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Use this skeleton:



What kind of bf/gf does he/she want:

11/5/2009 #1

Why not? :D

Name: Katana Ravenswood

Personality: Cunning and clever, a very sisterly type. She's sarcastic and very outspoken, but also stubborn and protective. Appears to fear very little and has too much pride to admit when she is afraid of something.

What kind of bf/gf does he/she want: Someone caring of course, not someone nerdy for sure. A personality that matches her own a little, someone who probably will go ahead and talk down to her since it's usually her talking down -or up- to others.

11/7/2009 #2

Jason could work for your character. He's one of the prefects and a vampire. He's stubborn and rude sometimes but once one gets him to open up, he's really caring.

He's at the park if Katana wants to giv him a shot . And please read the rules and facts. ^^

11/7/2009 . Edited 11/7/2009 #3

He could! We could give it a shot~ :D Do you make a sheet for your characters or do you just roleplay him? 'Cause I'd love to know more about him! :)

I shall read them~ -nods- Then Katana will take a little stroll to the park. ;)

11/7/2009 #4

lol...well i made the sheets but just before i posted them, the laptop turned about bummer .

11/13/2009 #5

urrg.. there arnt a lot of people to RP with yet.. oh well. I will just wait till a new person comes along :D

Name: Megan

Personality: Megan is a very outgoing person. She’s really is a trouble maker, even when she tries to be good-which is very rare for her to do- she still tends get herself into trouble. She’s is very clever, and very quick thinker. When people really get to know Megan-which they rarely do-She’s a nice person, very caring and she will do anything to keep her loved ones safe.

What kind of bf/gf does he/she want: A man who is caring. Has a similar personality as hers, but can keep her from staying out of trouble and a funny, easy going person.

11/18/2009 . Edited 11/18/2009 #6

u cud wait or try out with Rhys....also u can head over to the park or somewhere else if you wanna meet sum of my chas =] hope u hav fun!

11/18/2009 #7

sure, i will try with Rhys.... hes at the park you said??

11/18/2009 #8


11/19/2009 #9
disused account

Name: Alex Heartman

Personality: Shy kid who thinks he freak due his cream colored skin.

What kind of bf/gf does he/she want: Someone who's nice and will show him he has value. Sort of sisterish too I sopose.

12/30/2009 #10
disused account

Name: Jacob Mandrake

Personalty: Cocky and smooth with girls

What kind: Someone who is wild

Amee might work, Jacob will take em at any age O,o

12/30/2009 . Edited 12/30/2009 #11

Name: Damona Ravenswood

Personality: Rude and sarcastic, but sisterly and clever with a good heart.

What Kind: Someone with a sense of humor and 'amuses' her in a certain way I suppose...No nerds or 'goody-goodies' for sure.

There we are! :D

12/30/2009 #12
disused account

Either Ravenswood girl for Alex?

12/31/2009 #13

Well, I scratched Katana to start fresh~ XD So she no longer exist.

For Damona...wouldn't her rough exterior be rather much for a shy kid like Alex? Jacob seems more of a likely guy to me, unless you want him with Amee of course~ (Then again, it'll be hard to match Damona up with anybody! XD)

12/31/2009 #14
disused account

Well Jacob gets around so Amee may also get a chance one day lol

12/31/2009 #15

Don't you guys think that Damona and Jacob would make a better pair since both of them are somewhat opposite yet wild and free? (as in confident and independent)

12/31/2009 #16
disused account

True.. :)

12/31/2009 #17

Touche~ -nods- :)

12/31/2009 #18
disused account

So where shall they meet?

Poor lonely Alex lol

12/31/2009 #19

Poor Alex... D: Would you like me to make someone for him? :)

Hmm....They could meet jus' about anywhere~ XD You post, I'll follow, how's that?

12/31/2009 #20

k then it's settled Damona and Jacob it is! :D

You guys can start Rping anywhere you want since either of the characters are'nt that active yet.

12/31/2009 #21
disused account

If you're up for it. Hmm the forest.

12/31/2009 #22
My Sweet Fear

Hm let's see what she gets.

Name;Charade "Ash" Linl

Personality; Shy at first, then bubbly when you get to know her. She is kind but can have a bit of a sadistic side sometimes.

What kind of bf does she want; One who is loyal yet fun.

1/5/2010 #23

Hm..maybe Ash can be with Alex

Since both of you are looking for someone relatively "Kind"

1/5/2010 #24
disused account

I'm up for it :)

1/5/2010 #25
My Sweet Fear

Sure! Alex seems like a good guy for her.

1/5/2010 #26
disused account

Where should they meet?

1/5/2010 #27
disused account

Where should they meet?

1/5/2010 #28
My Sweet Fear

In the cafeteria, I suppose? I just made a thread there :)

1/5/2010 #29
disused account

Sounds like a plan.

1/5/2010 #30
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