups, we should have seperate character bio lists by story. By the way, is anyone else going to sign up?
1/7/2007 #2
Chidori vs Rasengan
hmm thats a great idea. for different stories, we will name them as "Projects" and add a specific name. for example, if we're me and Dice are in a group that is doing Action/Adventure, it will be called "Project N-11" and we will have a topic for it, and a topic called "Project N-11 Characters" for characters etc etc. well?
1/7/2007 . Edited 1/7/2007 #3
Queen of Cyrum Sasarai
Exactly! Well, that's what I was thinking. I guess we'll have to see what everyone else says before we can proceed, though. In case anyone cares, I've got five bios ready to go. (And I can easily take off some or add more as needed) I'm still hoping for a fantasy type story, so the first one suggested in the plot thread is appealing to me.
1/7/2007 #4
Chidori vs Rasengan
me too!(strangely in a way LOL XDD) But for now, my thoughts are that we should ALL co-operate on one story first. Then afterwards we can split into groups with their own supervisors, working on different "Projects."(Which we won't be naimg randomly, that i will be helping to categorize) but on a side note, does anyone think that we should have a name for this collaborative "effort"? XD (I'll be fine with anything, as long as it's not cliched, or has anything with dragons for that matter XO)
1/7/2007 #5
Queen of Cyrum Sasarai
Yes, I agree. Especially since only three of us seem to be active anyway. ^^;
1/7/2007 #6
Chidori vs Rasengan
lol yea XD and also, i think that we should tell each other what time we would be online, since most of us has school and all. that way, we could know when we are available so we could continue working on a project(story).
1/7/2007 #7
Queen of Cyrum Sasarai
Well, we might have time differences, but I'm usually on around six (in California time). I have work up until then on most days, but sometimes I can squeeze some time in to get online before that.
1/7/2007 #8
Chidori vs Rasengan
oh yea, since we won't be bothered to work out time differences, let's just stick to saturday ok? XD or, we could just get each other's email to makes things easier... (or, if you have a fanfiction account, you can find me at the biggest naruto forum on FFnet, cuz i'm the admin there XDDD)
1/7/2007 . Edited 1/7/2007 #9
Queen of Cyrum Sasarai
Which forum? There's like six hundred...
1/7/2007 #10
Chidori vs Rasengan
click post's count, and you will find it on the number one spot (yes, im serious XD)
1/8/2007 #11
Queen of Cyrum Sasarai
So... who's going to be the main character?? EDIT: By the way, here's a bio sample. Not sure if I'm gonna use him yet or not: Name: Colt Tremayne Birthday/Sign: August 12/Leo Age: 21 Sex: Male Orientation: Hetero Weapon: Cutlass Looks: With his bright red hair pulled back into a high ponytail and pale blue eyes, he is a good looking enough young man. He is usually seen grinning as he flips a coin or off in a corner eying the merchandise in a bar while he has a smoke. Like most pirates, he is heavily into his vices and can be seen with a woman on his arm, and bottle in his hand. He wears a handkerchief around his hair, around his neck, and another one on his left wrist, each one black. His shirt is usually half-open, all-open or not present at all. He loves the cool sea breeze on his n*** chest. His faded black pants are tucked into knee-high boots which are worn and may have seen better days but are quite comfortable. Personality: He is boisterous, somewhat rude, and loves his women. He can seem to be a bit lazy (his movements or the way he looks at you) but he actually loves to work hard and grows bored when he has nothing to do. He does like to have a good time and enjoy himself, and it really ticks him off when people lecture him if he decides to let go and have a drink or two. He loves sun-bathing. He has a really stinky sense of direction, so he’s usually not the one navigating (and if he is… they’re lost!). When it comes to romance, Colt seems to have no class, since he is constantly seen with a woman on his arm. But this belies his true nature, as he doesn’t actually sleep with many of the women. He may not look it, but he actually wants a more meaningful relationship. (Doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy himself now and then, though. A man’s got needs!) History: He was born the fifth child in a dirt-poor family, and as his family struggled, he tried to find the fun and adventure in life. He would roam the streets with his siblings and get into a whole mess of trouble, but he enjoyed doing it. When the lecturing and the pressure to be a good little school kid began to chafe him, he ran away on a cargo ship and has been at sea since. Special Abilities: Swordsmanship, sea-legs, cheating, charming women Theme Song(s): Hell Yes by Alkaline Trio Likes: Lying in the sun, fighting, a good challenge, gambling, a decent drink, women Dislikes: Lectures, seeing women treated badly. NOTE: This is NOT supposed to be the main character. He's just one of those fourteen people... (Also note he's one of the few het males I have) I haven't done a good deal of the character's full pasts because I wanted to link some of them with you guys's characters. (That's the point to collabing, yes?) So, I have made room for additions.
1/9/2007 . Edited 1/9/2007 #12
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