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Welcome Brandon and Pbf!

2/7/2011 #631

+1 Welcome, welcome!

2/7/2011 #632

Welcome the two of you!

I have a RL friend who just joined this site so that he could read my work, but I'm going to try and get him to participate. He writes scripts, mostly, but I'm sure he dabbles in prose as well.

2/7/2011 #633

Hi everyone! belated welcome!

2/8/2011 #634

So many new people to welcome (some even older than I!), so few words in my mind to do it...

Well, welcome.

Don't forget about the lobby, if you want to post a more detailed "character sheet" of yourselves.

2/9/2011 #635
A. E. Stover

Hello there~~ I've lurking around this site since I was in the seventh grade. I'm not very active here, unfortunately, but am working to change that soon :)


A. E. Stover


I'm nineteen years old. Every time I say this, I can't help but wonder if there's been some sort of mistake; it feels like it was only yesterday that I told relatives I was sixteen.


I'm a sophomore in college majoring in History who's actually more of a fanfiction writer than an original fiction writer. Unfortunately, I'm in a bit of a writing rut right now. The ideas keep pouring in, but I haven't been able to stomach my own writing for about a year right now. Everything I do just seems to feel wrong to me; I can't seem to capture the essence of my ideas as I'd like to, and it's rather disappointing.


I write Literary Fiction, focusing more on the style and overall psychological depth rather than the plot itself. I take writing ridiculously seriously, experimenting with different writing styles and exploring the darker side of human nature, wondering how far and how deep people can submerge themselves in darkness without completely destroying themselves.

Writing has always been an integral part of my life, even as I was growing up as a child. Toys rarely held my interest, unless it required me piecing things together and the life, and I always preferred books (though, at that age I'd only look at the pictures and blab some nonsensical things I made up myself). I write to challenge myself, to see how much I know about something and/or how far I'd go to learn more about it. Unfortunately, though I quickly take interest in things it's often hard to keep it.


People like Oscar Wilde, D. H. Lawrence, James Joyce, Anton Chekhov, Rebecca West, Katherine Mansfield, and so many others inspire me with their written work. They amaze me and completely blow me away, leaving me to wallow in a dark corner somewhere in my room to berate myself and cry over my horrendous writing. I look to them as guidelines, models, etc. and only hope that I can be even half as good as they were.

2/9/2011 #636

Welcome, Stover! I think I can relate to what you say about your writing-style: I tend to favor character depth and introspection to plot, which in turn sometimes gets the worse end of my stories. And yes, unfortunately, I have the same short attention span detrimental to updating.

2/9/2011 #637

Brandon, I'm about to get banned- bit of a Nurse Ratchett situation developing, always does. - don't get involved. That's my business .Ok

Been really nice talkin'.

Catch up with you in freespace.

Poem by Robin Flower called The Dance. If you can't find it , I'll type it out for you.

Thanks for telling me about the commas. Damn never see the things .:)

2/9/2011 #638

You're only getting banned from the Review Game forum, you pillock, not the whole of Fictionpress.

The Globe (this forum that you're posting in here) has nothing to do with it.

2/9/2011 #639

Excuse me- Just saying "see you" to a mate here - nowt to do with you.

I 've got my tools in my sack and I'm already whistling and walking down that road.

Whatch out for that spec, yeh.

2/9/2011 #640
A. E. Stover

Welcome, Stover! I think I can relate to what you say about your writing-style: I tend to favor character depth and introspection to plot, which in turn sometimes gets the worse end of my stories. And yes, unfortunately, I have the same short attention span detrimental to updating.

We're never alone in our pain lololol xD And hello! :)

2/9/2011 #641

Hi Stover! Lit Fiction - I like your style. Welcome to The Globe :D

2/9/2011 #642

Hey, Stover! Welcome to The Globe. I'm Liana.

2/9/2011 #643

Hi Stover,


I'm Cindy.

2/9/2011 #644

Hey Stover, welcome welcome!

Stop by the Pit some time!

2/9/2011 #645

Name: Well, I go by Lyra in the RG and I like that much more than my real name so we'll stick with that. :)

Age: 23

Who are you?: I'm a scifi/fantasy nerd who's also addicted to cheesy action movies and police dramas (the more death and destruction, the better!). I'll suspend disbelief quite willingly as long as it doesn't completely insult my intelligence. I have a BS in Geography, minor in English, and can read/understand Spanish and French but can't speak either well enough to chat with a toddler. I'm ambidextrous, enjoy archery, am partially deaf in my left ear, and make fantastic eggplant parmesan.

What/Why do you write?: I write because I have fun doing it...usually. I started out writing because it helped me get through some tough times and I still sometimes use writing therapeutically. Generally, though, it's because I've had a story bouncing around in my head for a while so I figure I might as well get it down on paper. As far as what I write...I'm almost strictly prose (poetry is like math to me: I can use it with guidance but my attempts are hit-or-miss) in short story form. While I tend toward general or supernatural fiction, I'm currently attempting to write something for every genre on FP.

Influences/Inspirations: As strange as it may sound, the Twilight Zone is probably my biggest influence, as far as style. Serling knew how to draw in a crowd, throw in a twist, and set a sleeper message in people's minds.... I do not think I'm anywhere near that talented but it's the sort of thing I try to emulate. Inspiration-wise, I get ideas from anything and everything. I've written stories off of songs, places, schoolwork, overheard conversations, dreams, angst... If I could predict what would be the most effective inspiration, I probably would've tried to be a writer as a career. Alas, my ideas are sporadic at best so it will just remain a hobby. :)

2/9/2011 #646
Stylistic Nightmare

Hey Lyra. Welcome to the Globe.

2/9/2011 #647

Welcome, Lyra :)

2/9/2011 #648

Hey Lyra *wave*

2/10/2011 #649

Stover and Lyra, welcome!

2/10/2011 #650

Lyra! Welcome! :D

2/10/2011 #651

Hi Lyra,

Welcome to the Globe.

I'm Cindy.

2/10/2011 #652

Hi Lyra! Welcome, Welcome! :D

2/10/2011 #653

Welcome Lyra!! :)

2/10/2011 #654

I should do this. I've been part of the FP community since 2003, but I'm only know exploring the forums.

Name: Arreana (my real name)

Age: 23

Who are you?: College graduate, working on becoming a high school history teacher. I traveled abroad to Japan for a year - highschool uniform and everything. I married my high school 'sweetheart'; we've been together for seven years (but married for only one!). My degree is in anthropology/marine biology. I am an atheist (I hope that doesn't bother anyone) and pretty liberal. I have a somewhat dry/British sense of humor. Some personality points: I'm nice to a fault, I'm candid, shy, and overly sarcastic. I live in Washington State, near the ocean. It's the only place I'll ever live.

Why do you write?: I started writing in the margins of the books I picked up garage sales when I was ten. At that time I was being abused by my then-stepfather and used writing as a rather weak escape. I wrote many, many epic adventures that all ended with happy endings. I write now because I loved the feeling of throwing myself in another world and becoming another character. I write now because its more habit for me than brushing my teeth.

Influences: My childhood experiences lend a rather sharp, dark edge to some of my stories. My time in Japan as a 6' tall, white female provided me the emotional experience to create characters that were a 'cut apart' from their peers, as I felt while I lived there. Finally, my history and marine biology education feature prominently in my plots and settings. So... I guess my specialty would be writing about haunted, lonely mermaids?

Haha! Thanks for uh... reading. It's nice to have a community of similar minded folks around!

2/20/2011 #655

Hi, Arreana! That's a pretty name :)

Ooh, marine biology has always caught my fancy because I love anything to do with the ocean. Japan also sounds like a fascinating place to study, especially the culture.

Hope to see you around one of the threads soon.

2/21/2011 #656

Hi Arreana! Welcome!

I almost spelt your name wrong: I have a character called Ariana so it gave me a start seeing your name: like my character had started living without me ;) No worries with atheism here :) What did you look at in anthropology? and marine biology... wow... *sink into impressed silence, somewhat like a goat*

*except that goats don't get that impressed much, do they?*

*I like goats*

2/21/2011 #657

Hi Arreana,

I'm Cindy.

I agree. Pretending has always been a part of growing up with me and my sister. Surely, writing is an extension of that. I'm beginning my ideas with childhood memories.

Look forward to reading your stories.

2/21/2011 #658
Phoenix sraet

Hey ladies and gents! I'm Phoenix. Everyone around here looks friendly so I figured I'd join in on the fun.

Name: Phoenix sraet. You can call me Phoenix or just Fee, for short. The latter is my personal favorite.

Age: 22 next month!

Who are you?: Professional major-changer and sketch artist. Seriously. Okay not really, but that sounds better than girl-who-can't-decide-between-nursing-and-English. English won out in the end, though, I'd feel like a sellout if I went into a career for money. I've sifted through fictionpress for years and years and finally decided to join my senior year in high school. Gotta love it!

What/Why do you write?: I write anything and everything. Currently the only thing I have up on this site is a lighthearted fluff piece about high school, but most of my personal work is dark and has a supernatural tint to it. I write because it's mental housekeeping for me--if I don't write out all the ideas and jumbles of feelings in my head, my train of thought decides to take a detour to the city dump. I love it, I really do--seeing ideas come to life makes me incredibly happy.

Influences/Inspirations: anything and everything music-related. If I love it, it'll show up in my writing. If I hate it, it'll show up in my writing. If I feel neutral about it--I never really feel neutral about it. I listen to a lot of metal and classic rock, but anything goes.

2/21/2011 #659

Welcome Arreana and Fee!

I'm thewhimsicalbard, or Patrick - whichever floats your boat.

Fee, it's especially nice to have a female metalhead in our group!

2/21/2011 #660
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