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XD, I love acronyms. ^^ I wouldn't even be surprised if someone had heard of INSIWB, but never knew what it stood for or that it was an acronym, pretty sure everyone calls it that now, hahaha

9/2/2010 #391

Hey. I took all of your suggestions and tweaked the first chapter of Shanghai Interlude and added even more details in the later ones. I hope you will be able to visualize what I saw when I was there.

9/2/2010 . Edited 9/5/2010 #392

Hi Lianoid, I read your "The Delicate Art of Not Being a Tool" yesterday. Now I know what to avoid when attempting reviews. Really helpful. I always thought the FF reviews compared to those on FP were lacking in criticism. Thanks for sharing.

9/5/2010 . Edited 9/5/2010 #393

One down, 15 at least to go...

9/5/2010 #394

Alright, Ch. 2 up. It only took me all day.

9/6/2010 #395

ack! I still owe you for ch. 1!!! I know about it and I am getting on it Andrew, for sure!

9/7/2010 #396

No rush, em, I'll be around for a while. And I think at this point i owe you reviews... I dunno, I don't bother keeping track.

9/7/2010 #397

Well I have accomplished FC as of now--oh yeah, I need to story alert that...

well, meh, I'll just add you to author alert, XD. Same thing, hahaha.

I feel really productive today, even though it's only my FP self that feels productive.

The Uni half of me is like: O_o WHY HAVEN'T YOU WRITTEN THOSE PAPERS YET!?

9/7/2010 #398

All right, it's that time of the month again (snicker), WCC time, baby!

Here's my submission: Her for Them. Love it. Hate it. ConCrit welcome and never met with pissy review replies like that unfortunate soul who was ripped a new one last night. Ahem. So, yes. Check it out?

9/8/2010 #399

Awesome! Super psyched about the WCC entries this month XD

Just let me get some breakfast first and I'll get round to that, haha...

9/8/2010 #400


Drew, you're next bud ;)

9/8/2010 #401

Woo! Thanks, Xen. :D

9/8/2010 #402



Web, Liana, and I are all entered so SUPPORT!

And for shame on Sophie and Xen for not spitting something out. T_T

Link for those Globers who are unfamiliar with the Review Game's Writing Challenge Contest--to vote, you're not required to review or anything, it would just be ideal if you read through all the submissions before voting, of course.

Also--read Andrew's 2nd chapter. Yay! ^^

9/8/2010 #403

Ahhh, you're being a good mod today Emily. Thanks for reminding us about this!

(really, I just wanted to post in here to get world... I mean... globe domination... *coughunprofessionalcough*)

9/9/2010 #404

Woo! Go, Emily! And yeah, check 'em out. Some of the submissions are rather impressive, I must say.

9/10/2010 #405
Stylistic Nightmare

I should probably go and check some of those out. Maybe later.

9/10/2010 #406

Now, Don, now! Only four days left to vote! T_T

9/10/2010 #407

Hey, guys. Just uploaded a new poem. Not feeling too hot about and I think a bit o feedback might do me some good (whether it confirms my suspicions or otherwise).

So, I'm basically asking for a some reviews for It's Dead, Man please and thank you. :D

9/19/2010 #408

Go check out Lianoid's 'It's Dead, Man'. Awesome stuff.

Just uploaded a new oneshot, Academia. Feedback/Constructive criticism would be appreciated :)

9/19/2010 #409

A Puppet in the Hand is getting its last go over before I take it down these next few weeks (ok, provided the lawyers are happy, but fingers crossed), so if anyone's got two cents to put in now is the time to chuck it :)

9/24/2010 #410

OMG, Sophie!! Don't pull it yet! I promise to review it this weekend!! Not tomorrow, though, because that's my birthday, but Sunday for sure!!! I'm so sorry! DX I'm hysterical!

This is a good news pull from FP, yeah? :D

9/24/2010 #411


*fingers crossed*

9/27/2010 #412

Happy Birthday Liana!!

9/27/2010 #413

Okay, so I have written up and posted my first Supernatural/Horror one-shot called In the Evening. I had such bad issues writing it, I feel like something is just missing but I can't seem to grasp exactly what it needs. I would really appreciate if a few of you wonderful people would give it a read and let me know what you thought. Some opinions on it before I work in revising it would be awesome. :)

9/28/2010 #414

That was probably the grossest thing I've read in a while. Well done :D

9/30/2010 #415

I was super duper productive today and updated I Never Said I Was Brave, Chapter 13

And I also wrote my WCC entry--shocking! It's called Deep Water, Deep Water

I can't wait for Xen's entry! ^^

I've put back up my return review policy for INSIWB too, even though I probably shouldn't have, I've been behind D:

10/1/2010 #416

Hey Globbers,

I've decided to try some experimentation around fictionpress. I'm considering participating in the WCC for Obtober. If I do participate, it will the first time I do WCC, and perhaps the first time I've written to a prompt on fictionpress.

I haven't registered or anything yet, but I'm considering this piece: Tiny Riddles

Any reviews (grammatical or otherwise) appreciated.

10/1/2010 #417

Great stories globers!

I still have to catch up on a few of the multi-chaps, but I'm loving the WCC submissions so far :D

10/3/2010 #418

This seems to be the most appropriate thread to post this on, so forgive me if it's actually not. :3 And forgive me if this is considered horrible, horrible, troll spamming. XD

La Campanella Awards -

Since there are so many amazing writers who hang out here, and since I haven't managed to read all of your brilliant work, I though it'd be nice to promote this so the people at La Camp could be flooded with even more awesome stories. I've nominated over twenty things so far, but I'm sure there are other wonderful pieces written by you guys that I haven't read yet, but others here might have. There are numerous categories to nominate stories for--one of particular interest might be L'One Shot Award.

Humour, Sci-Fi, Horror, Tragedy and Action are sadly lacking in nominations, I've heard, and since I don't read those genres fairly often, I thought perhaps there might be people here who do read that genre, and might want to nominate a few pieces for those categories. So, check out the site, read about the categories you can nominate stories under (we're in the Autumn cycle) and then nominate! I'd love to see some more Globers/Globettes/Globules (what are we using, btw?) win an award through these guys.

10/5/2010 #419

Very good idea Liana!

Also, thank you for mentioning the categories they're lacking in, I'll have to slink off and find some stuff to nominate then for sure!

10/5/2010 #420
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