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Oh okay, sure I get that now. It must be hard. I'm used to researching scientific papers and there are hoardes of those. Good luck with your search for sources! Although, by way of websites, is the best. Just saying :)

I'm really jealous, it would be so cool to write a super long essay on LOTR. NaNo's almost over, are you finished, close to finishing? I'm halfway through the actual novel but I stalled at 60k. It's still fun to do though, and I'm definately in for next year!

11/26/2009 #31
Marie Silver

Yeah, that's one of the sites I'm gonna have a look at.

I'm behind with NaNo but am catching up. I've done about 35,000 though so I've still got some way to go. Congrats on your 60k. What's your novel about?

I've enjoyed doing NaNo this year (apart from developing RSI in my wrist) and will definetly be up for doing it next year too.

11/26/2009 #32

truth is indeed stranger than fiction ;)! we did physics in first year vet and all our assignments were on 'explain how this physics concept is relevant to veterinary science' . i always struggled big time! but then i think i either fundamentally disagree or just don't get newtons laws. nuclear physics is much more logical to me :)

Can i ask, why an umbrella?

11/26/2009 #33

For the same reason I would be a frog:

1) I love the rain. In Native American lore frogs are rain bringers. And umbrellas, well, you know.

2) They are both very sensitive to sound. Rather, frogs have extraordinarily sensitive hearing, and umbrellas make such lovely sounds when rained upon.

3) Umbrellas are just cool. Maybe it's just the way my mind works, but they appeal to me.

4) Completely unrelated... I should probably stop typing things I should keep to myself, like how crazy I am.

11/26/2009 #34

Oh you've got a few days left. Just gotta churn out that last 15k, you can do it!! Funnily enough, it's about a girl and a boy who hallucinate...

Hi Kagennotsuki, welcome to Ze Globe. I find you immediately interesting. Is that what Whimsy is about? You? Am I being too direct? I appologize if I am :)

My nano is based off a friend of mine, where she had a crazy medieval dream and woke up to find the people around her dressed in costume. The actual story is about this girl who's being pursued by this dream phantom, and she meets a boy in class and finds he can see the same thing. They're the same, essentially. Two peas in a crazy pod.

What's yours about Marie?

Oh and I second the Umbrella query. I'd be... gosh, I have no idea.

11/26/2009 #35

Haha, you got it right. I am the unnamed main character of Whimsy. And the girl with the demon shadow is based on the girl (hallucination) I fell in love with. Most of the blurbs in italics at the beginning of my chapters describing the character are really bits and pieces of my own life.

What is a nano, by the way? The story you just mentioned sounds interesting - I'll definitely check it out if I can find it.

11/26/2009 #36

Oh wow now I am even more interested in the story. The girl is compelling, and the shadow thing a stroke of genius. Good on you for having the guts to write about it!

A nano is short for NaNoWriMo, national novel writing month. I can't post a link unfortunately, but it's easy enough to find. My username is epoch, and I've got a little blurb up about it there. Oh and the thing is to write 50k in the month of November, a kind of screw your inner editor and just write thing. Loads of other people do it to so there is lots of motivation and support. Greatest thing ever in curing writers block and the like.

Shameless nano plug lol :D

And don't worry about your weird love of frogs and umbrellas. I'm the same about sharks. And dinosaurs. And I've figured that I'd be a pair of slippers - warm, comfortable and sure you get stood on a lot but at least you know that you're a million times better than a pair of stilettos!

11/26/2009 #37

Oh my--I feel terrible, I never noticed there were new people, until now!

Welcome Marie and Sky/variousotherlanguagesthatmeansky!

I've never participated in NaNoWriMo, but I'm on the verge of doing it every year...and then I always cop out...but one of these days...

Also, I love dinosaurs. unrelated-But I hate getting up at six in the morning.

11/26/2009 #38

@Sky-I am a junior studying physics for my undergraduate degree. Once I am done with that I will apply to a veterinary college.

AH! Physics?! Vets?! That's hard stuff! Or it's hard to me at least--where are all these hidden English/Literature majors? *upturns rocks* eh... Apparently no one is aspiring to live in a box like me...after college...when I receive no job because my only talents are writing...mostly creative writing...eek! But mark my words, my box will be a glorious box. It will be the best box house on my English-majors-who-are-homeless street!

11/26/2009 #39

Oh, you shall be the envy of all the other English majors in this, your fantastic box!

11/26/2009 #40
The Lucy Program

'Ello there everybody!! :D This looks like a fun and friendly community :]]

Name: Hayley is my real name, but I used to go by Lucy online... more because I am in love with that name than a fear of having my real name floating around out there. Lol. :) You can call me whichever floats your boat; I respond to both.

Age: As of today I am officially 16 1/2 years old XD

Who are you?: Some silly high school junior who likes to write :P I'm a Gemini and kind of a nerd. I want to teach ( 2nd grade :] ) and I kinda have an obsession with Sweeney Todd right now. Oh yes, and I am pagan, if anyone wants to know. Lol. :)

What/Why do you write?: I could really go on and on about why I like to write and it'd end up in some kind of freakin' prose and the whole thing would probably be a metaphor... XD But long story short, I have always written, it's pretty much the only thing I'm good at, and I would probably go insane and kill myself if I could never write again. It's a stress reliever, it's fun and relaxing, and I just love it. I write usually fantasy, but I can do romance too. I also do poetry. I'm a metaphor whore. XD.

Influences/Inspirations: Oh, jeez... music. Movies. Sims. Nature. Books, school, everyday objects, just life in general. I actually was with my dad downstairs earlier today and he and I came up with ten zillion story ideas just from looking at a candle on the counter. But music, as well as nature and stuff happening in my life, those are huge for me. And of course, I have a tendency to want to write the story I'm playing on Sims. Haha. ;]

11/27/2009 #41

Hello Lucy! Welcome, welcome! I saw on your profile you won a judge's pick La Campanella award--cool! *geeks out*

Teaching second-graders would be intense, haha, and Sweeny Todd is totally awesome, so it's fine to be obsessed, especially concerning anything with Johnny Depp!

11/27/2009 #42

i am jealous of your box. therefore, instead of an umbrella or slipper, i wish to be a box, one of those awesome brown cardboard ones that become cubby houses and train and planes etc ... oh... how cool were they...

11/27/2009 #43

and... DINOSAURS! ROWR! lol, who couldn't like them? they are so cool and one for everyone. Diplodocus is just so cool for both ways to pronounce the name plus slippery dip potential

11/27/2009 #44

Diplodocus! OMG, that is my favorite dinosaur too! Everyone should love the Diplodocus, since man first tamed the dinosaur, it has definitely been a fan favorite!XD

Addition: RAWR.

11/27/2009 . Edited 11/27/2009 #45

now there's a beautiful creature, right there. check out that tail! no coffee tables alive for miles, due to that, i bet. Allosaurs also very cool, and i had a clay triceratops that i squished the shield of one day and broke it and was so devestated

11/27/2009 #46

aw, pretty! all dinosaurs rule. I like archaeopteryx even though it's technically a bird, and there is nothing cooler than a t-rex. anyways, hi Lucy :)

11/27/2009 #47

Personally I am quite partial to the velociraptor. Graaaar! Like zerglings, only real. Awesome!

My brother's favorite was the pachycephalosaurus when he was younger. But then he was always a bit thick headed. (See, I made a joke!)

Hi Lucy!

11/27/2009 #48

ahahaha you made a funny :)

11/27/2009 #49

Name: Drew, Andrew, midget, short-freak, jackass, just to name a few things I am regularly called.

Age: 21 and thanks to my schoolwork, on the fast-track to becoming an alcoholic

Who are you?: As mentioned above, a student. More specifically, an undergrad in Electrical Engineering. My background might explain my writing methods. Because I'm a scientist, not an artist (I won't get into the whole "Engineering is a form of art" thing, though it really is), I tend to take a more analytical approach to writing and have mapped out the entire world in my head before I even began typing. Besides, when we need to describe something, we usually draw a picture.

What/Why do you write?: Boredom, mostly. I spend an average of 10 hours a day on campus and my classes are spread pretty far apart time-wise. I plan to write one large fantasy story, in a world I named Crinnon (there was a reason I chose this name, I have no idea what it was though...) that I mapped out during work (manual labor isn't exactly thought-consuming).

Influences/Inspirations: All modern fantasy writers are influenced either directly or indirectly by Tolkien, whether they like it or not. Me? I am directly influenced by him and proud of it. The massive scope of his work was what inspired me to map out my world in such an in-depth manner. As for other influences, WoW did have some in terms of my definitions of magic anyway, but I shy away from that game as much as possible. Many people might come to the conclusion that I was also influenced by J.K. Rowling in my creation of a school of magi, but this is only partially true. I actually based it more off of the Hero's Guild from the Fable series (proof of this is that the magi are trained to be effective combatants, not everyday wizards), though I confess the idea of separating the students based on specializations had some basis in her work.

As for character influences, mostly people around me. Ashnak, Lancaster and Moros are all extreme versions of me and two of my friends in personality, physical appearance and their methods of achieving their goals. As for the various civilizations, it should be obvious that I based them off real-world peoples (religions notwithstanding, I made my own from scratch for the purpose of the story). The Coillians are obviously the Celts. The Sand Kingdom is a mixture of Arabic and Persian. The south Kingdom is Greco-Roman and the North Kingdom is Dark-Age Europe.

12/9/2009 . Edited 12/9/2009 #50

Woo! A fantasy writer! Welcome Andrew!

I'll have to get to reading more of your story--the school of the magi sounds really fun, and now I can pinpoint what it reminded me of it--Of course, Fable! I play Fable on the Xbox360, I really enjoy it, I have one where I'm super good and one where I completely killed the entire town of...I think it was Rookridge...or maybe Oakfield....okay so I don't remember but I totally killed everyone including the children. Hero's Guild=influenctial. In my story ISIWB I also tried to put a combatant spin on the traditional witch/use of magic.

21 and thanks to my schoolwork, on the fast-track to becoming an alcoholic

I went to a Halloween party last year as a writer. I wore a robe, my PJs, had a cigarette behind my ear, and was carrying around a 175 of Captain. Sounds like you will fit right into the writing community XD

12/9/2009 #51

Unfortunately, the magi won't be seen much more in the story :(, well, maybe later on, way later

But Moros and Ashnak will get their group in more than enough trouble to make up for that.

12/9/2009 #52

Hi Drew.

The world you've created sounds fascinating. And Tolkien is a genius, he didn't just create a world he created a universe. Amazing. It's great you've gone into so much detail when so many writers (ie, me) don't. And phew, ten hours on campus, that's dedicated!

I went to a Halloween party last year as a writer. I wore a robe, my PJs, had a cigarette behind my ear, and was carrying around a 175 of Captain. Sounds like you will fit right into the writing community XD

Haha, cool. Oi Captain. Swore I'd never drink that shite again. Anyways, I agree with Em, you'll fit in for sure ;)

12/9/2009 #53
Stylistic Nightmare

Name: Don

Age: 19

Who Are You?: Just a regular guy I guess. I graduated high school in June of 2008, went back for an extra year to get a couple of credits, and I'm currently in the middle of a year off before I head off to University, for either Psychology or Sports Broadcasting. At this point, my life pretty much revolves around writing, music, and hockey. Thats it, I guess.

What/Why Do you Write?: I have a lot of ideas and crap bouncing around in my head, and it's good to put them down on paper, rather than letting them keep flying around inside my head. Wouldn't want to go crazy, after all. As to what I write, I usually stick to modern fantasy and supernatural fiction, but I have been known to branch out into mystery and action. I had a period two years ago where I wrote nothing but modern war scenes for several months.

Influences/Inspirations: I guess you could say I'm influenced by everything around me. I hear a good song, or see a new commercial/movie preview and things just pop into my head. I put them to paper and see where it leads me. I like to observe people's reactions to different situations that they encounter in everyday life and see if that sparks anything. A lot of my friends have made appearances in my stories for that very reason; they'll just do something extremely funny or stupid and it will make it's way into my stories.

12/13/2009 . Edited 3/13/2011 #54

Heh, gotta love having friends who make for good material.

12/13/2009 #55
Stylistic Nightmare

Haha. it's the best. You know if you wait long enough, they're gonna do something stupid and it'll be perfect for a certain story or scene. I've even based short stories completely off of dumbass things my friends have done.

12/13/2009 #56

Hi Don, welcome to The Globe.

12/13/2009 #57

Hi Don! *waves frantically*

12/14/2009 #58

Name: 008, Mick whatever works ey.

Age: 20, soon-to-be 21.

Who Are You?: A pessimist, a third-year college student, a wanna be beer connoisseur and a Celtic punk enthusiast.

What/Why Do you Write?: Because it's one of few things I enjoy and it calms me down. I can "escape" through writing. I write various things, most of which are my attempts at being realistic. Genre-wise: Action, Drama, Young Adult.

Influences/Inspirations: Anything and everyone.

12/16/2009 #59


12/16/2009 #60
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