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Ooh, I haven't heard that one of theirs. I remember listening to 'Tall, Tall Grass' and enjoying it. The lyrics are so painful and evocative. Which equals gobloads of inspiration, writng-wise :)

11/14/2010 #481

I never used to like this song, but now I think it's wonderful.

life will get better some day

it is now my theme song :p

11/15/2010 #482

Yeah, Kim's got it stuck in my head now.

Voldemort Can't Stop The Rock

11/15/2010 #483


My Dad is Rich

11/15/2010 #484

Today's Pick: White Knuckle Ride by Jamiroquai

11/20/2010 #485

Don't know if I've ever dropped this one, I don't think so, but it's...just really good, I promise :D

Just for the Night by Black Moth Super Rainbow

It gets really good towards the end so you have to listen to it all ;) XD I love the flute thing *sigh*

11/23/2010 #486

Black Moth Super Rainbow

hmmm. I like.


it does get prettier towards the end...

11/27/2010 #487


We should compile in the first post, a giant list of all the songs that have been included on here, XD

11/27/2010 #488

yeah, we also were supposed to compile links to people's story playlists lol.

I maintain that would be a cool idea. just pm me the deets.


I'm 12 years old.

11/27/2010 #489
A. Gray

Gah, ya'll make me feel so normal in my music even when I listen to a wide range.

Current: 3 Doors Down is making a come back to me, but I have a random list I play that includes Breaking Benjamin, Counting Crows, Third Eye Bling, Paramore, Karsh Kale, Maroon 5, ect.

Ones that I am super loving atm: Zzyzx Rd. by Stone Sour, and We Are the Fallen by Bury Me Alive.

*Just noticed that I put the last song wrong. Its Bury Me Alive by We Are The Fallen. Oops!

11/29/2010 . Edited 12/2/2010 #490

I like Paramore :D

11/29/2010 #491

this is my favourite song at the moment:

helicopter, by deerhunter

11/29/2010 #492


I just linked that song up earlier at Sound Check! I *love* that helicopter song...the rest of the album is mehh, but ah, that brings back good times when I was writing on insiwb and creating ephhy. aww, I need to go write on that now O_O

12/1/2010 #493
Stylistic Nightmare

Current favourite song:

Hellyeah - Alive and Well

12/1/2010 #494

I've recently been experiencing a crap ton of 90's nostalgia...So my music choices lately have generally been 90's songs...

12/1/2010 #495

Are we talking Spice Girls 90s or Nirvana/Radiohead 90s? XD

12/1/2010 #496

All of the above!

My playlist has everything from Hanson to Beck and back again...

I love it all!

12/1/2010 . Edited 12/1/2010 #497
Stylistic Nightmare

My favourite band did most of their best work during the 90s. SO I suppose I can say I've been listening to 90s music as well haha.

12/1/2010 #498

Very nice :)

What is your favorite band?

12/1/2010 #499
Stylistic Nightmare


12/1/2010 #500
Stylistic Nightmare

Oh, and of course a lot of the other bands I listen to were around in the 90s as well. Tool, Slayer, Dope, Motorhead, Slipknot, Down and others.

12/1/2010 . Edited 12/1/2010 #501

That's probably because the 90's rocked...seriously.

12/1/2010 #502
Stylistic Nightmare

Haha yeah, that they did.

12/1/2010 #503

The 90s were really awesome, I'm glad that we're in the 90s in the Off Topics at the Review Game, they serve for hilarious and fun Off Topic suggestions, XD

I really want spice girls to win for 96 :3

12/1/2010 #504

a Led Zeppelin song for the day

12/5/2010 #505

Can someone please tell me why Motion City Soundtrack is so stinkin awesome?

I can't stop listening to them...

12/5/2010 #506

The 90's really were pretty awesome.

12/6/2010 . Edited 12/6/2010 #507

This Week's Pick: Phantom II (Boys Noize Unreleased Turbine) - Justice

12/6/2010 #508

(Also, check out Metronomy's album Pip Paine (Pay Back The £5000 You Owe). So good. Emily, I think you might really like How Say and 1 String Strung).

12/6/2010 #509

Ahh! I love Justice! I don't know if you were ever able to access my playlist for Deck, but it has my favorite Justice song on it:

We Are Your Friends

that song is sooo cool, and I love the one from Misfits too, XD.

You are correct, as well, I do like both those songs O: Kewl beans! New music! XD, despite the crapiness of paper writing, today is awesome, haha.l

12/6/2010 #510
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