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A. Gray

^ Life... but for still running, NCIS

- +1 bored

v Car, Truck, SUV, Van (mini even)?

12/7/2010 #901

^ Car

- NCIS is on right now, XD, I like just the ordinary first CSI, meh, changing channel...

v Cartoons or live action?

12/7/2010 #902
A. Gray

^ Cartoons, at least when they do unrealistic things it's not like... um people that is so impossible due to the laws of physics.

- really i'm go to write just after this.

v silence or noise?

12/7/2010 #903

^ Noise

- third CSI episode, D: Someone save me!

v women or men?

12/7/2010 #904

^ much easier to get along with...

--Got my butt kicked by my bio test today...awesome.

v Favorite decade?

12/7/2010 #905

^ the one I am in right now

- because I love technology

v Worst fear?

12/7/2010 #906

^ The Dark. I don't go out much.

- I was afraid of heights too. Got stuck at the top of monkey bars once.

v What are you watching right now?

12/7/2010 #907

^ nothing

- wow, rabble. it's been a while.

v favourite fruit?

12/8/2010 #908
Stylistic Nightmare

^ Watermelon

- I need to find my notebook

v Favourite vegetable?

12/8/2010 #909

^ Cucumber

- Cool. Now I feel like playing some inappropriate music.

v Is emo a lifestyle or a brand? Your opinion.

12/8/2010 #910
A. Gray

^ I think both depending on the person, but for most it's a brand.

- That was a tough one.

v Longest completed story?

12/9/2010 #911

^ Vampire and The Romantics Draft 2, it came out at 257 pages, 203,991 words

- I will probably never be able to do that again, XD, oh high school, how I miss thee...

v Hot or Cold?

12/9/2010 #912

^ cold!

- VATR! :D

v ever been really sick before?

12/9/2010 #913

^ yup. had to go to the hospital, even.

- so, here's that story. I got super sick really randomly a couple summers ago. started with a stomachache that just would not go away. kept throwing up and blah, except after a while was just dry heaving, which in my opinion is the worst. so anyway, off to the hospital; couldn't keep anything down, turns out I was dehydrated along with everything else (I just couldn't keep it down!!) and they still don't exactly know what was wrong with me! yup. stayed there overnight and was perfectly fine the next morning. whatever!

v favorite flavor of hot chocolate?

12/10/2010 #914

^ there are flavours of hot chocolate? wows o_O

- weiiirrd.

v christmas or new years?

12/10/2010 #915


- only because this year I will be in London, XD

v The United Kingdom or England?

12/10/2010 #916

^Depends on a variety of factors, I'm inclined to say England, because not only does the UK refer to the wider scotland wales and northern ireland, it also holds connotations for many people connected with monarchy, empire and national identity. Since I am a republican and proud, this is england :) (but really, truthfully, it doesn't matter)

- christmas songs are a strange form of hypnotisation (is that a word... it is now).

v what is your favourite Christmas/holiday season song/carol/hymn/jingle?

12/10/2010 #917
Stylistic Nightmare

^ Yellin' At The Xmas Tree by Billy Idol

- I dislike Christmas music. The above song is one of the only exceptions.

v Least favourite aspect of the holiday season?

12/10/2010 #918

^ creepy Santa-based advertisements.

- back to the Globe instead of studying for finals

v can you take sports writers seriously?

12/10/2010 #919

^no but I try not to take sports too seriously.

-it's cold here, too cold.

v have you got a favourite childhood book or series? what is it?

12/10/2010 #920

^ Harry Potter, need you ask? XD

- I love Stephan Colbert

v Do you recycle?

12/10/2010 #921

^ My roommate is big into recycling, so she makes me recycle.

- I'm watching Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas. I effing love this shit.

v Benicio Del Toro or Johnny Depp?

12/12/2010 #922

^ Benicio Del Toro

- Kasabian

v What's your favourite type of cookie?

12/12/2010 #923
A. Gray

^ Oatmeal Raisin

- I'm the only one in the house that likes them besides my daughter, so make them and we get them all!

v weekend with work or weekday without work?

12/13/2010 #924

^ weekend without work :D


v o.e ......*recovers* SNOW OR NO SNOW?

12/13/2010 #925
A. Gray

^ Snow

- I have been having the weirdest dreams lately... though the ninja one was kinda neat...

v Do you remember your dreams?

12/14/2010 #926

^ yes, unfortunately

- they're usually batshit crazy

v highlight of 2010?

12/14/2010 #927

^I don't isn't over yet ;)

--I took my last final today and now I'm free from bio!

v Favorite Christmas treat?

12/15/2010 #928
A. Gray

^ Mint brownies

- bored

v fav christmas song?

12/16/2010 #929

^ Fairytale of New York, The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl

- me too

v What never fails to make you think of Christmas?

12/16/2010 #930
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