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Harken! What ho? They call for me, and I come! And thus bestow Pitulous riches upon all, calloo callay...

Hop to it, globules

(in other words (Emily's words, to be precise, actually): This is our Off Topic topic. You can post about everything and anything. A warning to those under 18: convo can get mature.)

1/14/2012 . Edited 1/14/2012 #1

oh, oops, XD


1/14/2012 #2

why am i not in my pjs right now...this needs to change

1/14/2012 #3

haha i saw that. mine eyes are everywhere.... ;)

mmm pjs. too hot a concept right now for our weather, but such a lovely snuggly concept all the same

1/14/2012 #4

hello hello soph! how are you?

1/14/2012 #5

good! i just figured out i have one more week off than i thought 8D

1/14/2012 . Edited 1/14/2012 #6

am currently nailing a journal paper. word limits are tumbling! deadlines will be reached! 8D yeah!

1/14/2012 #7

and you? how's the heater going?

1/14/2012 #8

not as bad as it used to be, didn't do too bad today so far either, hopefully i don't jinx it, XD

otherwise not much happening here, just really obsessed with this skyrim game per usual

1/14/2012 #9

wondering hwo it got to be so late!

I should eat some dinner!

1/14/2012 #10

goddam it internet! WORK!!!

ahem, yes, i should get some lunch too.

good luck with the heater, and readings. how many years of uni do you have left? not many, i'm thinking?

1/14/2012 #11
We finally got some snow here!
1/14/2012 #12

SNOW!!!! 8D

1/14/2012 #13
Dr. Self Destruct

I've never seen snow before.

And my format bar is gone again. :(

1/14/2012 #14

OMG, Nicole. Hahahahah, I just leveled up my speech to 100 in like a span of a half an hour.

go to the black briar meadery in Riften, talk to the main guy, ask him about the owner, some woman, and then the next thing will be to "persuade" him to tell you the "truth", and then if you keep doing that enough times it will just keep leveling up. I went from like Level 39 to level 42, XD

1/14/2012 #15
Dr. Self Destruct

Haha, that's awesome. xD I'll have to do that next time I play.

1/14/2012 #16

do eeet

1/14/2012 #17

muahahahahahaha i bought some deadra hearts and now I'm going to enchant a special set of armor to 10% fortify smithing and a ring and a necklace and I'm going to wear my smithing gear and drink a smithing potion and basically make a super weapon! I hope this works. XD

1/14/2012 #18
Dr. Self Destruct

That's a good idea! Let me know if you get anything higher than Legendary, because so far that's the highest I've gotten.

I got some pretty nice one-hand swords from the Thieve's Guild quest-line -- both have two enchants each on them. There's a sword that does frost and lightning dmg, and another sword that absorbs HP and stamina.

1/14/2012 #19

I thinkw hat happens is it ups the base armor, so it will still be legendary but will have a higher least that's the plan. first i need to buy like 4 grand soul gems though, luckily i've hoarded enough here where i'm hitting about an average of 40,000 gold coins so I'm a big spender, XD

1/14/2012 #20
Dr. Self Destruct

Just wait until you get to the house that costs 25k gold. O.O

Hey, my format bar is back!

1/14/2012 #21

eh, damn, I can't use the enchantment on helmets or boots, but i did on a necklace, armor, and gauntlets. I'm going to try it on a ring, but ugh, I have to go all the way back to my place (i hate the waiting periods between each load, etc.)...hopefully i'll at least get 35%ish better stuff

1/14/2012 #22

I swear the higher level I get the more I have to wait -_-''

1/14/2012 #23
Dr. Self Destruct

There's actually a bug where if you have exactly the same amount as a house costs, like 8,000 for the one in Whiterun, (store the rest in a chest) and you speak to the guy you buy it from, accept, then exit out of the conversation really quick before he takes the money, you can put that gold into a nearby chest and still get the key but not pay. Then you just take the gold back out of the chest because it'll still be in there. You have to do it quick though. I tried once and failed.

1/14/2012 #24

omg seriously my entire Skyrim night has consisted of me just running back and forth between people who sell shit. O_O''

1/14/2012 #25
Dr. Self Destruct

I swear the higher level I get the more I have to wait -_-''

It's like the game is trying to get you to go outside or do something productive. xD

But slaying dragons is the most productive you can get!

1/14/2012 #26

i heard about that! i never tried it, haha. i dunno, I don't see why having more than one house would improve anything...then I'd have to remember where I put even more stuff, XD

1/14/2012 #27
Dr. Self Destruct

And saving the world.

1/14/2012 #28
Dr. Self Destruct

i heard about that! i never tried it, haha. i dunno, I don't see why having more than one house would improve anything...then I'd have to remember where I put even more stuff, XD

It's to impress all the dudes/ladies. ;3

There's actually a really big house in uhh... I think Solitude. If I remember correctly, that's the one that costs 25k.

I just like a lot of houses so I can dress up the mannequins.

1/14/2012 #29

OMG. UGHHH i don't have a ring at my house so I actually ahve to go make a ring. THIS IS SO ANNOYING, XD

1/14/2012 #30
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