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I gave a rather nitpicky review, don't hate me!

12/17/2009 #91

XD, Oh I need the nit-picky stuff, especially concerning my comma placement!

Sorry that some of the expiremental writing took you off guard!

What do you guys think, should I put a disclaimer that some of the grammatical sentence placement is intentional, or just leave it unexplained? I did do that with my short story A BIOPUNK, but that was REALLY terrible intentional mis-spellings, grammar, ect. ....I dunno, I am kind of conflicted about it, since I'm doing really weird stuff with Jude's narrative...

12/17/2009 #92

I'd pit it in one chapter, if someone fails to read it, its there problem.

12/17/2009 #93

depends how much people commenting on it annoys you. If you warn them about it, they will assume all formatting issues are intentional, and never comment on it. Maybe flag it, but ask for comment on if it works for them or not, ie adds something or not? i liked it, it added life to the text, to me.

12/17/2009 #94

Yeah, I'm thinking I may just do that...especially for the next chapter, since they're going to be a little more. Then again, my problem is not to over-use the weirdness, XD. I get into this thing when I'm writing in Jude's POV, and I some of my poetic side comes out and it can get very random and bizarre. Gotta lighten that up a bit.

At any rate, I like your idea Sophie ^_^ Hmm...maybe I could also put a little thing in my profile... *ponders*


Andrew's Ch. 9 of Full Circle was soo cool. *geeks out* :D:D

12/17/2009 #95

What do you guys think, should I put a disclaimer that some of the grammatical sentence placement is intentional, or just leave it unexplained?

Yes. If they think it's not intentional, the logical alternative would be that you are a dweeb. Which you are not. Therefore, disclaimers are your friend.

Also, what Sophie said...

Also, I think it's time for me to go to bed. This much anticipated chapter shall be r&r'ed on the morrow!

12/20/2009 #96

heh, dweeb's a funny word

12/20/2009 #97

I like the word massacre. And espionage! And on the topic of the Stage, I has REVIEWED.

And now the forum is DOMINATED and my work here is done :D

12/20/2009 #98

Chapter Six up for I Never Said I Was Brave!

Consider this your Christmas gift, from me, to you, XD

....this is probably the most foul-mouthed gift you've ever gotten :D

And per usual, I feel there there are at least four really crazy comma ridden-sentences within this chapter, and I'd love to know if it even makes sense. Sense Jude's basically boggled (my new British word from Harry Potter movie! ^_^) in this chapter.

Boggled...I hope I used that in the right context, XD--if not, I blame Ron Weasley.

12/25/2009 #99

Yay Ron Weasely!

And Yay Jude!


12/27/2009 #100

Woo! Me again!

If anyone feels like reading an angsty short-story I just wrote:

The Best Armor Is To Stay Out of Range


It's my WCC entry and is proudly about 1,950 words...just shy of the limit :D So it qualifies this time!

It got all confusing since I tired to do the whole "A Rose For Emily" William Faulkner traditional narration thingi, so if you do review, you should mention whether you even understood what happened, haha...but yeah, no joke though, the event actually DID happen at my high school. Though obviously, I mega-exaggerated the details and everything.

Anyways, enjoy!

1/1/2010 . Edited 1/1/2010 #101

I have plans to read this shortly. I just want to finish a damn chapter already! Stupid internets.

1/2/2010 #102

congrats!! on both the word count and the piece itself XD! man there's some beautiful writing in there (must not be jealous, must not be jealous).

I was gonna gripe about on earth have three people come up with pieces already by teh time i was still staring at the photo going... but its just a guy... on a road.... XO but obviously, i can see why you wrote what you wrote, so i won't say that... ;)

anyhow, i've finally got some ideas written, so I am iIN!

and yeah, cool story!

1/2/2010 #103

I agree, some very beautiful writing.

1/2/2010 #104

Aww, thanks guys!


My first thought was just to have someone describing a dead body on the side of the road for no reason I could evolve that, XD

I can't wait to read yours Sophie you always do wonderfully with prompts!

1/2/2010 #105

lol, thanks. well narq decided on the London one but now seems to like the space one better, which always makes me suspicious that its just me selling / pushing one over the other. The problem is the space one is 2000 words and really bare on description, so it feels like a dime store novel to me, but for all that its interesting. the london one isn't even 1000 words, much richer, but a whore and a murderer? kind of stereotypically grabby characters. still, with you and Faithless in this one, I shouldn't really try to compete on the freshness/richness of description level.. gaaah... neh, i'll probably just go with my gut which likes the space one because i wrote it the most recently XD

:end rant:

1/3/2010 #106

Space! yessss.

1/4/2010 #107

lol, have you seen the campanella contest prompt for january??

1/4/2010 #108


*googles camp...anella? sheesh what a mouthfull*

Wow. That is a super cool prompt! I liked the part about the supercomputers... I really do think they will kill us all.

EDIT: super super super super super super super.

1/4/2010 . Edited 1/4/2010 #109

yeah though it is a bit one sided, doesn;t think about feeding all those people or generating all that power or raw materials...?

1/4/2010 #110

Or what may happen to the environment in twenty years.

1/4/2010 #111

i assume it'll be spectacularly degradede, privatised, or taking over.

1/4/2010 #112

Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Horray! Not, lol.

1/4/2010 #113


Okay, I"ve got my two possible WCC entries, 'Blue' and 'The Price of Justice' up, if anyone would like to put in their two cents about which i should enter :D

1/4/2010 #114
Stylistic Nightmare

I just posted a one shot, if anyone is interested in checking it out. It's not great, and could possibly be offensive to anyone who is religious, but I felt like I should get it out there and see what people thought. It's called "The Declaration" and it's not too long, but please check it out and tell me what you think;

1/11/2010 #115

I'm totally going to go over and give The Declaration a look over, but I'm going to post-pone it another day, tomorrow--I promise though that it's in my awareness as something I need to review!

EDIT: Done! :D Did it before work! That was a most stimulating morning read over my breakfast, haha

1/12/2010 . Edited 1/13/2010 #116

Read and reviewed The Declaration, nice work there dude.

1/13/2010 #117
Stylistic Nightmare

I appreciate the reviews I got from you and the other members of this forum; there really doesn't seem to be many reviewers on this site.

1/13/2010 #118

yeah, it can take a bit of time. try out the Review Game if you want to speed the process up, or the Roadhouse

1/13/2010 #119

The Roadhouse is great if you don't fancy the rules of the RG. They're lovely.

1/13/2010 #120
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