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Haha, no... I happen to have read Ted, White, and Blue. It's hard to believe that it isn't a joke. It's ridiculous how bad it is. I consider his political viewpoints prime entertainment. His music is fun, especially for someone whose musical taste is as guitar-centric as mine.

1/10/2011 #541

I don't know if it's as interesting for non-French speakers but tonight: OAI STAR ! Marseille FTW !

1/10/2011 #542

Cage the Elephant's new album, Thank You Happy Birthday, which is a little disappointing. Anybody else heard it yet?

1/10/2011 #543

Not yet man, don't know if I will if it was disappointing either--what's the best song on the album? Maybe I'll look it up, XD

I've been really hooked on this band lately, the xx. I heard they're super old news to everyone in-the-know :/ But I just found them. So I'm still obsessed, XD.

They're kind of like My Bloody Valentine in the sense that they use their voices more as instruments, and I dig. Good, "I'm going to write now." music

Crystalised - the xx

1/11/2011 #544

I love that Kings of Leon have started their past two albums out with a trippy-ass song. Closer and The End are both mind-bending. Gahd I love it.

1/18/2011 #545

As I've not been able to follow all the posts here, I'd like everybody to post his best 2010 discoveries.

To limit, I propose only two youtube links, one for something you found yourself, one for something you were pointed to. Preferably live videos, but you can post clips or photos if there's nothing else of correct quality. And as I know it's cruel to be limited like that, I propose that you add runner-ups but without the youtube link.

To clarify: it's YOUR discoveries of 2010. The band can be 20 years-old, it's not a problem if you just heard of them.

As an example, here are mine:

Found myself: Shaka Ponk.

Pointed by a friend: Mad Caddies.

(Yes, I'm a bit late, I intended to ask that at the beginning of the year... Oh well, it's still January?)

1/20/2011 #546
A. Gray

I found We Are The Fallen.

Was pointed to Sirenia. (also look at The Other Side by them)

I also found Tristania (Exile), and realized that Apocalyptica did string tributes to Metalica. Karsh Kale with Distance was a very close second though along with Amberian Dawn. My second to pointed to would be In This Moment.

1/20/2011 #547

This is the most serious post I've made here in a while... You all MUST watch this video. It is beyond incredible. It could be the coolest thing I've ever seen.

White Stripes - Fell In Love With A Girl - Homemade Music Video

1/21/2011 #548




1/21/2011 #549


I almost died when I saw that. It was seriously one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I love legos so much. My career as a writer started with legos.


That would actually make a good story... Lego World, or something.

Dibs, y'all! :p

1/21/2011 #550

Lego World - haha! but how to write the cute little arm movements, the bright primary colours? (and green)

...he snapped his cap onto his head...

... argh! i left my legs in my jet!...

...goddamn where is there a two-block when you need one...


1/21/2011 #551

Soph, that made my night.

1/21/2011 #552


There muyst be a website for this somewhere - Lego fanfiction?

- that's not a sword!

- yes it is!

- you just snapped the aerial off my hoverbike!

- Its. A. Sword.

1/21/2011 #553

shit, there are sites for this. o.O

of course.

SHIt there are LOTS of sites for this.

and an awful lot of crap ones.

of course!

haha, ok better go reviewing...

1/21/2011 #554

Today's Pick: Jolene by Dolly Parton

1/21/2011 #555

Nice share Liana! I liked it a lot!

1/22/2011 #556


watch this.

It's excellent, for serious.

1/22/2011 #557
Stylistic Nightmare

Thought it was time to post up a list of songs I've been listening to a lot lately.

Buried Alive - Avenged Sevenfold

Gunslinger - Avenged Sevenfold

The Waiting One - All That Remains

Won't Go Quietly - All That Remains

It's All Good - Cold

Suffocate - Cold

Never Try - Down

New Orleans Is A Dying Whore - Down

Living In A Dream - Finger Eleven

Runaway - Hail the Villain

Take Back the Fear - Hail the Villain

Glad To Be - Hail the Villain

I Get Off - Halestorm

2 Sides of Me - Hinder

Vendetta - Slipknot

Let's Be Honest - Stone Sour

Unfinished - Stone Sour

1/24/2011 #558

Today's Pick: Auburn and Ivory - Beach House

1/24/2011 #559

I just downloaded Pitchfork's Top 50 Albums of 2007 (yeah, I'm still living in the past, shoot me) and some of the artists are blowing my mind right now. I highly recommend checking the list out:

1/26/2011 #560

Today's Pick: Assouf by Tinariwen

1/26/2011 #561

Drink drank drunk by A Sunny Day in Glasgow

1/26/2011 #562

Drink drank drunk by A Sunny Day in Glasgow

+1. it's been stuck in my head since she sugg'd it to us. x_x


1/30/2011 #563

Cameras by Matt and Kim. Not the official vid, though. I thought maybe the violence here might not be such a good call :p

1/30/2011 #564
Robert Shannon

Reckless Burning by Jesse Sykes.

1/30/2011 #565

Black Magic Woman, covered by Santana; made famous by Fleetwood Mac.

His guitar work is beautiful, and the rest of his band is genius. If anyone besides me can pick out the bassist's work, listen and be amazed.

Gawd... I love the intro riff. This is as sexy as guitar gets.

1/31/2011 #566

Nice. I hadn't listened to it in a long time.

Tonight, here is the soundtrack for FWTM season 2 episode 1: Arno & BJ Scott

2/2/2011 #567

Radiohead's album "In Rainbows".

Honestly, finding a new album is like crushing on a girl... You like what you hear, then you get used to it, and in the end, you know who you really love because you can hear every single screw up, every out-of-place track, and you love them all the same.

Wow. That was cheesy, yet strangely compelling.

So, yeah. Radiohead!

2/8/2011 #568

Today's Pick: When I Grow Up - Fever Ray

Street cred to Emily for sharing it with me last night.

2/8/2011 #569

Wooo! Win!

I love that song.

I double recommend it!

2/9/2011 #570
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