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Coolies XD

We'll just wait maybe a day or two to let the other active members weigh in. If they so desire... lol

11/30/2010 #61

Awesome idea!

11/30/2010 #62

I'm going to take down the other thread, if I over stepped my bounds there, I grovel for forgiveness at your feet Xen. XD

12/1/2010 #63
Stylistic Nightmare

Sounds like a good idea to me, Xen.

12/1/2010 #64

He's lying, Xen. He's just trying to dominate.

(I joke).

12/1/2010 #65

woah, people! :D

any suggestions for names for the new thread? keeping in mind all the others are thematic/geeky?

12/1/2010 #66

What about something like, The Noise Pit?

Because like, it's like the Pit, but it's going to be crazy spammy noisy inside. :D?

It kind of looks like "nose pit", so I'm going to come back later and think of a better idea. XD

12/2/2010 #67

The Mosh Pit?

12/2/2010 #68
A. Gray

I like mosh pit. Gives an image of a bunch of people or thoughts all jumbled together in an unorganized heap.

12/2/2010 #69

I third the Mosh Pit, XD

12/2/2010 #70

Running with the noise idea, I'd propose the "Pink Noise Generator".

Not that I'm going to participate much, given my posting rate on the main sections. Feel free to disregard.

12/2/2010 #71

yeah, mosh pit is pretty cool XD

12/2/2010 #72

(I'm glad we went with The Mosh Pit).

12/6/2010 #73
A. Gray

I'm here to revive the idea of the promt thread if ya'll will let me. XD

12/6/2010 #74

RE: La Campanella Nominees List Is Out!

To everyone who has been keeping a close eye on La Campanella, the nominees list is FINALLY out and I am pleased to announce the following Globers' stories have made it to the voting round of the La Campanella Awards:

I Never Said I Was Brave (by lookingwest) has been nominated for Le Supernatural Award, Shadows (by Lianoid Galbraith) for Le Fantasy Award and Le Tragedy Award, Nochnayia Lubov (by sophiesix) for Le Tragedy Award, Her for Them (by Lianoid Galbraith), In the end, there was nothing but darkness (by sophiesix), Iseult (by author-A.) and The Portrait (by author-A.) for L'One-Shot Award, The Hut by the Sea (by author-A.) for Historical Fiction, and Home (sophiesix) for Le Prompt Response Fantastique Award.

Full list of nominees is here ( I encourage everyone to read all the nominees and vote for their favourites. Congratulations to everyone nominated! I'm so proud of us all! :D

12/30/2010 #75

oh wow!!!!! Congratulations everybody! (and that's hilarious that I find out from the Globe rather than from La Campanella! XD)

good luck everybody!!!! :D

12/30/2010 #76

(and that's hilarious that I find out from the Globe rather than from La Campanella! XD)

Ha-ha. I think Lilly's still updating; not sure if she'll send out private notifications, though; this is the first cycle I've participated in.

(And look at our lurvly shiny new avs!)

12/30/2010 #77

siooooo pereeeeeety XD

12/30/2010 #78

Awesome!!!! Well done everyone :D

12/31/2010 #79

There's been a mixup with one of the Historical Fiction nominees. Right now INSIWB (which isn't historical as far as I'm aware -- amirite?) is linked to Sophie's Nochnayia Lubov (which I've been told is -- amiriteagain?). So I think, Sophie, you've been nom'd for L'Historical, Le Tragedy, L'One Shot AND Le Prompt Response Fantastique! (Cleaning up much, amirite?)


12/31/2010 #80

lol, I was wandering about that, (they are very similar really ;) ) but far be it from me to question these things. After I got told Full Circle: Out of the West couldn't be nominated because it was a romance, I realised i knew nothing about these things ;). Not that i don't think INSIWB isn't potentially an awesome historical novel! The judges know best XD but anyways, for what its worth, yes: Noch is a historical novel in that it takes place in the past. Might get more votes with it tagged as INSIWB though :D

12/31/2010 #81

Congratulations everyone!

Yeah I was a little confused when I saw INSIWB up in Historical, XD, didn't make much sense. That story doesn't even have a date, haha.

Might get more votes with it tagged as INSIWB though :D

aw, pft, NO. Noch is AMAZING. I'm so happy it made it in since I'm pretty sure I nominated it at least twice, XD, just for good measure, hahaha.

I need to actually finish Noch...and I definitley apologize for that :( I haven't finished one of your stories fully in over a year. I might just have to go through and do EFs and just dive through it like in the old days ;)

1/6/2011 #82

"That story doesn't even have a date, haha."

And hear I was thinking, shit, its set in some alternate early eighties reality and i never even knew... ;)

Lol, dive away!

1/6/2011 #83

And hear I was thinking, shit, its set in some alternate early eighties reality and i never even knew... ;)

bwahahaha, it probably is, no one ever tells me anything in that story when it comes to time! XD

1/6/2011 #84

Ha-ha. I could totally see INSIWB being in the eighties. XD

1/6/2011 #85

me too! lawlz.

1/6/2011 #86

post apocalyptic eighties... you should totally harp on that: it'll give extra setting details for setting junkies ;) and then i 'll nom you for next years historical section !

1/6/2011 #87

all of this talk is reminding me that I need to update D:

it also reminds me of this episode of The Regular Show where this phone from the eighties literally prank calls the characters and is all like: THE EIGHTIES CALLED, AND THEY WANT THEIR PHONE BACK. And then it sweeps them into a time vortex and they end up in the eighties.


that is exactly what's going to happen in the next chapter of INSIWB.

Everyone is just going to be sucked into a time vortex...I should put them in medieval Russia.

/ end rant of randomness

1/6/2011 #88

yessssss.... russssia, my precioussss!

1/6/2011 #89

RE: Winter Cycle of Some Kind of Wonderful Awards is open for nominations!

Some Kind of Wonderful has opened up their nomination period, which will be doing the first nomination period until Jan. 23rd, and their second nomination period from Jan. 30th to Feb. 6th. SKoW is famous for it's romance awards, and probably one of the most well known award sites catering to an audience of Fictionpress.

Link to home site:

Link to nomination categories:

So get out there and find some flufftastic romance and nominate! Woo! (Well, it doesn't have to be fluff, really, but you get the romantic picture) *breaks out wine glasses*

1/10/2011 #90
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