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So... Feel like helping restore peace and order to a small, Western town? Well, then you have come to the right place.
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This is different than the rest of the outdoors/stores/other buildings. It's consists of... Well, a giant tree, a few benches, and that's about it. And a half-hearted statue of the previously-mentioned tree a few feet away from it. It's kind of like the town meeting place outdoors. The town is built around the tree.

8/22/2010 #1

Sidona finished mending a dress as she sat under the town center's tree and glared at the sky. "Why does it always have to be so bright in this part of town?" She muttered before grabbing another piece of clothing off of her pile of work.

She had decided to take her work out of the store today.

8/22/2010 #2
Irish toaster

Clay lighted a cigar as he sat down on a bench. Sighing gruffly as he rested his aching muscles. He cast his gaze about the small town. His relaxed demeanor drawing some glances from wary townsfolk.

8/22/2010 #3

Sidona heard Clay sit on a bench near hers and looked at him before looking around at the other townsfolk. Unline the 'watchers', as Ethan had called them, Sidona minded her own business. Mostly.

8/22/2010 #4
Irish toaster

Clay looked at Sidona and tipped his hat out of courtesy.

8/22/2010 #5

Sidona nodded back before speaking up. "Nice weather we're having." She said.

8/22/2010 #6
Irish toaster

Clay chuckled. "If you say so Ma'am. Wouldn't mind a good downpourin'. Days are dry and dusty. Seems to me these here townsfolk are already caught in a downpour,seem a little downbeat don't ya think?"

8/22/2010 #7

Sidona smiled as she mended a shirt. "That's the way folks are 'round here. With what little rain we have outside, there's more rain inside, if you catch my meaning." She said.

8/22/2010 #8
disused account

James wandered into the park and sat on one of the benches.

8/22/2010 #9

Sidona, like her cousin, noticed that there were two strangers in town and raised her eyebrows before speaking.

"Let me guess: You both spoke with Ethan." She said bluntly.

8/22/2010 #10
Irish toaster

Clay smiled. "Yeah I hear ya'...seems to me like they got some cloud hangin' over 'em. Then again, don't we all?"

Clay noticed the same man he had just passed at the batwings of the saloon.

Was he being followed?

He trailed his finger subtly along the bottom of his gun holster.

8/22/2010 #11
disused account

"That easy?" smriked james

8/22/2010 #12

"That we do." Sidona agreed with Clay before looking at James. "Well, seeing as how my cousin always sends new people my way, yeah a little." She said with a smile.

8/22/2010 #13
disused account

"He said you were good with shrits, can you make me somthing nice?"

8/22/2010 #14

Sidona nodded. "And, because you're new to town, I'll make the first shirt for free." She said with a smile. "I'll just need you to drop by the store later to get measured and to pick out a fabric." She said.

8/22/2010 #15
Irish toaster

Clay nodded at James. "I guess we stick out like sore wounds, us strangers."

8/22/2010 #16

"Everyone sticks out here." Sidona said, returning to her mending. "Ethan, for instance, sticks out even when wearing his Sunday best."

8/22/2010 #17
Irish toaster

"I'm sorry ma'am I didn't even catch your name nor introduce mind. Name's Clay Higgins." He offered his hand.

8/22/2010 #18
disused account

"Oh ma'am I couldn't just take it," he said shaking his head. "Let me at least buy you lunch or somthing.."

8/22/2010 #19
Yuki Kuran

Julia was taking her daily walk before work when she noticed two men standing next to Sidona. She hadn't seen them before, so she decided to walk up and introduce herself. "Mornin' Sidona," she said with a smile, "and mornin' sirs. I reckon I ain't seen you here before, and in these parts you probably get told that a lot." She smiled and then looked between the three. "I apologize, you were talkin' here weren't ya." She had a tendency to butt in without realizing it.

8/22/2010 #20
Irish toaster

"Not at all Ma'am, take a seat."

Clay said gesturing at the bench he was sitting at. He covered his exposed pistol holster behind his jacket.

"We were just talkin' about this quirky little town. Seems like strangers get a special, non-verbal welcome. These folks shy or somethin'?"

8/26/2010 #21
Yuki Kuran

She sat down on the bench; she had a few minutes to talk. "We stick to our own busyness, most of us. But you'll always find a group or two that sticks to every body else's. Name's Julia by the way.

8/26/2010 #22
Irish toaster

"Clay" he nodded.Tipping his hat as he often did.

"Nice to meet you ma'am. I should be get goin' soon. A nights rest and I'll be leavin' town. Don't want to outstay my welcome now"

Clay knew that even his being here could warrant trouble. He had a price on his head from both sides of the law. Though unjustly he knew that meant little to his pursuers. He would have to remain a wanderer, searching for the man who eluded him. Until the death of his enemy or himeslf; Clay would have no peace. Neither would his enemies.

8/27/2010 . Edited 8/27/2010 #23
Yuki Kuran

"Surly you can stay longer then that Clay." Julia looked up at the town clock. "I best get goin', my shift is soon." She stood and faced the two gentlemen. "You should come and see me at the saloon," she added with a wink, and headed off in that direction.

(what is the approximate year?)

8/27/2010 #24

Sidona looked at Clay. "I'm Sidona Medner," she said before turning to James. "I insist- It's what I do for everyone new in town." She then inhaled before shouting after Julia. "Goodbye Julia! See you later!" She shouted before exhaling. She was never one for "acting properly" when it came to shouting. "I must be going now. Work is calling me back." She said, gathering her mending and stuffing it in a basket as she stood. "It was nice meeting you both," she said, nodding at the men, before hurrying away.

(I know it's set a few years before the Civil War, but that's about it as far as I can remember.)

8/30/2010 . Edited 8/30/2010 #25
disused account

(So ehat now?)

8/30/2010 #26

(I'm not sure.)

8/30/2010 #27
disused account

(Maybe she could raincheck the dinner?)

8/30/2010 #28

(Good idea.)

Sidona stopped her hurried pace away from the town center.

Turning around, she went back to the benches and stopped next to James's. "Actually, I'll take a raincheck on the offer of lunch, if it's still on the table." She said with a smile.

8/30/2010 #29
disused account

"Sure," he said returning her grin.

8/30/2010 #30
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