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Whoops, probably should have posted that other post here...I didn't notice I was at The Stage, XD

Actually, my prof. is a published author. His book was made into a Showtime movie, I don't remember what it was called (diff. title than the book)...but he's only really published one book. His short stories have been in everything from GQ to the New Yorker though.

But he SUCKS at teaching CW, I feel he only got the job because he's published.

This is his book, which I have never read because it may make things awkward, given the subject matter, hahaha, I've heard the main character is basically him with a mustache, lawls:

3/5/2010 #241
Anise Cary
OOOOHHH so he's one of THOSE teachers, "I can do it but I have no idea how to teach it" I had one of those for math at one point and it was awful
3/5/2010 #242

"A sexual scandal that unseats a college professor is the focus of this occasionally titillating but mostly unappetizing satire. "

LOL!! 3/5/2010 #243
Question: What's your least favorite word to use while writing?

Mine is "chuckle" I HATE using the word "chuckle" to describe anything :/ Very, very, very, very rarely will you ever catch one of my character's "chuckling". I also dislike "vomit" but I've used it once, and I distinctly remember using it, and someone saying in a review "I don't think you should have used that word..." which means I'm not the only one who dislikes the word "vomit" :D

3/10/2010 #244
zombie chickens
Chuckle is a bad word..It's also one that seems to be severely overused an abused on this site. Especially with the romance section. Seriously, has anyone else realized this or it it just me?!

A word that seriously rubs me the wrong way is 'utter' or 'uttering' or any variation of the word. It reminds me of cows. 0_o I don't know if I could ever use that word without cringing or having to go back and replace it with something

3/10/2010 #245
Smirked. I have a love/hate relationship with smirked. It's so cliche, so Draco Malfoy, but I love the kind of character that 'smirks'. The kind of character you want to punch in the face but secrectly, you love it. So, smirked.
3/13/2010 #246
Anise Cary

LOL I use both of those words. I've worked around "smirk" before but it's harder to replace chuckle. I've looked in the thesaurus I just haven't found another word that conveys the same meaning for me. Really there aren't any words I can think of that bother me.

3/14/2010 #247

Now that "utter" has been mentioned--I can't stop thinking about a cow utter. :/

I don't mind smirked but yeah Xen, I definitley think about Draco Malfoy, XD

And yep, chuckle is just one of those pooey words that can't ever be replaced. In fact, I'm having trouble replacing its image in what I'm writing right now. I just replaced it with spontaneous short laughing outbursts, lol

3/14/2010 #248

HEY! We have WYSIWYG editing again!!!

Okay, that aside, my least favourite word is 'decimate' because hardly anyone uses it right. To 'decimate' something is to destroy 10% of it. To annihilate is to destroy 100%, or something approaching that totality, of the target.

3/14/2010 #249
zombie chickens

Yay no more typing HTML!!!

I don't mind the word smirk, honestly I kind of like it, but only if it's used for the right sort of character...Like Draco Malfoy 0_o cocky villains should always smirk after they feel victorious right? Sometimes laughing evilly just isn't enough.

..Also, quick question, who seriously uses a word to describe the destruction of 10% of something? Have you ever come across a situation where that's necesary? ..Is there a word for destroying 20% or 30% of something too? I'm just puzzling over the practical application of it, but I'm glad that I know now...I don't think I've used that word in a long time, but I know that the last time I did it was incorrectly.

3/14/2010 #250

Haha yeah I agree, somtimes an evil laugh just doesn't cut it. I really love Draco Malfoy. I'll just put that out there lol.

As for decimate, I hadn't a clue what that word really meant up till now! I've been finding lately that my vocab is terrible. I had to look up the meaning of arbitrary, and I still don't quite get it. Decimate. Destroy some... but not all?

Almost forgot, I actually had a question for backstage. Has anybody had an unnamed character as the narrator of a story? Like Fight Club, I think, but not so extreme (or cool!). I usually find a character through a name, but I've been thinking of just scratching the name altogether and seeing what happens.

3/14/2010 #251

Nope, I've never tried an unnamed character--huh, someone told me that the main character in Fight Club the book had a name...but I just went and fact-checked and it say's he's unnamed, XD, I don't know where they got that idea...

But you know me--I'd say go with it. It makes it more unique and the idea of this unnamed character taking you through a story is great--I certainly want to see what happens ;)

3/14/2010 #252
zombie chickens

I think I end up mis-using a lot of words. I don't know, my comp teachers always told me I had an advanced vocabulary..But that isn't saying much given the state of public education, is it? I enjoy pretending I know how to use big fancy words. 0_o

I've never done an unnamed narrator for a story. Would that just be the telling of it from someone basically just watching all the stuff that's going on without interfering? It's a neat idea, kind of like how some movies have this voice that seems like it's coming from the sky. Go with it!

3/14/2010 #253

Would that just be the telling of it from someone basically just watching all the stuff that's going on without interfering?

I was thinking more along the lines of a normal story... first person perspective, but without ever knowing who the narrator is. Just because I'm halfway through a book where the narrator isn't important at all, he's telling the story of two different people kinda sorta. Thought it was interesting! That's not what I want to do though, I want the narrator to be the MC. Like, okay, the dude in Notes From Underground but less... rambling.

Ah, I feel so inspired. I might actually get to writing something!

3/14/2010 #254

Hey guesswhatguesswhatguesswhat?! I FINALLY got an image of Jude's coat on the interwebs! YAY!

Okie dokie folks, so here is that stupid army coat that has caused me so much F-ing trouble to describe. The RL coat is a little unfinished, like the star on the top, but I blame my friend Tom for not completing his embroidery. Stupidhead.

So. I am completely looking for suggestions on how I could describe this better:


3/15/2010 #255
Anise Cary

Stupid head? *snigger*

J/K that jacket is cool and I can totally picture Jude in it, as for how to describe it better, you got me. That's the kind of thing if it were a book you could have a pic of each of the three on the cover and the pic of Jude would be from behind so you could see the jacket.

3/16/2010 #256
Anise Cary

oh and I came across a word I've never really gotten so it therefore annoys me. Chortle, I mean WHAT? I've heard people laugh, chuckle, snicker, giggle but chortle? what does that sound like?

3/16/2010 #257

That's the kind of thing if it were a book you could have a pic of each of the three on the cover and the pic of Jude would be from behind so you could see the jacket.

Lawls. I love fantasizing about my would-be book covers...

Chortle, I mean WHAT? I've heard people laugh, chuckle, snicker, giggle but chortle? what does that sound like?

When I hear that I think the closest thing it could sound like is this:

I will now never use that word.


3/16/2010 #258
Anise Cary

ok yeah, and as if I wouldn't have used that word b4 I really won't now.

I don't think I've ever really fantasized about my would-be book covers, but I could clearly see this one for INSIWB. hmm now how long til I start seeing pics in my mind of my own XD

3/16/2010 #259


3/16/2010 #260

why do my goddamn links never work? screw you, FP!

3/16/2010 #261

Eh, what happens is links only work for: YouTube, FF, FP, Hulu, and Veoh (it's in that little "note" right below your "preview" button) So it won't like to anything that isn't on those sites.


I want a character to just randomly chortle like that, out of nowhere.

3/16/2010 #262

tuskan raider sound clip XD

3/16/2010 #263

lol, I think i used both chuckle and utter in teh last weeks writing. chuckle several times in fact. i cut back on it after reading this! XD utter was in utter destruction though, so maybe thats ok. Never have quite had the kind of character to chortle though, Im thinking a Bertie Wooster, or a fried thereof. Smirk i think i have only ever used once - I have instant dislike of characters that smirk. ooh th other one i hate is 'licks their lips' - ew, thats so graphic and sleazoid. reminds me of Jabba the hut whenever i read it. What's wrong with "wet their lips"? or at least 'licked at their lips'?

3/19/2010 #264
Anise Cary

actually I prefer "ran her tongue along her top lip slowly" though that could come across as graphic too XD

3/20/2010 #265

I see nothing wrong "licked their lips".

I don't really associate anything with it...but it's interesting (and maybe odd) that you do? haha :P

3/20/2010 #266

Meh, I don't so much like "licked their lips" I almost NEVER use that. In fact, I can't think of a time when I do...I might use "they pursed their lips" every once in awhile, but that's rare too because I'm always a little foggy on what exactly the pursing of one's lips visually looks like, XD. Does it mean like...pressing your lips together? haha

3/20/2010 #267

I would say pursing looks like one of those old cloth drawstring purses: you pull the tags and the opening all crinkles up.

my boy would say it looks like a cats bum

3/20/2010 #268

my boy would say it looks like a cats bum

ROFLCOPTER *can't stop laughing*

3/20/2010 #269
Anise Cary

ok so gotta ask, do you all recognize those the review you in the next chapter of your story? I've seen some people do that and even respond to the reviews there. Just curious to see what others are doing? I've done it on a few chapters but while I want to thank those that review I also don't want to inflate my word count you know.

3/22/2010 #270
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