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I'm not very familiar with the Ironman movies. However from what I can gather the arc reactor is basically a clean energy source that is the the central power base? The idea reminds of a very advanced car battery which powers the engine (a motor) which runs the car. So if the battery dies I would use jumper cables? Maybe a spin off of that (nano-jumper cables? accuracy + regulated current). Electrical current is dangerous on any account so there is still a chance of frying to a crisp.

6/12/2010 #361

This is my first actual time in here asking for help in ages! WOO HOO :p

So, I'm just reading through a new chapter for a story of mine and I was wondering if this line made sense. It's about people, er, humans, rather.

She had to look at them like Cameron did. They were either food, or sport. Alexis wondered if Ashton was the only exception to this nihilistic view of humanity.Is that right, nihilistic? Nihlism is believing in nothing, and is different to existentialism which is the belief that you can't find meaning in life so stop trying? Or have I got this completely confused :/

And wow I just realised that sentence I've been stressing about doesn't make sense in the first place. Gosh.

6/16/2010 #362

lmfao. So you're good then? It sounds okay to me, minus the "of humanity" part, but then again nihilism confuses me; so I'm really not the person who should volunteer an opinion on this. I understand what it is, but it's the whole lie, lay, lying, laying thing all over again. Just over my head how to use it appropriately. :/

I have a question (feel free to ignore until Xen's question is answered):

Can someone please tell me the difference is between a witch, warlock, sorcerer, and a wizard? I'm driving myself nuts trying to figure it out. The reason I'm asking is because a reviewer asked me if "we [were] dealing with witches or sorceress...?" and I want to say both; because technically in my story we have all of the above titles. However, this is because I'm using the different titles to show cultural differences. I really didn't think there really was a difference between them, though, but I'm starting to wonder if I'm wrong.

According to my dictionaries: A warlock is a male witch practicing black magic; a sorcerer. A witch is a woman who is credited with supernatural powers or who practices magic. A sorcerer is a man or woman who users sorcery; a wizard or witch. Sorcery is the art and practice of using magical power especially with the aid of evil spirits. A wizard is somebody skilled in magic, especially a man with supernatural powers; a sorcerer. I'm still not getting it. Am I the only one who thinks they're all the same thing? Anyone care to enlighten me? I also kind of resent the fact the dictionary describes warlocks and sorcerers as people who use black magic, or resort to consorting with evil spirits. Entirely biased if you ask me. One would think they had never met a real life magic user before. =P

Another question. My mind is so tired, so forgive me for being so lame today. Nobility ranking. Is a Grand Duke/Duchess above a Prince/Princess or below? And what the hell is a Grand Prince? Is a Duke/Duchess below a Prince/Princess or on the same level of power? I've also read that an Archduke/Archduchess is directly below a King/Queen, with the Grand Duke/Duchess following, and then the Duke/Duchess and Prince/Princess at the same level of power below them. I'm sorry for asking so many questions. I'm just not finding the answers I need, and my mind is still whirling from all of the information I've forced into it today. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Or you can just tell me to bugger off. Either one works really.

6/17/2010 . Edited 6/17/2010 #363

Regarding the terms of witches, ect. The only thing I remember is that warlock's are evil (use of black magic). From show Charmed. XD And witches are girls, and wizards are boys (HP). And....a sorcerer is a male who must use evil spirits to aid them, as I would understand it, and then sorceress are women who do that. So the difference between a warlock and a sorcerer is that one uses black magic (whatever the hell that means depending) and a sorcerer uses evil spirits as a magical aid.

Says the girl who has lumped all of them into one term and has people complain. XD

As far as the king and queen crap...hmm....good question. I have absolutely no idea -_- Says the girl who has avoided the details of such matters in her own story.

Man. *feels like failure* time to leave, XDXD

6/17/2010 #364

oh! @Xen: makes sense to me! You've got the right term there I believe...

6/17/2010 #365

Actually, nihilists make me think of the movie The Big Lebowski.

When the nihilists come and throw that marmot into his bathtub, XD

6/17/2010 #366

I think it depends on which system/ country you're in. Sometimes the duke is the brother of the king, sometimes they are not related, but its a title bestowed on someone. in russia the daughters and sons of the king/ tsar are all grand dukes and duchesses, and the terms prince and princesses are terms for other people. The eldest son of the tsar is the tsarevitch, who becomes tsar, but all the other sons stay as grand dukes all their lives.

Hence Tsar Nicholas II had a brother Grand Duke Michael, a son Tsarevitch Alexei, and 4 daughters who were Grand Duchesses. Clear as mud?

6/18/2010 #367

sophie to the rescue! :D

6/18/2010 #368

Yay Emily and Sophie! I'm still confused, but I just think that's because I'm congested. Once I'm able to breathe through my nose again, and my head doesn't feel so heavy, I'm sure everything will start making sense. Ha-ha. No but really, both your answers were helpful, and cleared up some of the confusion. Thanks!!

6/18/2010 #369

Its just plain confusing, with or without a cold i reckon. Wiki to the rescue lol!

"grand duke:

The title grand duke is used in Western Europe and particularly in Germanic countries for provincial sovereigns. Grand duke is of a protocolary rank below a king but higher than a sovereign duke. Grand duke is also the usual and established translation of grand prince in languages which do not differentiate between princes who are children of a monarch (e.g. German Prinz) and ruling princes (e.g. German Fürst). English and French also use grand duke in this way. The title grand duke as translation of grand prince and the proper title grand duke have clearly different meanings and a separate background. Compare with the article grand prince. The territory of a grand duke is referred to as a grand duchy.

grand prince:

Grand princes or great princes were medieval monarchs who ruled usually several tribes and/or were overlords of other princes. At the time, they were usually treated and translated as kings. However, grand princes were not as elevated sovereign as later Western European kings, and thus they are treated lower than kings, particularly in later literature. Grand Princes ruled in Central and Eastern Europe, notably among Slavs and Balts.

The title grand prince is Velikiy Knjaz (Великий князь) in Russian. The Slavic word knjaz and the Baltic kunigas (today translated as prince) are actually cognates of King. Thus, Veliki Knjaz and Didysis Kunigas was more like "high king" than "grand duke".

These countries developed in a way that the position of the head of the dynasty became more elevated. In such situations, those monarchs assumed a higher title, such as tsar or king. Grand Prince Ivan IV of Muscovy was the last monarch to rule without any higher title, until he assumed the style Tsar of Russia in 1547.

The rulers of the Turkish vassal state of Transylvania used the title of Grand Prince, this title was later assumed by the Habsburgs on their conquest of Hungary. The Polish kings of the Swedish Vasa dynasty also used the grand-princely title for their non-Polish territory."

so it sounds like its all in the translation, really...

6/18/2010 #370

When the nihilists come and throw that marmot into his bathtub, XD


Yay Big Lebowski. And that, my good friends, was spammage.

6/21/2010 #371

Thanks Sophie! That helped clear up a few things. =)

6/21/2010 #372

Hi all! So I have a question!

I've been thinking about doing something really similar to what you've done, Liana, with your story Shadows, in making something that has some character specifics in it...

Like, only so that people can keep track of characters because--I think it might be needed for a story on Fictionpress that lasts a really long time--I mean, I started in November, and I think that it might be easier for some people if they get confused and they have something to check for names...for instance, Kit's sister, or Charlotte's band mates...

Which I actually forgot Liana had one of those...and then I didn't check it when I forgot Otker's least I think it was Otker...and...yeah so I'm not a good example.

But what do you guys think? I mean--I stupidly keep the names from the reader for the first three chapters, and I only did that because it seemed realistic for me at the time...but I mean obviously not many people would look at this, so is it worth it?

7/1/2010 #373

i dunno, i never really read those thingies. i get your point though, its different to reading a normal book where its all fresh in your mind. but at this stage i reckon yor story is still early enough that teh reader (read:me) could benefit from a few more hints in teh text of those sorts of relationship/names. i mean, i knew char had bandmates, but i've no idea we'd named them yet. ok, maybe faint inkling now that you mention it. and yeah, i knew about Wickeds sister, but her name... on teh tip of my... escapes me. something beatlish wasn't it? eleanor, maybe?

7/1/2010 #374

Yeah, you're right.

At this stage I would only make one for characters, not anything else--I mean, I wouldn't say anything in it that I haven't said in the story itself obviously.

But yeah, Elenore is Jude's sister, Max is his brother.

But I'm guessing NO ONE remember's Kit's sister's name, XD

Which is why I was thinking it could help, just because I remember when I did throw her name into the story, it confused a lot of readers because they didn't remember he even had a :D

7/1/2010 #375

...not that the average reader would even take the effort to go see who the hell the character is maybe not.

people are lazy, XD, I recognize that, so it might just be too indulgent. There are only 12 chapters. Maybe I'm just looking for something to distract me tonight? Haha

7/1/2010 #376

Character specifics in INSIWB is a good idea. Do it.

7/2/2010 #377

But I'm guessing NO ONE remember's Kit's sister's name, XD

I honestly' don't remember her name, actually. But that's alright. I'm sure if you mentioned it something would happen in this ever-hazy brain of mine, and I'd remember.

people are lazy, XD, I recognize that, so it might just be too indulgent.

People are lazy. But I think if you wanna do it, then go for it. I, for one, would be interested in checking it out. Right now, I'm able to remember everything pretty well (except for Kit's sister's name and the band names, but that's no biggie), but other readers might find it incredibly helpful for other aspects of your story. I had a bit of trouble with mine because some of the characters find out who they're related to later on in the story and I didn't want to reveal that in the character specifics; so I guess, just keep an eye on accidentally revealing stuff in it.

Character specifics in INSIWB is a good idea. Do it.

+1(00) (I'm voting on behalf of everyone else). =P

7/2/2010 #378

I'm working on a piece for WCC and I just needed some feedback on a few things.

1) Is the name Anti-Commandments (referring to a group of demons ) a silly name? If so, what could I change it to?

2) Could I refer to Satan's little brother as Archfiend, even though it usually refers to Satan himself and means "chief fiend"?

3) What's a clever synonym for "demon"? All of the other ones I've looked up I don't really like.

Is this even the correct thread to ask for help? *looks around* Hmm...

7/6/2010 #379

Yes, this is the place to ask for help :)

1) It does sound a little silly. Maybe you could make it longer, and... oh shit I forgot the word... abbreviate, anagram... you know, the one where you just use the first letter of each word. Like Demons Against Commandments (DAC) but if that is too lame, Anti-Commandments should be fine.

2) No, not if it usually refers to the Big Red himself.

3) Um... Monster? Fallen Angel? Creature? I personally like demon lol

Oh no we're out of questions. Am sad.

7/6/2010 #380

2) Damn. What's the down one of arch? Did that make sense? Ha-ha.

3) What about fiends? I like that word, but I'm not sure if that one sounds silly, too. =/

7/6/2010 #381

3) Fiend! Fiend is good!

oh, and:

2) I have no idea :/ I looked up the antonym of 'arch' which was 'inferior' and then out of those synonyms got like, minor, menial, peon (that made me laugh), underling... yeah, not sure if that helped.

7/6/2010 #382

3) Excellent. *rubs hands together*

2) lmfao, peon made me laugh too.

Alright, time to get my lazy ass a'moving and write this damn thing. Gonna run out and go get some coffee first. Yum. Thanks, Xen!!!

7/6/2010 #383

Anytime! I'm here all week :D

7/6/2010 #384

Good Xen, because I have a question now.

How should my vampires die? Like--I know they get staked, that's my classic thing, but what then? Should they burst into ashes or...? D: Okay, okay, this is one of those things I should have thought about sooner, I know! But I avoided it by not showing it in Ch. 4, and now...shit. I just kept putting it off!

Any favorites of all the different ways you've seen them die?

7/7/2010 #385

You know, hell, I don't even know what I did with VATR...I don't even remember! ....I think they just died? Like all normal-like?

Boyfriend's advice: "When they get staked, just have them go, 'Ah! I'm cured! Thanks!' and walk away."


I need better advice than that!

7/7/2010 #386

True Blood. When they get staked, and explode all over the place! Yuk yuk yuk.

But ashes is always good, and kinda pretty in a literary way. So I say stick with that.

7/7/2010 #387

Do the vampires have any sort of magic? If so, I was going to suggest their magic "eating" them. Sort of like a turning into a pile of ashes thing, but with a little spin. What's their culture like? Perhaps you could incorporate something from there?

7/7/2010 #388

Hmmm...well last night after a hardcore drilling session from Boyfriend on the culture of my vampires, which I answered with a lot of "I don't know"s, I decided to just go with rapidly disintegrating their bodies when they die. But now Xen's got me thinking ashes--maybe they're cleaner, XD, but then magic "eating" them is a really cool idea, it will just mean I need to hash out more about them...

At the moment they don't really have a culture...they're just crazy. XD *runs to MicroWord to work on this*

7/7/2010 #389

*tries to apply science to vampirism X)*

they don't rot because something is keeping them unrotty, right? and when they die, teh 'something' goes away. i can see exploding into flames because of sun reacting with magic/something, but for plain old staking i reckon advanced decomposition would occur pretty quick. all that repressed rottingness coming to teh fore...? :)

7/7/2010 #390
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