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lastly. all-importantly.


10/17/2010 #301


10/17/2010 #302


oh that reminds me of digimon. I used to loooove digimon!

10/17/2010 #303

Aw gee, i just got my clearance for working in schools, the form was epic and it cost 50 bucks, and they have changed teh system so i have to reapply. my clearance is not two weeks old!!! and the form is still epic!!!! and it will cost ANOTHER 50 bucks! For fricks sake...

10/17/2010 #304


10/17/2010 #305


10/17/2010 #306

aahhh that's terrible!

life's a bitch like that huh. stupid forms.

10/17/2010 #307

k folks, making mince and cheese pie for tea.


forgot the damn cheese.

10/17/2010 #308

*stares at section B:

"Please list previous addresses for the past 10 years"


10/17/2010 #309

goes on a cheese- hunt

stalking down cheese.

10/17/2010 #310

"Please list previous addresses for the past 10 years"

holy cow. that really is an epic form!

10/17/2010 #311

I went to Lollapalooza this summer with my best friend and room mate. We got a picture of the two of us at Wolfmother (our favorite band that was there) on the Flickr page that goes with the website.


I went to Lolla summer of 2009, and I saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It was effing epic. But I missed 2010. -_-

And freakin' Aracde Fire was there.

I would have died. DIED OF HAPPINESS.

Best Lolla line up was like epic too, TV on The Radio, YYY, then back on Friday night I stood and saw all of these bands in a row: Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, The Decemberists, Andrew Bird, Depeche Mode. Schweeeeeet!

You have brought back memories of wishing that I went to more concerts -_-

Just missed Starfucker in Minneapolis too...and Sufjan Stevens...and Gorillaz.

I'm a grumpy old man who never does anything but sit along on his computer writing :/

10/18/2010 #312

ps. craptards. my entire chapter 13 did not move the plot AT ALL


But he's so cute I don't want to throw him out -_-

And I thought I'd get them out of the city by now. HAHAHA. What a joke.

10/18/2010 #313


I have an idea!!!111!!111!!!!!


Okay. This could actually work. And it might not progress the plot, but at least we'll get somewhere faster. :D

Isn't it weird that like, I feel things happen fast in insiwb but it's actually quite a crawl? I mean, I intended to have them out of that city within seven chapters. Fat chance, srsly, what drugs was I taking?

10/18/2010 #314

zomg. I've wanted to go to lollapalooza since I was 16. you guys are too lucky!

Isn't it weird that like, I feel things happen fast in insiwb but it's actually quite a crawl? I mean, I intended to have them out of that city within seven chapters. Fat chance, srsly, what drugs was I taking?

slow and steady wins the race :D

10/18/2010 #315

aarrggghhh I'm supposed to be catching up on reviews today. and doing some study. but youtube has completely distracted me D:

10/18/2010 #316

some reviews. a little brainstorming. fb dwelling.

yuuuuhhhsss !!

10/18/2010 #317

if you are lurking, make yourself known. now!

10/18/2010 #318
Stylistic Nightmare

And like magic, I appear.

How's it going Xen?

10/18/2010 #319

hey it worked. SWEET XD

it's going good man. see you've got a new chapter up? cool as!

10/18/2010 #320
Stylistic Nightmare

Yeah. I didn't change anything based on the feedback you gave me before. I was eager to start working on my new story, so I finished off the chapter, posted, and once I get a few reviews, I'll go back and do more extensive edits.

10/18/2010 . Edited 10/18/2010 #321

okay. that's alright.

hmm what was I doing...

10/18/2010 #322

Hey Yo!

10/19/2010 #323

all my love is in the sand

burried in the windy sound of your name. I LOVE GOODSHIRT :D :D

10/19/2010 #324

There's this group of people who, with the sound of their voices, make me strangely and compellingly contemplative. One of them is Morgan Freeman, especially in Shawshank Redemption. Another is Rob Thomas with Matchbox Twenty. Another is one of my very good friends. Every single time.

Just thought I'd share.

What happens when one ends a post without a period? Does it go on forever?

"Well it was cool, cool / it was just all cool / now it's over for me / and it's over for you

10/19/2010 #325

sharing is caring XD

I like Ewan McGreggor's voice. And Sir Ian McKellen!

10/19/2010 #326

I just saw the cult movie Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter.


it is a must see.

10/19/2010 #327

Also it took place in Canada. Canadians can be...really weird.

But awesome weird, in the best way possible. Punk priests, ill fitting leather body-suits, and lesbian shortage awesome weird.

10/19/2010 #328

For those who are curious, a taste of Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter.

Body of CHRIST!

10/19/2010 #329

oh heck ;)

10/20/2010 #330
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