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I usually only recognize beta-readers (though I did recognize kitty in my last chapter for all the html stuff she posted during that fiasco). I suppose if one reviewer is particularly helpful I would...

I usually respond to reviews via the "reply" link. If enough reviewers said the same thing though or all asked the same question I suppose I'd put something about it in the header with my usual news posts.

3/22/2010 #271

speaking betas, ive rewritten a damn convo 4 times thus far, anyone want to give me a critique of my current draft?

EDIT: nevermind

3/22/2010 . Edited 3/22/2010 #272
Lea Ai

ok so gotta ask, do you all recognize those the review you in the next chapter of your story? I've seen some people do that and even respond to the reviews there. Just curious to see what others are doing? I've done it on a few chapters but while I want to thank those that review I also don't want to inflate my word count you know.

Um....I sporadically thank people in my A/N. Especially if someone gave me a really awesome review or to thank first time reviewers or to thank/answer questions put in by anonymous reviewers. Sometimes I found that this generates more reviews...*grins guiltily* . I never really thought about it inflating my word count though...

3/22/2010 #273
Anise Cary

Sometimes I found that this generates more reviews...*grins guiltily*

*grinning right back at ya* I was kind of wondering if it would work that way he he he, hey I'm shameless in my quest for reviews XD

3/22/2010 #274

ok so gotta ask, do you all recognize those the review you in the next chapter of your story? I've seen some people do that and even respond to the reviews there. Just curious to see what others are doing? I've done it on a few chapters but while I want to thank those that review I also don't want to inflate my word count you know.

Yeah I'm basically with Lea, I used to never mention but now I mention all those who review my latest chapter and thank them for keeping with me (even if it was by an RG or something). I also thank the beta I had, if I had one.

I don't like going completely overboard with A/Ns...there's one user on FP who has such outrageously long A/Ns I don't read them--and once one of them was directed towards me, XD.

3/22/2010 #275

bad emily, you need to study!

3/22/2010 #276
Anise Cary

ok so now I won't feel so bad if I go back and add the thanks to some chapters, and start adding it to new chapters.

3/23/2010 #277

there's one user on FP who has such outrageously long A/Ns I don't read them--

Haha, I think I know who you're talking about...

I've noticed that the real serious types don't A/N, so depending on the tone of the piece I may or may not rant a little about nothing, or thank people (or shamelessly beg for reviews).

3/25/2010 #278

I've noticed that the real serious types don't A/N, so depending on the tone of the piece I may or may not rant a little about nothing, or thank people (or shamelessly beg for reviews).

Aw. It's meeee! :D

And prepare for a fun story/rant!

I had some sort-of-drama confusion going on last night with a new member of the RG. He was sort of rude on the OT but I was being nice to him, then he reviewed something of mine I had up in the depth RG, and then he did it wrong. So I told him it didn't meet requirements, ect. Then he reviewed me again, but he gave me this. And then he did a sort of guilt-trip thing where on the OT he kept going, "Wow. I'm sure pouring my heart into this review, you better return it!" and so I PMed him and said, "Look, I only return things not from the RG, so since you screwed up I normally wouldn't return any reviews, but I'll give you one anyway." So I repaid him one review. And then he hinted that I better "review the second chapter of his story when it's up" and I told him in a PM that I wouldn't do that. And I haven't gotten anything back, XD.

But it's not my fault he didn't read the requirements. It's also not my fault that he obviously didn't read close enough the second time, and thought he had to fill in EVERY category. So I told him also in the PM that he only needed to do four of them, not all of them, and he should read the requirements more carefully. :/

He wouldn't let Austen nickname him his first nickname, saying that his username was his name and no one should call him different. So she called him Twit for awhile. Then he went back to his original, obviously, XD

He also told PJ and I we didn't listen to "his type of music" and "didn't know what we were talking about" concerning his love for Dethmetal and Nintendocore. And The Faint. :o I know what I'm talking about when I talk about The Faint. And I know what Dethmetal is. Or at least I know people who know. XD

Anyways. Hopefully I did the right thing. He left the OT, and forgot to post up a request in Depth!!! And so I just assumed that he wanted to get paid back for the second one with the story he wanted reviewed (not the other one) and posted up a request for him. Hopefully I didn't assume wrong, otherwise I do owe him another review. But Ugh. I just didn't get it :/

3/25/2010 #279

Oh shit. That should have gone to The Pit! I thought I was in The Pit! D:

And he just showed up in the RG OT!!!! Ah! I shouldn't talk about people! I'm going to feel so bad if he somehow reads everyone bad-talking him!


3/25/2010 . Edited 3/25/2010 #280
Anise Cary

it always amazes me when people just jump into the RGs without really reading the rules first. I still haven't gotten into the Depth ones bc I'm just not sure I'm ready, besides I like my style and hate to have to change it, yeah just call me stubborn

3/25/2010 #281

Well, if he's being a dooshebag then it serves him right.

I love rules, and I'm terrified of breaking them, so I just avoid the RG altogether. Maybe one day when I get some balls I'll venture into it!

But it is not this day.

A day of... blah blah blah, when the something something comes crashing to the ground... but it is not this day. This day, we fight! LOTR geekout, my bad :D

3/25/2010 #282

If you're going to quote Aragorn, please quote him correctly! :P

Son's of Gondor! Of Rohan! My brothers.

I see in your eyes, the same fear that would take the heart of me!

A day may come, when the courage of men fails, but it is not this day.

An hour of wolves and shattered shields, when the Age of Men comes crashing down, but it is not this day!

This day, we fight!

For all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!

Damn it's been far too long since I last watched the movie or read the book.

3/25/2010 #283

Hey, I got most of it right! Haha anyway my specialty is FOTR.

Man I feel so patriotic now.

LOTR marathon this weekend, instead of essay writing? I think so :D

3/25/2010 #284

LotR marathon? Nice!

I think I'm going to go for a firefly marathon, I haven't watched it in a while.

Of course I have to locate the episodes first...

3/25/2010 #285
Anise Cary

LOTR marathon this weekend,

hmmmm must may have to do that myself this weekend, after I get through my M*A*S*H marathon that is

and take heart lookie, there's been a motion to stop feeding the troll, and it passed unanimously

3/25/2010 #286

Aaahhhh Firefly! Right on.

Sounds like we're all going to have productive weekends lol.

3/25/2010 #287

god... I'm going over my older chapters to see what I can fix up and I barely even recognize the style

4/2/2010 #288
Anise Cary

I've done that before, it's kind of scary actually to read some of the things I've written before. I think I'm glad all the stuff I wrote in high school is gone.

4/2/2010 #289

Haha, I know the feeling. I guess it's good though, always changing and learning and stuff?

4/2/2010 #290
Anise Cary

It is good but it can be painful to read old stuff

4/2/2010 #291
Matthew J. Brown

I'm wondering, right now, about turning the backstory of, and flashbacks in, my unfinished 60k word novel (working title: Eternal Anhelia) into its own story. My caution all along was that it was depressing; it's about a revolution in the land of Arden, and pretty much all the characters I have are from the losing aristocratic side. The book will end with the survivors fleeing into exile, and a lot of death and destruction.

The book following on from that — the one I've written a lot of words in — is the survivors' exile, and their rebuilding to (they hope) overturn the revolutionary government and restore the monarchy in a more democratic way.

You can see the flashback chapter to this at -- think it would work, or would I do better to deal with times of hope rather than times of loss?

4/14/2010 #292

Were you planning to sprinkle the flashbacks in with the more hopeful story that stays in the present?

If the two can stand alone separately and after reading your excerpt, I think I would suggest doing the back story as its own story. I feel like even though your worried about being too hard on your readers, the fact that there are actual survivors at the end that make it out and flee to exile is hopeful enough--it's practically a happy ending, anyway. So you're not being too hard on us, XD, plus, we would have the next installment to look forward to.

Are the characters in the flashbacks going to be the same that are in the present or are you going to sort of mix casts? If you do have some separate characters for each the past and present, I think again it would fit better to go with two separate installments.

Hopefully that opinion made some sense, apologies if not, -_-

4/14/2010 #293
Matthew J. Brown

The two characters from that excerpt, one other, and a few more minor characters are carry-overs. The "villains", too, for the most part.

However, there are characters who die at the end of the first/past story and there are others that get added after that one, including some rather important ones.

I'm feeling two books.

Well, perhaps three; revolution / exile / return. Classic trilogy form, I guess.

4/14/2010 #294

Well, perhaps three; revolution / exile / return. Classic trilogy form, I guess.

Yes. That sounds best to me, XD, Sophie might have an opinion later tonight if she's online, but I like that classic trilogy idea...

4/14/2010 #295

As far as i know, this is called a "prequel" and has proven largely successful in literature.

Okay, now that I'm done being a jackass (at least for the next hour or so), yes, there is no reason this shouldn't work.

4/14/2010 #296

Dost i hear mine name being bandied?

For sure it could work. i wouldn't worry too much about the hopelessness of it, i have a story set in a siberian gulag that just goes from hopeless situation to hopeless situation: i'd have assumed it was much too depressing for most people, but it turned out to be surprisingly popular. depends how you spin it, I guess. actually, that story fits into the revolution/exile/return format too, though i guess its more minor rebellion than revolution. by a quirk of fate, i ended up writing part 2 (exile) first, then sort doing part one (rebellion) as a one immense flashack, story within a story sort of thing, and then i'll have to somehow fit part three (return) onto the end to give it some closure.

has got me in a bit of a bind though because the exile part was all one 'camera', so to speak, one pov, but during the rebelllion part a couple other pov's are introduced. so now i have the problem of how to get the story of what happened to them during the 'exile' stage across. because once teh 'rebellion' part meets up with teh 'exile', teh reader will naturally just want to go into patr three, and find out what happens on teh return, but that leaves a two year gap in the goings on of some of teh characters.. argh hard to explain in an abstract fashion. you all 'll have to wait for me to post and then tell me it doesn't work and how to fix it :D

and so true! harking back to the characters who sit there and stae at each other as you nudge them and say "go on, whats the problem? Interact. do something. don't be shy!" two of my gyus werre doing that the other day, and they were so relieved when i stopped trying to make them interact. bloody wall flowers.

4/14/2010 #297
Matthew J. Brown

Yes, forcing 'em to talk doesn't work with the non-chatty. You have to give them something to do. Or some good reason to break their normal habit of shyness or reserve.

We breathe life into them, but that doesn't mean they do what we want them to do!

And then there are the ones who won't stop talking. In my head. All day.

Writing is an exercise in controlled insanity, or so they tell me.

4/14/2010 #298

rings true to me.

trouble with these two is, they're plenty happy with each other when its a, say, a work based situation, and they both spend half their time when they're not together longing for more, but then you give them the opportunity for more and suddenly all these hang ups come out. "Oh, i dont want to run the risk of spreading my genetic defect." "Oh, i shouldn't really be sleeping with someone who's my ideaological nemesis." Bunch of whingers. if they don't sort themselves out soon i' be forced to get them drunk or something. hopefully; or something.

:watches plot egg:

:picks it up and rattles it:

:glares at plot egg:

sigh, a watched egg never hatches :/

4/14/2010 #299
Matthew J. Brown

My gut says throw them together and don't give them the chance to think about things. Shake them out of their whining. Or something.

I have two who are kind of like that (Mindala, from my snippet, and her future love interest), but I think in the end they're more go-getter than your two -- Min is practical and a tryer, it's more that she's convinced herself that She's No Good For Him and is being all martyrish, and the love interest in question is whiny until he's put on the spot, and then he gets some courage.

And then my other couple, the issue is not getting them together, the issue is getting them to not jump in bed together so quickly we don't see them for the blur (Anhelia and her eventual love interest).

4/14/2010 #300
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