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disused account

"And what makes you say that? I came over because you looked lonely."

12/31/2009 #61

"Unfortunately, you did..." Damona groaned, "And some people like some alone time,"

12/31/2009 #62
disused account

"You didn't have come to a school for that," he mused. "You should be meeting people, girl."

12/31/2009 #63

"Like I'd want to," Damona grunted.

12/31/2009 #64
disused account

"Oh come on now, whats wrong with that?"

12/31/2009 #65

"I'm certainly annoyed with you for one," Damona said.

12/31/2009 #66
disused account

"Look we started off on the wrong foot. I'm Jacob. Enjoy your tree sitin."

12/31/2009 #67

"I was until you came along..." Damona muttered.

12/31/2009 #68
naruto lover1235

"Thanks"he said to Serena grinning,"and I heard you beacaue I have got elf ears so I can hear the most smallest and quietest noises there is,I heard your breathing."

1/2/2010 #69

Megan scolded and crossed her arms. "That's so unfair." She muttered, then turned to him in disbelief. "Elf ears, really? Well, one day I amgoing to scare you. That's my new goal here." She said with a grin.

1/2/2010 #70

Tera looked at both of them in disbelief great another pair of pranksters she thought and let out a groan/sigh of annoyance.

1/2/2010 #71

"Oh my god!" Serena said," My long lost brother and sister!!" She yelled and gave Megan a random hug while clapping Andros on the back.

Rhys rolled his eyes, "Well I'm gonna help you scare both of them," he grinned to Megan.

"Dream on can't beat your sensei," Serena grinned," Me and Andros are gonna wipe the floor with you two,"

"We'll see," Rhys said.

"So what'ya thimk Andros? You game for a little challenge?" Serena asked grinning from ear to ear.

((By the way narotolover, you can just chat with us in the Off topic forum if you want =D))

1/5/2010 . Edited 1/5/2010 #72

"Just because he has super hearing doesn't mean you guys are going to win!" Megan said with a grin lighting up her face.

"Lucky for me and Rhys. I have a few more ideas for this little challenge. So are you sure you actually want to do this?" She asked Serena and Andros.

1/5/2010 #73
naruto lover1235

"BRING IT ON !!!!" shouted andros with a grin,"I'm ready for any challenge!"

1/10/2010 #74

"You're ON!" Serena and Rhys said together grinning evilly. "This is going to be so awesome when we kick your sorry butts!!!" Serena said.

"Don't you mean when we kick your butts?" Rhys grinned.

"Dream on pal! C'mon Andros...we have got some evil plotting to do," she said, "Oi Tera....who's side are you in?"

1/10/2010 #75

"Man, I sorta feel bad for you guys. Its obvious that you guess are not going to win." She said, shaking her head sadly and trying to hide the smile on her face.

1/10/2010 #76
disused account

Jacob gave Damona a smirk.

1/10/2010 #77

Damona raised a questioning eyebrow at Jacob.

1/10/2010 #78
disused account

He plooped on the ground. "so where you from?" If he was going to annoy the girl he may as well get to know her.

1/10/2010 #79

"I'll tell you when I feel like it," Damona said with a grunt.

1/10/2010 #80
disused account

"Fine," he leaned aginst the tree and shut his eyes,

1/10/2010 #81

Damona kept her place up on the thick branch, pretending Jacob wasn't there.

1/10/2010 #82
disused account

He began to snore.

1/10/2010 #83

Damona rolled her eyes, "Figures I can't get any peace around here...." she muttered, forming herself into a raven and fluttering off.

1/10/2010 #84
disused account

(so far they just aren't meant to be lol Any ideas?)

1/10/2010 #85

[-shrugs- I prefer a gradual love process. Falling in love at first meeting is rather cliche~]

1/10/2010 #86
disused account

(Agreed. But we have to get them talking without killing each other 1st ;)

1/10/2010 #87

[Well they came out of the first meeting both alive! XD]

1/10/2010 #88
disused account

:) true! Maybe they both settle down later and start to talk?)

1/10/2010 #89

[Mmm...Maybe. Though it could take a while with Damona's prickly ways. 8D]

1/10/2010 #90
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