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Hey Globers!

Welcome to The Lobby - an informal register of all active members of the forum.

The idea behind this thread is to have a place to introduce yourself and your writing, kind of like a mini artist profile exclusive to The Globe. You can share as little or as much as you'd like. Tell us about your major writing projects, and your hopes for the future. Dream of one day being published? Already published? Share links to your favourite stories. Talk about how your cat inspires you. Do you have a website? Blog? Facebook? Twitter? Are you looking for a critique partner, or a beta? Want to offer your services? Do it here.

You could talk more about what inspires you, or simply share your favourite quote. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

One post per person, please.

If you have any questions, or suggestions, you can either mention them here or send me a friendly PM.

Cheers :)

1/22/2011 #1

lianoid. 22. Toronto, Ontario - [Edit: Now 28. Port Credit]

The Writing

Coma Kids (Supernatural Science) I've just gotten this one off the ground and still dancing around with some ideas, so no formal summary yet, but it's basically about a group of teenagers in the not-so-distant future who share dreams together under the influence of a drug called Holy Holy. Much to my surprise, Holy Holy Strobe ended up lending some influence to this intended-novella. I've actually taken that original narrative and made it a common dreamscape for Dreamers in the story, but I'm still toying with how much of the original I'll use for CK. To check out the multi-media chapters go visit the kids' Tumblr --

Shadows (Fantasy/Suspense) is, of course, my baby, but is currently on hiatus until I get into the flow of writing CK. I began writing this back when I was thirteen, dropped it for six years and then picked it up again in May 2010. Began rewriting it under the title Sullivan's Shadow, which I think will be the final name, but haven't had much progress on that front. I intend on finishing the first draft by the end of this summer. (I'm currently working with Martin Mordecai to edit and finish it off. He'll be mentoring me over the next few months and hopefully by the end of the summer it'll be complete).

Enter the place in which we fall, Holy Holy Strobe, and It's Dead, Man are featured on Project Fiction --


Entertainment & Influences

Music (Radiohead, especially), nature, other stuffs...

A few of us from here have a weekly prompt blog on Tumblr where people submit work and get their name out there. It's called Musedays ( it out if you frequent Tumblr.

1/22/2011 . Edited 10/22/2016 #2

Name: Emily

Nicknames: Potter

Age: 21

Residence: Vermillion, South Dakota

Education: Third-year English major with emphasis in creative writing and a minor in women studies at the University of South Dakota



Deck (Sci-fi) This is my newest novel attempt, it was inspired by a general dislike of pretentious creative writers, and I decided to try a genre I've never dabbled in before. The chapters so far are quite short, and it's essentially about a college student named Ludwig who becomes very paranoid he's being watched and that someone has hacked his Arc (explained in story). I probably shouldn't say anything else.

I Never Said I Was Brave (Supernatural/Fantasy/Romance) This is my favorite novel I've written in awhile, it's not finished, but it combines all things I love with the maturity of my current writing--granted, some chapters and plot and characters really need reworking, and if I were ever to take this somewhere beyond FP, it would probably undergo a lot of change and tweaking to get it so the plot doesn't have holes and the setting is more concrete. My specialty in this story is character. While others may flounder about, I have three that I've got a wonderful grip on, and it's done be wonders in the past year. I've gone further with it than any story I've had on FP before, and I'm very proud of it so far--it's just extremely fun to write.

Vampire and The Romantics (Supernatural/Romance) This is my sappy high school vampire romance story, if you really want to see cliche angst, run-on sentences, and general rambling about being a stressed out vampire high schooler, this is where to do it. This is on hiatus, or, it's been on an unofficial one for months now. I have everything written out, but this was currently a fourth draft of the same story, and back in 2004 when I joined FP, this was the INSIWB of that era--too bad it sucked. So, after several re-writes, I thought I finally had one that kicked Twilight's ass and handed it back, but I never counted on suddenly becoming disinterested in it. In fact, it's a bit sad. I stopped right before the kiss scene too, how could I? I want to get back to it someday for kicks and giggles, but it remains on FP as a steady constant, the backbone and fossil of my old influence and writing.

Short Stories and Poetry

You can check out my profile for those, obviously, some have done really well and won awards for the Writing Challenge Contests hosted over at the Review Game, and I won 2nd place at a poetry slam hosted by USD for the poem Ex Nihilo.




Features I Never Said I Was Brave in the Supernatural category

Features my short story Deep Water, Deep Water in the one-shot category


I Never Said I Was Brave won Runner-up for Best Creativity; summer cycle

the same story is now up for nomination for Best Supernatural; winter cycle


So, who I am behind the stories and the stats? Someday, for serious, I want to be published, but it might not be with any of the works above. I say might, because some of my short stories currently up on FP might be able to warrant a journal or magazine publication with a bit more editing and tweaking, but at this point in my life I really just don't have time to get down to business with my submission process. Most people know me as a declared feminist as well, I'm third-wave to the max, so I don't bite...hard. But I will call people out if I feel like they're embedding sexist stuff into their fiction without literary reason or character. Have to be a bit of an activist somewhere... As far as Fictionpress forums, I'm involved at The Globe (obviously) and the Review Game. I host a forum that caters to just keeping a catalogue of writer's who generally return reviews, and I also participate from time to time over at the Roadhouse.

As far as RL community work, I'm part of my Uni's on-campus literary magazine called the VLP (Vermillion Literary Project), and I help out at poetry slams and in the submission process. I also am co-guild master (haha) of a community writer's workshop called the Writer's Guild that holds meetings once a week on campus. It's a cool place to get some dimension to work, and it's helped me refine some of my FP pieces as well.

So, can see a lot of it via my tumblr link above, but for shorts, my best writing music consists of Grizzly Bear and A Silver Mt. Zion, plus Brian Eno's more ambient works. I also, like Liana above me, really love Modest Mouse and Radiohead. I'm a sucker for indie music like the xx and Bon Iver, and I used to be a former emo back in the emo years of 2004, etc. (see VATR), just to get a taste of my background there, ha.

Favorite novels include Neuromancer by William Gibson and of course, the Harry Potter series, where I gained my nickname. I also love the works of Johnathan Safran Foer and Markus Zusack, such as Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and I Am The Messenger. Ah, and then I also like Pillars of The Earth by Ken Follet, which I think is one of the best historical novels I've read besides Jean M. Auel's Clan of The Cave Bear.

What time is it?! Adventure Time! I love that show. And TrueBlood (have also read the novels), and I dabbled with Dexter for awhile but never got beyond the first season. I absolutely love the Misfits, which is a British show that my friend Austen got me into over at the Review Game, and as an added bonus, back in the day before the VATR or the emo-ness, I wrote fanfiction for not only HP, but also Invader Zim.

Finally, fun facts. I have a tattoo of the London Underground symbol, and I got to meet someone in person that I've been friends with on Fictionpress for awhile while in London over this past winter break--Austen over at the Review Game, and it was boss. We went bar hopping. Coolest experience ever, and very surreal!

1/22/2011 . Edited 1/22/2011 #3

Nickname: dx713 or dx around here, Floyd in the review game

Age: 40

Location: Marseille, France

Day-job: Defense / aerospace engineer and computer scientist (might explain why I need a creative outlet - I mean, I can have to be creative, but within very narrow constraints!)



Five Ways To Mess is a try to mix young drama / coming of age with a cyberpunk / biopunk setting, with rock music as a gel. It's my first real novel, and although a lot of parts are already written, it's giving me a lot of difficulties as I re-arrange it while I post the chapters... Sorry for the snail pace.

Two other novels are in the works (meaning I'm on the scenes list and the character sheets). One about people living on boats, surf, and the pros and cons of arranged marriages. Another one about "real" sci-fi, life of space pilots during a religious war between Earth and terrorist colonies. Maybe I'll start posting one of them in 2011.


Of Ale and Magic is the fantasy love story that got me looking for a publishing site and end on FP. (ending on The Globe specifically thanks to lookingwest above) I was playing a middle-aged character in the Thorns RPG, and wanted to write more about the love story I had put in her background. Especially after I hit a busy spot at work and had to stop playing. It's been a challenge to respect the Thorns universe setting while making the story standalone, I hope it is enjoyable as it is.


I normally don't do one-shots. English is not my native language, I lack an English literature background, my attempts at writing lyrics always end very lame, so I steer clear of anything that might seem poetic. But one day, during a bout of depressing reflexions about death, I got the urge to describe a rock-star suicide, and Reset was born. Strangely, after writing such a depressing thing, I felt better...



I love the social part of Internet, and I'm ready to be a beta-reader, if you're ready to take your time. I can be very slow...


Entertainment/ Inspiration

To get me out of the house and the computer, I have kids, and I play music. Yes, that might explain why I'm so slow... A day is only 24 hours and I need my sleep!

My music tastes are very varied. I like to be surprised, I like to be touched, I like to be moved. If I can relate, I'll like it, whether it is experimental jazz or basic punk-rock. I usually fail at relating with rap (probably because my ear isn't good enough to pick the lyrics), dance / techno (I need my live musicians), or death metal (too fast for my old brain). For instance, today, I've listened to Berlioz (romantic classical music), Shaka Ponk (electro-rock buddhist punk), and Zappa Plays Zappa (well... Zappa).

I'm currently playing for prog-rock band Sygmathe (look for them on myspace or facebook).

Music inspires me not only directly, but also because it's a great way for me to continue to meet various strange young people, with all kind of interesting quirks that I can work back into my characters.

The rest of my inspiration comes from memories, my past failures (ah, being young again while knowing what I know now), and my admiration for good fantasy and science-fiction. I'm also a romantic at heart and can be quickly sold on a plot if it involves romance, and I'm also a sucker for drama involving any kind of racism. I love how good science fiction can tackle difficult subjects, even sometime in a dark and gritty manner, while maintaining a level of distance, of otherness, that allows me to marvel at the work instead of wanting to commit suicide before I reach the end. I rarely have the courage to read works (or watch films) that treat the same subjects realistically. Children books, when they don't sugar-coat their themes or think children are dumb, are also a nice read (or watch) for me. Examples: I loved it when the kids dragged me to see Kung Fu Panda or How To Train Your Dragon. And we still watch Porco Rosso or Le Roi et l'Oiseau (The King and The Mockingbird) yearly.

What else can I say? Let's look at the English part of my library: JRR Tolkien, Frank Herbert, Norman Spinrad, William Gibson, Joan Vinge, Isaac Asimoov, Robert Heinlein, JK Rowling... You see where I lean! I'd like to add, from the French side, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Emile Zola, Jules Vernes.

Currently, I also spend some time on webcomics. Girl Genius and Ménage à 3 are my current favs.


How / why do I write?

I usually get my ideas during the daily commute, or when I'm invited to meetings where I don't really have to contribute. Sometimes, it creeps into my night and I end up dreaming about them.

It usually starts with a character, a setting, or a scene. There's a scene I've dreamed I really want to share, or a character I imagine I really want to make alive. Then, I've got to imagine a plot to put them in. That's generally the hardest part. The rest is writing, which is hard in a different way, mostly because it feels so slow!

I don't aim for the professional market. Would I want to be really published one day? That would be nice, for sure, but I don't have the time / energy to pursue that. For now, I just enjoy the social side of trading stories through internet, and hope someone will one day love one of my story enough to run with it and create something else (with feedback to me, of course). A comic with a scenario from one of my stories, for example, that would be awesome!

1/22/2011 . Edited 3/12/2011 #4

The name tag says: Sophiesix, Australia

Writing stuff: Yup, I like to write, a lot. Perhaps, too much. As in life, I find it hard to throw anything away, hence my profile containing an archaeological record of stuff. (For proto-historic stuff, there is even fanfiction. My heart is still there, but I've weaned myself now, and mustn't go back. No mustn't.) I've got a few academic papers published too, but they're incredibly boring to read unless you're in to that sort of stuff. So, to the interesting ones:

My current project is: Nochnayia Lubov (aka Noch, NL), my wayward teenager of a story that wants to be much more than it is and everything at once and needs very firm discipline. And a little bit of love. It's an alt history drama romance thing, set in Russia in the late 30's. The Tsar is back and there's gonna be laundry.

A Puppet in the Hand (aka APITH, Puppet) is my perfect child of a story and very close to my heart (me, biased? No). It got an offer for publication so we'll see where that goes. Pish, you can go to my profile if you want to know more.

So, what else? Shmeh, I'm a bit of a cultural relativist as it affects other people, but I do like obsessing about things that interest me, oh very much so. I didn't like Pillars of The Earth (gasp!) or Dickens (horror), I adore Haroun and the Sea of stories but less so Midnights children, likewise I'll gush over Prodigal Summer but think the Poisonwood Bible was… not as good. I adore Regeneration, and The Idiot, and Fugitive Pieces, and Turgenev, and – ok lets not get on a roll. Shit, we already have. Alrighty, and Louise Erdrich and Madeleine L'engle – ok no just kidding. Will stop now.

Where am I at with the whole writing publishing thing? Dunno, really. I just like to write, and I want to write better, so let me know if you reckon something might work better another way. (thats teh main reason all that old stuff is up there, so i can see that I'm improving :D) Maybe one day I'll get serious about working something up and hunting down an agent, but for now, I work full time, I study part time, I jam everything else in wherever it fits.

1/22/2011 . Edited 1/22/2011 #5
Stylistic Nightmare

Name: Don

Nicknames: JR, Warrior (From the RG)

Age: 21

Location: West Nipissing, Ontario


Other Sites:



Project Fiction: My short stories A Declaration and Waking Up the Devil are featured in the one-shot category. My story South of Heaven is featured in the Supernatrural Fiction section.

I'm also on Facebook, of course. If you want to add me, do so. I'll accept. I'm so desperately lonely, you see.


My Writing:

South Of Heaven - This is my largest current piece, named for a Slayer song, and is a mix of the Supernatural and Urban Fantasy genres. It's pretty heavily inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and borrows some aspects from several other fantasy/supernatural television shows/books I've encountered over the years, along with my own creations and twists. It's rated mature for a reason, though to this point all there's been is some violence and quite a bit of swearing. Other adult themes will be added as the story progresses. South Of Heaven is really just a way for me to write out some of the darker ideas and characters I've had/created over the years and meld them together over top of an overarching plot. I plan to really work on showcasing how various relationships develop between many characters due to different circumstances, as the story continues on. And there'll be plenty more violence and swearing as well.

Waking Up the Devil - Another Supernatural story featuring demons and a bar fight. There's only one demon in this one actually. I also tried to do a little more character development with this one, as the main character changes from trying to be human to going back to his demonic ways. Rated M for language and violence again. It's very much like my other stuff, so check it out if you like South of Heaven.

No Way Out - This is a piece I wrote one afternoon, after pondering several similar ideas for a couple months. Named for a Dope song, it's done in 1st person perspective, that of a middle-aged compulsive gambler. This was inspired by a guy who I know who has had problems with gambling addiction in the past, and it contains a significant amount of swearing. If that's not your thing, don't read this one.

A Declaration - This is the oldest piece I currently have up on Fictionpress, and is my only piece not named for a song. It's also my only completed entry on Fictionpress. It's a short story, in the Supernatural and Horror genres, though there isn't much/any of either until the end. So, if you enjoy short stories that feature rants against God, churches on fire, and people burning alive, this is probably something you'll like. If you don't like those things, probably best to give it a pass.

Hell and Heaven - This was a piece I originally wrote and submitted for the Week Four Musedays prompt. It's a short Supernatural story involving two demons, a locked room, and a fight. Don't want to give spoilers, but only one of them gets a happy ending. Well, perhaps happy is the wrong word. Rated M for language and violence.

North of Hell - A collection of short stories that tie into South of Heaven. They mostly give backstory about the main characters.

Once More - A short story written for the Review Game's July 2012 Writing Challenge Contest.

Bleed For Me - A short story written for the Review Game's May 2012 Writing Challenge Contest.

Reckoning Day - A short story written for the Review Game's February 2012 Writing Challenge Contest.

Vendetta - My attempt at a first person, present tense story. I modelled it stylistically after the Sandman Slim series by Richard Kadrey. It's comparable to South of Heaven content-wise (a lot of swearing and violence). Rated M for a reason.

Fear - A short story on death, and how it might not be what anybody is truly expecting.

Dirt on the Grave - A story involving Hell and Heaven, Demons and Angels, and the humans caught in the middle. This one is also Rated M for a reason.


Why do I write?

Good question. It's all really for my own entertainment. I have a vivid and active imagination, so I get a lot of ideas from things I see on television/movies, or things I hear in songs, or from people talking. I like to take those things and develop them, let them turn into more than they were before. If anybody else gets a little entertainment from my work, that's just a bonus. I have no plans of ever trying to get published. It would be cool it if happened, but it's not something I'm actively pursuing or anything. Nearly all of my work incorporates elements of the Supernatural and Fantasy genres, because that is what I enjoy reading. I have no interest in things like Sci-Fi, Historical, Westerns, or poetry, so I won't be reading or writing any of that. I also tend to incorporate things I'm very familiar with in RL into my stories, so any regular readers will find numerous references to various sports teams, metal music, sports betting, and several other things. Since a lot of my work is also set in the real world, there are usually some references to current events as well.

What about me in real life?

I like to think I'm a pretty normal twenty-one year old guy. I like a lot of the usual things: metal/hard rock music, sports (hockey, baseball, football, basketball, UFC, WWE), playing video games, whiskey, and watching action/comedy movies. I'm currently working part-time at a grocery/department store, but I have plans for college/university in the near future, probably looking for a degree in journalism or psychology. Sometimes I wish I was more ambitious and driven, but then something good comes on television and that feeling goes away. Other times I wish I was in better shape, but then I remember how lazy I am and how much I hate working out. I love to get drunk and gamble on stupid shit. I can be quite blunt and sarcastic, which makes me look like an asshole sometimes. Arrogance has also been brought up as a possible character flaw. I think I come across a little better on the computer. Guess you guys would have to confirm or refute that.

What Inspires Me?

Many things. Music, television shows, movies, people, books. In order to just get everything out there, what I'm going to do is just list all of my favourite things. It's a pretty good bet I've been inspired by all of them at one time or another.

Television: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Angel, Criminal Minds, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad, Video On Trial, River Monsters

Movies: Black Hawk Down, Eastern Promises, The Bourne Trilogy, Lucky Number Slevin, Role Models, Zack and Miri Make A Porno, Saving Private Ryan, Hot Fuzz, Run Fatboy Run, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Big Lebowski, The Hangover, Grandma's Boy, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger

Books: Rainbow Six, Without Remorse, The Teeth of the Tiger, Patriot Games, Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings, Playing With Fire, Brodeur: Beyond the Crease, the Dragonlance series, American Gods, Sandman Slim, Kill the Dead, Aloha From Hell, Seven Deadly Sins, I Am Ozzy, Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir, Undisputed

Music: Black Label Society, Megadeth, Pantera, Slayer, Motorhead, Stone Sour, Slipknot, Testament, Exodus, Sodom, Kreator, Damageplan, Zakk Wylde, Alice in Chains, Tool, Type O Negative, Five Finger Death Punch, Mudvayne, Hellyeah, Superjoint Ritual, Down, Dope, Dream Theater, Saliva, Shinedown, Kyle Turley, Black Sabbath, A Perfect Cirle, Puscifer, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest


So, that's it, I guess. If I missed anything, or if anybody really wants to know something I left out, let me know. I don't know why anyone would want to know more, but whatever. Want my shoe size? How much I weigh? My height? The name of the last guy I punched in the face? My favourite type/brand of whiskey? A list of people I hate and wish death upon? Just ask. I'll probably give you an answer. I'm just cool like that.

1/22/2011 . Edited 7/30/2012 #6

Pen-name: Silver (will sign reviews/ replies with this)


Residence:"Turtles carry home on their backs. I carry mine in my heart."

Profile: A traveler studying a math/science field looking for an outlet for creativity to find balance. A dandruff puff relegated to catching dreams and tales. A believer in existence, chaos and story-telling. Regards the other things we call truths as simple constructs.

Links: Responds well to PMs on fictionpress. New Tublr site:


Eastern Winds- An exciting potential work to become a mix of audio, visual, and text. They called me Eurus, the eastern wind. Wingless gave me this name because I was Wingless and foolish, foolish enough to try flying anyways.

Travel Log- A story that is perhaps long overdue. This chronicles my life as a traveler, and exploring what this world has to offer. I'm excited that I get to dig through some photo-albums, journals, and VCDs for this one. And I hope I get to write down more stories as I continue to travel.

Athanaeum- I seem to write short-stories better than novels, so this is a compilation of characters and tales. Not exactly sure where this is headed towards, but discovery with exploration is always exciting.

One plus one- I have been playing with the idea of writing many story-tellers on a backdrop of a journey, while still being a consistent story instead of a collection of vignettes. This is the final version and is experiment in action. Has received reviews that it is more telling than showing, and is meant to be in this unusual format for a fantasy story.

Inspirations: Hero (a webcomic):

Minus (a webcomic):



1/22/2011 . Edited 8/18/2011 #7

Name: Patrick

Age: 19

Who I am: I'm a student at Indiana University, currently studying chemistry. I'm approximately a semester away from being a published researcher! On the side, I'm a hopeless romantic, a multi-instrument musician (piano, electric bass, guitar, harmonica, and ukulele), a bassist and songwriter in a blues-influenced rock band, a math geek, a gamer, and an enthusiastic consumer of beer. I enjoy going to local hole-in-the-wall concerts and national music festivals (e.g. Lollapalooza), coaching middle-school wrestling, long walks on the beach, and Old Spice.

Why I write: Because I love creating something, especially if it has layers - like onions, like parfait, or like ogres. When a someone reads my stories as a reader, I want him or her to experience a kick in the balls/punch in the gut/slap in the face/pull on the heart, depending on the piece; when writers read my stories, I want them to see themes and planning and Deep Things. I want to create emotional connections and intellectual connections. I got started when I was inspired to write a piece of fanfiction for the Fire Emblem universe, and I found that I had a gift.

What I write: I'm a poet, first and foremost, though my good friends who don't dabble in poetry tell me that I should write more prose.

My Written Children

She Plays Bass: Prose-poetry, though it was originally intended to be a purely prose piece. The closest I've ever come to perfectly capturing the essences of a moment on paper. It exists today almost exactly the way it appeared when I first wrote it.

Aqua Vitae: My best short story, written for the November 2010 WCC. Winner of the "Most Warrants Consideration as Serious Literature" award for all of my pieces.

Möbius: My first WCC winner (April-May 2011). Certainly one of the best pieces I've ever written. Packs quite a punch.

Hat: Winner of the June 2011 WCC. Blatantly belongs in Fictional Soup for the Soul, but it turned out well. It's my only piece that is both grounded in reality and rooted in fiction.

We are too much like old men, One day a gangly man told me, Tell Your Eyes, and Wanderlust: My four favorite poems, from most recently published to earliest. I don't want to bias anyone who wants to read them, so I won't describe them here. They're good though. I promise.

Major Projects

One of my long-term goals as a writer is to establish a fantasy universe that is perfectly suited to my tastes by consolidating all of my fantasy influences - Greek and Roman and Egyptian and Mesopotamian and Celtic and Icelandic and Germanic myths, video games, books, and movies (plus whatever small bits of originality exist in my own mind) - into one cohesive universe, via the medium of poems that feature a strict rhyme schemes and meter (something I don't do very often). The Lay of Orelleos and King Bill are the first scraps of my effort.

My other big project is (drum-roll) my first novel! It will most likely (addendum: does) suck. It can be summarized in one sentence: an aspiring metalhead bassist who seeks an underclassman's affection instead discovers the power of the blues. I'm not expecting it to be anything spectacular, though if it turns out that way, I will not be unhappy.

I am now attempting to start another novel, which I am significantly more hopeful will not suck. It's loosely based on the album To Lose My Life by the band White Lies and events in my own life.

Inspirations and Influences

My major influences as a poet are e.e. cummings, Edgar Allen Poe, Patrick Rosal, Langston Hughes, Robert Frost (as cliche as it sounds), and DeeFective (I'm being totally serious - I don't have rhythm unless I'm reading Dee's work).

As a prose author, the only true stylistic influences I have are the poets listed above, plus two more: J.R.R. Tolkien and Philip Pullman (author of the His Dark Materials trilogy).

My inspirations are numerous, but I can try to narrow it down to a few: musical - The Killers, George Winston, Tchaikovsky, blues and blues-influenced music as genres, and individual songs by many other bands - written - Shakespeare and DeeFective, if I'm feeling poetic, or lookingwest, if I'm feeling prosy - and one movie - The Shawshank Redemption. I also am more inspired on airplanes than I am outside, and more inspired outside than I am indoors. I look to extremes of sleep (whether I'm well-slept or abnormally sleep-deprived) for inspiration also. The place that most inspires me is Alaska, which is the most beautiful place on earth in my opinion. Many of the best works had their inception or genesis in Alaska.

That's it for the time being!

1/22/2011 . Edited 6/28/2011 #8
Tawny Owl

Tawny Owl

Age 29. Location Kent (it's near London), England

Why I write?

Because if I didn't I'd go crazy, seriously.

What I write

Mostly supernatural romance at the moment, but I think when Gothic's done I'm going to try going more sword and sorcery. I have a plan for a traditional fantasy with lots of fight scenes in, and I want to plot a fantasy story about the Asian esque sky pirates to see if I can knock it out at NaNoWriMo this year.

I think I have pretty good character and dialogue, my plot, structure and world building skills need more work. I'm on it, however.

Currently posted…

A Little Light Gothic. (Fantasy/romance)

Sort of Jane Austen with werewolves in. I wanted to write a romance, a sort of fantasy/supernatural romance where the heroine was trapped but coped without being whiney or anachronistically forthright. I also wanted there to be strong female characters who aren't all about the anger and skin tight leather, or have a reason for that it they are! I think I'm quite bad at male characters too and wanted to write ones were more realistic than your average Mr Darcy knock off. Despite the fact it's a romance, in my head it's more about female relationships and friendships than it is about the girl meets boy stuff. There's enough steamy scenes to keep things ticking over though.

The first draft is almost finished on FP, and the second one is being worked on. The First Draft is really sloppy so anyone tempted to read, have a drink first.

Summer of '65 (Fantasy/Comedy)

Lord of the Rings meets teen movie road trip. It's a story not to be taken seriously. It's finished on my hard drive and I will update. Sometime.

Saint or Sinner (Supernatural/romance)

Sex and Religion. I love the two main characters, and it has some of my favourite lines in it. (You can't run from Hell, they have more outlets than McDonalds.) Although again, it's a first draft so kind of sloppy.

Night Café (Supernatural)

My baby book, and kind of like an embarrassing hair cut you had when you were younger. That said though it's been featured on Fiction with Bite, Undiscovered and won Best Cast at La Campanella a while back, so I must have done something right.


Things that make me angry. Most of the things I write get started because I'm irritated about something, or I want to explore an issue that winds me up. Plus stuff that makes me laugh, takes me somewhere different, or is a little bit twisted.

History too. My head's kind of stuck in the eighteenth century at the moment, so if you want to know the difference between a curricle and a phaeton or how to insult a person in street cant, then I'm your girl.

Watching films and theatre, any type really. I like seeing what I can steal from the way they set up scenes and tell stories.

Otherwise; Neil Gaiman, Angela Carter, Joe Abercrombie, Jane Austen, Terry Prattchett and have recently discovered Martin Amis. They're the current favourites. Music wise, I am a rock chick, but stuck in the nineties for the most part. I need to spend more time over in the Sound Check thread updating myself.

Other stuff

I'm here to learn and I love discussing anything writing related. I also try to return reviews, but I very much give what I get these days, depending on how much I like what I'm reading.

I'd also like to do more short stories, and when my issues with structure are sorted out, I plan to give it a go and enter more competitions.

Hopefully, this year I plan to finish the second draft of Gothic and see if I can find an agent. Not because I hold out any real hopes of getting it published, but because I kind of want to get used to the process of putting a manuscript together, meeting submission guidelines and handling rejection letters. One day I might write something that's actually good enough and lucky enough. Does that make me sound like a bit of a masochist?

Sorry, that kind of goes on a bit.

1/23/2011 #9

Name: Xen

Alias: Toni :p

Age: 23

Country: New Zealand

Haunts: The Globe, of course. on occasion. The Better Writing Habits blog. Gary Pepper Vintage and Topshop. Skype, kiwiwriters, photobucket, tumblr (tonads.tumblr) and twitter (@tonadius). You can also find me on blogger and facebook, if you really want.

Background: Zoology and English.

Writing Projects: I have plans for a novel in the works, but at the moment I'm trying to write a Novella in the month of January (not going well) and working on the end of my long overdue vampire multi-chap, Get a Life.

Favourite Stories:

Anoxic Love (Romance) - This story was inspired by a Kenny Rodgers song. It's about a guy who's in love with his best friend, but she leaves him because they're no good for each other. Sadly, this is something he has trouble accepting. What follows is angst, Shakespeare, and a playlist.

Breakfast Blues (General) - A short one-shot written for the WCC. This was the first thing I wrote after a really tough time, hence the attitude. Quick read, simple message.

The Witching Hour (Supernatural) - Film Noir meets Vampires. I was a little obsessed with Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade, and I loved the idea of Hard-Boiled Fiction, the terse detective and the gorgeous femme fatale. I enjoyed writing this piece. It's my favourite ending yet!


Everything. Gawd. This is a hard one. I guess if you've known me on here long enough you'd know what I'm into. I listen to a lot of grunge, brit-pop, classic rock, alternative and indie. My favourite bands are The White Stripes, The Cure, Incubus, Animal Collective and The Smiths. Musically I'm most inspired by Nina Simone, Jeff Buckley, The Doors, The Velvet Underground, The Veils and Patrick Wolf. Ah, man. Music is great.

I love vampire fiction, and I tend to write a lot of it. I also have some kind of a romantic subplot in everything - can't help it, believe me, I've tried. I guess I love the idea of love. And it's just fun to write about.

My favourite authors are Hemingway, Jane Austen, and Tolkien. I love the prose of Hemingway, how it's so simple and straightforward and yet contains so much depth, something I'm still learning to appreciate. I love the stories, the women, and the wit of Jane Austen. And I love the epic scope that is Tolkien.

Another author that I've recently become obsessed with is Charlotte Grimshaw. She is a prize-winning short story writer and a novellist. When you start one of her stories it's hard to stop reading. She has this great sense of pace and realism, and her characters feel like people you know. I've been really inspired by her writing lately. She is amazing!

I started a book blog about six months ago and it's made me read a lot more local authors. For some reason I was never interested in New Zealand fiction before last year. I blame it on youth! I didn't want to read about my own country, I wanted to go to different countries and explore different worlds. But when I started writing properly my whole mindset changed. I appreciate local fiction a lot more, and one day I hope to contribute to it.

Other inspirations include random things I see on the side of the road, people I used to know, the song I wake up to in the morning, poetry, the Pre-Raphaelites, and, of course, Harry Potter. Without Harry Potter (and my 3rd form English teacher) none of this would have been possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you J. K. Rowling. And Mr Rice.

I'd Also Like To Thank:

My Mum, the first reviewer, weird flatmates, old flames and William Shakespeare. Kidding. Well, mostly.

1/24/2011 . Edited 1/25/2011 #10


Age:22 (holy shit, I'm 24 now)

Location:Calgary, Alberta (holy shit, I live in Victoria, BC now)

Facebook:Who doesn't have facebook? Message me if you really want to add me on there.

Who am I?That's always a hard question to answer. I'm a university student who is a huge fan of music, movies, food and of course literature. I enjoy beer, wine and a few illegal substances on occasion and see nothing wrong with that. I believe in freedom of expression, honesty and doing what makes you happy. I'm not a romantic person, I don't believe in materialism and I try to limit how judgemental I am. I'm currently at a crossroads in my life right now. I feel like I'm stuck in a rut in Calgary and have the feeling I'm going to be moving to Victoria, BC and starting over within a year. This both excites and scares the shit out of me.

Why do I write?Writing has always been something in my life, but it only recently became very serious for me. I love that I have the ability to be as creative as I want. It's the one thing in my life that I found I want to desperately get better at. I want my writing to knock your socks off when you read it. I want you to get lost in my work. I want my words to make you feel something, even if it's total disgust or hate. Writing allowed me to be passionate about something again, and no one can take that away from me.

What do I write?After the terrible crash of my lap top last summer, I've decided I want to dabble in everything. I want to experiment more with my writing as well as explore horror, thriller, romance, transgressional fiction and good old angst.

What inspires me?Everything. My day to day life, people I meet, things I read, events I hear about, art... People who inspire me include but are not limited to: Bret Easton Ellis, Trent Reznor, Vladimir Kush, Hubert Selby Jr., Quentin Tarantino, Poppy Z. Brite, Salvador Dali and Chuck Palahniuk. Music plays a large role in my writing as well, I could list you bands but that would become a very large list very quickly.

What have I written?

Young Lust(General?) - This is my attempt to give a realistic look at what romance is really like with people my age. It's an ongoing project, the first big thing I've written in a really long time, and a love and hate of mine. I'm determined to finish it, or come close to finishing it before I start up another big project on this site.

Exquisite Corpse(Horror) - I wrote this for the RG WCC and it's slowly becoming a favourite of mine. This is my first time really trying out the thriller/horror genre without the use of gore or explicit writing, and I think I pulled that off nicely. I definitely want to explore this story more and expand on it, I just need to find the time.

My Sweet Prince(Romance) - I write this for the RG WCC as well, it was my first time really experimenting with imagery and emotions through my writing. It definitely needs some editing and work, but I'm pretty proud of it so far and the general idea that came across with it.

In The Evening(Horror) - This was my first time writing gore, and I had way too much fun doing it. I've decided to make this story a collection of gory one-shots. I only have one posted so far that definitely needs some editing, but I plan on coming back to this genre when I get in the mood to write another blood bath/torture scene.

That's it for now! I'll probably post more later!

1/30/2011 . Edited 6/28/2012 #11

Cindy Kong, age 42

Toronto, Ontario

I haven't posted much. Still finding out how and what to write.

It took me a long time to figure out that I can express myself through words. I work in animation production, so I know how scary the business end of storytelling can be. What if I can't sell? I never even thought about writing, until I took a test a couple of years ago. It just told me I had potential to author a children's book. I realize it was a sales tactic used by a school, yet it got me thinking about it. After a sudden job change, I started writing fan fiction. The fact that people were reading what I wrote gave me the confidence to try original fiction. I read non-fiction before. It gave me the idea to use accounts of my own childhood as a base.

Movie influence is silent films - perfect for the purpose learning about Show, Don't Tell

Books I read - Whatever I find on sale, with a good hook and a great summary.

Theatre influence - I would not be in my line of work without it.

Check out the my work on fictionpress.

This Was Yours - (In progress) A fictional continuation of the factual A Dutch Summer in Toronto.

Shanghai Interlude - Pardon the weak plot of a first fiction. All the reviews will be taken into consideration for the next one.

Visit my fan fiction page -

Blog - The one place where I can share everything. -

Twitter @Xindilini

2/9/2011 . Edited 2/9/2011 #12

NAME: Arreana

AGE: 23 (born 1987)

LOCATION: Snohomish, Washington (I am a very stereotypical Washingtonian - I wear flannel, smoke salmon out in my forest, and... own a forest)


Farro - First book in a two part series that I wrote in two weeks last summer. I'm rewriting/editing it now and posting it as I go. As of today and I'm almost done! I plan on self-publishing it after that.

LONG TERM DREAM: make enough money off my future e-books to buy my husband and I a welsh corgi puppy.

SHORT TERM DREAM: I guess... to just have someone really like my story. It'd also be really cool to be nominated for something, but I don't think I write the sort of stories that get nominated :D

BAD HABITS: crippling shyness and a tendency to yell mean things at myself when my writing it's going right.

LIKES: Arrested Development, Alan Rickman, Welsh Corgis, Colin Firth, Writing, Joanna Newsom, happy endings.

2/26/2011 #13


Name: I'm cool with Sheriff. Rach if you absolutely must. (which you shouldn't. XD )

Age: 21

Location: Provo, UT. used to be Chicago but WOE I went to school.

Tumblr: 'tis shiny! but not about writing. so uh....

Who am I? I am what I want to be. Haha, no, I dunno; I'm still a work in progress. Music student, fan of the XD emote, skype-aholic, OBSESSED with pinochle and scum/great dalmuti/whatever-you-call-it, insane Blackhawks fan, summer lovin' reed-maker with too many sharp objects, and all around friendly insomniac! (how's that last one go with pointy things, eh? lol)

Why do I write? to heck if I know for sure. ¯\[°_O]/¯ it's fun! it's snazzy! it fulfills my attention-whore needs! it lets me be everything I can't be! And uhh, I guess it makes me feel like I have SOME basis for reviewing all the awesome people on FP lol.

What do I write? Aah, uhh, good question. Bahaha. I used to write a lot of poetry, then I drabbled around in one-shots (mostly with WCC at the Review Game) and then I ended up with a couple novel ideas. (Geddit? *brick'd*)

What inspires me? Oh, so much. Music, primarily, but daily life and movies too. What I really enjoy is writing the interactions between characters, so anything that gives me a good basis on that pretty much sends me to the top. *fist-pump*

What have I written? Besides the random poems and WCC entries (that have been fav'd by other kind folks and hence won't be removed), I have:

Acceptable Insanity, my collection of one-shots inspired by lyrics and such. Also the ending point for many other WCCs that didn't end up in people's fav-box.

Sirens. This is my project for the next several years, XD. The first draft was up before, but I've just recently finished my second draft and am in the process of uploading that (I'm editing as I upload, as I mentioned I'm in college so time to edit is sparse). Check it, it's snazzy!


I'm cool! You're cool! Let's be friends, woo!

3/7/2011 . Edited 10/9/2011 #14
Phoenix sraet

Name: Michelle

Nicknames: Fee or Elle (either works, though Fee is my favourite)

Age: 22

Where I live: DFW and Austin, Texas.

Who am I? Third-year university student (majors of English and Anthropology), perpetual daydreamer, consumer of 99 percent of the world's tea and coffee. I play violin and frequently scrawl song lyrics and bars of music up my inner arms when I have no paper, and also love the arts and music scene in Austin, where I live more than half my time. My bedroom (and living room, and dining room, and kitchen, and bathroom mirror…) frequently look as though a publishing company/ink and paper factory exploded somewhere in there.

Current Writing Projects:

Carnivale: a series of supernatural short stories about a carnival that spirits away people in the audience who refuse to interact with the carnies. Right now I just have the one up on fp, but there's quite a bit of poetry involved as well. I really like writing in this tone and it seems to work well with second- and third-person, so I stick with that most of the time. There are about twenty of these stories/bits/poems floating around random scraps of paper in my room.

Narcissi: A one-shot from my current WIP about addiction and its impact on the addict's friends and family. I haven't put the actual story up here because it's so rough right now and I haven't decided exactly where it's going to go, but this one's my baby and my favourite project at the moment.

House of Mirrors: really a character study more than anything, this one I just write as I go and see where it takes me. Very random, very fluffy, ridiculous and may or may not have a couple of Mary Sues thrown in, unfortunately. Also writing practice in making myself write more than fifty thousand words per month.

Why do I write/what inspires me? I write to get the crazy out somehow. I have a million ideas and scenarios and conversations and people and images floating through my head at any given moment, and I dream quite a lot, so I just want to get it all down on paper before I lose it and have nothing left. Everything inspires me, from random conversations in a grocery store to driving and seeing something strange (or even perfectly normal) out the windshield, to music and movies and television and people.

Favorite Authors: Gaiman, Hemingway, Adams, Asimov, Card, Pratchett, Austen, Bronte, Gerritsen, King, Heinlein, Pullman, Orwell, the Grimm brothers, Bradbury, Collins, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Keyes, Lowry, Golding, Shelley, Stoker, Tolkien, Rowling, Vonnegut, the list goes on and on.

3/29/2011 . Edited 3/30/2011 #15
Stephanie M. Moore

Name: Stephanie

Nickname: Steph

Age: 20

Location: I alternate between Montgomery and Auburn, AL these days. I'm originally from Atlanta, GA.

Who Am I: I am student at Auburn University, majoring in Biosystems Engineering. Before you ask-- it's a blend of environmental and agricultural engineering. I intend to go to graduate school and study Urban Planning and Design. I'm a math and science nerd who loves history, books, and music, too. I play the clarinet and the piano, and I'm prone to spouting random historical facts at random intervals. I'm a neat-freak and, typically, an over-achiever, but I like to think college has softened me up a bit.


So far, I've really only dabbled in romance stories. Someday, I'll break free from that, but for now, it's all I have.

Thorns and Brambles: This is my current story. It is a follow-up/sequel to my first novel, Wildflower, though I have written it to stand alone. This story follows two minor characters from Wildflower in the wake of the rebellion against the king. I'm looking for some quality feedback on this story.

Wildflower: This was the first novel I posted on Fictionpress. That being said-- it's rough, especially in the early chapters. It does improve in the second half, but I do not yet have the time to dedicate to overhauling this piece. I will get around to it... eventually. It is set in the same medieval setting as Thorns and Brambles, but it follows two nobles through the infancy of the rebellion.

I do write poetry, but I rarely post it on Fictionpress. I find that it just does not attract that many reviews. However, if I especially like a piece, I will post it.

Passions of the Day: This is one of my poems that I like the most. It's a nature piece.

A Kiss of Winter's Dawn: This is my Beauty and the Beast re-telling for which I am in the planning stages. I'm hoping to take everything I've learned from the Wildflower universe and apply it to a new story.



Like my profile says, I love movie soundtracks. At the present, I'm listening to the Chronicles of Narnia soundtracks for both movies, along with Nicholas Hooper's soundtrack for Half-Blood Prince. I am from the South, so following the stereotype, I do like country music-- even though the subject material does get a bit repetitive after a while.

Also, as a band nerd, I have an appreciation for classical and symphonic music. But I feel a bit ostentatious driving around listening to classical music.


Where to begin-- Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow, Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, Inkheart, Watership Down, Outlander, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Fire Bringer, and many, many more. The books I have owned the longest are like old familiar friends I can return to when I feel nostalgic.

Why I Write: It's just awesome to be able to create a world and to immerse yourself in its happenings-- to be able to weave a story with characters and events. It almost is it's own brand of magic. And it's a lot fun. Publication most likely will not ever be a serious goal for me, but I enjoy writing. And I'd like to reach the point where I could say that I do it well.

3/29/2011 #16

Pen name:Asia


Location:Montreal, QC

Haunts:tumblr, wordpress, livejournal, formspring, shelfari (username=asiamorela)

Background:Polish studies, Czech studies. Currently studying to complete a master's in poli sci.

Writing Projects:

The Vampire Connection - (Supernatural/Romance) This is a rewrite in English of a project I started in late 2009. I know where the story is going, the plot is tentatively mapped out, so I really hope I can carry this project to the state of finished first draft (I have never completed any story which would qualify as a novel, or even as a novella). As the title suggests, it is a story about vampires, which I had initially classified as romance, then moved to supernatural because the love story plot can seem pretty tenuous in the middle of the rest of the action. It is supposed to contain philosophical, political and coming of age themes, but it isn't set in high school, nor does it feature any vampire/human slash.

A little summary I've concocted to attract romance readers: Ola, Kasia and Paolina are teenagers, orphans, best friends... and vampires. Which is an okay secret to keep, until an accident happens. A man dies, another one vanishes. What happened that night? Even the girls aren't sure. Meanwhile, the vampire police and their enemies are determined to be the first to find out, by any means necessary. Including seduction.

Un été normand - (Romance/Family) It's in French, for whoever reads French... Novel in very slow progress, which I've had in my head for over ten years now. Randomly inspired by The Barrets of Wimpole Street, Jane Austen novels and Becassine stories, it's the story of a girl with nine siblings and no mother, set in France in the late 20's. She meets a man, falls for him... bla bla bla. There's a slightly moralistic coming of age theme, something I seem incapable of escaping when I write about teenagers. Probably drawing from my own experience, I am convinced that teenagers are fundamentally wrong, which is why they have so many problems. Growing up = fixing your problems (or learning to live with them) and finding happiness.

6/11/2011 #17
Fleur-de-lis Evans

[Preemtive apology for the doulbe post. There is a word count restriction on these posts, so I am including my recommendations portion in the post below this one.]

Name: H.A. Cooke Penname: Fleur-de-lis Evans Writing for:11 years On FP for:10 years

Age:21 Location:South West Suburbs of Chicago Nationality: American Background:50% Finish, and 50% mixed: Irish, Scottish, British, Swiss, Swedish, and German.

Haunts: Facebook(PM if you want to friend), Twitter(HaleAnne), Blogspot ( E. Roisin) and FanFiction(Jazz E. Roisin).

Published:Mutiny (Poetry) in Saga - Literary and Art Magazine for Augustana College and Ever, Ever After (Poetry) in Poems from the Heart an Up-An-Coming Magazine with a DeviantArt Group (


The Loung Challenges: I am invovled in a forum The Lounge. All chapters of this story begin with an author's note explaining the prompts I was given. I would appreciate all feedback you could give. Don't be shy and do be blunt. I know there are typos and errors, but I just can't find them all on my own. I get the "tired eyes" when I re-read my own work too many times. I have a habit of editing, sendign to a beta, sending the fixed version to a beta, editing again. So, please make comments on structure, word choice, plot (since they are one-shots), characters, and if you think I used the prompt well. These one-shots are my only continuing project on FP right now.

Writing Projects:

Profile Polls:I have been posting polls on my profile containing summaries for the many stories and characters running around in my head. I am currently in the second round of polls, hoping that people will vote using the two current summaries. The winner of the current poll will be plotted, written, and posted to Fictionpress. The losing summary will be recycled in the poll brackets I have made and will appear in the third poll along with five other summaries. I'm hoping to have FictionPress authors vote on the summaries so I can post something people would be interested in reading.

Poetry:I have written over 100 poems. I am searching for a Poet who would be willing to be e-mail and IM chat buddies. I hope to have guidance when I work to revise my poetry. I will not post it to FictonPress, but I do hope to publish my poetry and perhaps find an agent.

A Castle in the Sky: My original story idea, which was supposed to be the first story I ever posted to this site. I am having difficult writing it and plotting the story because it takes place in our world and in another world. What links these worlds is politics. I am hoping to find a collaborative mind willing to be my Overseeer, or the person to give me deadlines and pester me to write. I love this idea, but I am flooded with so much inspiration daily I find it hard to focus on one story. Also, I want mature and constructive feedback that can help myself and my characters grow in the story.

Beta Search:I have gone through the Beta Readers profiles on FP in detail, even doing a detailed search. Are any Globers or Globettes versed in multi-writing skills? Are there any fiction, non-fiction, and poetry buffs here? I found one person, whose profile was promising, but he/she never replied back to my PM. It is important for me to have a non-family-member and non-best-friend edit my work. So, if any of you are poets and fiction writers both, or even just one out of the two, I wouldn't mind having one beta for each, contact me! I look forward to it.

Also, if you are in search of an honest, constructive, and detailed Beta I can offer my services. I just don't have enough word count on site to make a profile.


I am in constant search for new authors to read. I read mostly British Authors and Poets (I am and English Major) and am a huge fan of any type of reading you can recommend.

FictionPress Recommendations:

happy ever afterxx: Me? I'm with Cupid: This is one of FP's, sadly, unfinished masterpieces. I would categorize the story as a romance, tragedy, and adventure type novel. Have you ever read Metamorphoses by Ovid? happy ever afterxx does a magnificent job of adapting the Eros and Psyche legend to a modern day story. Without giving away too much of the amazing adaptation, I just have to ask: Have you ever wondered what it takes for a Cupid to be free from his job of shooting arrows? Read to find out.

HighOnBrokenWings: High School Romance Trilogy: The trilogy begins with These Lives I Walk. All three stories centre around themes that the reader had exprienced or seen someone experience. However, the writer brings a whole new light onto situations like: child abuse, depression, self-esteem, young-and-in-love relationships, teen pregnancy. The greatest part of this trilogy is that the third installment "Lost Footsteps I've Misued" doesn't centre around the main character from the first two stories, it centres around the child of the main character. I recommend this to everyone because I think it's a wonderful example of how a young write (HOBWs was only 15 when she wrote These Lives I Walk) can impact and change the world world through a story.

crimsondrop7: Lost Foosteps of a Wolf: The writer of this piece is a good friend of mine. I recommend this story to wolf lovers, romance lovers, and anyone who likes to encourage an author to update a great story that has gone stagnant. You all seem to be a nice and convincing bunch. I think you'd like the first two chapters of this story.

8/16/2011 . Edited 8/16/2011 #18
Fleur-de-lis Evans


Rick Riroden: Percy Jackson and the Olmypians: I am currently writing reviews for all five books in this series to post to my blog, so please read there for more details if you're interested. As a series, I rate PJatO a 17/20. This is a great/fantastic/amazing series to read with your kids, young cousins, relatives, or a family reading adventure. For people who are experienced with Greek Mythology, Riroden offers a world full of modern adaptations to well-known legends and stories. His main characters: Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood, Talia Grace, and Luke Castellan give children and adults a wide range of young protagonists to relate to. And if you don't want to relate to the pre-teens? You have all 12 Gods and Goddesses to pick from. This is a wonderful way to get children into reading and to explore Greek Mythology. I also suggest: Metamorphoses by Ovid (for adults) and any other versions of the real Greek myths as reading supplements.

Phillip K. Dick: Do Android's Dream of Electric Sheep?: This book deal with psychological and emotional adult themes. The main character Dekker, is working to ensure that everyone present on Earth, circa World War III, or something like it, is indeed infected humans and not synthetic humans/androids. His job is to screen people using a variety of scanning, verbal, and physical tests. The book is action filled and has well-developed characters. If you aren't a sci-fit fan this book is a great example of a good universe.

George R.R. Martin: Fire and Ice Series: I give this series a solid 4/4 stars. Martin writes with a candid, sarcastic, and blunt voice mixing his personality with a Tolkien-like structure for writing. He writes each chapter from a separate character's view introducing you to the main players of his world in a continuous loop of plot. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to pledge loyalty to a king or Lord? I guarantee you will be confused and ensnared by your inability to be loyal to a character. Throughout the series, I found myself in constant love/hate, angry/sympathetic relationship with the characters. I was as confused as they were, and that's what kept me reading. This is an ADULT series, no children allowed.

L.J. Smith: The Vampire Diaries: For vampire fans out there this is a wonderful romance, adventure, and slightly horrish book series. I rate the series a 4/4 stars. I was sucked in by my assumptions that I knew exactly what was going to happen. I thought I could predict what move, as a writer, Smith would make. Every time I thought I had guessed it I was wrong. That is the highlight of this book. Not to mention the amazing plot twist in store for the reader. If you are writing a Vampire novel, or just love to read about vampires, I suggest this book series. It is one of the few seires I recommend the reader purchase.

8/16/2011 #19

This is similar to the welcome thread so I won't repeat the details from there. Let's see...

With the exception of my poetry, which is vary varied (heh), my main focus in writing is in the fantasy genre. High fantasy to be exact. My major work is a series of books set in the world I created. I've been developing this world for close to 10 years now and writing the stories just as long. When I say 'writing' I usually mean construction in my mind. I've physically written these stories off and on for years, going through several rewrites, revisions, and reconstructions. I've already 'written' everything in my head for the books but getting them onto paper is the difficult part. It started with the thought "what if a fantasy story..." and went on from there. I'd like to one day have them published. Or at least one of the books. But who knows if that will ever come to be.

I've had a few poems published when I was at university. It was just the on-campus publication of collected works but that still counts. Right? Haven't decided yet if I'm going to post up any poems.

Anyway, I'm semi-new to the site. I work at least 40 hours a week so don't have as much time as I'd like to devote to writing, reading, etc. However, I'm willing to review some stuff for people (don't feel obligated to return the review) when I can. I like reading just about anything and am pretty open to new things. Just let me know. =]

9/11/2011 #20

Name: taerKitty

Nicknames: taer

Age: I'm young at heart, does that help?

Other interests: Origami, programming, modifying Nerf blasters

Goals: Writing as exorcism - I get ideas, they won't leave me alone, and they quiet when I write them as fic. Looking for critiques, of course - of the story, the characterization, etc. I'm weakest in characterization and dialogue, but not very strong in 'theory of mind' - in giving sufficient context for the reader to 'see' the scene as I already have it in my head. I don't critique much, but do try to go deep when I do critique a piece.

I had to take a break from FP because I burned out - I had the notion that I should respond with a critique for each I received, but the effort wore me down.

Categories: I can write anthromorphs, but prefer to write humans. I usually write modern, though with magic, or other 'kicker' that keeps it from being straight lit.fic.

WiPs: Foster's Gambit is a modern-day exorcist's tale with a different set of metaphysics driving the world. Currently it's stuck because I like to have each chapter show some more background as well as drive the story forward, and I don't have any background to show.

(Currently unnamed story) is a 'killer waif' trope - a young teen who, for some reason, is horrifically proficient at combat. This is the current idea plaguing me, and this is why I am back on FP.

Oh, yeah - hi, Sophie, Looking, and Xenolith! Sorry to have fallen silent for so long, and w/o any explanation.

12/29/2011 . Edited 12/29/2011 #21
Dr. Self Destruct

From your post it sounds like I should be saying "Welcome back!" instead of just "Welcome!", so... Welcome back to the Globe! :D

I'm sure you've probably noticed this, but FP has been having all sorts of problems with formatting, be it in forum posts or document managing, so the forums have been a little dead because of that. The holidays don't help much either.

Hope to see you in The Pit sometime. :)

12/30/2011 #22
Some of you will more than likely remember me, so first off I'd like to apologize.

I stopped posting suddenly, without a word as to why and have been gone for a year and a half now. For what its worth, there is an explanation, but I make no excuses. When things got to busy, I put my work and all mention of this website in a folder deep in my hard-drive, hoping to free up time for more pressing matters. out of sight, out of mind. I eventually forgot about it completely.

About a month ago, I found it again when doing a sweep for old and obsolete files and it all came back: the work I worked hard on, the community I had been a proud member of, and most of all, the friends I left hanging without a clue as to where I went.

I am sincerely sorry. If you'd have me back, I'd like to rejoin the Globe (though I can't be as active as I once was) and take my place once again as a regular member.

Also, I'm bearing gifts: a fully re-written version of my story; longer chapters, better story flow and even a new character who will become reoccurring later on. I'm sure it will please my former regular readers.

1/27/2012 . Edited 1/27/2012 #23
Oh, yes... this is a register, so I guess I'll just copy what I had from the old one:

Name: Drew, Andrew, midget, short-freak, jackass, just to name a few things I am regularly called.

Age: 21 and thanks to my schoolwork, on the fast-track to becoming an alcoholic EDIT: 23 now and already an alcoholic

Who are you?: As mentioned above, a student. More specifically, an undergrad in Electrical Engineering. My background might explain my writing methods. Because I'm a scientist, not an artist (I won't get into the whole "Engineering is a form of art" thing, though it really is), I tend to take a more analytical approach to writing and have mapped out the entire world in my head before I even began typing. Besides, when we need to describe something, we usually draw a picture.

What/Why do you write?: Boredom, mostly. I spend an average of 10 hours a day on campus and my classes are spread pretty far apart time-wise. I plan to write one large fantasy story, in a world I named Crinnon (there was a reason I chose this name, I have no idea what it was though...) that I mapped out during work (manual labor isn't exactly thought-consuming).

Influences/Inspirations: All modern fantasy writers are influenced either directly or indirectly by Tolkien, whether they like it or not. Me? I am directly influenced by him and proud of it. The massive scope of his work was what inspired me to map out my world in such an in-depth manner. As for other influences, WoW did have some in terms of my definitions of magic anyway, but I shy away from that game as much as possible.

Many people might come to the conclusion that I was also influenced by J.K. Rowling in my creation of a school of magi, but this is only partially true. I actually based it more off of the Hero's Guild from the Fable series (proof of this is that the magi are trained to be effective combatants, not everyday wizards), though I confess the idea of separating the students based on specializations had some basis in her work. As for character influences, mostly people around me. Ashnak, Lancaster and Moros are all extreme versions of me and two of my friends in personality, physical appearance and their methods of achieving their goals. As for the various civilizations, it should be obvious that I based them off real-world peoples (religions notwithstanding, I made my own from scratch for the purpose of the story). The Coillians are obviously the Celts. The Sand Kingdom is a mixture of Arabic and Persian. The south Kingdom is Greco-Roman and the North Kingdom is Dark-Age Europe.

1/27/2012 . Edited 1/27/2012 #24
Welcome back Drew! come on over to the pit, its working for teh first time in aaages :D
1/27/2012 #25

Name: Danielle

Nicknames: Yelle

Age: 22

Residence: Florida, USA

Education: Graduating college senior with a degree in Event Management.

Stories: I write mostly one shots; I've always enjoyed prose and poetic paragraphs. And I believe that my generation needs to be concise, so this for me is like a practice in that as well. I would love to get more reviews about my work. I joined this forum because I love the sense of community and would love some feedback, on my writing style as well. I want to grow and mature as a writer. I've had no formal training, so I absolutely love constructive criticism.

I can't pick my favorites, so I'll just tell you a little bit about some of them.

I have a Quotes series, which I wrote a long time ago so I don't think it's that strong.

Pixelized Memories - memories, and how mortal they truly are.

Names I Barely Know - about letting go, and when you want to still know, how hard it is.

Uninvited Visitor - about a fight, and the dismantling of it.

Coffee Cups and Cereal Bowls - how mundane relationships become, how comfortable people get.

Chemistry - on those feelings during a first date, how indescribable they are.

And a new series, Fall in Love Everyday- in which I want to write a love letter to everyone I find interesting and why.

Please read and review/critique! I love getting feedback and I truly want to grow as a writer. I would love opinions on my stories and my writing style. No ones ever really told me what they think, I don't often share in real life yet.

6/11/2012 #26

A co-worker nicknamed me Eva from Wall-E (which I haven't seen) because she said I'm so productive, so I'll go with that.

Age: On this site, I'd say I'm a one-percenter

Education: Studied journalism

Stories: I only have one and it's still in progress. Probably even the title is a turn-off but it's The Last Leaf: Extended Version by Ophelia Henry I've had the story in my head for years, where I wanted to put a lot of meat on a bare bones O. Henry story.

Probably the best thing I've written is on fanfiction but I can't promote it because the characters aren't fictional. I usually follow the rules but I saw plenty that didn't and, frankly, mine was better.

If I don't respond to a comment or, God willing, a review, I'm not being rude. I have very limited access to the internet and this site. But I'll get back to ya when I can

6/21/2012 #27

It is nice to meet everyone! :)

Age: 22

Short Bio: I graduated with a degree in accounting last year (I know it's completely unrelated) and I've been working in NYC since then. Writing is something that is near and dear to my heart, though I do not yet have much experience. I am hoping to continually improve in it while helping others improve as well.

Currently reading: The Hunger Games and Graceling (because you're never too old for YA novels.)

Stories: I just started a story called Legend of Ren. Feel free to read/review and I will do my best to respond back.

6/26/2012 #28

Genius only means hard-working all one's life. Mendeleyev, Russian chemist -----------------------------

12/11/2012 #29
Kay Iscah

Name: Kay Iscah though I may just use Iscah for my fiction.

Website: (look under "writers" for my specific profile and then under "online" for my Twitter, FB, and various author profiles...most are variations on Kay Iscah...I'm easy to find) Also on YouTube under Amoeba Ink, but I'm relearning video...

Published Work: Living Single On Minimum Wage (Holistic Budgeting for Low Income Singles)

Budgeting Blog:

Current Major Project: Seventh Night (fantasy novel)... Hoping to have it out for sale on Kindle/ebooks this spring, currently in editing/beta stage. I'm writing free serials on fictionpress that will provide additional backstory for the main characters. I'd always planned to write these stories after the novel was out, but I figured it was a nice way to get back into my world and drive up some story interest. There will be four prequel stories all together "The Girl With No Name", "Horse Feathers", "The Hidden Prince", and "Seven and Thirteen".

I'm currently writing Horse Feathers and started work on the sequel to Seventh Night. However Seventh Night should be readable as a self contained book. I've mapped out basic plot for about 12 books...but there's not a meta plot to them like with Harry Potter, just sort of continuing adventures. The first novel should be self-contained. Finishing the sequels will move up and down my priority list based on sales.

About: I'm an Indie Author/Artist with my own company, Amoeba Ink. I created it to facilitate collaborations with my friends, so it does/will do more than just my books. We have a cafepress shop ( which is my primary source of creative income at the moment. Hoping to grow it into a general media company. I'm first and foremost a novelist, but I also enjoy scripting and songwriting. I draw/design too, but my friends are better at that than I am. I sing too, but I'm putting more energy into a writing career than a singing my day dreams I have both.

I have a massive 60 issue comicbook epic that I'm trying to build up the funding a great artist for it, but comic book artists need to be paid gotta build up the money first, and test drive my team on a simpler project before embarking on one that'll take 5 or more years. My plan is to get all the scripts done upfront, so I can help with flats and layout/editing...

Most of my work is fantasy, but I range all over on the fantasy scale. I like stuff that is quirky and has a message or larger purpose behind it. I have some non-fantasy projects on the back burner of my mind.

On Fictionpress: I try to limit my forum time, so I don't spend more time talking about writing than actually writing. Really only active on Roadhouse and the Globe at the moment. But I have a deep love for the English language, so I created the forum "For the Love of English" to focus on grammar/vocabulary and language related rather than general story issues. Would love to make it the go-to forum for grammar/proofreading on this site, friendly to both grammar masters and those who struggle.

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