CODE Academy: An RP
An academy with EVERYTHING!Werewolves,vampires,witches,wizards,man eating plants,mythical creatures and of course an evil villain.The principal is a ghost who will detect every wrongdoing.So join now!You won't be disappointed!
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CODE Academy is a large building in the middle of the Mediterfterannean. It takes up the entire Island. It has four buildings for four classes and dorms within them for the students. The spires and buttresses of the school reach up towards the skies and it is made up of a combination of bricks and glass. There are 30 floors in each building. The sports facility is at the top floor. There are slabs on the floors which take anyone who is standing on it to a particular direction. It is surrounded by the sea and has a courtyard in the middle which is the size of four football fields. At the far end is a park with a beautiful lake surrounded by trees. Right outside the Academy is a dense forest, the way through the forest is only known by the prefects. After the forest is a beautiful beach with clear blue sky and sea. Thats it!!


1. Be nice to everyone

2. Characters are not allowed to visit families or friends AT ALL

3. If you decide to leave you may resign your character at the Headmaster's office and they will be eliminated.

4. If you have read all that put the word 'nurple purple' in your application.


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:::: NEWS ::::

Okay, so we don't have any evil characters yet. A doubt any summary is neccassary so far. I will make an evil character if anyone is interested to help me plot the evilness. Basically thats it.

:::: FACTS ::::


So you guys get points for being good in school and studies and they get taken away if you get into trouble. Point-counting hasn't still started and neither has school cuz we're waiting for at least two or three more people. If your character wins 100 points they get 1 star the colour of their department. Multiple departments will get a combination of colours according to their departments.


Each department has a specific colour code:

Predatory: Red

Etiquette: Blue

Wizardry: Green

Humanity: White

The colour of the Prefect and Head Prefect badges symbolizes their Department. Each department also has a symbol (not an animal like Harry Potter) in their colour. Students are required to wear their ID which has these colour code and symbols to recognize them during classes.


Head Prefects are my own 4 characters. However, you can apply for your character to be a Prefect. Just fill in the following:



Characters may NOT get accepted for prefects so don't get mad about it.

-{{UPDATES}} -

Well, you guys'll need your grades and everything but since there isn't too many people, we won't be able to start classes. So invite some people to join and this'll really get interesting!

-If you have read all that please write the word "Hyper Diapers" in you next post. Just typing it in a bracket will do.


11/27/2009 . Edited 11/27/2009 #2


Still no summary so far.



:::UPDATES::: other than me, iRawrTera is also a MODERATOR so if you have any queries or anything you can ask her as well. For some reason the moderator request isn't going or something, to her, so I'm just posting it here. Therefore she can accept or decline Characters or prefects as well.

Thats it! And seriously people, write the words in the rules in your applications or you'll be declined! Its the only way to make you read the rules!! I know its boring but please?

Well anyways, thats it for now. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'ALL!!!


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