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A small little forum made for those who want to collaboratively write a manga styled fiction. Everyone is welcomed and I'm hoping to make this into a group.
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Charming Dice
Okay, we have this same list for the protagonist, but it'll be neater to separate protagonist info from antagonist info. So answer any or all of these questions, so see can come up with something here. 1. Male or Female? 2. Teen or Adult? 3. Rich, Poor, Average Wealth 4. Anti-social, Friendly, or Other? 5. Super-powered from the start, Powers gained over time, or Powerless throughout? 6. Tall, Short, or Medium height? 7. Thin, Muscular, Shapely, Heavyset, a Combination of Those, or Other? 8. What color eyes? Brown, Green, Blue, or Other? 9. Human, Other, or Half Human/Half Other? 10. Peaceful or Violent? 11. Humble, Arrogant, or Other? 12. Weapons Combat Skills, Hand-to-Hand Combat skills, Stealth Abilities, a Combination of These, None of These, or Other? 13. Romantic or Not? 14. Sexually active? Heterosexual, Homosexual, or Bi-Sexual? (Note: I don't write yaoi, but someone else could) 14. Loyal, Disloyal, or Other? 15. Fearless, Fearful, or Other? 16. Hero or Anti-Hero? 17. Smart, Foolish, or Average Intelligence? (bonus) Add anything else about the character that you want to.
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Chidori vs Rasengan
my thoughts: same as the Main Protagonist topic
1/7/2007 #2
Queen of Cyrum Sasarai
Okay, well, the main protagonist isn't decided yet, so how are we supposed to do his enemy? I don't think he should be totally evil, or if there IS a total personification of evil type character, then there should definitely be a few who just have their own reasons (my favorite type of evil!) Although...I remember my old character Galadan, in a D&D game, the DM was impressed that he actually seemed to be evil and heartless (apparently, he says most people who choose the chaotic evil alignment usually make the character NOT evil in some way). I remember kicking the dead body of a comrade into a trap of acid (after looting him for all he was worth) just so we wouldn't have to carry his body around to get him resurrected. (the comrade didn't care, in fact he laughed and made a new character). Anyway, so there are evil characters can be fun too. But you definitely don't want to overdo it with a host of characters that act the same. Everyone has their own reasons for doing things.
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