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not me. whenever i have to use it i just do it in word, save it as html, open it in notepad, and copy paste :/

9/23/2010 #511

ooohh.... that's actually a really good idea. I haven't tried that yet. Thanks for the idea!

9/23/2010 #512

Lol, no worries! X)

9/23/2010 #513
MidNight The Magnificent

Umm... I learnt all my html off this site. You could try it. It's pretty comprehensive, and quite easy to understand.

9/23/2010 #514
MidNight The Magnificent

9/23/2010 #515

My thanks to midnight.

So, I ended up flying on a plane a few days ago, and I just happened to come up with an idea, which is now in step 6 of 10 in the snowflake method prewrite.

thewhimsicalbard is writing a novel. Be afraid. There is a truly high possibility that this thing will come out as a pile of dog manure.

But, I'm really excited because I think I'm the only person on this forum who is pretty much poet-only, and I'm about to write a story!!!

Just thought I'd share the excitement and whatnot.

9/27/2010 #516


9/27/2010 #517

*does a real cool dance move*

9/28/2010 #518

Good luck, dude, congrats!

9/28/2010 #519

Woo-hoo this is exciting news. YOU CAN DO IT! GO FOR IT! BE THE NOVEL! FEEL IT! LOVE IT! DO IT!

9/28/2010 #520

I am currently operating on the strangest writing schedule ever... I'll get moving started on Thursday and Friday nights, then I'll be in writing mode all weekend; but these stupid all-nighter-for-homework Tuesdays are going to be the death of me.

Dear Chem Lab,

Die, quickly.

That is all.

Sincerely, Me

9/28/2010 #521

Hey, guys. I've kinda been in hiding for a while, or at least not gracing the forums as much with my wonderful presence. (Hee). I'm here now, though, to beg you all for some assistance. This is a rather tricky issue for me, because I, well, blow at geography. I've posted the details here ( and it includes a picture to help visualize the problem. Sheriff's responded so far, but I'm wondering if anyone else has any input.

So, uhm, yeah... I'll love you guys forever if you can help me figure this one out! XD

9/30/2010 #522

I have an idea:

There are plenty of desertified areas all over the world; none of them, however, exist anywhere near the location of a temperate rainforest. The thing about temperate rainforests is that they are very wet, because they trap moisture and they have lots of sunlight. So, your desert area would have to be wet, unless you could come up with a suitable reason why not.

My thought is this: you have a rainforest in the C and D columns, with the exception of that one desert square. Since rainforests are very thick and untravelable anyway, you could in theory have a mountain range running through the middle of the rainforest. Now, let's say it was a two pronged mountain range, like this:


If your mountain range looked like that, then you could have a rainforest growing over it. Plus, if the mountain range was high enough, and the winds had a habit of blowing directly south, the rain wouldn't ever make it all the way to the desert.

Now, where does this rain come from, you ask?

A river - big enough to make the Nile look like a sissy - flows south through the mountains. That way, there is groundwater for the rest of the plants to grow.

That covers why the desert continues to exist - it doesn't get any more moisture. Now, we must address how this desert came into existence in the first place. The desert could be caused by, let's say, a strange plant that drains nutrients from the soil very rapidly. It came from the area you have marked off in orange, where it didn't have anywhere near as much moisture; when it came to the rainforest, though, it started to drain the nutrients very, very quickly, turning the area into a desert.

That's my idea. I think it'll work.

-thewhimsicalbard, or theapparantsciencegeek

9/30/2010 #523

-thewhimsicalbard, or theapparantsciencegeek


I actually am a science geek and even I couldn't help with that one :D

9/30/2010 #524

Xen, I swear to you that I am a science geek. I'm a chemistry major with a focus on theoretical chemistry. I will be getting a minor in math on top of my chem major because the math is pretty much required. I just like to pretend here that I'm a purist writer who has no other goals in life.

9/30/2010 #525

Thanks so much, thewhimsicalbard (what's your nick, btw?). Between you, Lyra and Sheriff, I think I gots myself a continent a'cookin. ;)

9/30/2010 #526

I'm not really sure... some people call me bard - Isca did, before she left *sob* - but I don't really have an official nickname. Perhaps we should move this little thread to the Pit, so that we can spam nickname ideas for me there?

I think I'll take my own initiative.

9/30/2010 #527

it's your name Patrick? Maybe it isn't, XD, I just remember Dee talking about a Patrick. o.O


Wonderful news everyone!

:D My shitty thirteenth chapter is being beta read by goddess of editing Kate, so fingers crossed it can be salvaged, XD. If so, then I might ACTUALLY have a chapter update by Saturday or Sunday of this week, Dakota Days Homecoming be DAMNED!

9/30/2010 #528
MidNight The Magnificent

Hi guys,

Damn, I feel so guilty. I have been spending so much time working on other side Flash projects, shooting a school video, goofing off over beer, hanging out at DeviantArt that I have totally neglected FictionPress. Just did an angsty poem about my douchebag parents, but even then, I just feel... So... STUPID when it comes to multi-tasking. Oh. My. Fucking. Gods. How am I gonna survive in the real world then, if my multi-tasking skills are turning out so terrible.

How good are you guys at multi-tasking? Any handy tips for a total clueless headless chicken bumping around?

10/1/2010 #529

Just as good as you are, I bet. I do try to keep on track by making mental schedules of what I have to do.

10/1/2010 #530

How good are you guys at multi-tasking? Any handy tips for a total clueless headless chicken bumping around?

I am terrible at multi-tasking. Which is why I have to write to-do lists. One for the week, and one for every day. Most often on the back of my hand :p

10/3/2010 #531
MidNight The Magnificent

I have to write to-do lists. One for the week, and one for every day. Most often on the back of my hand :p

Gods, if I wrote all my to-do lists on my body, I'd suffer from ink poisoning(that, or I'd look like I have a tattoo body suit). Now, I just try to use my iPhone. My iPhone, is almost literally, MY life.

Anyway, have any of y'all ever had a full story been inspired by a song? How did it go? Did it follow the lyrics very much, or did you just take the title and go? (On second thoughts, I'm not so sure. Should this go into Sound Check instead?)

10/5/2010 #532

Right, so, I need help. I've been struggling to write more of this bloody story for months now. I finally managed to crank out a prologue a few weeks ago, after spending nearly a month constructing it. Now I'm tackling the first chapter, BUT I can't seem to get it out.

Prompts aren't doing anything for me, long walks in the cold, damp weather aren't doing it for me, uplifting Bruce Springsteen songs aren't doing it for me... What now? I'm honestly getting pretty depressed about this because I love writing but can't seem to get anything out. I have Writer's Constipation right now. That's right, Constipation, not Block. -_-"

Anyway, I'll tell you what I'm struggling with and perhaps you guys can toss some things at me (whatever things, hugs, kisses, flowers, the bird).

Chapter one is supposed to introduce the Folsham family. POV character is Amise Boureyn. Randel Folsham is returning home after several months of living in another town where he built his new house and was (still is) working as a carpenter (business is better in that town). Everyone except Jankin Wood is excited to see him. Amise, kinda-sorta-dunnoyet has always had a crush on Randel, so there should be a bit of blushing and eye batting from her. Jankin will be stiff and protective of Amise, Mrs. Folsham will fuss over Randel, the two sons and husband will be there doing their thing and yeah.

How do I write this? What should be going on here? I have Amise and Jankin in the kitchen right now chatting, and Mrs. Folsham is nose-deep in the garden picking vegetables. What others things should be happening, and how the hell do I get from the family running around in anticipation of his arrival, to... to what? I don't know. Dinner? If they eat dinner would the servants eat with them? No, I don't think so; I think the servants eat seperately.

This is commoner family, by the way. Commoner, but well off. I'm not entirely sure how the servants (a couple of my main viewpoint characters) and the family should interact. Time period is the High Middle Ages-ish.

Aaand, yeah. Shit. I'm so lost and angsty and somebody HELP!

10/5/2010 . Edited 10/5/2010 #533

Most of my writing is inspired by music. It could be the lyrics, theme or even the feelings I get when I listen to the song.

So I totally had like, an epiphany at work today on how I want Young Lust to go since the way I am writing it now just isn't getting across what I actually want the story to be about. I need to completely remove chapter two, and move the order of a few other chapters around, add a few chapters in, and completely rewrite a chapter or two. Lot's of work ahead of me, and I am debating if I should just start posting the story as a new one from scratch, or just edit the one I already have up on this site?

10/5/2010 #534

I don't know. Dinner?

Yes, Dinner! Run with it, even if the servants eat separately you could have Mrs. Folsham come in and sort of lecture them or something about some sort of...thing they might have done wrong and what should be served for the dinner. You could go through the dinner pretty quick and move on to like, a party. Throwing a small party for their arrival would be appropriate I think. Or you could fast forward to a party and just skip the dinner.

If you have a party, then Amise could be more integrated in the action and characters, and give the amount of information you want, I think. It could be an impromptu party...

Would that work at all? D: If not I will continue brainstorming.

I know exactly what you're going through Liana, it blows -_-

10/5/2010 #535

Wow, tonight is apparently a busy night for Backstage questions...

Lot's of work ahead of me, and I am debating if I should just start posting the story as a new one from scratch, or just edit the one I already have up on this site?

I'd post up a new one if it's radically different from the origional, if there are changed character names, changed plot movement arcs and changed main settings, then yes. But if it's just tidying up the editing and tweaking a few minor things, I'd just keep the story up you already have. The thing about adding a new one if it's going to be very similar to the first and not nessessarily "rewritten" is that people won't want to review things they've already read (just Mass FP readers here, not individuals) and the draw back of just editing it so far is that people probably won't go back and re-read if it's something minor.

So it kind of depends, but if it is just minor editing and tweaking, I say leave the story up you have now and then just do your editing so new readers who come won't know the difference anyway.

10/5/2010 #536

Emily is a doll.

Problem solved!

(Who's ready for a party?)

10/5/2010 #537



10/5/2010 #538

Hmmm. Well the characters names and setting has not changed, and the plot isn't radically going to change either. I need to sit and plan it out more, but I am mainly just going to edit a few chapters, remove some, add some more in and change the order a bit (possibly). I am only 7 chapters into it right now, so I can't see a lot of huge changes happening in the first 7. Just that I am completely getting rid of a chapter.

Okay, I am blabbering now. haha

10/5/2010 #539

@Berley's question: What Emily said. Ha-ha. I wanted to rewrite my Shadows story for the longest time, but realized I was only making minor changes to things (tweaking and whatnot). I continued tweaking for a few months until I recently realized I wanted to take the story in a completely different direction (almost literally), so I rewrote and uploaded the piece as a new story. First decide how much you want to change, and then you'll be able to figure out if you should start it as a new story, or just replace old chapters. I've been lucky, actually--a lot of my reviewers are lovely people who don't mind re-reading rewritten chapters, but not everyone is like that, so you should think about those things as well.

(What is with my gigantic paragraphs tonight?)

10/5/2010 #540
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