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Welcome to Sound Check!

This is a thread about music that inspires our writing.

Just as a quick disclaimer, The Globe and its members do not own any of the music linked within. We do, however, love to discuss it. So if you have a playlist that you'd like to share, a song that's on your mind, or a band that has really inspired you - let us know! All musical tastes are welcome and encouraged.

To check out all the songs that we've listed so far, see here.




Music is such a huge influence on my writing, as I'm sure it is for many others.

I've got a story idea with no real plot so far, but it's going to be set in the early 90's. Well, it starts in 1993 and carries on over to 1994 because I looked it up on wikipedia and there are so many great songs from that time I just couldn't help myself. And, according to my calculations my two main characters would have been born in 77, the freakingreatest year ever. If I could live back then, I so would!

So I have a story, no idea what's going to happen after the aliens take over the world, but I'm excited to write it because I have the soundtrack already.

Does anyone else go about things this way? I um, wrote the chapters of Anoxic Love based around songs and quotes from Shakespeare. Now I just have to figure out how to slide in songs I love that just don't fit. Example... Creedence. I'm so in love with CCR I'm practically The Dude :)

11/27/2009 . Edited 1/26/2015 #1

Haha, that's really cool and kind of funny that you have a soundtrack for a story.

I wrote chapter 4 of Whimsy (the one with the frog, if you've read it) while listening to the Yoshida Brothers, two awesome Japanese shamisen players. :)

I try to listen to music that matches the mood of whatever I'm writing. It makes things go along much smoother. Since I play the violin, I listen to a lot of classical (or just purely instrumental) music. When I'm feeling lighthearted or particularly inspired, I listen to Mozart. When I'm frustrated or feel the need to be heavy-handed, I listen to Beethoven. When I'm frustrated or feeling creepy, I listen to Eugene Ysaye's violin sonatas (major props to anyone who knows who he is!).

Actually, I listen to Mozart all the time. Two of my musician friends say Beethoven is far superior but I say "Bah!" Mozart is awesome. Almost all of my favorite classical pieces are his. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (CSNY) are also amazing. I grew up listening to folk-rock so I just love them.

So what makes '77 awesome?

11/28/2009 #2

Creedence. I'm so in love with CCR I'm practically The Dude :)

I love that movie dude! Do you want a toe? I can get you a toe! I can get you a toe with polish too!

How does that song go when he's in the car? Doo-doo-doo knockin' at my door, or something like that, XD. Love it!

Oh and music from the early 1990s...I don't know too much other than Nirvana and like, early Radiohead--but that's cool to create a story in those years since the 90s are very forgotten and they really shouldn't be, since most of us spent our childhoods in the 90s--the 90s are awesome, with their Furbies, grunge, and awesome Nickelodeon cartoons (though I'm being awfully specific to the States).

I try to listen to music that matches the mood of whatever I'm writing. It makes things go along much smoother. Since I play the violin, I listen to a lot of classical (or just purely instrumental) music.

I agree, I just have an entire play list called "writing" music, for generally whenever I'm actually writing, and all of it usually instrumental. I played the violin for many, many years as well, though my devotion to classical music has never delved as deep as it should have.--Mozart though--awe-ssomme! Some really good instrumental artists I listen to are Brian Eno, Dustin O' Halloran (whose last name most will soon find out I tacked on to one of my upcoming characters), and Godspeed You Black Emperor! so yeah, huge help in that department.

I'm so excited that you brought up this topic Xen because I LOVE MUSIC! And I never get to gush about this stuff so here it goes even though no one might care but seriously when I'm as famous as Meyer or something I'm going to have an awesome website just like her dedicated to BETTER more AWESOME music that people will think is so cool they will just EXPLODE! *breaths*.....okay!

So, I've always got a ton of inspiration from driving in my car listening to CDs I made. When I'm driving and listening to a great song I can some times get these snipets of scenes from my story like a movie almost, (this probably comes from years of being a bus-kid going to school and having to listen to music and stare out the windows thinking). For instance, concerning INSIWB, which everyone here I think has sort of read and is familiar with, I'll see some scenes that are kind of unrealistic and probably unusable, like a snipet during the song Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs of Wicked on a motorcycle with Charlotte XD, or I see entire broader scenes in my head that could create an entirely new plot, like the shapeshifters in my story, which were directly inspired by the song Modern World by Wolf Parade. There's a line in the song that goes "I'm not in love with the modern world, it was a torch, driving savages back to the trees" which gave me a great image and then I worked with it until I had my savages--shapeshifters!

Also using INSIWB, when I'm in different POVs I associate different music with each character, like, pardon me for dorking out but here it goes:

Achitophel is bead-rock, and I really get inspired by Fleet Foxes:

Charlotte is of course as I mentioned a million times before:

And Wicked--for some reason I associated the witches with anything edgy electronic, like The Faint, Bat For Lashes and even cocorosie, and since he's just a bad ass he obviously went clubbing since the age of like, ten XD, so kickass geeky electronic music complete with most cliches and awesome car music ensues:

Can you believe those guys (The Faint) ^ are from Nebraska? Just one state over! Saw them in concert too--the lead singer was dressed as a sexy mad scientist complete with the goggles. It was so kool *geeks out*.

Anyway, yeah, I'm lame. But hey, I seriously wouldn't have even started that story without the help of Wolf Parade--so music really helps, case and point! Woo!

11/28/2009 . Edited 11/28/2009 #3

Lookin out my back door, CCR is just so laid back I love it. Of those songs that you posted I think I liked the Fleet Foxes one the best, it sounds really nice, they sound really nice. Do you like The Shins by chance? Oh and Heads Will Roll is such a super cool song, I can see how it would inspire some kickass chick on a motorbike!

I know nothing about classical music, but I do have a Mozart CD that I used to listen to while studying. Nowdays I can listen to pretty much anything while studying. Tangent - Stephenie Myer's quintesential writing band is Muse right? I was just thinking, like do you guys have a band or a singer that just inspires you to no end? I know mine is definately Nina Simone. I started listening to her music after I became obsessed with Jeff Buckley, he covered Lilac Wine (very beautifully too, might I add) and I just, I really love her voice and the piano especially with the nice, slow love songs. Oh, le sigh!

Songs from the 90's rule. I just had such a great childhood, growing up with like, old-school reggae and grunge and hip-hop like it's supposed to be! What else was great about the 90's... cartoons, ninja turtles, boy bands, girl bands, even summers back then seemed better. It's probably just nostalgia, but being a kiwi kid in the 90's was the best!

Oh and '77 is awesome coz it's the year The Clash brought out their debut album. And a whole heap of great bands were around then, I wish I could have seen them! Although being around in the 60's would have been awesome, I love the 70's. Ooh, speaking of which I'm going to ACDC next year, should be sweeet!

Emily, you're so not lame. Music is awesome :)

11/28/2009 #4

Oh and '77 is awesome coz it's the year The Clash brought out their debut album. And a whole heap of great bands were around then, I wish I could have seen them! Although being around in the 60's would have been awesome, I love the 70's. Ooh, speaking of which I'm going to ACDC next year, should be sweeet!

Love The Clash! I was just naming my next Charlotte chapter after Guns of Brixton! Listen to this sultry version of it by Novelle Vauge, sehr kuhl:

And yep, I went through a Shins phase for awhile...and hmm, I will have to check out more of Nina Simone then, I've heard but I've never tried!

Yeah you know I really kind of liked Muse...I don't blame them though, and I don't blame the wonderfulness of Radiohead either. You gotta make money, if anything I should be happy for there success, along with all of the other indie bands that appeared on the New Moon soundtrack and made my heart drop...sigh...well, a general band that always inspires for me is probably between Feist (her album The Reminder) or usually the early Modest Mouse. I really get attached to stuff with great lyrics, that's always a huge allure for me.

11/28/2009 #5

Oh my gosh, my first response was NOOO!! There are some songs that are just so... iconic you shouldn't fuck with them. But nah, that was actually kinda cool. Sooo different lol

This is my fav Nina Simone song, it's just so sweet and sad...

The New Moon soundtrack... ugh. I liked the Twilight one much better (don't kill me!), well, the songs in the movie anyway. New Moon is just too damn depressing. Nothing wrong with Muse, they've sure got a hell of a lot more fans now thanks to Myer! That's got to be good. I've heard a couple Feist songs, and the only Modest Mouse song I know is... Float On?

11/28/2009 #6

This is my fav Nina Simone song, it's just so sweet and sad...

OOOooo, me likie! Her voice is so strong and unique! I love voices like that, or like Nico's voice from the Velvet Underground--just purely unique and emotional. Love it around minute 3:00!

And yep, Modest Mouse hit it big with Float On--though this one was my favorite song from that album, it's kind of catchy and has a super cute/sad music video:

*continues listening to Nina Simone*

11/28/2009 #7

Ah yeah, Nico. At first those kind of voices sound sorta... too weird, but really, they're beautiful. Well I think so anyways :) Who's another one... um Finn from The Veils, I love this band and showed this song to my bf at the time, he wrote it off as being too nasal. Sure it is kinda, but I still love it! Song is Lavinia,

And that vid was too cute! Song was cool too, but I loved the feathers on the jacket and the giant shoe box.

11/28/2009 #8

Song is Lavinia

Excellent, I listened to it while I wrote a reaction for one of my classes to the poetry of Emily Dickinson--the climax of the song is really wonderful!

What I'm obsessed with right now: This is from the movie The Brothers Bloom but I absolutely love this instrumental:

11/29/2009 . Edited 11/29/2009 #9

I've never even heard of the movie, but the music was lovely.

11/29/2009 #10

oh frustration, wish my internet connection was up for you tube. at the momrent its not even handling reviews .fingers crossed this gets through. [write quicker! quicker!!] just wanted to say two things: 1) i find music fits to sonmething i've written after, more than before i've written it, i guess because its more solid and i'm focusing on it and whatever... so an example would be sarah mclachlans 'building a mystery' which each line reminds me of either Ash Elliott or Dar from First Drawn... yusually my inspiration is from written things or telly though.

and 2) Beethoven bites. Bach reigns supreme. Mozart is cool too, and anything russian XD

12/1/2009 #11

Wow, okay so you're like the opposite of me lol. I read, (woah, way off topic) on MLIA yesterday that lol looks like a man drowning, and all you see is his head and his flailing arms. Now, that's all I see! lol is now ruined for me :( then again we always have... what was it... rofl, or lmao ha I love lmao.

12/2/2009 #12

lol looks like a man drowning

Ah! Damn you Xeeennnn!

Now that's all I see too!

Song of the day--i.e. song Emily is obsessed with--(only audio)-Animal Collective's On A Highway, brand new EP. If you've never listened to Animal Collective, check it out, it's pretty fun stuff, lol--save him!

12/2/2009 #13

bugger, me too. lolO ( the O is the lifepreserver coming his way ;) )

12/2/2009 #14


(the man swimming in after throwing the life preserver)

(although he kinds looks like he's flying... nyeh)

12/3/2009 #15

oh no, fictionpress ate his legs :(. must be hsarks in the water too...

12/3/2009 #16


Ah! More Charlotte inspiration! Woo! This drove me to finish my chapter, now it just needs editing, this music video is BADASS:

12/3/2009 #17

Well I still cant decide on wether I like Animal Collective or not, but wow, that other song was meaaaan! That's Jack White, right? Song was freakin awesome too. I didn't know he had a new band, last I heard him in was the Raconteurs, or something. Yep, I liked them as well. Broken Boy Soldier? Hawt.

And because we've started a sort of give and take thing, I leave you with Hey:

I want to go see The Pixies sooo bad. I was going to buy a ticket to a Kiwi Music Festival but... it's the freakin Pixies. I see the next chapter of Get A Life written to the tune of like, Where Is My Mind. Which reminds me, I haven't written a damn thing today...

Oh, and speakin of Kiwi Music here's a great song I heard on the radio again today, came out a while back but it's super snazzy :)

12/4/2009 . Edited 12/4/2009 #18

Yeah that was Jack White! He does have a new band with that chic and the guitarist from the band Queens of The Stone Age. I like the end of that music video when you can see the holes right through White's torso, sehr badass.

I leave you with Hey

LOVE Pixies! They're great! I really love Sufer Rosa/Come on Pilgrim...The Holiday Song, Caribou, Vamos and of course Where Is My Mind? are my ultimate favorites, so I will keep that in mind (ahaha) when I read the next chapter of Get A Life. I was super jealous of one of my friends at the University of Oregon because she got to see the Pixies live last month.

Vampires by Dukes--XD Catchy! The music video kind of reminded me of the opening credits for the show True Blood, though the music medium is completely different, haha.

I leave you with super happy music that weirdly inspired Caleb Fang, XD and I love how in the music video neither Matt nor Kim stop smiling, it puts me in a good mood:

and another song by Matt and Kim that makes me super happy--good driving music if ever you find yourself in the position of driving. Very up-beat insturmental, straight and to the hyper-point!

Hmm...those inspired me, maybe I should actually try to finish a chapter I'm trying to write...

*listens to Hey again*

Pixies are telling me: HEY, GO WRITE SOMETHING DAMMIT! XD

12/4/2009 #19

@ Sophie:

So I while reading A Puppet in The Hand Chapter Three, I was listening to the following song that really intensified the chapter! It's just pretty much a 9 minute instrumental with a little singing but damn, it captured the eeriness of the Ward and the anxiety of Tam really well for me. Of course, this is just my feelings but I thought it would be fun to share it with you since I never mention these types of things with any fellow authors when so often I find music that inspires me and reminds me of their story while I'm reading.

The lyrics of the song at the beginning fit so well!

"Don't tell me that I am free, Don't tell me that I am free, because I have not been well, lately"

12/7/2009 #20

lol, that lyric is perfect! at the risk of crashin the puny hotel internet conmnection, I"m gonna have a listen... if i don't come back soon, i've been relegated to unconnected land :C

fingers crossed...

12/7/2009 #21

lol, that lyric is perfect! at the risk of crashin the puny hotel internet conmnection, I"m gonna have a listen... if i don't come back soon, i've been relegated to unconnected land :C

fingers crossed...

Oh good luck! It's a spooky long song, haha. Beginning is awesome though--good writing music for me, I love stuff with little lyrics and great instrumental stuffs while actually writing. I hope that the Internet connection can handle it!

12/7/2009 #22

so far so good...

oh that's lovely! spooky is right, and kind of sentimental and sad, with a creepy unstable crazy underyone too. hee hee! nice.

works in well with the cabin scene too actually. ooh and later for the - ha, no better not spoil it :). that's an awesome violin (viola?) thanks so much for that!

12/7/2009 #23

^_^ You're welcome. My musical tastes can be strange sometimes, so I'm glad that someone enjoyed the strangeness!

A Silver Mt. Zion makes some good music, I don't know if you've ever heard of the band Godspeed You Black Emperor!, but they aspire from that band. They have really creative song titles too, I always get inspired when I listen to them.

Also: glad that your Internet connection survived. Yay!

12/7/2009 #24

I feel like I'm shamelessly spamming with music!

Has anyone heard of the band Eisley?

They were really big in the early 2000s, and I really think they have some really old gems that inspire me every time with their song writing abilities, not only can the Dupree sisters sing really well, but they're lyrics are beauitful! They're music is a tad bit girly though, XD. Very frilly, fine, BUT good lyrics. Cute girls with guitars. Not Britney Spears. BTW, off my subject, have you HEARD that new song of Britney's? The one about the threesome? XD

A few songs with great lyrics:

Marvelous Things: (love the verses about the bats and the shrubbery!)

Invasion (this has a cool video, and it's about an alien invasion that takes over Earth. Kinda creepy.)

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot!

Lost At Sea (pretty song, my best friend played this at her wedding when she got married. It kind of ruined the song for me but hey! It's still pretty!)

Anyway. Some girl music. Sigh. This is what I do when I'm bored. What should I be doing instead? Writing that chapter of ISIWB :D Me lovest The Globe.

12/11/2009 . Edited 12/11/2009 #25

The video for that daylight song was so cute and happy, I see what you mean about it cheering you up! And as for the instrumentals, I must admit I usually shy away from that kinda thing except for when someone reccomends something. But yeah, I can see myself listening more of Matt and Kim. Oh, they're so cute! Just makes me want to smile big and bang on something :)

Okay, haven't heard of Eisley but I liked those songs. They're so damn pretty! And that voice... very nice. Lost at Sea was particularly lovely.

And since you mentioned that new Britney Spears song... DHWUHFYNNH:IEHFCNKSJ#)### I want to kill it. I had no idea it was about threesomes, but I'm not surprised haha. Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of her songs but just this one is crap on a platter, I swear to who.

12/11/2009 #26

Okay, because I'm writing about a party and a girl and insomnia and sweetness, in order, I have:

The Tutts:

and The Checks:

12/11/2009 #27

Never heard of The Tutts and I like what I hear, the lead singer has a cool voice. I'm a sucker for unique guy voices--although I don't know how he can see through that hair of his. That video was funny, since I'm writing a paper right now for finals I'm thinking: uhh I'd rather be partying with The Tutts and the indie-chics!!

The Checks sound fun too, they remind me of The Jets, Are You Gonna Be My Girl or some such song. The video was kinda cool with the racing car part, made me feel like I was going super fast, XD.

Ugh...okay, back to writing my paper! Maybe I can channel The Tutts and The Checks here and get it done quickly!

12/12/2009 #28

In all seriousness, i don't think I've heard of any of these bands. I should get out more...

12/12/2009 #29

I'll have to come with you, because i've never heard of them either :D

12/12/2009 #30
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