CODE Academy: An RP
An academy with EVERYTHING!Werewolves,vampires,witches,wizards,man eating plants,mythical creatures and of course an evil villain.The principal is a ghost who will detect every wrongdoing.So join now!You won't be disappointed!
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Accepted =D

Oh look....he actually READ THE RULES....that is a model RPer people!!! Read the rules!! =.=

12/31/2009 #31

-shifty eyes- Haha...I forgot nurple purple, didn't I? XD

So...evil stuff....Here we go!

Name: Jade Black

Age: 17 physically - Really 120

Country: London

Brain Rating: 18

Classes: All

Appearance: Has very rich red hair and fair skin. Her eyes are an emerald green and she has average height. Flawless skin and takes pride in her beauty. She is slim and thin, the only thing that'd make her appearance perfect is getting rid of that constantly...sinster...look in her eyes.

Gender: Female

Personality: Seductive and very sly. She is a smooth talker, though really has little care for the people around her. Vain and rather self absorbed most of the time, though she tries her best not to act like so. A bit of a sore loser too when she doesn't get her way.

Hobbies: Evil stuff~ ;)

Talents: Manipulating

Bio: Her history has constantly been the same throughout her years, will be told if necessary in the RP. (Really 'cause I'm lazy~ XD)

Species: Elf

Shift: Night

Other: She has a feirce temper and can be quite dangerous when set off.

12/31/2009 #32

lol...yeah XD

Is your character a spy in the school or an external force of evil? If she's a spy single or double dorm (if its a double she can be with Amee and plan evil plans XD)) And if you pik a double go to Starlight Dorm 22A....if its a single post in the Evil Lair...Ill make your Dorm later.

Sori i had 2 rite all that cuz im gonna leave now. =D

12/31/2009 #33

For now, she's a spy. :)

Aw, bye! I gotta head off soon too.... D:

12/31/2009 #34

Name: Mel Svensson

Age: 16

Country: Sweden

Brain rating: 15

Classes: Predatory

Appearance: Mel is a tad shorter then average. She has straight, waist length blond hair. Her eyes are bright blue. She has a long, evident scar that trails up her left arm. She has many other scars, but most are are to small to be noticed by the human eye or hidden by her clothing. Mel has a petite yet curvy body.


Personality: At first Mel is very shy girl. But once you get to know her shes nice, and very stubborn. She is very, very secertive and mysterious at times. She trys not to dwell on the past, since hers isn't that great, and focuses on the future. Most people think Mel is very innocent. But she is the opposite of innocent. she can usually get whatever she wants. She is a positive person, with a good heart.

Hobbies: Writing songs, and playing the guitar.

Talents: Getting what she wants and playing he guitar

Gender: Female

Bio: Her mother died, and Mel's father has been missing for about 6 months. Her grandparents sent Mel to this school hoping to keep her safe after some unfortunate events.

Species: Half werewolf and half human

Shift: morning

Other: N/A

12/31/2009 #35

Accepted....Midnight Dorm 34I

@Music: Single or Double?

12/31/2009 #36

@Dark: Can i make a slutty Banshee? she could be a bad guy too! :D

12/31/2009 #37
disused account

slutty Banshee? LOL

12/31/2009 #38

Yes slutty banshee! . besides I thought it would be fun xD

12/31/2009 #39

sure...knock urself out

12/31/2009 #40

@dark theres no Midnight Dorm 34I?

1/1/2010 #41
My Sweet Fear

Name: Charade "Ash" Linl

Age: 100, looks 17

Country: Winchester, England.

Brain rating: (how smart is the characcter? This is sort of like grades. Age does not matter. Brain ratings range from 1 to 20 and characters will be put in seperate classes according to their rating)20

Classes: (What classes do you want? Here;s the list- Humanity, Wizardry, Ettiquette and Predatory. Each subjects have some subtopics which you will be briefed about in your acceptance letter) Predatory

Appearance: Ash has dark blue hair and blood red eyes, stands at 5"6 and wighs 80 kgs.

Gender: Female

Personality: Shy at first, then bubbly. Very friendly but can be violent and sadistic if she is attacked.

Hobbies: Painting, baking, playing with cats and studying.

Talents: (what is you character good at?) Logical classes, running, cooking and art.


Bio: Her mother was a shape shifter and her father a demon, and they had Ash. Both were caught and killed sometime in the 1800s. Since then, Ash has lived with her aunt, her father's sister.

Species: (can be anything you want) Half shape shifter, half demon.

Shift: (will you classes be day shift/ in the morning or night shift/at night?) Night shift.

Other: (anything else you might want to add) She has a small tiger named Yield.

[Lol, Hyper Diapers and nurple purple]

1/4/2010 . Edited 1/5/2010 #42

Accepted! =)

Please post the pet in the pet subscription page so that we may confirm it!

Your dorm room is Midnight Dorm 24k

1/5/2010 . Edited 1/5/2010 #43
Duckie's Day
Name:Samantha Emika Atsuko Blaire-Shuki-Batsuni Age:13 Country:From Japan Brain Rating:She's only thirteen so average(5-7) Classes:Humanity,Wizardry,Ettiquette. Appearance:White hair to her neck,wears a black jacket ALL the time,huge colored hazel eyes,mostly wear riot-grrl clothes also.Shehas pale skin,a Shuki clan and Blaire trade mark,has c size b***,5'1 ft,101 lbs,small hands with black nail polish. Personality:Nice,not really socail,caring,helpful,funny,random,rational,moral,kinda smart,sensitive,serious sometimes. Gender:Female Hobbies:Drawing,reading,hangin out with her cousins,and writing Litature. Talents:She's kinda good at sport,can see through people (Personalities,how they act). Bio:She's in a clan of witches called the blaire family and her father is the King of hell and hatred until he got married to Samantha's mom but divorced her and went back to being king.Samantha has a twin sister who's a b*** but is mother earth.
1/16/2010 #44

Accepted! =) But you might want to leave spaces between all the info.

Do you want a Single dorm or A double(You'll have a partner in that one)?

1/16/2010 . Edited 1/16/2010 #45
Duckie's Day
Srry,I'm using my cell including yesterday.I'm going to make more characters.I'll have a double dorm!
1/17/2010 #46
Duckie's Day
Here's more Species:Witch Shift:Night Other:She's arrange into marriage with a demon prince
1/17/2010 #47

Oh ok your room would be In Midnight Dorm room 25A you don't have a partner..yet.. :P

And about the other character you might wanna add more details in it!

1/18/2010 #48
Duckie's Day
Name:Tammy Nebula Meyer Age:16 Species:Werewolf Country:California,United States Of American. Gender:Female Brain Rating:7-9 Classes:Predatory and Humanity. Appearance:She has 5 layer of hair in the back and her bangs cover her eyes and her hair to her stomach.She has red streaks and red tips on her bangs.Tammy has hazel eyes,kinda tan skin,heart shaped head,and kinda pointy nose.She's 5'5 ft,112 lbs,skinny,curvy body,D size b***.She has a marilyn monroe,spider bites,and nosed pierced.Hair is actually light brown,emo cut,medium size lips.She wears band-ts,ripped skinny jeans,her her beat up checkered design slip on vans.She wears dark make up and her amber red color hoodie. Personality:Funny,playful,rude sometimes,silly,thinker and doer,socail sometimes,protective,faithful,hyper. Hobbies:Does photography,and do poems. Talents:Fighting,playing soccer,making people laugh. Shift:Morning Other:She Knows Samantha.
1/19/2010 #49
Duckie's Day
I'll Do her bio 2morrow,my cell has a limit of posting things.
1/19/2010 #50

Name: Claire Blanchard

Age: Unknown but looks like 17/18

Country: France

Brain rating: 18

Classes: Wizardry and Predatory.

Appearance: She has a curvaceous body (An hourglass Figure) and has a pair of Emerald eyes, which compliment her shoulder length Platinum blonde hair. She usually wears very revealing clothes.


Personality: Devious,Sarcastic,revealing,Spiteful and very confident . She is completely independent and carefree.A complete out-law.

Hobbies: Art

Talents: Gymnastic


Bio:She Enrolled in CODE academy through her high influential background which is unknown,but it is said that she is a decedent of an elite shape shifter hence her powers to shape shift are strong.

Species: Shape Shifter

Shift: Night Class

Other: She is one of the spies! Oh and i'm not making a slutty banshee! A slutty Shape shifter is better! XP

1/29/2010 . Edited 1/29/2010 #51

O.O This forum just....DIED. LOL

8/3/2010 #52
disused account

poor thing! It was too young *cries*

8/3/2010 #53

This forum looks intensely complicated. O.o Oh well...

Name: Leilana Sullivan

Age: 16

Country: Half Spanish, half Irish.

Brain Rating: 19

Classes: Wizardry

Appearance:In her normal form - Pale, Irish skin but with thick dark hair that is long and wavy, falling down to her shoulders. Her eyes are hazel, and framed with long, dark eyelashes. She is tall and slender, with long fingers.

Gender: Female

Personality: Sarcastic and confident in her own abilities. Her confidence often comes across as arrogance, and her sarcasm as agression, and though occasionally both might be true, usually she is very calm, rising to anger only when provoked. When angry she is sadistic and ruthless, striking down any in her path. She is very dramatic, and often greets people with a dramatic bow. She delights in showing off, but doesn't do so in a loud voice, but instead very quietly, often feigning modesty. She's also a bit of a romantic as well, always looking for matchmaking potential, and greatly enjoys creating relationships between people, (whether they want it or not).

Hobbies: She enjoys illusion and ventriloquism, and over her lifetime has practiced basic illusionist's tricks, until she can appear to make inanimate objects sing from across the room, and pull small objects such as roses or cards out of the air. She practices this regularly, hoping that if, for any reason, she should be out of work, she could make a basic living as a street performer.

Talents: Shape-shifting, as above, illusion and ventriloquism, piano and acting. She also has rudimentary skills in sword-play and archery, but these are still very basic. She is working on elemental magic, and can currently produce a few small sparks, or a very small hole in the ground, and such tiny displays of magic as these.

Bio: Both her parents were shape-shifters, and she inherited this power. An uncle of hers was an elemental mage, so she hopes to learn these skills also, but hasn't displayed an inordinate amount of natural talent. However she is improving, and hopes to get better in later years. At the age of 15, she was told by her parents that they wished to send her to a magical academy, and has reluctantly taken the entrance exam, not wishing to leave her home in Connemara, Ireland.

Species: Shape-shifter, with a few elemental genes in her.

Shift: Day-shift, but wants to attend a few extra classes in the night-shift.

EDIT: Nurple purple!

8/26/2010 . Edited 8/26/2010 #54
Name: Naiya, goes by Nai Age: 17 Country: United States Brain Rating: 13 1/2 Classes: Predatory and Humanity Appearance: Nai has slightly tanned skin, blood red eyes, and curly black hair. She's short(5ft exactly) and slender, with pointed ears and slightly pointed teeth, as well as freckles. She usually wears ripped jeans and a windbreaker as well as a t-shirt with some ironic message on it and sneakers. As a wolf, she's black with silver streaks, and has a silver star on her forehead. She's pretty short, but slender as well. Gender: Female Personality: Nai doesn't interact with people much, and she's usually tense when anyone's nearby. Sometimes, to the rare person, she opens up somewhat. If she's furious, her eyes will turn black. Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Drawing, Playing Guitar. Talents: Her speed and agility, night vision, and heightened senses. She's fairly good at hunting. Bio: One of the few purebreds of her kind left in the world, due to them being hunted nearly to extinction several hundred years ago, Naiya was born in a back alley. Her parents were survivors of the time when they were hunted, as this type of werewolf lives a very long time. Naiya was raised by her mom and grandma. Her mom sent her to school here after Nai accidentally changed in a grocery store and tackled a lady who was yelling at her son for knocking over a can of soup. For the record, Naiya hadn't changed in the two months beforehand. Species: Somewhat werewolf, but she can change at will. If she doesn't change in awhile, she gets easily angered and very crabby. Her kind only hunts animals, but they can live off human food. Shift: Night please, she's more awake then. Other: [nurple purple][Hyper Diapers]
11/30/2011 . Edited 12/1/2011 #55
Name: Mercy Age: (1-infinite) 21 Country: America Brain rating: (how smart is the characcter? This is sort of like grades. Age does not matter. Brain ratings range from 1 to 20 and characters will be put in seperate classes according to their rating) She is very smart, she loves art but has a passion for astronamy Classes: (What classes do you want? Here;s the list- Humanity, Wizardry, Ettiquette and Predatory. Each subjects have some subtopics which you will be briefed about in your acceptance letter) Wizardry Appearance: Long black hair with amber streaks, amber eyes, and She's Mexican. Sassy in her way of dress. Gender:Female Personality: Kind and spunky. She has a serious problem with sexist/raicest people. She is independent and unique Hobbies: drawing anime, soccer, track/feild, and singing Talents: (what is you character good at?) Singing, drawing, and soccer. Bio: She was raised in Oklahoma and was the only Mexican in her small town high school. her dad died when she was three. Shift: (will you classes be day shift/ in the morning or night shift/at night?) Night classes Other: (anything else you might want to add) N/A
3/21/2012 #56

Name: Joseph Johnson (real name: Jzake Helmron Jozik)

Age: 19?

Country: A dimension ruled by the territory of the elves and other magical species, strictly magical creatures (the stereotypical elves dwarves and other craps)

Brain Rating: 20

Classes: Humanity, Wizardry, and Predatory

Appearance: A lean and slightly muscular human, Gray eyes under constantly hooded eye lids, long Golden blonde hair with pure red tips-constantly put in a pony-tail or tight back braids; wears a loose tan hoodie, old black converses, a black and white striped v-neck shirt, faded blue jeans, and a ratty bowler hat.


Personality: Usually quiet, but when needed to speak he would, holds a calm calculative look, (whenever he smiles an angel gets his wings :P), He can be socialable when he wants to, not too hard to get along, the kind to take in all possibilities before making a decision considering peoples feelings and choices, a natural listener.

Hobbies: Usually has a book or a game-boy in his hand: and does art activities

Talents: A therapist in training

Bio: Father is a shapeshifting beast that bases magic power on the elements and soul, and shape-shifts into any animal. Mother is an tall elf-like gray creature the most numbest in topics considering feelings such as love, very smart and has the capacity to remember things in detail, specailizes in intellectual magic, deep research on wizardry, and Healing. Parents died off mysteriously, and Joseph was found by a common elf village; trained in magic, self-control, basic hand-to-hand defense and combat, and science/magic.

At his official age of 19 he triggered all of the hereditary powers of his parents, and their forms... making them hard to control; coming in with spurts of headaches. An evil group saw his potential and captured him, and put him in a trans to help conquer his world; before he could finish conquering the world the elves recaptured him but in their base, the evil group still in control sent out a powerful spell to kill nearly all the elves, but with that spell it broke the trans and Joseph woke up to find his.. family in ruins. Through grief he sent a killing spell trageting 500 miles outward wrapping most of the dead elves and the group, realeasing the pent up energy and all of the targets including him.

In truth the dead and the group and Joseph were sent into a pocket dimension linking between different dimensions slowly drifting.. Joseph barely alive and in a comma floats in the link waiting to fall into a different world.

(the rest of the story is up to Joseph)

Species: Hybrid of Shapeshifter and Magical Elf

(trigger)Shift: At will once learned to control it

Other: The guy's past is unknown (since he's a dimensional traveler), can build and invent his own weapons, naturally floats.

11/15/2012 #57
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