Collaborative Works Manga Style
A small little forum made for those who want to collaboratively write a manga styled fiction. Everyone is welcomed and I'm hoping to make this into a group.
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Charming Dice
Anyone interested in collaborating? I like writing action stories, mostly.
11/14/2006 #1
Xinta Kitsune
Actually, a friend of mine and me have been thinking about a collaboration...and we just thought about how it would go? I mean...would it work like a roleplay and each person dictate certain characters or...something else?
11/15/2006 #2
Charming Dice
You could figure out the plot, break it down chapter by chapter, then alternate writing chapters. Or you could do it scene by scene. Roleplaying style would be interesting as long as you stay focused.
11/15/2006 #3
aka Providence
Can I join in?
11/16/2006 #4
Charming Dice
[q]Can I join in?[/q] Of course you can, man. You know, Sakka and I were just thinking of doing a story for Underground Constellation. We were gonna ask you, but I wasn't sure if NaNo was taking up too much of your time or not. We haven't decided on a plot or genre yet, but we'll work it out.
11/16/2006 #5
Painted Dessert
w00t. People are here! 'Tis makes me happy. Anyways, it looks like we've started getting some idea brewing. Keep it up! It's really an "anyone can join" thing. ^^
11/20/2006 #6
I am new to anime and manga but I have done collaborative writing before, so, can I join?
11/30/2006 #7
Painted Dessert
Feel free to join! I think it's about time that we get up some working ideas as well. ^^
12/1/2006 #8
Chidori vs Rasengan
well then make another topic for it already! btw i'm joining too, since this sounds interesting XD
12/1/2006 #9
Hi all. I'd like to join if there's room.
12/4/2006 #10
WHAHEYY! WASSISS ALL ABOUT THEN? SOME SECRET MAFIA? I WANNA JOIN! Nah I'm just kidding, but I'd be happy to input some input...yeah, something like that. Later! ^^
12/5/2006 #11
since nobody is asking this I guess I will. Who here can draw GOOD? Manga is mostly a bunch of drawings with some talking. I can't draw worth a penny. If this thing ever dose get off the ground, who will do the art?
12/5/2006 #12
I can draw OKAY...
12/5/2006 #13
This is fast becoming a dead forum. I'm not sure if a manga will work since drawing is tricky. I have TONS of anime/maga stacked in my hall closet, half I got just for the kick-a** drawings. Anyway, If anyone wants to team up and write a joint story with me let me know. I write almost anything except horror and stories that are nothing but pointless bloodbath killing. Example of such" Saw, Texas Chainsaw Masacure, Final Destination.
12/6/2006 #14
Charming Dice
I'm not sure what you all mean, but I was sure we were talking about writing a novel with a manga-style plot and characters. Am I wrong?
12/6/2006 #15
manga style plot and characters? I'm not sure what you mean by that. Are you talking about writing a fan fic story?
12/6/2006 #16
Charming Dice
Fan fic? No, I don't write fanfiction. Plus, that's not allowed here. I meant a story that would fit as a manga, but written as a traditional novel. If you're wondering what would fit as a manga, just look at the different types of mangas out there. The manga section here is just a collection of every other genre, except its taken to an extreme. It can be romance, sci-fi, action, fantasy, or whatever. Anything goes, for the most part. I doubt most of those stories would published, but they're still pretty entertaining. If it's not your thing, that's fine. If it is, that's great.
12/6/2006 #17
Got anything in mind? Do you want a cute and girly plot like Salior Moon or Tokyo Mew Mew. Or do you want to do a yaoi story like Ai no Kusabi, FAKE, Earthian, etc. Fantasy is OK also like Sameri Deeper Kyo, Rune Soldier, Gate Keepers, Naruto. I think any story can be manga, I've seen a few adult rated graphic novels at Books-A-Million that have very deep plots.
12/6/2006 #18
12/6/2006 #19
Painted Dessert
To clarify some confusion that's going on...the idea is of what Dice said. It's a novel that could possibly develop into a manga. Even though I can draw somewhat, manga-ing before we even have a story seems like we're gettign ahead of ourselves.
12/16/2006 #20
Yeah, true. I have some Ideas and wouldn't mind helping out
12/22/2006 #21
[q]To clarify some confusion that's going on...the idea is of what Dice said. It's a novel that could possibly develop into a manga. Even though I can draw somewhat, manga-ing before we even have a story seems like we're gettign ahead of ourselves.[/q] I think what Dice was saying, this would be for the manga section of this site... am I right? If so, could I join in this collaborating?
12/22/2006 #22
Queen of Cyrum Sasarai
Is this like a club for people who wrote collab manga stories? Or... what? I am confused. Also, I thought the manga section was for stories that worked like a manga, only written like a novel (I think someone else said that, too). I draw my characters in manga style, so I figured it was the best place to post the stories. *shrugs* But, yeah, I know some people who actually are forming a story for manga form. I'm not good enough to draw an actual manga, the only thing I can draw is characters... Haha. Anyway... Going now...
1/1/2007 #23
Xinta Kitsune
Aye, if we do actually start collabing on something, we could all put in stuff. How many people have a Gaia account? We could all get together over there and start a thread and talk.
1/4/2007 #24
Chidori vs Rasengan
right, i waited for enough posts to reply, so here are my thoughts. how about we right a shounen story about a mangaka(manga writer) lol(joke suggestion) or we could write a story similar to castlevania, with a legendary clan of supernatural demon hunters with cool weapons and a good plot. but before we jump to suggestions, why don't we create different topics called "Plot","Setting" and "Miscallaneous." We will all agree on a genre, and think things CLEARLY through until we have decided on what we want. and we will then divide into groups into the three topics, with each one having a leader to look over things. well then how about it mr. admin?
1/4/2007 #25
Charming Dice
Create whatever threads you want. If anyone has any ideas, take things into your own hands and make it happen. You don't have to wait for me. Okay, we have a few issues that need to be addressed. I'll probably make threads for them all. First off, we need to know exactly how many people are doing this. Its great that so many people are interested, but I'm wondering how many people are actually willing to take an active role. We need to figure out who's here to work this out and write, who's only here to give ideas, and who mostly just a spectator. There's nothing wrong with any of those roles, but we need to be clear about this. Secondly, we need a main character. We need to decide if its a male or female, adult or teen, hero or anti-hero, etc. Without a main character, we don't have much. The third thing is that we need to let go of the idea that we all have to work on the same story. Lets face it: we're probably going to have a hard time getting everyone to agree on one story, so we might as well have two. If you're into romance and humor above all else, do one story. If you're more into action than anything else, work on the other. We can have a story with multiple genres, sure, but at some point something's going to have to be the main focus. Fourth: we need a setting. Personally, I prefer modern cities. You may or may not feel the same way. We have to come to an agreement on something. Fifth: we need to know what everyone is best at, so we can play to our strengths. I've never written a romance story in my life, so to ask me to do a romantic scene would be a fine way to bring disaster upon our story. I do, however, write high-quality action. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Lets be realistic and admit our flaws, so we can help each other. Sixth: we need to give our main character a serious goal that drives the story. That should give us something to focus on when writing. I'm not interested in writing a story that jumps around randomly. A long list, I know, but lastly, we need to know who's account this story is going under. I suggest we create a special account just for this group. As for having leaders looking over the topics, we'll have to vote to see who fills those positions. The last thing we need is someone randomly trying to control everything. Once we've got all of that down, we can start working on an outline for each chapter. As I said before, you all don't have to wait for me to make this happen. Instead of asking someone to do something, just be independent and do it yourself. It can't hurt.
1/4/2007 #26
XxXKristie MarieXxX
I wanna join. But I don't know what I can bring to this... I love anime and manga. I am somewhat new but I know about it. Let me know if I can..and how I can help ^_^
1/5/2007 #27
Queen of Cyrum Sasarai
I agree that we should split into different groups, but I was thinking, if we make this a story with a fairly large cast of characters, we might be able to make them stories that link (or not). But I would like to be an active writer. Warning you right now, though. I mostly write shounen ai romance fantasies. I mean, I LOVE action scenes, but I don't think I'm very good at writing them. But I do like to. It'd be kinda like this: I'd probably write a sketchy version of the fight scene, and have one of whoever I get partnered with help me flesh it out. (Like editting) and then I'd help my partner out with whatever they think I can help them with. I kind of like ideas that center around a certain idea, for example, one story I wrote (not posted here; it's in the works for getting published) is based on Tarot cards. I also like the zodiac and have messed with the idea several times, but never anything I was very proud of. One story that is posted here is focused on jewels. It started out with just the birthstones, and evolved into something more. I had also toyed with the idea of the chinese zodiac, but there's a very popular series out there which already dealt with that much better than I could--Fruits Basket. There is also greek/norse/roman/whatever mythology, which are popular for a reason. I also like the idea of supernatural schools, like magic, or X-men like things. I know they've all been done, but they are fun ideas, which is why they've been done so many times. (Running out of ideas...) I won't be onboard anything to do with vampires though... I really dislike the whole "gothic" genre, so you won't see me there. I like light, humorous stories that get serious when they need to be, but I don't like heavy serious things. Just not my style; I don't read em, I don't write em. Anyway, this does sound promising. Hard work, but promising.
1/5/2007 #28
Chidori vs Rasengan
yes indeed i must say ^_^ i agree with dicey(is it a good nickname? XD) here. we need to get the list of ALL the people in this. etc etc. speaking of which, i'm on to that now *creates topic for people to join* what are you waiting for?! register now!
1/6/2007 . Edited 1/6/2007 #29
Sir Derek reporting for some kind of dutyous duty, your Highness, Sirs and Madams. I bow to your superiority. Hey I like the idea of splitting into groups. I'll have something insignificant to do, like chosing the font style, I'll be happy. Job done, heh? And, that's a big improvemnent of ALL THE HARD WORK we have done already. I'm just fooling, but seriously, the groups could work. That's my input of the month. Official label: lazy a**.
1/7/2007 #30
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