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sounds like a really good idea Xen!

and yeah, I'm game for anything really, just point and I will read, hahaha

10/15/2010 #31

Inspiration forum:

I'm a fan of the book-club idea, but I think that inspirations go beyond just books or music. There is a variety of different media that give me inspiration. A short list includes: webcomics, tv-shows, you-tube vid.s, etc. Not sure if this would be too expansive since we already have Sound Check dedicated to just audio inspirations.

10/17/2010 #32

You know, I think that would be a good idea for an actual forum. So much of writing is inspired by different things. All poets steal. Or is it all good poets steal?

Hmm... yeah. Can't remember.

So maybe it's not quite needed here because of the sound check thread and proposed bookclub thread. And I reckon we could adapt webcomics to books as visual. Movies and t.v shows into sound check as audio-visual. Just my thoughts, though. It really is a great idea!

10/17/2010 #33

i like the idea of an inspirations thread. just, like, whatevah. pictures, lines, sounds, yup. all good.

10/17/2010 #34
Tawny Owl

Yes, an inspirations thread would be fun. I'm always curious to see where other people get there ideas from.

10/23/2010 #35

RE: new thread

The Reading Room!

No specific rules. Monthly reading still up in the air, depending on interest we'll have one next month, or we won't. I say we argue the nominations out, instead of voting. But, er, maybe a poll is more diplomatic? Anyway. Ch-ch-ch-ch-check, check it out.

10/27/2010 #36

I'm totally down for a monthly reading dealie. I'm down for having one in November, for sure. Perhaps, in the future, we could vote a week before for three days, so that'll give people another four days to get a copy of the chosen book?

10/27/2010 #37

Yeah I'd be down for it!

Awesome new thread too! Yay! ^^

10/27/2010 #38
Tawny Owl

I'm not sure if this is the right place, but is anyone else taking part in the National Novel Writing Month?

It's my first time this year and wondered if there was anyone else out there doing it too?

11/3/2010 #39

yeah, Don, Xen and Berley are doing it too... I think? Who'd I miss? oh, y'all asleep. Head over to the Pit to hear them check up on each others word counts lol.

11/3/2010 #40

My username is epoch. Add me as a buddy!

11/3/2010 #41

RE: Writing Challenge Contest

It's that time again, WCC time! Several of our own Globers and Globettes have signed up and submitted pieces, so go check them out!

11/6/2010 . Edited 11/6/2010 #42

go us!

11/8/2010 #43

RE: WCC (:

Results are out and the very cool Emily (aka lookingwest) has won the November Writing Challenge Contest over at The Review Game!

Three cheers! Horray! (horray, horray... lol)

Check out the winning pice here: Deck

Congrats to all the other Globers who participated, it's always a pleasure reading your entries :D

11/15/2010 #44

RE: The Pit

Er... yeah. There's a new one. Just in case you hadn't noticed ;)

11/27/2010 #45

RE: Spam Thread

Should we make a spam thread? I think we should talk about this before making one, like what was done. :/ I mean, what should the title be, should the spam thread have a theme like the example I gave from Should it just be free style? That sort of thing--oh, and how many people think it's necessary and want one?

We usually talk about all the other threads we make, so I don't think this should be an exception, just wondering what everyone else's opinions were.

11/30/2010 #46

I'm up for a spam thread. Like I mentioned in The Pit, I think we should make a date where everyone drops in and tries to spam it until it bursts, type of deal. I think a theme would be cool, too, especially if this is just going to be a casual thread instead of "spam till your dead" type thing.

What're everyone else's thoughts on this?

11/30/2010 #47
A. Gray

As a suggestion: One of the first forums I joined for writers had a little thread where they had various prompts. There was one for picture, or just a line, ect.. Then who ever wrote something based off that or inspired by that posted it. There was one thread that was prompts for seven minutes. (Ex: A guy in a boat, and then 7 min to write about it.) Every 3 - 7 days new prompts were posted. It was something to get the juices flowing.

Any thoughts?

I like the idea of a theme on the spam thread.

11/30/2010 . Edited 11/30/2010 #48

Hey, I like that. But perhaps instead of the time limit (since things can get pretty slow around here), we go by pages. Each page is fifty posts, so even if there are a lot of people on at once, we don't have to worry about things getting too crazy. The first post on the new page is the new prompt. Yeah?

11/30/2010 #49
A. Gray

Works too, and I like the Idea. To clarify: the time limit was personal. So you read the promt, and think of what you want to write. Then once you start writing you have 7 min. to finish. It would be days or weeks later that some one might post (no time limit on that), but the time was on the actual writing of it.

11/30/2010 #50

Oh, right. My bad. Hmm. Well, I like the personal idea, but I think it'd be neat if we had a public one. Like, you can post as many little ditties and things you like that revolve around the prompt, as long as it's not hogging the entire thread. Something to think on. Either way, I think that'd be a really neat thread to have, no matter the minor details. :D

11/30/2010 #51
A. Gray

Yeah, the personal I meant was the time limit. You just personally time yourself to 7 or 10 min, but can post 10 little drabbles in the 3 - 7 day period if you wanted and had the time.

On the photo thread there was no time limit, (one spawned a short story from me "The Sushi Bar Summons") might want to limit to something like "Less than 5k words" or such on that one. It was 1 photo a week, and we took turns on the photo post.

Might want a seperat place for discussion of the prompts themselves and or the content posted to the prompt too.

11/30/2010 . Edited 11/30/2010 #52

Yeah, I like that idea too, that would be a fun spam thread and something fun sort of like Rabble.

I think though, that the spammer can really do anything that they want to do, so if they want to post one word a million times and it has to do with the prompt they can do it, or if they want to post a sentence but post one word per post to make the sentence, they can do that too. Because I know that I don't like to think a lot when I'm in a spamming mood, XD, so we could have a pretty funny House of Leaves (my obsession with that book is starting to get annoying) like weird ass sentence structure and falling crap going on with it, which would make it interesting to look through too.

11/30/2010 . Edited 11/30/2010 #53

Oh, sorry, didn't see the new post there, XD. Eh, time limits are whatever, I guess, I wouldn't set one for myself because when I spam I just do it until I reach a certain page goal...just make sure to keep it easy and simple.

11/30/2010 #54

Okay, so how about this: one(1) spam thread (rules: anything goes, just be creative*) and one(1) chill prompt thread (picture/quote/one word/whatever, where one person gives a prompt and everyone else writes about it for x amount of time/posts/pages/whatever)?

*creative as in more than just lyrics, maybe? Dunno, I'm just not a huge fan of the form of lyrical spamming. Very little thinking required, yes, but visually not as fun as it could be and I think it shouldn't be blatantly obvious we're just trying to up the post count. We're writers, people, let's be a little creative, shall we?

11/30/2010 #55

Meh, I don't have a problem with lyric spamming, I don't backread ever.


But not having that is fine too! Omg, my brain was just oozing from that cheesy Eclipse commercial.

11/30/2010 #56

I think we should just have the one thread with a kind of combined feel to it. I like the idea of having a prompt for each page. Even if you didn't want to write anything particularly creative, you can still spamity spam spam within the range of the prompt. That way it's more of a competition thing. Virgin post gets to choose the prompt for that page?

11/30/2010 #57

Prompt, theme, movie, band, era, book, body part, character, color ect... :p

11/30/2010 #58

I think we should just have the one thread with a kind of combined feel to it.

Sounds good to me. (And oh, era! That one would be fun).

11/30/2010 #59

I think we should just have the one thread with a kind of combined feel to it. I like the idea of having a prompt for each page. Even if you didn't want to write anything particularly creative, you can still spamity spam spam within the range of the prompt. That way it's more of a competition thing. Virgin post gets to choose the prompt for that page?

Excellante idea Xen!

11/30/2010 #60
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