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Yeah, I mean, I rewrote VATR and re-posted it on FP as a new story too, but then I extensivly edited, changed minor plots, changed character's names and motivations, and all that good stuff.

I agree with deciding on how much you want to change too ^^

10/5/2010 #541

Hmmm. I think I need to like sit and map out the entire story and plot line before I decide on anything. I have a feeling that by the end of planning it again I will want to start a new story. Characters are all going to be the same, basically, but the chapters are going to be moved around so much that it will be easier to start new.

Thanks! Oh the joy of changing your mind after you are well into a story.

It's also really bad that I want to try writing more horror, but I don't want to get too many stories started at once.


10/5/2010 #542

Thanks! Oh the joy of changing your mind after you are well into a story.

It happens allll the time.

In fact, I don't plan for my stories....(except for VATR) and so changing my mind is basically a wonderful adventure in every single chapter, XD

Best of luck with he new direction!

10/5/2010 #543

Yeah, I've tried plotting and it drove me close to the edge of madness. Ha-ha. I have so many mundane things plotted out I could write at least a dozen stories from it. Best of luck with your plotting, though! :D?

It's also really bad that I want to try writing more horror, but I don't want to get too many stories started at once.

Ha-ha. Oh, lordy, this sounds like me; I'm "writing" about four stories right now and it's hell. Steer clear, my friend. Steer clear. XD

10/5/2010 #544

Oh, I missed this entire conversation! Lame.

Good luck with the plotting and that first chapter and any other problems you might have had that I did not help with though not because of choice just because I was busy :D

10/7/2010 #545

So... I woke up this morning and decided I wanted to take a stab at poetry. I don't know why, I just do. haha. The thing is, I have nooooo effing idea what I am doing when it comes to poetry. Does anyone have any pointers, or links to site that might be able to help me out?

Man, I have so much stuff I want to work on right now and no time to do it...

10/10/2010 #546

Eh? Is there a certain way to write poetry? I just know if you're writing structured poems to make sure they're, well, structured, and if you're going for free form, just write it (although I like to try and ensure there's some sort of rhythm to it).

As for links...

Online rhyming dictionary -- and Rhyme Zone -- are always helpful, and then there are these two random poetry-related links I bookmarked but still have yet to read...

How Poetry Improves All Other Writing --

33 Rules of Poetry for Poets 23 and Under -

Hope those are of some use. Hopefully the other people here who write poetry more often pop on and drop their thoughts.

10/10/2010 . Edited 10/10/2010 #547

Sweet, thanks for the links. I have not written poetry since high school and that wasn't very serious, so I feel like I am just diving into it blind.

10/10/2010 #548

Good luck!

10/10/2010 #549
A. Gray

I guess this is the best place for my question...

So, some time ago I wrote a story called Pop! (the one I have posted on this site). I felt it was good enough to try to get published in a magazine orsuch, and set out to do some research. I stumbled upon Polymancer Studios based out of Canada. They were accepting stories in that particular genera. After doing the research on the company, I decided to submit my story. After a long time they finally got back to me saying they would like to publish it, and were sending me a contract. I read the contract, and promptly felt like ripping it up. They wanted me to pay them (I cold handle that), and they wanted me to send them the contract "undated" as they would have one full year of all rights to my story (and anything resulting from it like video games or whatever) after the date on the contract. I couldn't bring myself to sign it. I set it aside, and never sent it.

Now, after some time has passed, they are reaching out again, wanting to publish it, and wanting a contract. They are supposed to be sending another contract, and I feel it will be just the same as the last. It leaves me at an impasse. I want to be published, but this just doesn't seem right to me.

Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

10/11/2010 #550

ooh I don't know, that sounds really suspect. I would not trust them. why should you pay them, it should be the other way around, y'know?

then again I've never been published, so I'm not sure what's normal and what isn't.

would it hurt to look over this new contract? if it doesn't feel right, don't go with it. or ask a lawyer lol

10/11/2010 #551

totally. if you have waht they want, they need to be paying you not vice versa. you have done the work, they sell teh magazine and teh advertising. if its good enough for them, it'll be good enough for someone else, so I'd hold out for something better.

depends on waht you want though: do you mainly really want to see your name/story in print? or do you want something longer term? another publisher wouldn't be much impressed with a cv of published works that you paid to be published, if you see what I mean.

It wouldn't hurt to look at the new contract, but i wouldn't sign unless you are conformatable. Just for comparison, my contract stipulates the works must be published within 4 months of signing, and has a 2 year window of opportunity for the publisher, after which all rights revert to me. The work is always owned by me, i am just granting the publisher a license to distribute it.

hope that helps :)

10/11/2010 #552
A. Gray

That helps a bunch, and reinforces my thinking. Thanks all!

10/11/2010 #553

*coughcough* domination.

BUT. Maybe I will be over here lamenting about the lameness of this current chapter I'm attempting to write.

Seriously, I've got like, four gigantor paragraphs of Char explaining wtf happened in Ch. 12 and I *really* hope it doesn't get dumb and lame and boring -_-

*disappears while dragging Jude's comatose body across the thread*

10/17/2010 #554

*coughcough* domination.


*disappears while dragging Jude's comatose body across the thread*

Juuuuude! Noooooo!

wow. I'm of no help at all :p

10/17/2010 #555

see, and here i am thinking: cool! Judes in a coma. XD

10/17/2010 #556


oh my, hahaha, I forgot I left like that! D:

Well he's back in action now, angry he's no longer the wild card -_-

10/20/2010 #557

What am I working on? Nothing. :'(

But I do have a quick question: Do you guys enjoy reading description? For instance, I just finished reading Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth, and as much as I adored the story as a whole, I think Ken was a little indulgent in his descriptions of architecture. I mean, it fits the story, but at times it was just a little TOO much. So I'm just wondering if it's a cop out if I don't description building structures, occupations and their interconnectedness and clothing either sparingly or thoroughly. I find that those descriptions can really fortify a story, but they can also weigh it down. Thoughts.

(Is this even the right thread? I haven't been active for a while so I forget these things).

10/25/2010 #558

We really aren't too concerned about the strictness of keeping things in the correct thread here, are we?

I think this is as good a place as any, though.

I think it varies by genre, to be honest. In fantasy/supernatural, for instance (INSIWB comes to mind), description is essential in order to avoid cliche. But in a romance novel? There's not much place for it. Take Tolkien as another example; he spends so much time on descriptions that a lot of people find it overwhelming, and they think that it detracts from the story. I, however, much enjoyed those descriptory passages.

In other words, I have no concrete answer, other than that the genres I enjoy the most have a great deal of page space devoted to description.

I haven't been active either...

10/25/2010 #559

That's true, I think description does depend a bit on genre...

In INSIWB I actually have been setting up pretty basic settings in smaller scenes, just a blank room or a kitchen or a bedroom, whatever, and then trying to play the characters in that blank space and make it come alive.

Anyway though, yeah, I remember getting very upset actually, in LOTR, XD, I was like: DO WE NEED TO KNOW THE TYPE OF GRASS UNLESS THEY'RE SMOKING IT?!?!?!


Descriptions are delicate. In the case of Pillars I think it was necessary because it was historical fiction, therefore necessary to the genre, those who enjoy historical fiction probably like the description amount.

Then there' s a case of not having any--then again, really, I can't think of any books that were so bad with description it stuck out to me--at least not anything published. There are some on FP that are a bit bare boned--when an entire chapter is mostly dialogue, then there definitley needs to be something more there.

Description is hard to balance I think...

10/25/2010 #560

I get bored with natual description. Like in the Jean M. Auel books theres tons of description about the landscape, which is necessary because it's in like the ice age, but also easy to skim read.

But too much is better than not enough.

10/25/2010 . Edited 10/25/2010 #561

But too much is better than not enough.

That's what I was looking for. So, I guess I'll be working on description, then. Which is fine, actually, because after all this editing, a lot of my chapters are dipping below the 2K mark. :3

Thanks, everyone! ^^

10/25/2010 #562

Cool as XD

And this was absolutely the right thread to post in. Box Seats is a discussion about the art of writing. Backstage is help with what you're writing right now.

Speaking of which... I found a dress for Alexis!

At least my procrastinating today is kinda useful... but also crazy :p

10/25/2010 #563

Aaahh, either that one or this one:

I'm more for the caged back one, more vampirish. Though the soft black pleats was supposed to be ironic. Aw man. This is a difficult choice.

10/25/2010 #564

You could always totally mess with her character and have her either wear pants, or nothing at all. I find that always makes for interesting commentary.

10/25/2010 #565

I get bored with natual description. Like in the Jean M. Auel books theres tons of description about the landscape, which is necessary because it's in like the ice age, but also easy to skim read.

OMG! You've read the Children of the Earth series?! XD

I never read the last book but I read Clan of The Cave Bear and like, at least the three after it. Man that was a crazy series.

*Remembers Jondalar* O_O

10/26/2010 #566

The last book was pretty cool, the final one is out next year. I think?

But yes. Jondalar. *drools*

10/27/2010 #567

But yes. Jondalar. *drools*


I remember she got preggers and then they made it back to his little community people but then I didn't read the book after that because it was getting frustrating for me, XD

(should probably take this to the new thread!)

10/27/2010 #568
A. Gray

Just to update:

The company sent the same contract wanting .01 canadian per word printed, and all rights for one year, (I am not to date the contract when I sign it.) So I am going to tell them I'm not intrested anymore.

Thanks all for the advice!

10/28/2010 #569

Wow, yeah. That's a, uh... not a good contract. XD

(Sorry, just trying to dominate).

11/6/2010 #570
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