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2/1/2012 #301
A. Gray

It's like the used-to-be-uber dino in Ungoral Crater. I was questing there with my mage, and I see this claw in the corner of my screen. "OH SHIT! RUN RUN! BLINK! RUN RUN! Mother fucken dino. WHEN I'M 70 I'M GONNA COME TEACH YOU WHAT"S UP!" (I was really yelling too). Then run around your dead body to make sure the dino is gone before popping back up.

I didn't teach him until I was 80 though, cuz at 70 he was still pretty bad ass and you needed 5 people to take him down.

2/1/2012 #302
Dr. Self Destruct

That makes me think of the Fel Reaver in Hellfire Peninsula.

I'd just be questing, then all of a sudden my screen would shake and I'd hear a 'RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR' and then *FOOT* and he'd step on me.

2/1/2012 #303
A. Gray

Oh yes him too! Though after killing him a couple times. I found it far more entertaining to fly around him. Get him to agro, and then fly just outta his reach, but so he still chased me.

2/1/2012 #304
Immortal Sina
Um, hello, there, sirs and ma'ams. haven't been here a while... :D Sooo yeah just wanted my presence to be known i guess. :I
2/1/2012 #305

There is a really weird suspicious squeaking noise in my room...

2/1/2012 #306
Stephanie M. Moore

Eep. Suspicious squeaking noise? Like potentially furry, scurrying creature sort of squeaking? Or perhaps it's your poor heater's final death rattle. lol.

2/1/2012 #307
Stephanie M. Moore

Damn. I'm going to have to try to make it through this month's WCC without thinking about my Asylum piece from November. Must channel creativity...

2/1/2012 #308
"I didn't teach him until I was 80 though, cuz at 70 he was still pretty bad ass and you needed 5 people to take him down." Or one DoTlock :P
2/1/2012 #309

oh weird, my format bar is absent at the RG but still here at Globe...

2/1/2012 #310

Yeah...this WCC makes me think of my very first drafting of INSIWB when Jude and Kit were the same character and sleezed around town with a reputation of being called "The Prophet" even though I don't think he even prophesized anything...haha

2/1/2012 #311
Stephanie M. Moore

That sounds interesting. How far you've come... lol.

2/1/2012 #312
A. Gray

Lame. I was going to go look, but the General Forum page is blank and I don't have RG bookmarked. Oh well. I need to focus on what I have to do currently. (I started writing some of the basics of my new story down.)

2/1/2012 #313

That sounds interesting. How far you've come... lol.

I know! so true, haha!

2/1/2012 #314

Merlin did have his cute moments. I kind of miss him.

He liked getting drunk and shouting lines from Macbeth.

I should bring that back, lol.

2/1/2012 #315
Dr. Self Destruct


2/1/2012 #316


2/1/2012 #317
Dr. Self Destruct

I'm hungry. D:

2/1/2012 #318
Dr. Self Destruct

And now I'm locked out of instances because I've been doing them too much trying to get gear to make my paladin look pretty and purple.


2/1/2012 #319

I don't know what instances is...


2/1/2012 #320
Dr. Self Destruct

At least I got another chapter done... though every time I read it, I take stuff out and put different stuff in, so I guess it's not really done after all.

2/1/2012 #321
Dr. Self Destruct

It's kinda like the equivalent of a dungeon (cave, tower, ect) in Skyrim. A sectioned portion of the game that has bosses and stuff.

2/1/2012 #322


I ALMOST feel like doing an RG review.

Like almost. hahaha

2/1/2012 #323

Sounds like my Woden relationship...

2/1/2012 #324
Immortal Sina
do you know waht sounds good right now? Chinese. Mmmm, egg rolls...
2/1/2012 #325
Stylistic Nightmare

Afternoon, Globe.

2/1/2012 #326

crab rangoons!

2/1/2012 #327
Dr. Self Destruct

Craaaab rangoooooons.

Holy crap, I want.

2/1/2012 #328

I think I might just say eff it and post up the next for Woden tonight...blah

2/1/2012 #329
Stephanie M. Moore

Sigh. Time to go mess with some disease-causing microbes for a while. Yay microbiology lab... not.

2/1/2012 #330
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