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No it is not...and let's see, what is going on backstage for me...

Still working on Ch. 15 of INSIWB...motorcycle has at least made an appearance...there's blood everywhere again :/

Annnnnd...that's about it :D

(now I am trying to dominate)

11/8/2010 #571

there's blood everywhere again :/

sounds promising lol

I've officially given up on nanowrimo. just too stressed! had to re-think my priorities haha how very sad and how very adult of me.

what is everyone else working on at the moment, now that all the wcc's are in?

11/9/2010 #572

I can barely even summon the courage to attempt NanoWrimo. My inspiration isn't as reliable as most people's :x

Currently working on updates for Ashen, Alkaline Drop and Spectrum. The going is slow but steady especially considering how long that last one's been kept inactive.

11/9/2010 #573

I should be working on NaNoWriMo, but I just have no desire to write that story. Ever. I will finish it, but I doubt I will get close to 50k by the end of the month, especially since I'm going to be starting my new job.

I'm slowly planning the expansion of my WCC piece. I'm thinking a short multi-chap, I just need to decide exactly what direction I want to take it. I'm also slowly, very slowly hammering away at Young Lust. I also have a one shot started, and the ideas for another multi-chap story that is just a little seedling.

11/9/2010 #574

i'm staring at Bloodline and using work as an excuse not to write for the first time ever. probably need a break from it. The third section is 34,000 words and the fourth sectin is 50,000 words and I've haven't finished the fifth yet... can't wait for narq to finish exams and just shred it it down to something more workable. gah.

11/9/2010 #575

woah sophie. you are a writing machine. *bows*

@Kim: woo multi-chap!

@Yasu: SPECTRUM! That's like my favourite. You must be narrowing down towards the end now, yeah?

11/9/2010 #576

not sure where to put this, so i'm sticking it here:

a tool for when you're stuck for ideas in a neat steampunk-esque pinwheel format :)

11/9/2010 #577


that is cool.

oh and pat, go for the virgin in the pit! you deserve it!

11/9/2010 #578

yeah, go go go! :D

11/9/2010 #579

@xen: 3 :D

Thank yoooouu!!! That just made my day!!

11/9/2010 #580

@xen: Not quite the end but getting there ;)

11/9/2010 #581

@pat: XD

@yasu: that's great, more chatpers for me lol

oh gosh. which reminds me, I haven't done any writing today...

11/10/2010 #582
A. Gray

So here I am... I wrote a bit in my current project (like a page)... looked at the story line that is being posted here, and then closed it. I am so blah right now between being sick and work. I need to write on something but I have no idea what, and it will likely be something random.

So as I am avoiding my current project I want to ask: What views do ya'll have on the beta?

I ask because I sent out like a dozen beta requests, and the soul one that replied is super busy, and gets to me me once every month or so. (She's great, and I love her, but it is kinda frustrating.) I have stuff that I want gone over and to get a second opinion, and just don't think that my writing is of quality to be posted without a beta. Just curious to see how others see this.

11/19/2010 #583

I love my beta. I love getting a second opinion, because often what i think is super fantastic actually bites, and what i think is useless turns out to be popular. I really appreciate the second pair of eyes for typos and such, and i love that someone else knows my characters almost as well as me and can debate future plotlines with passion and intelligence, lol. i don't beta absolutely everything, and I always get it up to as good as i can get it before i send it to her, because i hate being told what i already know, and i want to fester over pieces by myself for a while, and i don't want to waste her time. Time is the tricky one, coz sometimes i really need a second opinion, and she just doesn't have the time, and vice versa, but i guess usually we're pretty well matched that way, so it works. yup. thats my two cents :)

heh heh bit whenever i'm wondering whether to post something because it's too crap, i think a) i bet i kind find something on this site that's crapper and b) the only way its gonna get better is with feedback :)

11/19/2010 #584

I've never had a set beta before, and I used to never use one at all...I don't even like the word "beta" really, but that's another topic on my opinion about internet-speak and "one-shots" etc.

Anyway, I usually use one now with my chapter stories. What I usually do is just ask here at the Globe (I luv you guys ^^) and see if anyone would be free to look through the newest chapter. One thing that's really helped me and enabled me to do this though, is just building a really good community with writers and everything. I like that I've formed some really awesome relationships with my readers and I also like getting their impressions on firsts drafts and everything, it's a really nice luxury I didn't have say, even a year ago.

When I usually ask for a proof-read I like just getting opinions and questions answered pertaining to what I'm not liking about what I wrote or something--not necessarily always asking for huge grammar mistakes, stuff like that. So just simple read-throughs can really help me and make me feel more confident about what I'm posting.

I don't think I've ever had anything proof-read for a poem or any of my short stories either, it's always just my multi-chapters, XD.

Anyway, awesome question! That was a good one!

11/19/2010 #585

I love this question!

beta is just the fictionpress term for a critique partner, right? I've never had a long-term beta, and I usually just ask for opinions on pieces I haven't posted yet. but with fp we've got an extra advantage with the beta process because you get to know a person and their writing through the site, so it makes it a lot easier. and there's the trust thing as well.

so yeah. beta = good, in my books XD

11/21/2010 #586

I've read some beta reference on some fanfiction sites, so I think the term isn't exclusively FP.

For me, beta comes from the software world, and mean 'guinea pig': someone who likes your work enough to be ready to test it before it is publicly available and point the flaws you missed.

As I'm posting, I use the occasion to give some news on my work.

I've finished "dating years"! Now I can concentrate on "Five ways to mess." No, it's not posted yet, I give the final chapter a one week rest before I do a final read-through and send it to Emily (not ours, another one - what is it with the good writers on FP being named Emily?) for beta.

But after reading you all discussing on organisation, I've decided to give the snowflake method a try. "dating years", as it is short, will be my lab rat. Maybe the result will prompt me to improve it, or I'll decide it is not salvageable and let it stand like that as a testimony of my first timid steps out of fanfiction (let's say half-out, as I don't own the world setting).

I've already decided I need to change the title (any idea, anyone) and the blurb (that's easy, writing one is the first step of snowflake. I just need to replace the spoiler by a question.)

I'm also going to change "Five ways to mess" blurb, and rename the chapters. I feel writing "Season / Episode", like for a TV show, will better explain the pacing of the story than the generic "Part / Chapter" structure I've been using. Anybody else got this kind of problem? I'm not starting to post season 2 yet, I need to write more before so I can update at a consistent rate. I hope I'll feel ready sometime before Christmas, because that season outline is clear in my mind.

Season 3 is where I'll have big problems I'm afraid, as it's quite muddy in my minds. I'm fearing a "middle sag". If my experiment with snowflake works, I think I'll be starting a miniflake just for it. But I'm afraid outlining methods and classical story building theories will tell me my intended sub-plot for this part is useless, and I should jump directly to season 4. But I feel that evolution would be too fast to be realistic. I want to include that sub-plot, even if it only has a slight connection with the main plot, because I want my story to feel realistic, and life rarely respects good storybuilding. We have dead ends, useless feats, and anticlimaxes everywhere around us. Did some of you already had to choose between realism and plot tension? How did you solve it? What did you choose?

11/26/2010 #587

I don't know if this helps, but you shouldn't stick to the snowflake method if you want to branch out. It's pretty much just a visualization that helps a new novel writer understand how a complex finished product starts off as an idea, with more and more ideas branching out of it. So don't feel like you have to stick to a generic outline or anything. If you think that subplot would add to the story, then put it in! Personally, I like dead ends and uselessness in stories, makes them more realistic.

11/27/2010 #588
A. Gray

Another question: Most of my works, the main character's name has some significance, or rather the meaning of their name does. It's a bit of an obsession for me, and I wonder if it's not rather stupid? I doubt that anyone, but me, actually knows or notes the significance of the name of meaning. And honestly in the last couple years it has escalated from just the main character to most the supporting ones too.

So do your character names have any significance of special meaning to you? Do you ever find it difficult to find names for your characters?

11/30/2010 #589

My character's name mean nothing. It's difficult enough to find one.

Actually, sometime, they mean something, but that's just because I had to get an idea. Like when I needed a name for my narrator who happens to be a bassist with French-African origins, Etienne came to my mind quite naturally, and I decided to keep it as a shoot-out. Like when I needed a surname for Sam, I had just listened to some Aerosmith, and so she is Samantha Tyler.

12/1/2010 #590
Stylistic Nightmare

Yeah, I pretty much just pick random names I like the sound of. Occasionally, I use friend's or acquaintances names. Or names of singers or sports figures. Names aren't really all that important to me.

12/1/2010 #591

Another question: Most of my works, the main character's name has some significance, or rather the meaning of their name does. It's a bit of an obsession for me, and I wonder if it's not rather stupid? I doubt that anyone, but me, actually knows or notes the significance of the name of meaning. And honestly in the last couple years it has escalated from just the main character to most the supporting ones too.

I don't think instilling meaning into names is a bad thing, I mean, yes, when your parents name you they don't know what kind of person you'll grow up to be or anything like that, XD, but for literary purposes it's kind of fun to be subtle with it. The advice is to just not go overboard.

Personally, I mix--some have significance, some don't. Most characters in INSIWB for instance, are just chosen because I like them, but in the new story Deck I picked some of the names for significance. Just last names though, with that one. Like my character's mom's last name is "Einsam" which means "lonely" in German. XD First name was just a song I really liked though, haha, so it varies.

...oh wait scratch that, I just remembered that I named all the Malevolent family kids after Beatles songs...

Yepp. XD

12/1/2010 #592

I mix things up a bit too, but most of the time I pick at random, or a name that just feels good for the character. Like for my story Young Lust, most of my characters I picked at random, but for some reason I took a really long time picking out Adrian and Brad's names. I've written Kate's character in previous stories that I lost, and I've always used the name Kate for her.

I have a question for anyone who has read my piece Exquisite Corpse. I'm starting to plan out a multi-chapter story for it, and I was thinking of doing it in sort of a diary format. Like each chapter would be an entry in his diary. What do you guys think, or should I just stick or first or second person narrative?

12/2/2010 #593

um um um uummm. I think the diary aspect would be interesting because of your character. There's a really short story by Joyce Carol Oates you should look at, it's called... er... fudge. No not fudge. Um. Lethal!

Just googled it. Here:

Slightly rated R, but worth a look for the POV and tecnique.

12/2/2010 #594

Joyce Carol Oates is the shiiiit! woo!

12/3/2010 #595

Ohh! Thanks. I'm totally going to have to take a look at that!

12/4/2010 #596

I posted in the wrong thread. Bah, early morning writing.

Anyway, I just finished working on my WCC submission. Surprised that I was able to write something so quickly, actually. I thought I'd be scrapping at the back of my mind at the last minute. Ha. Pleasant surprise.

12/6/2010 . Edited 12/6/2010 #597
A. Gray

So question time again!

I am looking a posting some of my other works (even without being betaed), but I am wondering about length. What length (work count) is best for a one shot short story, and at what point do you break it up into chapters (if only 2-3)? I have seen some that are over 10k words, but I (personally) am more inclinded to read something 6k or less.


12/8/2010 #598

Writing and formatting for Fictionpress readers is different than if you were submitting the short story to journals or magazines for a publicized audience--at least that's my opinion.

For FP, I in all seriousness would complain about reading anything over 4-5K because that's over 12 pages on Microword...but that's me personally regarding length so...well, by classic definition a short story should always be something that one can read in one sitting--of course that's a vague sounding definition, XD, so it's hard to set a real rule. I mean, there's Edgard Allen Poe short stories and then there's Herman Melville short stories... At any rate, any short story I personally write is usually at the most 4K. But like I said, for Fictionpress, if you were going to post a short story, 10,000 words is insane and should not be done, XD, even 6,000 words is pushing it, I would recommend breaking them up into two chapters. BUT working as a whole, I think it's pretty loose--depends on where you're submitting, which journal and which magazine, their restrictions, etc.

So to sum that all up--just write the short story or story as long as you want, and then depending on what you want to do with it, you can split it into two parts or keep it together--and the FP length is just my opinion, haha.

Other people should probably weigh in on this, perhaps I'm the only one who drags when a FP chapter is over 6K, XD

12/8/2010 #599

Completely agree with lookingwest. 6,000 words per chapter is great if you're publishing a novel but on a web-page? I would probably be overwhelmed. Still, there are exceptions to the rule.

12/8/2010 #600
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