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Thanks, i'll look them up!

(and i love Spike milligans one about teh baboon who was trying to fly)

11/19/2010 #181


sorry guys, just trying to move the topics up :p

11/27/2010 #182

Hello there,

I was at work, debugging something with music in the background, when I suddenly paid attention to the music and a prompt struck me.

So I took one hour tonight to try and write a one shot out of it. But now, I need someone to check my English isn't too strange.

Oh, and here is the prompt, for those who'd like to try it. I don't credit it, it's more funny like that (plus it's famous enough, and not that old):

No harm, no life, no love No stranger singing in your name Maybe the season The colors change in the valley skies Dear God I've sealed my fate Running through hell, heaven can wait

12/2/2010 #183

Oops, I misquoted the prompt.

That's what I get for posting while sleepy - mistype + choosing the wrong spell-checker suggestion. Here it is:

No home, no life, no love

No stranger singing in your name

Maybe the season

The colors change in the valley skies

Dear God, I've sealed my fate

Running through hell, heaven can wait

But the most important is not finding someone else to use this prompt, or I wouldn't be posting in "the rehearsal". The most important for me is to find someone ready to check my prose doesn't sound too "un-english"...

(and how do you make nice quotes with this forum system?)

12/3/2010 #184

Nevermind. After staring at it for the past seven hours (dear lord, has it really been that long?), adding, tweaking, removing, et cetera, I think I'm all right. I got this. Instead of using the same tricks, I dressed 'em up a bit and I'm pretty sure it was a success. So, yeah. The story's called Holy Holy Strobe but I think I'm all right. Not stressing so much anymore. :D

12/6/2010 . Edited 12/6/2010 #185

second opinion pliz?

which sentence is better:

1 - "The crushed glass burn of hope ground his heart with her every breath."

2 - "Hope ground into his heart like crushed glass with her every breath."

Context being: character A (let's call him... Nikolai ;) ) is watching character B (let's call her... Katya) sleep, and hoping against hope they are going to get through this (alive) and live happily ever after (he's a dreadful optimist) (Done worry, i's beat it out of him mostly)


12/7/2010 #186

2. defo.

niiiikolai.... XD

I have a huge crush on him. And Jude, whenever his magic is being sweet to Charlotte haha.

12/7/2010 #187
Tawny Owl

No. 2 for sure. It flows better.

Also feeling the Nikolai love. I'm a sucker for an optimist. Or a disullusioned opitimist.

12/8/2010 #188

Thanks guys! The beta is proved consistently right. See, this is why I need a beta: my judgement is up the whazoo ;)

12/8/2010 #189

Hello? :3

I would like to request a beta for a chapter I want to post. It's just under 2k. Mostly, I just want to know if it makes sense. Thoughts about the end. Suggestions. That kinda thing.

If you're not familiar with Get a Life I can provide a short synopsis, so you don't have to have read it or anything.

Any takers?

*offers cookies*

12/9/2010 #190


I so wish i could. Get A Life!!!!!!!! too busy to breathe at the mo, but maybe next week? had two christmas parties last night, another tonight, rental inspection next week and am flighting out to queensland and back in between... still haven't answered the backlog of emails from my last field trip gaaaaaaaaaah!

get a life *drooools*

12/9/2010 #191

haha sophie you're always so busy. take a deep breath now :p

it's coolies, anyway. if no one responds today I'll just post it tomorrow and live with the backlash XD

(also, christmas party, fun!)

12/9/2010 #192

i know its shit eh. wish i could opt out of teh christmas parties and catch up on reviews, bloody social obligations :/

12/9/2010 #193

Now that I'm through with my other story, I need a guinea pig to read "Five ways to mess" season 2 prologue before I dare post it.

It's 2000 words, and quite independent from the rest of the story (it might help for you to read season 1 prologue, but even that should be optional). I usually ask Emily for the betas on this story, but she seems quite busy right now (that's NOT a complaint, I was warned), so I'm looking for another volunteer. Please?

And while I am trolling for beta-readers, I also still need another guinea pig for "Reset", a depressing 900 words one-shot. Please? (number two)

12/11/2010 #194

I'm available if you want? :/

12/11/2010 #195


PM sent.

12/12/2010 #196

Oi. Needing some help with the next chapter of Shadows. If you haven't read the story, that's all right, I just need someone(s - yeah, I pluralized that) to take a look at what I've written so far and let me know if it's all right and where they think it could go from there. I'm trying to have one man convince another that they should steal horses from royal messengers because a) it's damn cold and dreary and, b) they have a four day journey ahead of them with no proper clothing, money or transportation.

So, yeah, just looking for people to drop their thoughts like their hot so I can become motivated to finish this damn chapter.

(Please and thanks, help me?)

12/24/2010 #197

Ack. Internet fail. Apologies for the double post. While I'm here, I might as well provide that link for you guys, eh? Ha-ha.

It's here if anyone's interested:

12/24/2010 . Edited 12/24/2010 #198

eek! alright, when's your deadline here? i want to catch up on the other chapters first... :O

12/24/2010 #199

No specific deadline; just want to get it out ASAP, say, midway through January, if at all possible.

No rush, no stress, no pressure, though. :)

12/25/2010 #200

New page, baby.

12/25/2010 #201

Alrighty! done, so i'll go check it oot.

12/27/2010 #202

It worked for me. it makes sense that Tael is teh one to suggest it, because he'd be more uncomfortable about travelling without a horse, it makes sense that Ioan is at first a bit waht the? but that he then comes up withn a very Ioan-sounding plan. you could progress with a smile (mischeivous or reluctantly accepting) come over Tael's face, or else the sound of hoofbeats breaking his thoughts... in which case IOan goes and does his wham pow thing and procures said horse, whilst Tael's apologising and trying to make ammends to the messenger, who turns out not to be a messnger but a lead scout for a patrol of troops, who then give chase, and ioans like, uh, my prince? gotta get out of here... like now?


12/27/2010 #203

Sophie is the greatest reviewer in the entire universe. ♥ Thanks for all the feedback and reviews and catching up with Shadows and power-reviewing and being awesome and looking over the rough draft of chapter 28 and just being so damn awesome!

12/28/2010 #204


12/28/2010 #205

I did a bunch of editing on "Aqua Vitae" (my October WCC piece), and I think it's finally ready for serious scrutiny. Anybody willing to take a look? I'd be excited to read something that you all would like me to take a look at!

12/29/2010 #206

I'm around right now, so I can take a look at it, if you like.

12/29/2010 #207

I'd be much obliged. I'll put it up right now.

12/29/2010 #208

And it is posted! Thank you Liana!

12/29/2010 #209

Is there something specific you wanted me to comment on/look out for? I've read it twice now and I think it's beautiful. A little vague, but that just means the reader needs to be crafty and pay attention.

12/29/2010 #210
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