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How do Globers?

I give you the ^-v game :D

It's pretty basic, you post three lines. The first line is the answer to the previous question, the second line is someting random, whatever you're thinking, and in the third line you ask a new question. Any worries? No. Good. Off we go then!

^ Well, there was no previous question, so...

- I'm obsessed with blogging!

v What are you obsessed with?

7/5/2010 #1
Stylistic Nightmare

^ I am obsessed with playing the game Mahjongg Dimensions

- I've decided that The Simpsons is the best television show of all time.

v What is your favourite television show?

7/5/2010 #2

^ True Blood!

- My friend made me sad by making right-wring-extremist comments on FB :(

v Do you own a lighter? And if so, how many?

7/6/2010 #3

^ nup. my boy does though and i hide them whenever i find em, so teh local shops do a roaring trade.

- there are termites in my bread. like *in* my bread. Joys of the tropics.

v What's your favourite and least favourite insect?

7/6/2010 #4

^Favourite, butterfly (any kind). Least favourite, earwig.

- I'm in a right pissy mood today.

v Did it also take you a full ten seconds to figure out where the 'v' symbol was, only to realize it was the letter 'V'?

7/6/2010 #5

^ No, I knew it was a 'v' because I've seen a decent amount of letter/keyboard symbol art like in player-made game walkthroughs.

- I've got these lyrics playing in my head at the moment: "And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming; Or the moment of truth in your lies. When everything seems like the movies; Yeah you bleed just to know your alive"

v Can you identify the song and band without google? (This one should be pretty well-known)

7/6/2010 #6

^ 'And I don't want the world to see, cos i don't think that they'd understand.' That would be iris by the goo goo dolls i believe, one of my fave songs that is now stuck in my head.

-I'm wondering what I would miss more on a dessert island, bacon or sausages.

v If you could take three food items to a dessert island and eat only those for a year, what would they be?

7/6/2010 . Edited 7/6/2010 #7

Correct! It is Iris by Goo Goo Dolls. My evil plan to get the song stuck in someone else's head is complete! mwahahah

^ You meant a desert island right? A dessert island would mean its made of icecream. And hell, I would just bring a huge shovel as a spoon. But if it was a desert island I would take watermellon, rotissary chicken, and pina colada smoothies (with alcohol content of course).

- Speaking of dessert, I'm a big fan of ice cream cake.

v Whats your favorite dessert? (Choose one. I know thats hard :P)

7/6/2010 #8

^ Pralines and Cream ice cream. Had it for the first time a couple of days ago. SOOO good.

- I just picked up District 9 from the library. Yesss. I can't wait to watch. Liana is now a great deal less pissy than before.

v What's your favourite movie(s)?

7/6/2010 #9

^ LOTR & Terminator. I can't pick just one D:

- The sun is shining for the first time in ages! hurraay!

v What did you have for breakfast?

7/6/2010 #10

lol i actually changed it from dessert :/ i think my mind has just been on sugar all day :) and well done you did get it stuck in my head

^ I had scrambled eggs and smoked salmon trimmings, i like to pretend i'm civilised but i can't afford the real life smoked salmon except at christmas. how Dickensian is that?

- why do moths live at night, and yet spend all their time looking for light?

v If you could be an animal what would you be?

7/6/2010 #11

^ A SHARK!!!!! I love sharks. Too freakin cool. Ah man that was a really un-imaginative answer.

- Good point about the moths. I have no idea.

v Do you know what the theory of relativity is?

7/6/2010 #12

^ Why yes, it's a relative theory. End not-so-smartass-smartass comment.

- But seriously, I do kinda know what it is. I did a bit of research on it for one of my older stories.

v Do you like Modest Mouse? Because I'm rather obsessed with them right now.

7/6/2010 #13

^ Modest Mouse... I vaugely remember that I used to like them... does that count?

- Ha ha ha, smartbum. I watched New York, New York last night, and even though I've read half of that Hawkins book I still don't know :p

v Who would win in a fight between batman and spiderman?

7/6/2010 #14

^ Batman

- Right now I'm thinking about my Modest Mouse obsessive phase that just happened last month.

v What's your favorite scented candle scent?

7/6/2010 #15

^ Cinnamon, it makes your room smell like christmas.

- I don't know who modest mouse is, but I think humility in vermin should always be incouraged.

v If I was cheese and you were bread, would you melt me on your toast?

7/7/2010 #16

^ Depends, are you marble or cheddar?

- It's damn hot out again. I love it, but I really wish I was at a beach, or some sort of large body of water.

v Uhm, favourite colour?

7/7/2010 #17

^ That would be... grey. I know it's technically not a colour, it's a tone, but man don't descriminate, all it ever wanted to do was hango out with all the vibrant colours of the rainbow and instead it got associated with miserable weather. DON'T WORRY GREY I LOVE YOU!

- I can be any cheese you want me to be... but i think I would be cathedral city mature cheddar, mmmm so good.

v so how 'bout them red socks? (lolwhut?)

7/7/2010 #18

^ I know, right?

- Excellent. I likes my cheese.

v Favourite place?

7/7/2010 #19

^ Um Fave city= Brighton, Fave country= France (the south of), Fave place of all time= Bed, no doubt

- I love lamp

v What is your earliest memory?

7/7/2010 #20

^ I have this weird thing where I've mistaken pictures for actual memories, so it's difficult to say definitively. I'd have to say my aunt rubbing my back while I fell asleep. Nothing huge, but I remember how soothing it was.

- You stay classy.

v Really?

7/7/2010 #21

^ Yah really!

- If I was a tree I'd want to be an apple tree

v What is the most beautiful flower in your opinion?

7/7/2010 #22

^ Oh, geeze. Tough one. I had taken a huge encyclopedia of flowers out from the library last week and a lot of them were mind-blowingly beautiful. I'll have to say lilacs for now, even though I've seen some pretty other badass ones. Rain check for real answer. =P

- This librarian dude is really attractive. It's his voice. It's just so commanding and "Yes, of course I'll help you." -fans self-

v What's 2 + 2?

7/7/2010 #23

^ I don't know, but whoever can solve that is obviously cheating and googling the answer.

- I'd go for it, just be all like, so how about the dewy decimal system?

v What colour DOES a smurf go when you choke it?

7/7/2010 . Edited 7/7/2010 #24

^ lmfao! Good one. Uhm... purplish-grey? Yes. That's my answer. Purplish-grey.

- That is an amazing pick up line. I'll have to use that one. And: I just Googled something. Too funny.

v Why am I so terrible at thinking up questions?

7/7/2010 #25

^ Your're not, you just need to let the first thing the pops into your head come out.

- Let's practice, I would never smear myself with marmalade and run around outside, even if it was only in my back garden and someone offered me 50 quid.

v Would you, if no, how much would it take?

7/7/2010 #26

^ Probably for fun and if I was still wearing clothes and a hose was nearby. It would definitely take at least 100 Canadian dollars.

- Alright, time to change the music. Can't damn well listen to the same Modest Mouse CD all day.

v Do you play any instruments?

7/7/2010 #27

^ I do, I played the violin for 4 years (not very well), the clarinet for 3 (terribly) and I still occasionaly play the piano, I had lessons for five years.

- I can't work out how to access my messages on this silly website, apparently I have some.

v If you had to pick one song to be played at your funeral what would it be?

7/7/2010 #28
Stylistic Nightmare

^ Probably "My Funeral" by Dope; it would be appropriate I think.

- Almost lunch time; hopefully I can dig up some good food haha.

v Are you listening to music right now? If so, what song?

7/7/2010 #29

^ Tough one. It would most likely be a Radiohead song. Hmm, maybe Sail to the Moon. Or, wait no! There There. Yes. I think that one's appropriate.

- PMs? They should be in your email.

v What song can you no stand to listen to because you've heard to it so many times?

7/7/2010 #30
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