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*scrambles onto the stage*

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more fair and more temperate...


That's all I've got. Something about the darling buds of may? I can't remember.

Anyway I thought I'd better make a place for us to share stories, after all that's why we're here, is it not? If we were all shy little saplings still we'd keep the prose of our darkest dreams and secrets locked up in the lonesome, forgotten depths of laptops and old folders. Let me emphasize though, this is not a thread to shamelessly pilfer reviews. I hope for something a little more open and relaxed, where you can ask for help, opinions, or criticism (constructive, never flames) and give back like a regular little community.

EDIT: We've had a bit of discussion later on in this thread about the review policy of The Stage. By posting a link here it's not about requesting reviews per se, but more about putting your work out there for others to look at, read, and review if they so desire. That way, I'm cool about puting links to stories from other people as well, if it's something you really dig and think we should take a look at. You're under no obligation to return reviews, but it is a courtesy. I think that about sums it up :)

I have nothing I really want to put out there at the moment, I'm caught up in nanowrimo and all the stuff I have on here is old and I hate it. But in order to get the ball rolling, I'll offer up the most recent piece I've written, a short one-shot churned out for the Roadhouse fantasy challenge - The Dragon Slayer.

I try to return all reviews, but if it's been a while that means I've forgotten and you should probably chuck a rock at me.

11/9/2009 . Edited 1/26/2015 #1

*shoves the patiently waiting Xenolith off the stage*

Because it is my name! Because i shall never have another in my life! because i lie and sign myself to lies. I am not worth the dust on the feet of those that hang...

yeah, that's it from me XD Something about ' he has his goodness now, and I'll not take it from him...'

Anyway, let me add another brave sapling to your bright and shiny field (roomy, ain't it?). The Dragon Slayer was mwa-a-a-ad. heh heh. best princess i've ever read about in that sort of scenario, on a par with the paper-bag princess. Did it win?

11/9/2009 #2



What is that from? It sounds awful pretty! And no, it didn't win. Not a big deal though :D

Would you like me to review anything in particular?

11/9/2009 #3

gosh, the one that won must've been pretty brillo. um, no real prefernce, if you see something you like... go for it! ;)

11/9/2009 #4

oh, and teh quote is Proctor from Arthur Milller's The Crucible.

Spasiba e Das vidanya!

11/9/2009 #5

Reviewed No Comment, well done you I'll have to head over there and vote!

11/9/2009 #6

lol, thanks! yes, yes, everyone should go and vote! make sure you read the others though too, eh? My Dearest Emily is particularly lovely, and... oh, just read em. ;)

11/9/2009 #7

*pops in*

You guys have great works! Sophiesix, if you find the time, Xen's story Get A Life is really a good read!

I will be back here later, after a terrible German test I have to take. It's about 8 in the morning over here and I need to tear myself away from fictionpress before I don't study German grammar at all! Eee!

11/13/2009 #8

true, Em, true. Reading it is kinda odd for me, though because Ash is a vampire: I have an Ash too, (in fact, he’s even an Ashton too), who isn’t a vampire, so I have this image in my mind of my Ash becoming a vampire and I’m going ‘why? Ash? Why? Are you just trying to trump Kattryn’s boyfriend? Because she so wil not care.Are you… ahem.Sorry. But yeah, inner dialogue problems are slowing me down here XD.A friend of a friend’s is also called Ash, only she’s a girl, which made having dinner with her even more weird… Although at least she was an Ashleigh)but I really like Xen’s Ash’s (:freaking out back here /smack/ all good now:) character, besides which, the weres are awesome cool, so I’m going to persevere until those little voice go away ;)

““For the record, I would have died for you. Was it really too much to ask for you to live, for me?” :swoons:

“who wouldn’t know a good thing if it bit them on the arse, or neck, whatever you were into.”Lol!

“Her heart seemed to have skidded to a stop. The music had to have died as well, and the people disappeared. There was nothing except for a mind numbing, aching, growling sense of fear.”Awesomeness.

““I think it’s the suits,” he mumbled.” Lol!

I’ll get a proper review together when I get back :)

*bows off stage*

11/13/2009 #9

Aw, I'm sorry Ash confused you! No one really likes him that much, poor Ashkins. And while I'm up here...

*makes slashing sword motions*



11/14/2009 #10

*aaargh! touchee!*

Aw, so far (ok so only 1 chapter in, but still) I really like him! So don't be sorry, its hardly anything you can help anyway XD

hurrah for Ashes everywhere!

11/14/2009 #11

Emily, I'm finally gonna pay you back for reading and reviewing every chapter of Get a Life :) Vampire and the Romantics is great so far, I envy your characterization! Oh and Sophie, just discovered your Spirit Song, I'm gonna check that out as well when I get a spare second. I think we got ourselves a vampire story write off!

*is far too excited*


Edit: also wanted to add that There's a light that never goes out is one of my favourite songs ever. I've felt that way before, in a car, at night, with someone. I love The Smiths. They know their shit.

11/16/2009 . Edited 11/16/2009 #12
Johnathan Lawless

Bah, so I've been putting off writing chapter four of Vengeance. Sad I know... But I'm sort of at a cross roads and can't figure out where to jump to next. Obviously since It's only four chapters long, there's not a whole lot of the story in play yet... However it's been brought to my attention that some of the parts of the story are becoming confusing soooooo. I have to decide whether to continue the story of Cassy and Jon, or If I should Break off yet again and start diving into Ariel. Oh the horror! Not to mention there are still a few un-named characters that will be getting put into the spot-light soon... The spider web of horror grows ever-more. lol So since you all have read and commented on the story thus-far, I was wondering if you have any thoughts on the matter.

edit: never mind... i finally found my direction lol.

11/16/2009 . Edited 11/16/2009 #13

@Johnathan: Well then, though I said nothing, I'll gladly take the credit for that one

*dusts hands off* lol

I was glad to finish up the rest of your story Vengeance, you handle spooky creeptastic cards and psychics like a pro.

@Xen: YAY! Someone else who loves The Smiths and gets it! Music is such a huge influence in my stories, I mean, it really "sets the stage" harharharpun for everything I write. I absolutely loved your Get A Life, it's so reminiscent of Harris but keep all the good things together in a wonderful warm, fuzzy vampiric cornucopia of story! Okay um, Ash ect...maybe not so fuzzy.

Oh sigh. Vampire and The Romantics. A reviewer once said: I don't like you digging up my bad high school memories. Oh, what can be done? Is it weird that I dreamt up the character of Caleb Fang at the age of 13? Fun fact: He started off in my Harry Potter fanfiction, and when he rode his broom, he road it skateboard style, none of that pansy crap. Needless to say, Harry didn't like him. It's a little denser than my other work and a little more whinier, but hey, their teenagers, what can you do?

@sophiesix: Spirit Song. 177 REVIEWS?! My god! It must be a masterpiece! I will need to head over there soon! Unfortunately, not at the immediate moment, since it's 1:18AM, and I'm debating whether or not to just...stay up as late as possible and see where it gets me. Who knows. Eh, I should probably get to bed. By tomorrow Sophie! Tomorrow I will at least begin the epic of Spirit Song!

Oh, and me. Well, I posted up the third chapter of I Never Said I Was Brave after five hours of it sitting in Document Manager. I have forty pages of it written out already but here I am at the last minute, completely changing plots around. Bonus of third chapter: Look out! I'm finally throwing some names at you!

11/16/2009 . Edited 11/16/2009 #14
Johnathan Lawless

I have a confession to make... The tarot card 'death' does not mean death or that you are going to die in real tarot. It is like the phoenix because it means that something in your life is ending, and another opportunity has arisen. However to make the fiction creeptastic as Emily put it, (lol what does lolerpecs mean?) one must sacrifice the truth to serve a higher purpose: scaring people. lol But yeah most of that is actually legit. (with the ecception of the death card) I used to read a little tarot myself, but turned onto the wisdom of the Avalon cards instead cause they're pretty angels :P

11/17/2009 #15

Hah, thanks! I'm going to finish that soon, I think I'm not as dejected now that I've gotten some positive feedback... which reminds me I have reviews to return, gaaak forgot. Caleb Fang riding a broomstick skateboard styles sounds great. He must have been a hoot. I loved Harry Potter fanfiction, I'm reading the (second) greatest fic ever at the moment, it's called The Life And Times by Jewels5 and I love it. It's about the marauders. And that was a shameless advertisement. And I admited that I still read Harry Potter fanfiction... *hides*

Anyways, I shall check out some more of VATR (heh, abbreviations, fun), and I never said I was brave coz I'm interested in the POV change!

Oh, and drama is always beter than the truth. We're writers. We're allowed to exagerate a bit :D

11/17/2009 #16

Lolerpecs was my unique way of saying I laughed at the "pectorals" word. I could have also said it was one of the following, which are more common:

Your word "pectorals" sent me on:

a Lolercano

a Lolersauras

a Lolercoaster

a pair of Lolerskates


Just a fun internet word. So many possibilities with LOL. XDXDXD Oh and just to prove it wasn't all me being an immature girly girl over here, I thought the whole fun conversation during that entire chapter was really great, you just captured it so well Johnathan. It deserved a fancy LOL word.

And anyways, so I haven't read fanfiction in a long time but I'm totally going to rekindle some HP love here.

11/17/2009 #17
Johnathan Lawless

Aside from trying to become a drum god by playing endless set lists on Rock Band 2... I've also started the next chapter in my story. As per request I'm delving a bit more into the secret life of Cass and Jon :P j/k it's not secret! I'm writing it! lol. but anywho... I'm going to try to get it finished up by tomorrow. Either way thanks for the input :D

11/19/2009 #18

ok, just one more thing before i really go to sleep (truly) (maybe). is it too late to suggest that Spirit song is the sequel to First drawn, and while i shouldn't say Spirit song is bad, because Ash will never speak to me again, can i pipe up that first books are best read first? yes, they are both massive anhd you're all very brave to consider reading them at all, but, you know, just sayin... oh, who am I kidding? I hate it when people read things out of order!! that said, go ahead and do it, if you like... but... but... :shush now:

11/24/2009 #19

o wow, first drawn is even epic-er than spirit song! but I'll read that first on your reccomendation, coz you're right, books are best when read in order!

11/24/2009 #20

lol, yes it is ridiculously long. But then it is four (five?) stories back to back, if that makes it look better :S Spiritsong is supposed to have one final story, but yeah, it hasn't. Yet. one day... and thanks for being kind and respecting my obessive compulsiveness :D Narq started in the middle and started reading it backwards, i was so horrified. it doesn't have much but plot, so to ruin that kinda ruins the whole thing, in my mind. Anyway, enough about me! i finally have access to a computer that doesn't drop out if you don't change page every 10 secs so hurrah i can READ again!

11/25/2009 #21

I'm going to be a selfish newbie and request that someone let me know what they think of my story Whimsy. I'm paranoid about the quality and keep wondering where I can improve in terms of grammar and style. You don't need to leave actual reviews (though I would be happy to see them) - I just want to know what needs work and what I can do.

11/26/2009 #22

Sure, Kagennotsuki, I'll take a look at it! I'm super tired at the moment though, but I'll try to leave some reviews within the next few days! Or if miraculously I change my tired mind and decide to do it right now...hmmm...

11/26/2009 #23

Yeppers, I have to catch up on Whimsy, and Emily I still owe you millions of reviews that I'll be happy to return later on tonight. Because it's friday, and of course I have nothing to do! Pa-thetic. I'm also up to chapter three of first drawn and I love it already.

11/26/2009 #24
The Lucy Program

LOL, I apologize beforehand, but I simply must be a nerd and do this:

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, and summer's lease hath all too short a date. (parts I don't know) So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

And from The Crucible...

John: Because it is my name!! Because I will never have another in my life!! Because I lie and sign myself to lies! Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me my name!"

And Elizabeth says (later, to Hale): "He hath his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him!"


11/27/2009 . Edited 11/27/2009 #25

Ah, Elizabeth. Always so good.

Cielo, I was thinking of the frog-umbrella-rain connection, they both seem to have similar skins. hm, frogskin umbrella...

11/27/2009 #26

goddarn it, why does Whimsy have to be soo darn good too? I have stuff to do and I want to do none of it but read... come on christmas, com o--o-o-on!

11/27/2009 #27

goddarn it, why does Whimsy have to be soo darn good too? I have stuff to do and I want to do none of it but read... come on christmas, com o--o-o-on!

Same situation, try having to write a Women In Russia paper about the Bolshevik revolution--I definitley wanted to read Whimsy instead. Which I did. But then I ran out of more Whimsy to read. So now I'm just putting around on the Internet, trying to ignore the fact I actually got up EARLY today to do that paper. Everyone on this forum has solid stories in my opinion, they're all super good--I attribute that to our awesome sense of maturity *coughcough* and all know-how about writing. It makes me super distracted.

I wanted to try to focus on my fourth chapter for I Never Said I Was Brave, but no...I can't yet, haha, maybe I will go over to Backstage and grumble about it...sounds good to me.

11/27/2009 #28

Many thanks to Sophie and Emily for reading my story. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've got a few questions that I'll probably pitch backstage soon. Your reviews have gotten me thinking. :)

Once I get a bit more homework done I'll take a look at your stuff too. Is there anything in particular I should be looking at first?

11/27/2009 #29

Ohh! Yay! If your interested in reading anything I've got, I've only got two stories up, my newest one is shortest and probably most exciting--I'd recommend that one. However, whichever of the two appeals to you most is fine! Yay, I'm super excited, I love feedback and especially with people who have awesome writing too! XD

11/27/2009 . Edited 11/27/2009 #30
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