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Most verbose, possibly. Certainly not the best. As for Foster's Gambit, that's just me trying to make sure things aren't stale and predictable. Yes, there are tropes and archetype characters, and there are 'tips of the hat' to works I admire. But, I'm trying to make sure it's internally consistent, fresh and unpredictable while still remaining novel. I feel good about it.

1/20/2010 #91

I'll have to read FG one of these days, I still have to catch up on Puppet though (sorry, soph)

1/20/2010 #92

No hurries. A bunch of people just flooded FG with critiques, so I have a bunch of R/Rs to do. ;) And, sad to say, my R/Rs are pretty slow going.

I'm slowly working my way through APitH (sophiesix: can I pronounce that "aye-pif"?) but I'm poly-fictitious.

Thanks all for warm welcome.

1/20/2010 #93

I still have to catch up on Puppet though (sorry, soph)

Dude, you're all caught up! I'm impressed XD

but hey, Ayepif's not going anywhere, no rush :)

1/20/2010 #94

Dude, you're all caught up! I'm impressed XD

Holy sheit! I've totally forgot about Puppet! Oh crap, I was so enamored with First Drawn! AH! Last time I was there there were only two chapters! HOW DO I NOT HAVE IT ON ALERT?

Sorry sophie! Ack, I'll definitley need to continue checking it least for the next review marathon or so.

1/20/2010 #95

lol, come now my dear, you've read every single other bloody thing of mine, i'm definately the one in review debt XD

1/20/2010 #96

Welcome to the Globe, Taerkitty. I'm Mick.

1/20/2010 . Edited 1/20/2010 #97

I'm in review debt for everyone. Slowly catching up though!

1/20/2010 #98
Anise Cary

hello all, recognize some names from over at Gossip Forum, glad to see a forum like this for those a little older, though I'm feeling like an old woman seeing all your ages LOL never, I will never be old

Name: Kelly, go by Kel, my pen name is just one I picked, no not really one of my friends and I used the same formula to pick ours

Age: 2 x 5 +1 x 3

Who are you?: want this answer to this go read my profile, you'll find out more than you ever wanted to know, written as an example piece for my students (6th - 8th grades)

What/Why do you write?: what - realistic fiction occasionally in unique formats, why bc I gotta get these damn voices in my head to shut up LOL, hey sometimes it does feel like my characters are yelling at me to write their stories

Influences/Inspirations: dreams, daydreams, small events that happen to me, exes, life in general

I saw mention of dinos I think on the previous page, my fave is parasauralophus, never thought I'd have a fave dino but that's b4 I had a dino obsessed 5 yr old. He can name so many it's ridiculous, and does my boy love books YAY

anyway, off to check out the rest of the forum, will get to reading and reviewing as soon as I can but weekends tend to be my busiest non pc time

1/29/2010 #99

Welcome Kelly!

I'm excited--a teacher! Communication arts--what does that entail?


*googles* oh yeah, the parasauralophus, so cute with it's oddly proportioned arms and big thighs. Not like the T-Rex though, he's kind of a douchebag some times...

Your food references, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, in your poem make me want to go get'm hungry!

1/29/2010 #100
Anise Cary

Thanks for the welcome!

I'm excited--a teacher! Communication arts--what does that entail?

com arts is the new name for English: reading, writing, vocab, grammar all that jazz

I love the crest on the para, he's so cute, went to the St Louis Science Center a while back and got a pic of me in front of an animatronic one, then bought one at the Build a Dino that's there (in the same store as Build a Bear)

Yeah now I'm hungry again too, LOL

1/29/2010 #101

Believe me, we're older by age only. Just as Emily (lookingwest)

1/29/2010 #102

com arts is the new name for English: reading, writing, vocab, grammar all that jazz

O.O Wow, I've only been out of the high school for about three years and already I get to go, "Back when I was your age...English was English." XD

But that's really great, because now everything you say relating to grammar ect. will be taken down in stone and rightfully respected, haha.

Believe me, we're older by age only. Just as Emily (lookingwest)

Eh, yeah, I forgot to introduce myself, thanks Drew!

1/29/2010 #103

Heya Kel, I'm xen :) welcome to the globe!

1/29/2010 #104

Name: TreeStar

Age: 20

Who are you: I'm just a lonely tree star

What/why do you write: Well I haven't written anything for awhile but I plan to some day get some stuff on fictionpress

Influences: EVERYTHING

2/6/2010 #105

Hi there, TreeStar. So, what sort of stuff do you like to write?

2/7/2010 #106

Everyone, that was my RL friend Mike, haha, we'll see if he comes around that often....we got bored last night at the Uni center and did some poking around FP.

So, what sort of stuff do you like to write?

He dabbled in poetry once a long time ago, though he's actually a genius at writing formal papers, like research ect. He's very good at editing ;) He'll probably stick to just reviewing...

2/7/2010 #107
Anise Cary

Well welcome Mike, we always like reviewers though we like to read stuff to so feel free to post away

2/7/2010 #108

Belated welcome, Mike from RL.

2/13/2010 #109

Hi everyone! I didn't want to disturb the pit with this post, so I thought I'd plonk it here.

I've noticed that we're getting a few topics and because I was paranoid this forum would never expand, I've made them all flagged (ie sticky). But now I think it looks messy. So I was wondering if it would be okay with you guys if I unflagged all the topics except for the welcome one. That means it would stay at the top for newcommers, and the rest would stay the same but underneath it.

I'm asking because it would just change the order a bit. And as users, you guys might not like it in which case, that's cool.


2/16/2010 #110
Stylistic Nightmare

Nah, that's cool with me. Having the Welcome thread always remain on top makes sense to me; a lot of forums do that anyways.

2/16/2010 #111

Sounds logical to me too :)

2/16/2010 #112

me too!

2/16/2010 #113
Anise Cary

makes sense to me

2/16/2010 #114

It's your forum, Xen. Whatever you think works best, I'll go with.

2/16/2010 #115
zombie chickens

Name: You can just call me by my pen name, or The Zombie or Spam or whatever the heck you feel like.

Age: I am 19, yeah still in my teens but out of high school for a while.

Who are you?: Just a young loafer who has no idea what she's going to do with her life. I know that sounds pretty cliche (And it is) But it's the truth. I enjoy writing and hope that one day I'll be good enough at it to publish something, until then I am puttering about on Fiction Press because I love having my work out to share with other people. My other hobbies are all fairly artistic, I love sketching, painting, collage and drawing on my jeans with permanant markers. Besides that I guess my other big passion is doing out doors stuff like going on big, off trail adventures and camping and stuff like that. It's really hard having such a loooong winter where I live, but writing keeps me occupied.

What/Why do you write?: I guess pretty much all of my writingon this site is labeled fantasy. It will always be one of my favorite genres simply because it allows a person to use as much creativity as possible. I write a lot of other genres as well that include science fiction, general humor and a couple parodies. And to answer why I write...I don't know, I do it because it's fun and let's me escape to wherever I want to go.

Influences/Inspirations: Neil Gaiman, Michael Chrichton and Yann Martel. All very different writers in style, but allpeople whose work have inspired me to continue writing. Other than that I guess I get a lot of my inspiration from events that happen around me day to day. I like to pick out the little details about people who I meet and maybe apply it to one of my characters, things like that.

2/16/2010 #116

Welcome Ms Chickens!

I used to love Michael Crichton, especially stuff like Sphere and the Andromeda strain. Haven't kept up with his latest stuff though. Should i? is it just as good? Yann Martel sounds familiar, what does he write?

2/16/2010 #117

Welcome to the globe, zombie chickens!

2/16/2010 #118
Anise Cary

welcome zombie chickens

2/16/2010 #119
zombie chickens

The first real novel I ever read was Jurassic Park and I was in love, Andromeda Strain was really good too, but Timeline was the best. (In my opinion) Ever though the movie kind of sucked. Yann Martel wrote Life of Pi. It's this strange, messes with your head type story, which is probably why I like it so much.

2/16/2010 #120
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