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We talked about having a single forum dedicated to just the highlights of each Globe member (a la their introductory post, which I conveniently did not do a very good job writing), and I was struck with a flash of inspiration tonight:

The Lobby - Meet Lord Chamberlain's Men (and Women)

Anybody like?

1/10/2011 #91


1/11/2011 #92

I like, minus the "and Women" in brackets. Why not "Meet Lord Chamberlain's Women (and Men)" instead, seeing as, you know, there are more women here than men anyway. :P

1/11/2011 #93

good idea Patrick

and *gigglesnort* yeah, that woman thing is true! or it could be like....Women and Men. XD Or... "Humankind" hahha

1/11/2011 . Edited 1/11/2011 #94

I just realized I historically know nothing about Shakespeare. Good job Emily, why thank you self. I know that entire SEMESTER of Shakespeare really obviously affected you for the rest of your life.

*stumbles out*

1/11/2011 #95

(winks at Emily)

1/17/2011 #96

Woah. I missed this. Great idea though, I like it! The only reason we don't have this thread already is because of the name.

And. Well. Hrmm. Do you guys think we should have a template, or a format and write whatever you want type thing?


Can't think... need help... grargggllssehhhhffpppt.

1/20/2011 #97

I like the idea of a template, or at least having a few requirements (name, where you're from, what you study/do, etc), but wiggle room for creativity seems appropriate.

1/20/2011 #98

Do you want to write one up? Or anyone else? PM me. Let's do this thing.

1/21/2011 #99

Oh wow.

1/22/2011 #100

RE: The Lobby

New Thread is live! Check it out!

In a nutshell, The Lobby is the un-official Globe register. If we get enough entries it could be a really cool resource. Like browsing for writers with similar interests, finding new stories, comparing writing goals, networking, ect.

Thoughts? Anyone want to go first? :p

1/22/2011 #101

Ah! Sweeeeeeet!

1/22/2011 #102

Woo! It's very cool, I'm excited to see what people say about themselves, XD

1/22/2011 #103

The Review Game's Writing Challenge Contest has started for Feb! You have to write 2000 words or a poem with the prompt 'change something' for stimulus. People vote for their favourite and the winner gets reviews from everyone one else on the piece of their choice :)

Patrick, Bob, Eponine, Em - good to see you there.

Xen - get yourself unbanned already.

Everone else - be stimulated! :D

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/1/2011 #104

My piece is up and submitted!

2/1/2011 #105


2/1/2011 #106


+1 :D

2/1/2011 #107

Xen - get yourself unbanned already.

Xen! O: *pushes* XD

2/2/2011 #108

Yeah, yeah.


2/2/2011 #109

NEWS: Some Kind of Wonderful Awards reveals nominee list and opens voting

This is a super popular Fictionpress award site that caters to mostly Romance. And guess what? Quite a few of our own made it on the list in round 11! Squee!

But boo hiss, because most of us are competing against one another D:

Despite that, Congratulations to Sophie, Xen, Liana and Tawny!

Sophie and Xen are up for Best Breakout Author!

Tawny is up for not only Best Original Universe, but also Best Drama with her wonderful sweet story Little Light Gothic!

And Liana is up for Shadows in Best Non-Romance along with my story I Never Said I Was Brave!

So there is like, mega talent this round and I encourage everyone part of the Globe to go vote and show your support for the nominees!

You can see the full nominee list here:

And vote for the categories here:


*fingers still crossed for updated La Camp!*

2/21/2011 #110

Congrats everybody!!

2/21/2011 #111

Congrats everybody!!


2/21/2011 #112

Woo! Congratulations, guys! :D

2/22/2011 #113

Congrats all!


2/22/2011 #114


2/28/2011 #115

Alrighty so the Review Game's Writing Challenge Contest is on again! This month's prompt is "THe UN declaration of human rights"

(don't kill me!)

The deal is you have from now until midnight on the 7th (FP time) to write and post less than thousands words of prose or 500 words of poetry about something to do with the prompt. Then there's a week for everyone to read all the other entries and vote for their favourite two. Then the winning entry gets a depth review from all participants.

Why do it? Its a great way to get new people to read your stuff. Its a great way push your writing in directions it wouldn't have otherwise gone. And, it's a great way to read fresh new ideas and techniques every month.

go here to see the rules

go here to register (you know you want to)

: )

3/1/2011 #116

What's on at the Globe right now? I'll tell you: our very own Emily has FINALLY been promoted to an official mod for the Review Game!!

3/6/2011 #117

So congratulations, Em :)

3/6/2011 #118

So congratulations, Em :)

aw shucks, thanks Patrick, XD

3/6/2011 #119

Wow, really?? Cool! XDXD

3/8/2011 #120
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