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Grab a seat, take to the stage, or just loaf around and wait for the show!

Hi, my name is Xen.

I've been loitering around fictionpress for some time now, and a lot of the writers I come across are very young. This is fantastic, the younger the better! It's great to see kids in school getting out there and showcasing their talents. When I was in school I loved creative writing, often showing my work to teachers and friends. I wish I had known of FP then. We're breeding a new generation of writers and it's great to see.

But I've been out of school for sometime. I've been to University and back again, lived on my own, fell in and out of love, and entered the soul-crushing struggle for employment. As a writer in the community of fictonpress I'm calling out to those who, like me, find it hard to relate to people in a very different stage of life.

I'm looking for some like-minded writers who'd like to hang out, share stories and spread the review love, just like in any other forum. If you're interested, please, join me!

So for now, let us introduce ourselves:


Name: Xen, but in RL I go by Toni :D

Age: 23

Who are you?: I am your friendly neighborhood recluse. I have a background in Natural History and English, I've lived in both the North and South Islands, and I work full time - which means I'm tired all the time.

What/Why do you write?: I write because I'm easily excited. You know when you're watching a cool movie or listening to a song or reading a book and something just blows you away? And then you think of all the possibilities and a scene pops up in your head and then a relationship or a character or plot and you absolutely have to write about it because you are so damn happy. It's the best feeling in the world. I like writing Supernatural, Fantasy, Science Fiction and Literary Fiction, and I love Romance.

Influences/Inspirations: I'm always trying to recapture a feeling I had in a dream, but it's never quite turned out the way I wanted. Just so, I guess. Writing is never perfect. I'm influenced by everything - mostly movies and whatever book I'm reading at the time, but also all the great stories and authors I've found through the site. My inspirations include (but are not limited to) Jeff Buckley, my friends, Charlotte Grimshaw, T. S. Eliot, The Veils and The Velvet Underground.


If you have any questions relating to the site, or the forum, ask here. And if you're too shy, feel free to send me a private message!


10/26/2009 . Edited 5/21/2011 #1

Hi! This forum looks cool!

Name: Eponine, Ali, Ackie, and, as of recently, "Maze", thanks to the Review Game intro thread. Call me what you like!

Age: 20

Who are you?: Christian, vegan nerd girl. I'm in the last two weeks of my degree (English and Linguistics), and I'll be doing my Honours in Linguistics next year. I love musicals and baking and I spend way too much time online. I live in South Africa, where the weather is lovely and the people are friendly.

What/Why do you write?: I tend to write the sort of stuff that makes my beta reader rewrite the ending with "and then they all lived happily ever after and no one was sad and the sun shone and they opened a bakery and everything was lovely" (Geography Lesson is a case in point!). I've had to promise to write her a story with a happy ending soon. Seriously, though, my writing's a fairly mixed bag at the moment. I'm lazy and don't usually write unless I have some sort of prompt, so when I get one, I brainstorm it until something resonates with me, and then run with that. Unfortunately for my long-suffering beta, this often ends up being something to do with death or loss. I try not to get bogged down in angst, though.

As for why, I love writing. I always have. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer, but decided it was impractical and cycled through a whole lot of "when I grow up" options before ending up right back where I started. I need to push myself to write, though, or nothing gets done. Laziness yay!

Influences/Inspirations: Prompts, random thoughts, strangely poetic bits of real life. I'd love to call Neil Gaiman an influence or an inspiration, but the man is just so wonderful that reading his work makes me never want to write again because I'll never be that good. But I guess it's inspirational to know that there are such awesome people in the world, even if I'm not one of them. :)

10/27/2009 #2

Hi... I'm going to go with Ali (coz it's the easiest to remember!), thank you so much for posting! It's great to have at least one person here (:

Firstly, wow, Linguistics. Like Tolkien! That's very cool. What kind of career options are you hoping for with your degree? I have a friend in SA at the moment on holiday, she was supposed to send me a postcard but she hasn't. Pfft. Anyway I can relate to the laziness thing. Writing just takes so much concentration! Well for me it does anyway, because I'm my own anal beta. And I think I've only written one happy ending in all the stuff I've posted here. My unhappy endings are becomming cliche! Oi.

Well Ali, do you think we could round a few more people up? I've been on a bit of a review-a-thon in the hopes of drawing in an audience and a thespian or two. If you could spread the word in any way that you're comfortable with, that would be fantasmical!

10/27/2009 #3

Linguistics is awesome! Probably the coolest thing ever. Right up there with unicorns and cupcakes. I really don't know what I want to do with it, but I'm going to study for another 3 years at least, so I've got time to think it over! Ultimately, I'd like to write. I may go into something like screenwriting, which has in its favour the fact that it's both writing AND a real job! Win! What about you?

Now I have to guess your major. Um... Chemistry. Physics. Astronomy. Astrophysics. Neurobiology. Marine biology. Maths. Environmental science. Any of those close?

Your friend is lame for not sending you a postcard. But it'll take ages to get to you, so maybe don't write her off just yet!

I'll see whether I can round people up. Yay!

10/28/2009 #4


Haha, um. Screenwriting, that's exciting. Yeah the fact that it's a viable job is pretty great! And another three years of study - zomg! Do you ever get sick of it? I'm going to a different Uni next year but hopefully, only for another two years. Must admit I'm excited now but come mid semester I'll be jaded and crazy. You haven't guessed it yet, it's pretty random so that's okay.

And as for my friend, I'm hoping she'll just bring me back a present to redeem herself. Last time she dissapeared into south-east asia she did XD

10/28/2009 . Edited 10/28/2009 #5

heh heh , well, you got me!

wow-an actual paid job for writing :O

hope that postcard comes eventually...

Name: Sophiesix, Sophie when I’m being lazy ;)

Age: umm… :thinks, how rude!:lol, no, not that old.Finished Uni and am back for another hit.

Who are you?: hmm, one of the great all time philosophical questions.How to represent myself in a paragraph.I’m don’t think I’m that well defined, actually.I do eat meat, though not as often as my boy would like.I’m interested in heaps of stuff, basically if I don’t know something about something, I’m wondering why and seeing if it’s something I should do something about… Yeah, can I pass on this one ? :)

What/Why do you write?: everything, pretty much, and because I have a compulsive urge.I get a bit antsy when I can’t write, eg taking off on airplanes when they won’t let you use your laptop (especially when your boarding pass fills up with writing and there’s no space left), prolonged family weekends where you’re supposed to be social.Lol, that makes me sound pretty insane.Can I change the answer to ‘I love stories?’or ‘world peace’ ;) ?

Influences/Inspirations: o I know what you mean about great writers making you never want to write again, Eponine!So true.Yeah, so um, pretty much everything and anything.An expression on a tv character, a line in a fic, a dream, a random ‘what if’ thought… I do struggle with accepting that my writing will never be like that of the great writers I admire (I mean, it shouldn’t be, its mine not theirs), but at the same time dvlping it to a better potential.What is ‘better’ if its not like/ towards ‘great’?that’s where I’ve found FP really useful; to reinforce that different writings/ styles/tidbits [can] have their own intrinsic value that you might not have seen/ believed. Noticed.Enough with the forward slashes!Being lazy…. ;)

11/4/2009 #6

Hi Sophie! Welcome, welcome (bilbo baggins styles hehe, not that you're gandalf or anything...)

I find that a lot of the writers on fictionpress make me want to never write again, they're just too good! And I don't think many of them realise how good they really are. It's awesome/depressing lol. I'm doing nanowrimo this month and I'm writing in a laid back first person tense, and I've been reading the Sookie Stackhouse books and wishing I could emulate (is that the right word?) the style that Charlaine Harris uses. It's just so easy and enjoyable to read. I'm going for that but I don't know if it's working :/

Well I'm so excited to have another person here, so thanks Sophiesix!

11/7/2009 #7

Name: Emily (in the RG my nickname is Potter)

Age: 20

Who are you?: At this point in my life I'm a sophomore in college pursuing a degree in English/Creative Writing, German, and Women Studies. Oh and I live in the States, more specifically, South Dakota, a forlorn and mostly forgotten state. I'm a writer of prose, though dabble in poetry from time to time, mostly in the form of poetry slamming (and some times winning) at your local coffee shops. Who I want to be: a grad student at The University of Iowa's Writer's Workshop, which in the States has graduated six Pulitzer prize winners for their creative writing and is the most well known school for creative endeavors...sigh, right now I can only dream...

What/Why do you write?: Prose mostly, usually novel-length, though through creative writing courses I've had to force out a few short stories. What I consider my serious prose isn't up on fictionpress because I'm super afraid of someone stealing my story, which happened to me early this year...consequently, I re-posted the revised version of the stolen story, and did get the other person taken off of their site, but it was still really scary. I digress in wishing fictionpress actually had a safe copyright for their authors. Why I write...well ten years ago I was writing fan fiction for Harry Potter, and then realized I was adding in new characters that weren't in the story, until none of the Harry Potter characters were really around in my fan fiction anymore...then I realized that I could just write my own universe instead of J.K. Rowlings, and have been doing it ever since!

Influences/Inspirations: Punk music, Virginia Woolf, as stupid as it sounds: my boyfriend, J.K. Rowling, Jeffrey McDaniel, Invader Zim, Adult Swim, Saturday "anime" nights, driving in my car aimlessly around small Midwestern towns listening to loud music, and Stephanie Meyer--who has such a terrible message for young women (remember the Women Studies) and whose writing I hate so much, she thus inspired me to write a much better vampire series for young adults. So I may smite her in the future.

Hello everyone!

11/9/2009 #8

Haha smite. Possibly one of the greatest words in the english language... :) Hi Emily, nice to meet you! What is a sophomore? Is it a newb? Or a fresher, as we call it here lol. Gosh, I'm sorry to hear about your stolen story, I think I would actually cry if that happened to me. I don't think people who do that understand what goes into writing, how much of yourself you pour into a piece and then to see someone flaunting your hard work and calling it their own, it's like a violation! Grr. Yes, well, there are my views on plagiarism!

Oh and one more thing, I used to live for Harry Potter fanfiction as well. There's a crapload of people out there who did, like it was this great platform or something for the imaginations of our generation. Well, that and Harry Potter is freakin awesome.

11/9/2009 #9

Lordy, can it really be ten years since HP came out?? wow. fond memories of spending stuvac swamped in HP-land XD ...

I haven't heard of Sookie Stackhouse or Charlaine Harris, Xen, will have to look them up!

How awful, Emily, about the plagiarism. I kinda just close my eyes and pray it doesn't happen to me, but i don't get the whole thing about someone wanting to pretend someone else's work is their own. who would bother and why? am hoping no one would want to steal my stufff anyway ;)

Yeah, I used to write fanfiction too, but for the Host. Stephanie Meyer's soft and simpering females bugged me, so i did the same universe but all OC. Sometimes i still get the urge to go back and finish off that last story, but... nah, FP is more fun :)

11/9/2009 #10

The plagiarism thing sucked, especially because it was some thirteen year old girl with one of those pictures they clearly took themselves while standing in the bathroom...what's worse, my story on the alternative site had over 1000 reads...I was super, super angry, haha, I send the site like a million "PLAGIARISM!" e-mails and finally got her kicked off, it consequently made me rush to fictionpress and delete a ton of my work. I'm still very wary about it, especially because it really made me appreciate my work more.

I thought: I have a really stupid idea about vampires in this story that's very cliche and even features a main character who self-mutilates, which is also really, really cliche and overdone--I thought I'd never seriously pursue the story since I wrote it in high school and figured, it's not like I would ever publish it because it's so "out-there", plus, and I'm serious about this guys, it wasn't the best writing quality, it was just a badly written story, so why would someone think it was worth ripping off?...then someone stole it. Grrr.

Things that make me feel better:

Charlaine Harris=AWESOME. I love her series (though the latest book was a little lacking my opinion) and TruBlood is also one of my favorite shows.

Yeah I stopped writing fan fiction after I started writing original work, it was hard for me to go back to it--I've kept all my old fan fiction writing though, and it's always a good laugh XD, because of how ridiculous they're written. When I was about nine years old I wrote fan fiction for Invader Zim on the Nickelodeon site, which I find hilarious now, and then I moved exclusively to Harry Potter.

@Xen- Funny you should bring up the fresher terminology because just last week I was talking with an international student from Wales, and she was talking about how in England ect. they don't have the "freshman, sophomore, junior, senior" terminology we use in the States. Our University programs for an undergraduate degree usually last four years, so I'd be a second-year.

@sophie- I've read The Host too, I've read all of Meyer's work because I used to be a big fan during high school, The Host had a fun twist and was really original, I always thought it was funny that the only awesomely awesome woman character in that novel wasn't actually human, and didn't even have to be a woman, haha.

11/9/2009 #11

D you mean Wanderer? (i'm hoping you don't mean the Seeker... oh and i guess there was Sunny... nah, you must mean Wanderer ;) ). I did like her a lot, but frig did she have to be SO 'selfless'? Obviously, yes she did, thats her species, but you'd think she'd have more of a drive to survive... anyway, yeah i love reading my FF stuff, mainly because of a certain male character that i adore (heh heh though none of my friends can quite understand why. that's the thing about characters, though, isn't it? some of them just get under your skin...) On the one hand i'd love to get him out of that universe, on the other hand, he's so firmly written into it, i don't think i could. see, he'd miss his family :)

Did the plagiarism girl ever give you a reason why she did it? show any remorse or anything? did she not have a conscience?

11/9/2009 #12

Yeah I meant Wanderer, sorry about the none specifics there...

As for evil stealing girl-no, she didn't. She never contacted me, never said anything. So poo on her. Hmph. The site contacted me though, which was weird, it was like a e-book site, and they wanted me to post my story back up under the real author because I had so many readers, which was flattering, but I wouldn't do...because I was afraid of more people stealing it!

11/9/2009 . Edited 11/9/2009 #13

Oh, that's a great compliment that the site contacted you! But I get how you'd be nervous about putting it back up again. And stupid evil-stealing girl. I must admit the only knowledge I have of Universities in the States is from watching Gilmore Girls, with Rory at Yale lol I thought a regular old undergrad progame there was three years as well. But four! Wow, go you.

Charlaine Harris is awesome. If you get a chance Sophie, you should definately check her out. I'm up to book... five, once I get my hands on it. Club Dead was my favourite so far, I absolutely adore and love Eric Northman, the real Eric Northman!

Haven't read The Host yet. Tried, but got sidetracked and never went back.

11/9/2009 #14

I'll have to find my lbrary card and look them up. I think I've read two actual complete books this year; if i'm not writing i'm reading fictionpress! I feel kinda bad though, i have sooo many books piling up i ought to read... or have started and left halway through... hmm maybe over summer!

Em, did that site at least have a link to your fictionpress site so the fans could move over? I guess they wouldn't be keen on that but its the least they could do, you'd think.

Yeah the north american uni system had me foxed too. I wanted to apply to do one of my undergrad years in canada, and the uni wrote back and said vet science was only for postgrads, so when I finished my degree I should apply again... only of course, once I finished my undergrad degree in Australia, I'd be a vet and have no need to go to uni anymore :)

11/9/2009 #15

I have a lot of books to read as well. I made a list of goals and I've only just realised that I might have piled on too many. Like, I've got 100 novels on the time magazine list, Homer, and everything by Dostoyevsky and Palahnuik. Before mid 2012!

And you're planning on becomming a vet!? That is awesomeness! I applaud you, really. My cousin is studying vetinary science, and I love animals and everything but I just wouldn't be able to hack it. Too damn emotional, there'd be a hurt dog and I'd burst into tears. Like the ones you see on t.v on the animal cruelty ads! And the chained bears and monkeys and the sad eyes... aawww :(

11/9/2009 #16

m-m-m-m, dostoyevsky... :D plus all the intersting new books that come out, of course, i'm guessing? ;)

heh heh, well I've finished that degree so I am a vet now. I found I really hated it when my dog got sick when I was in high school, and what i hated most about it was the feeling of powerlessness, of not being able to help. So, now, I can help :) your comment reminds me of when i went to see teh movie Qyeen Margot, which is set in tihs huge massacre, and everyone in the audience is just watching impassively, but then there's this scene where a horse gets shot and everyone in teh audience gasped in shock and horror XD

11/9/2009 #17

Aww... that's nice you can help now! And yeah it's funny how in those kinda movies you just kinda sit and watch and then a horse is hewn down and it's like omg the poor horsey (while the rider is being brutally killed or something lol). We're just so densensitized, I reckon.

11/9/2009 #18

Em, did that site at least have a link to your fictionpress site so the fans could move over? I guess they wouldn't be keen on that but its the least they could do, you'd think.

Nope. Nothing. Just copied and pasted from what I could tell--every fictionpress author's complete nightmare!

Ugh, it sounds like the New Zealand/English version of University is better...our Uni is really difficult, four years for an undergraduate (Bachelor's Degree) and two more for a graduate (Masters), and even more for a Doctorate. But hey, if anyone decides they want to do an international exchange to the middle of nowhere in the United States, I'll be here!

Xen, the only thing I know about New Zealand (besides the obvious Hobbit, Lord of the Rings geography) is an episode of a show called TruLife on MTV that followed an American girl who moved to New Zealand and moped about the amount of sheep, and the TV show/comedy band Flight of the Concords.

Vet degree=hard! I'm terrible at science and mathematics so being a vet would be probably the number one hardest thing for me to ever even think about doing.

Dostoyevsky...I've only read Crime and Punishment, which I really enjoyed, but Russian literature can be an extreme downer.

11/9/2009 #19

Vet here is five years undergrad, six if you want honours, another two if you want Masters. So i guess it all evens out by the end. I"m horrible at maths too, i absolutely have to write everything down and do even the most simplest things on a calculator to make sure i don't make a mistake. luckily teh maths involved is pretty repetitive, so once you get the idea its not so bad.

lol, xen i'm afraid i'm not much better with regards to NZ! i did send 4 hours at Auckland airport when i was little though, i remember only a pearly eyed maori-looking wooden pencil sharpner and chocolate minties XD I was absolutely staggered by teh chocolate minties!

yeah, tragic russians can be a bit lugubrious, but so beautiful too. i just loved The Idiot, and Doctor Zhivago, I can't finish Turgenev's sketches from a hunters album because its too good and i don't want it to end, and anna karenina was lovely too... wish i could read them in their orginal language!

11/9/2009 #20

Hmm, vet sounds like it's pretty tough, 5+ years and maths. I'm like you guys, absolutely loathe maths. Just plain can't do it. Which is sucky, because for the programe I want to do I have to take yet another statistics paper :(

New Zealand is great, just like lord of the rings haha. And I love the conchords, but there really aren't that much sheep. They're all stored up in farms in the middle of nowhere. We have a lot of cows?

Doctor Zhivago is one of my favourite books, reading it was such a pleasure. Haven't finished Anna Karenina, and I'm dying to get my hands on The Idiot. Fathers and Sons I read recently and loved it and I started Gogol's Dead Souls a while back. I find that my attention span with these old books depends on like, the edition. I have trouble reading them when they're in that formal harback with the small, tiny writing and everything but when it's a new book it doesn't feel as dated. I hope that makes sense!

Because of my pseudo-obsession with Russian Literature I'd love to learn the language as well. Listening to it, just sounds so cool. Oh and Crime and Punishment is the best! But like, I hated the police officer guy, he talked for so long I just wanted to stab him to get him to stop, or get to the point...

11/9/2009 #21

I wanted to say something else on here... what was it?

Oh, yeah, don't be shy about posting new threads! If you think we should have a games thread, or a music one, or a pseudo book club or whatever then I'm all for it :)

11/24/2009 #22
Marie Silver

Hey, I'm another one who's been on this site for years. It's nice to see a forum for older people (I say that as if we're ancient).

Name: Marie Silver

Age: 22

Who are you?: I'm a student in my third year at university. In a few months I'll be out into the big bad world on the search for a job - scary.

What/Why do you write?: I write fantasy and YA stuff with two main wips in the works and a few other bits and pieces. The prologue of my YA urban fantasy, The Eight, is uploaded on here. And why do I write? I write because I can't not (as crappy as that sounds).

Influences/Inspirations: Oh I dunno, everything and anything. I guess Tolkien is the obvious one for a fantasy writer but he's just one in a long list.

Anyway, that's me. I look forward to chatting with you guys.

~Marie Silver~

11/26/2009 #23

Hi Marie! Welcome. I totally know what you mean by not being able to not write. it sounds insane to others sometimes :remembers chatting to a psychiatrist at a party who looked like she was itching to diagnose me with something there and then:, but its just the way it is, isn't it?

11/26/2009 #24

Hi Marie :)

I love Tolkien. I did my speech about him when I was about... 16. Dork to the core lol

11/26/2009 . Edited 11/26/2009 #25
Marie Silver

Hi to you guys too.

Someone once asked me what I would do if I couldn't write and I just sat there with my mouth open trying to think of an answer. I spent ages trying to come up with something I would do instead but I don't think there could be anything to fill that void. I can't imagine not writing. God knows what I'd do with myself if I couldn't write for some reason.

I'm doing my dissertation on Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Apparently it's a hard subject to do well academically speaking. Good to know after I started researching it.

~Marie Silver~

11/26/2009 #26

well yeah, that would make sense that it would be hard. because (ok, science student speaking but) in dissertations don't you look at the meaning behind the words and the resonances with contemporaneous events and stuff like that, and i thought i read somewhere tolkien was kinda adamant about the fact that there was no sort of hidden meaning, it just was what it was? on teh other hand, he created such a complete world there would be an awful lot to explore.. do you have a particular angle on it?

11/26/2009 #27

You seem very passionate about writing. That's awesome.

I'd love to study The Lord of the Rings, it's my favourite book. He drew a lot on old myths and stuff didn't he? Greek, scandanavian and what-not. Sure a lot of that is in the Silmarillion and not LOTR in particular, but it's still important to the story I think. What kind of stuff are you researching? Why is it academically hard? Sorry, I've never done a dissertation (is that the same as a thesis?).

11/26/2009 #28
Marie Silver

It's academically difficult because there's not a lot of critical essay/journals/books on The Lord of the Rings. We need to use a ton of sources, all of which need to be reputable, analytical texts. It means I'm limited with websites and can't use books like The Rough Guide to... or similar fan written works.

A dissertation is kind of like a long essay (ours is supposed to be around 8-10,000 words). For mine, I'm looking at characters: Frodo, Aragorn and Gandalf in particular. I haven't done too much work on it so far (I have some other essays to do, as well as foolishly deciding to do NaNo) but I'll be working on it over December.

I really need to read the books again though.

11/26/2009 #29

Hi, I stumbled across this forum after reading xenolith's Juniper. Looks like a nice enough place to set up camp here on the internets.

Name: Sora (Japanese). Or maybe it is Sky (English)... or maybe it is Cielo (Spanish), or Himmel (German). I'll never tell!

Age: I've recently had a birthday so... *counts on his fingers, then his toes* Ah! I'm 20 now. Next year I'll run out of digits and lose count, haha.

Who are you?: I am a junior studying physics for my undergraduate degree. Once I am done with that I will apply to a veterinary college. If I don't get in I will pursue a masters and PhD in mathematics and teach calculus at a university somewhere. That's the plan A and B anyways. If I were a canine I would be a fox. If I were any other kind of animal I would be a frog. And if I were an inanimate object I would most definitely be an umbrella.

What/Why do you write?: I'm not really sure why I write. Really. But I like it. :)

Influences/Inspirations: Truth be told, I'm currently being medicated for persistent hallucinations. I'm not pschyzophrenic but I'm definately not... shall we say "mentally sound". It has taken me years to finally shrug off my ingrained writer's block, and now that I can write more than 500 words a month I have decided to turn my trippy childhood into a story. Truth is stranger than fiction, no?

11/26/2009 #30
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