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Stylistic Nightmare

Night, Steph.

10/14/2011 #2,941

I love blogging! I just haven't figured out how to time manage properly. Still. After... how many years? Haha.

10/14/2011 #2,942
Stylistic Nightmare

I pretty much only blog on Tumblr. I tried the LJ thing, but that got boring quick. I just can't maintain anything that's mostly text-driven.

10/14/2011 #2,943

yeah LJ blows.

I just emptied my bookcase and piled all my books up on my bed. now I don't want to put them away. just leave them there, and maybe sleep on the floor?

10/14/2011 #2,944
Stylistic Nightmare

Do it haha. I've got a couch in my room, so I usually just sleep on that if there's shit on my bed I don't want to move.

10/14/2011 #2,945

At least teh books will be comfy.

gah, last dregs of teh flu. if i sleep now, i might kick teh damn thing for good. but then i've been sleeping foreverrrr.

also i finished memoirs of a geisha.

10/14/2011 #2,946

handy. think I'll just get a mattress. the rugby is on tonight, and it's about drinking time haha

10/14/2011 #2,947

oh sophie, I do hope you get over your flu soon! bah. I banish sickness from the globers. be gone, thou foul fiend!

10/14/2011 #2,948

I got a flu shot today (it's required at work). I'm even still sporting the 90s-vomit tie-dye-and-sunglasses bandaid. Secksay.

It annoys me I had to get it 'cause I've never had the flu. But whatever. At least it was free and now I don't have to wear a mask at work for the next 4 months.

10/14/2011 #2,949


10/15/2011 #2,950


10/15/2011 #2,951

lol lyra left ze virg hanging!

10/15/2011 #2,952
Dr. Self Destruct

Why am I still awake. D:

10/15/2011 #2,953


10/15/2011 #2,954

Why am I still awake. D:


10/15/2011 #2,955

I wish WCC results would come up so that I could feel justified that I'm awake right now.

10/15/2011 #2,956
Dr. Self Destruct

Uuuuugh, editing at 4 in the morning. But I promised I'd have the other half of this chapter up... and dammit, I'm gonna do it.

Yay sexy scenes. -_-'

10/15/2011 #2,957
Dr. Self Destruct

That take place in a strip club. :/

10/15/2011 #2,958
Dr. Self Destruct

Oh well, I'm done now. Nighty night Globe.

10/15/2011 #2,959

haydn! in my head!

only I would wake up with this in my head ._.

10/15/2011 #2,960

aw :[

10/15/2011 #2,961

already starting the day not well

10/15/2011 #2,962

i'm sure things will improve after work, i think i'm going to get a sandwich from ze bakery place

will look forward to that.

i feel like i've FP-ed myself out, XDD

10/15/2011 #2,963

maybe i will do homework today and be productive! 8D

10/15/2011 #2,964

annnd off i go!

10/15/2011 #2,965

So the schedules for next semester classes are available for viewing, so I tried to make a mock schedule of what I want to take next semester so I don't have to do it on my registration date and omg it gave me such a head ache. None of the classes that I want to take match up. I might be stuck taking an evening course, or an early morning class with a prof who has a reputation for ripping your essays apart. I almost got stuck taking a sociology course as an elective (thank god I worked that out) and I have to take another elective that I'm not interested in at all because nothing else fits.

FUCK that was annoying. This one writing course that only has one section that I have to take totally fucked my entire schedule up trying to work around it.


10/15/2011 #2,966

aw, sounds like i am not the only one feeling frustrated, XD

10/15/2011 #2,967


10/15/2011 #2,968
Immortal Sina

Um...hi everybody. I'm just kinda popping in. Weeeeell, yeah, here it is. Hello. :D

10/15/2011 #2,969


10/15/2011 #2,970
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