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A place for OFF-TOPIC randomness :)

Rules? There are no rules.

Post. I dare you. No, I double dare you...

11/9/2009 #1

oh, gee, were we supposed to stick to topics for Welcome? Ooops... ;)

11/9/2009 #2

ha, no. Right after I posted this I thought, what exactly is the topic? Maybe it's one of those unanswerable questions of life.

Then again, maybe not :D

11/9/2009 #3

oh, you mean 42?

11/9/2009 #4

Ah yes, 42.

11/9/2009 #5

I should be writing but instead, here I am!

11/12/2009 #6

Bad Xen!

though you are writing... actually... ;)

11/12/2009 #7

That was eight words. Eight words that I could have added onto my novel. Bah, humbug. Now that's another... nineteen words! Twenty-one!


11/12/2009 #8

lol, maybe you can add them as a appedix or something? whats teh novel about?

11/12/2009 #9

A girl who hallucinates, a boy who can see her hallucinations, and my view on love.

11/12/2009 #10

hmm, that does make it a bit tricky then. does one of them... procrastinate :) ?

11/12/2009 #11

yes. very much yes! what about you, are you working on anything at the moment?

11/12/2009 #12

Hum, I'm kind stuck halfway through a few stories, but i've got to post A Puppet in the Hand and the sequel to Freedom Bound first, so i've got plentty of time to sort through them.

11/12/2009 #13

Well, have fun with that :)

11/12/2009 #14

yeah, posting is always fun; feedback at last XD i'd prefer to be writing, make i don't want to force it. or i'm too lazy ;) but i'm getting more work work done which is good for teh soul too.

11/12/2009 #15

Feedback is great! But I always have a love hate thing with feedback, can't help it. I focus on the negative it's an awful trait. Like this one time I got a really great mark for an assignment, but I kept reading over and over what the marker had said thinking, 'omg he hates me' :(

Tangent: scrubs moment, when JD has a flashback and imagines himself as Robin, Turk as Batman.

"Holy inferiority complex!" (teheh)

11/12/2009 #16

crapit. double post!

11/12/2009 . Edited 11/12/2009 #17

AWW Scrubs ! and Batman in the one ref, perfect XD According to one of those quizzes I'm Elliott. What's that thing where she totally ruins moments? oh thats it: Elliott Reid: Moment Killer X) Love it!

Yeah, feedback can bite you on the bum. my initial reaction is to furiuosly disagree with anything that contradicts how i think of the writing, but after a few seconds i usually come round. what really gets me though is if i think i've got a pretty splendiferous chapter and someone leaves a really mediocre two word review (i know, i know, better than none at all) :)

11/12/2009 . Edited 11/24/2009 #18


With my German Exam.

In a much better mood than this morning...hmmm...

Negative feedback/criticism- I handle it a lot better than I used to...what I don't like is a person who says "I don't like this story because it really isn't my thing, I don't like reading Supernatural stuff so it all seemed fake" or something along those lines, I'm always like " don't have to read it, I promise" Ugh, that can be so annoying.

11/13/2009 #19

Heheh, found it:

And I so know what you mean Sophie, about people giving you a less than enthusiastic response on a chapter you thought was fantasmic. It's like... aw man. But to each his own, I think that as long as I like it at least one person out there will as well. Chances of that one person reading your work though... :D

Woot woot German Exam! How did you think you went? Happy? Meh?

11/13/2009 #20

Eh, probably a "Meh" on the German exam, BUT I'm finished with it. So it is now in the past.

I watched Scrubs for awhile, it's one of those comedy shows that can somehow make you feel sad at the end, haha, which takes talent, plus it has Zack Braff in it (might have spelled his name wrong) I prefer his Garden State character to JD, Scrubs never goes the way I want it to :( But hey, I'd never seen that Batman clip before, I love it when they do that random stuff XD.

My comedy shows consist of The Office (both British and American) and a show called It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Okay, I can't resist, CAN'T, this is from It's Always Sunny, I know it's bad quality but I have to spread the laughter, forgive me if you've seen this but seriously, couldn't stop laughing:

Whew. Okay.

Anyway...must...go writing

11/13/2009 #21

Yay for no more German exams!

Yeah, its true so long as someone else likes it, its worth posting :) And the mittons thing - I can't help laughing at the cat, because cats are so poised, and the mittons just totally ruin that XD but MUST get off youtube, I'm off bush for two weeks, so i'll got to get some stuff done! (So yeah, I won't be round much, probably) See youse when i get back, anyway.

11/13/2009 #22

Have a wonderful weekend Sophie, if we don't some time run into one another!

11/13/2009 #23

I second that, see ya later! Have fun :)

11/14/2009 #24

cheers guy! happy writing!

11/14/2009 #25

I should probably admit that I recieved some books yesterday... some very coveted books... needless to say there hasn't been much of the writing thing going on.

The daydreaming thing, however, now that there's skyrocketed XD

11/16/2009 #26

bwaha, 800 words baby! woot woot.

11/17/2009 #27

A short poem:

I feel like the interwebs are dead.

Especially on the RG, I feel like I'm there way to often because there is no movement, essentially no one is reviewing anyone either. The month of November sucks. It sucks because all my exams are coming up, and it sucks because everyone else seems to have their priorities straight, and I don't. Instead, I hang around on the Internet obsessively every few hours. It's dangerously addictive.


11/18/2009 #28

I've always been too scared of the RG to partake, the rules are intimidating. But I understand what you mean about the internet being addictive!

11/18/2009 #29

Oh Xen! Jump in, it's really fun once you get the hang of it! Just start with stories easy-fix and it's not hard at all, especially if you kind of just watch what other people are doing and do by example!

Ahem, oh, I feel like I'm pulling more people into my addiction! XD

11/18/2009 #30
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