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I think i tend to go for the lowest common denominator and try to keep my chapters to 1-2000. but it depends on the chapter and on the story, adn the audience. short stories can happily be longer than chapters, but again i tend to break them up if they are getting over 4000-5000, just for ease of reading.

12/8/2010 #601

I agree with everyone as well. I don't know why, but I get really turned off when I see a chapter that is any longer than 5-6k. It's really daunting to read something that long on a computer screen, though a book is completely different. For example, I have a story book marked that I want to read, and it's one chapter that is probably close to 10k long. It's an amazing story, but I keep pushing off reading it. Out of all of my stories, I think my longest chapter is less than 5k long, and I try to keep it that way.

12/8/2010 #602

yeah. you have to write for your medium, otherwise you risk loosing readers. 3k is about tops for me.

12/8/2010 #603
A. Gray

Thanks everyone. I feel the same that 3k is optimum. I have tried reading ones that are 6k - 11k, but it is rather difficult. Now I have to figure out how to split my work as most are word format, and 18k plus. XD

12/9/2010 #604

I just look for a place to stop every 2,500 words and split it into chapters and make a Novella, haha

12/9/2010 #605

novella's are hawt.

I almost prefer them to actual novels XD


12/9/2010 #606
A. Gray

Globe! I NEED you! ....

So I got this idea for a "story" I'm writing (28 pages and not done with 18k+ words). It's like, vampies and stuff, but I have this whole idea (before) that this one wandering vamp is going to end up becoming the leader of all the clans when a semi-plague diminishes the numbers and wipes out the council. My newest idea for this is to take her (as leader) several years into the future where vamps find refuge in space.

So now I'm wondering to I make it just another story, or do I attempt to span like a thousand years in this one I'm writing? And if I make it one.... how the heck do I span a thousand years?

..... please help!

12/10/2010 #607

hey wartouched, i don't think we've spoken before but i'd be happy to offer some advice, i hope it's useful.

first of all, yey for space vampires! at the moment I am struggling with a story that attempts to cover all sorts of different time lines. one thing i have found really useful is to keep a tight reign on all facts and world building ect.

as for how to decide what to do, i think writing is about personal vision, if you have a strong personal vision about this then don't sacrifice that vision. the worst thing that can happen is it doesn't work and you just cut bits out or change it. nothing should be perfect with a first draft. i say attempt what you have in your head. a thousand years is a lot of information, try considering including only what is vital to the plot. i always write a plot when i'm stumped, maybe bullet points of the story might help you structure a larger undertaking.

also know you limits, what is the biggest project you have finished. what is the largest project you havn't finished.

hope that has helped, pm me if you want something a bit more specific to the story, i am always happy to help when i have a bit of spare time.

mikey xxx

12/10/2010 #608

Frayling pulled a thousand year jump off really well in his Deva's Breath (, oh bugger, he's taken it down. Altough, that was like a thousand year jump between chapter's 2 and three or something like that. Nonetheless, he built up this idea of cataclysmic misfortune that the immortals were going to have to hibernate for a while until it was all over (or something, i forget the details), though at the same time there's this personal vendetta going on between two of them that they then have to pick up a thousand years later... i think i'm rambling... I'm wondering why you need teh thousand year jump though? coz of teh immortal thing or did teh plague happen in medievil times or something? because plagues can happen anytime past present or future, and spacetravel can be be inserted if you (smoothly, subtlely ;) ) insert a visit by an alien race with that capability - they can get killed off by teh plague if you don't wan them long term :) Maybe?

12/10/2010 #609

On the other hand I'm a total sucker for fluffy fox ears and a poofy tail on a 'human'

Haha I have a character like that! She's freaking adorable.

12/12/2010 #610

Still backstage working on Chapter Four of INSIWB, I may need to cut some scenes to make it shorter. I hate how people get turned off by chapter length but then I realize I'm being hypocritical and it happens to me too -__-.

I like long chapters. The first chapter of the fic I'm working on now is over 8,000 words. It's not full of useless stuff either like you might think. Each scene is relavant. It just stinks people are turned off by chappy length. Others are quite the opposite. La'Sigh. Can't please everyone I suppose. *pouts*

12/12/2010 #611

Yeah, unfortunately most people on this site don't like really long chapters. I don't mind them, it all depends on the story, the time I have to sit down and read it, and how my eyes are feeling that day. haha. My biggest problem is I have a hard time reading for that long at one thing on a computer. An actual book is one thing, but on a computer I just can't sit for that long. I always get distracted.

12/12/2010 #612
A. Gray

Basically my story is set in modern times. There are references to "the rage" that is a time when humans slaughtered vamps and in turn vamps killed humans only making things worse. Then there was "the repopulation" when vamps made an effort to bolster their numbers. Because of this, (as they get further from the firsts the blood gets weaker) the vamps are a weaker race than they used to be.

My main character is set to save vamp kind from a vamp that is experimenting on them to try to make stronger better vamps more like the firsts. Unknowingly the vamp will set a plague on vamp kind that will once more decimate their numbers.

In setting out to save vamps, my main will meet a first, and feed from him to become stronger to fix the race. She ends up becoming the leader of the vamps, and in her last effort to preserve her race will launched them into space to live on space stations. (thus creating a whole new world of issues.)

For me going from modern times to where she can get them into space is the issue I'm looking at.

12/13/2010 #613

There's already an international space station and scheduled space shuttle flights for private passengers. Virgin has a space port in the works. Seeing as vamps live a pretty long time, perhaps there's not as big a leap as you're worried about!

--- Really quite cool!

1/8/2011 #614

Right, hit me.

How can I make my intentionally very brief synopsis better without giving away crucial plot details?

I want it to read grimy, gritty low fantasy with a Western (as in US West) influence. I think it does, but it has zero hits and is in the apparently popular fantasy genre. And I'm definitely aiming more for the Gene Wolfe crowd than the Mercedes Lackey crowd, if you get my drift.

Would an excerpt be better, either included or in lieu of the tagline? Thanks for help!

1/9/2011 #615

Oh, wow. I actually quite like the one you have now. You have character, setting, conflict... I'm not the best person to ask about summary writing as I struggle with it quite a bit, myself, but hopefully the others will drop by. :)

Lemme see if I can find any links for this sort of thing; I know I've come across some articles recently.

1/9/2011 #616

Thanks for the second opinion! Of course, I look like a dork now for complaining, since it seems the zero hits/views was a system glitch that's still enacted for me (I have zero hits/views still, but somehow have acquired 2 reviews that are, according to the computer system, done without viewing the story -- I wonder if they reviewed through telepathy?!)

Go figure. You needn't look for links if you don't want to, since chances are I've seen similar ones sometime in the past, but if you come across any particularly good ones, what the heck.

1/9/2011 #617

Nah, s'all right, the traffic thing fools us all sometimes. It was doing pretty well for a while (working, that is), but every now and again it likes to stop. Just to mix things up a bit, you know. ;)

I'll keep an eye out for some good ones, then, definitely. :)

1/9/2011 #618

You might actually try the NY Times. Read the one-line blurbs about new books there if you want to figure out how to do a good summary in a very short space. What I was told to do (note: I'm not very good at it myself) is to boil your story down, get rid of everything superfluous, and find the Big Theme. That theme should be the center of your statement.

Hope that helps. If not... well, that's all I got!

1/10/2011 #619
A. Gray

Demon, I must say as a Lackey fan myself, I would read that, and I likely will now that I've read it the short synopsis. To me it's catchy, interesting while being vague.

1/11/2011 #620
Tawny Owl

Do you still need help with your synopsis? I had a look, and if you don't mind I'd suggest the following. Pick the main character, or your favourite, and put his name in because it's instantly more personal. And keep it short. So give us the ex revolutionary's name, and then tell us about the dark secrets. Or tell us which event is about to happen that will change his normal day. Does that help? I'm at work so not read what everyone else has said properly.

I'm intrigued by the Gene Wolfe comparison too. I really liked the way he wrote and the world he built but it was all dragged out too long and I got bored. That got me curious so I might have a lokk at a few chapters and if I come up with anything else I'll let you know.

1/12/2011 #621

How do Globers? I have a semi-complex story in my head, and it is DYING to get out. Problem is, I really need a male collaborator for the male characters. 18 +. Doesn't have to be male, but would prefer it that way. Multi character plot/pov, conspiracy/secret agent type stuff. Some romance. Let me know if you're interested.

1/20/2011 #622

Could be. It depends on the amount of work and speed you expect.

If it's just getting a male point of view beta, I'm game. If it's writing whole chapters... I could be game too, but you might find me much too slow for you! Anything in between is open for negotiation. PM if you've got nobody else.

1/21/2011 #623
Stylistic Nightmare

If anyone is free, could you take a look at a short story I've just written. It's a hell of a lot different than what I normally write; no Supernatural or Fantasy elements or anything else. It does contain quite a lot of swearing though, so be forewarned. It's pretty short, only 1960 words, so if anyone could take a look, it'd be appreciated. Just let me know and I'll email it to you.

1/24/2011 #624

I'm kicking around, not sure for how long, though. If you email it to me, I could get back to you later tonight, if you like.

1/24/2011 #625
Stylistic Nightmare

Okay. You're using your gmail account right? Cuz that's the only email I have for you haha. I'll send it there.

EDIT: Fucking hotmail isn't working for me right now, so it's gonna have to wait, I guess. Thanks anyways.

1/24/2011 . Edited 1/24/2011 #626

Yup, only use Gmail.

No worries. Feel free to send it later, if you like.

1/24/2011 #627
Stylistic Nightmare

Okay, hotmail has started cooperating. I just sent it.

1/24/2011 #628

Hey, guys, working on Coma Kids and I'm sucking at writing a decent enough summary. Can someone take a look at these two summaries for me and help me tweak 'em a little? First coffee of the day still hasn't kicked in, so I blame my horrible wording of the first one on that, heh. (I've underlined some of the phrasing I'm not too hot about).

The first summary is what I'll be posting on Tumblr, while the second is for Fiction Press. For both, I need to know if I've incorporated enough of everything a summary should have (conflict, characters, overcoming conflict to complete quest). Now, not all summaries need to have all that, but that's what I've been learning a summary should have. Also, this story is a bilsdungsroman, in a sense, so the "quest" isn't exactly clear at this point.

1. Tracing its roots back to that hip track Holy Holy Strobe, Coma Kids is about a generation's atrophy, seen from the clouding eyes of Adrienne Calvert and her three roommates. An unreliable narrator, Adrienne is the most delusional of her friends, but everyone's too caught up in their own dream-realities to notice just how far gone she is. A story about delusions, dreamscapes and degradation.

2. In the future, one shot of Holy Holy lets you reach into a dream and pull it back into reality. But be careful, three in every ten users fall into permanent comas. Better crank up that music to anchor you in Second Reality unless you want to be a true CK.

1/26/2011 #629

I like the second better. The first is too much about author intent - telling us about a generation, telling us you will use an unreliable narrator... Plot facts will get me wanting to read a story more than authorial ambition.

One thing that might be lost in the second is the bilsdungsroman part. It's not very clear in the first too, but having no words about the heroine makes it even more absent from the second. The question, is do we need it?

1/26/2011 #630
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