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Clear and tranquil with a beautiful lake in the middle.

11/5/2009 #1

It was in the afternoon Katana broke away from her book and her room and stepped out for a small walk to see what went on about in the outside world.

Casually she headed over to the park where a calm breeze matched the tranquil surroundings of the area. The sun's reflection could be seen in the lake of a radiant glow.

She paused by the lake's edge, glancing up at the sun, watching it sink lower in the sky. She murmured a song under her breath, sometimes when she was along she couldn't help but do so, it was a habbit she picked up.

11/7/2009 #2

Jason pored over various books and notes. He'd been recieving a lot of applications for various reasons lately. Cafeteria food, school records, misbehaviours, there was loads of work to do and apparently Serena, Rhys or none of the other prefects had been bothering at all. He sighed as he stepped away from his chair and walked towards the door. He needed some fresh air before working again.

The clear afternoon breeze played in the park. Jason was wearing a casual white T-shirt and a pair of jeans. The new school year was apparently a great hassle. He'd been studying here for two years along with some of the other prefects. He took a casual stroll through the walkway before coming at the lake. The beauty of this particularly area filled him with great pleasure every time.His friends and classmates called him 'emotionless' but he never really saw the reason for mindless gossip or such. His eyes never showed any emotion and his expression was always neutral. It was the same when he arrived at the lake, when he noticed another figure at the edge of the lake.

One of the new students probably... he thought. She was quite pretty as she stood staring at the lake. Jason, thinking that she was better left alone, started to walk away. He could come back later once a little more of his work was done and the girl could have her moment of peace.

11/8/2009 #3

"Rhys! Get back here!!" a laughing girl in a small black skirt and grey top laughed as she ran after a boy with deep brown hair. She had deep brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She followed Rhys as he mocked her to the edge of the lake. There was another girl at the edge of the lake and Serena fell in to the lake narrowly missing her by inches and drawing fits of laughter from Rhys.

11/8/2009 . Edited 11/8/2009 #4

Jason sighed. Trust those nimrods to ruin a person's peaceful moment. He walked over to the girl who seemed shocked and stood glaring at Rhys and Serena. "I apologize for my friends' childish behaviours," his glare intensified and Rhys frowned, "WHAT?!?!" he said nervously as Serena kept laughing, "Yeah, and I apologize for my friends' old man behaviour." Jason's glare practically burried a hole through her head.

11/8/2009 #5

Katana merely chuckled, an amused glint in her eyes, "No need for any apology, I found it quite entertaining, really," she assured with a small grin as her eyes glossed over the new people.

11/8/2009 #6

Serena laughed Rhys helped her out of the water. She was soaking wet from head to toe and her clothes stuck close to her body. Rhys wolf whistled as he looked her over earning a hit from Serena."Ow...." he groaned lightly as Serena turned her head to the newcomer. "Hey's Serena Mason, prefect of Humanity department."she grinned.

"Something I still can't understand the reason for," Jason sighed as Aria glared at him. Rhys smiled at the newcomer as he introduced himself, " Rhys Challon. Forgive my old man Jason, here, he tends to be like that sometimes, " he motioned to Jason.

11/10/2009 #7

Katana smiled and nodded to Serena, "Pleasure to meet you, Serena," she said then chuckled at Rhys and Jason, "And you, Rhys," she said, giving him a nod as well before turning to the last one, "And whom might you be? It's funny how I have never run into any of you during my years of attending the school,"

11/10/2009 #8

"Jason Hale" Jason said bluntly. Serena grinned, "Same here. True, we havent met before."

"Probably cuz old man Jason kept us locked up doing our duties most of the time.." Rhys grimaced just thinking of all the work he'd had to do.

((Sori I can't reply 2 frequently...exams cumin up))

11/11/2009 #9

A grin came upon Katana's face, "Does he? That's certainly no fun," she mused with a glint in her eyes. Then she nodded to Jason, "Pleasure to meet you, Jason,"

[It's fine! :)]

11/11/2009 #10

"You have no idea.." Serena said with a dark chuckle, "I have a feeling we'll get along very well."

Jason nodded. He did not like the glimmer in the girl's eyes.

11/12/2009 #11

Katana laughed, "I'm sure we will...." she mused with a grin on her face.

11/12/2009 #12

"Serena, go and change or you'll catch a cold," Jason said stiffly.

"Yes Daddy" she replied timidly as she flashed a grin towards Katana and Rhys who was crackingup with laughter.

"And leave miss Ravenswood in peace..." he continued

"Hey what if she doesnt want to be left alone?" Rhys frowned "You don't right?"

11/12/2009 #13

Katana laughed, her eyes glittering, "I'm a flexible person, I don't mind your company," she then smiled to Jason and nodded, "And no need for the 'Miss Ravenswood', call me Katana,"

11/12/2009 #14

Jason frowned slightly, "Informal as the other prefects may be, Miss Ravenswood, I am a responsible person, therefore I will address you as forth using you last name."

"Yes, I know he can be really snobby. The first time I met him I put one of those giant crabs in his pants, " Serena snickered as she appeared wearing a pair of white shorts and blue top with a navy blue cloak billowing behind her in the breeze.

"Why're you wearing the cloak?" Rhys was confused.

"I met a wierdo who asked me out so I put Jason's cloak on and he ran a bug" she grinned as she turned to Katana to explain, "Jason's HEAD prefect, so me wearing his cloak scare every- HEY!" Jason had apparently pulled the cloak from her.

"You will refrain from scaring the students." he said simply.

"Whatever... hey Katana wanna go to the beach? It's past the forest so we're the only oneswho know the way and its not too crowded since everyon'es too scared of Jason to ask for directions..." Serena and Rhys cracked up, "And you accuse us of scaring students."

11/13/2009 #15

Katana laughed at the exchange, "Sure, I'll go with you all to the beach. Haven't got much else to do, have I?" she mused with a glimmer in her eyes. She then turned to Jason, "Responsible not, it's a preference to be addressed by first name," she said with a grin, "And when it comes to scaring people....I think there could be a few exceptions here and there,"

11/13/2009 #16

Jason narrowed his eyes a** he headed too the forest. Serena was looking at Katana with big eyes, "My long lost sister!" she exclaimed dramatically as Rhys was practically red, laughing. Serena laughed as she led the way to the beach through the overgrowth and plants in the forest.

There were a few students here and there wandering around with panicky eyes and once they saw the group, they looked overjoyed. "How many times have I told you to tell us before going to the forest?" Serena said, bemused. "Alex!" she called as a great white tiger leaped through the woods and started towards the school. "Go on...follow him back." she sighed as the students began to file after him with panic in their eyes.

"So, Katana,did you get any pets? Mine's an eagle but apparently all it does is eat and sleep...and oh hits on the other birds as well.."Rhys rolled his eyes. The beach was only a minute away.

((Next post on the beach!))

11/13/2009 #17

Megan walked into the park, which only took her forever to find. Who need this island was so big! She thought to herself as she looked around the park. Even though she despised being here, she had to agree that the island was very pretty and could help with her drawings. She sat down on a bench that over looked the lake. Megan tapped her fingers on her knees, going to the beat with the song playing on her ipod. She took on out her drawing pad and began to draw the lake since there was nothing else for her to do.

11/19/2009 #18

Serena emerged out of the forest into the tranquil park. Her expression, however, was anything but tranquil. Rhys followed her their expressions mirrorring each other. He was grumbling...he's so not fair....He came to a stop near the lake where Serena was treating the wounded bird. Rhys turned around and saw a girl drawing. He cocked his head to the side. There were a lot of new people turning up. He went over to her and looked behind her shoulder to see what she was drawing, "Thats pretty" he said out of the blue. He thought he might as well be social since he couldnt prank anyone right now.

11/19/2009 #19

Megan, surprised to hear somebody behind her, jumped and dropped her pencil.

"That's for scaring me." She said sarcastically. She picked up her pencil from the ground and turned around to see who her unknown visitor was. To her surprised it was a handsome looking man.

"Do you go around scaring random people?" She asked, eyebrows raised.

[[how does rhys look like??]]

11/19/2009 #20

((light blonde hair annd blue-gray eyes. Really tall and good build though he's been in detention for most of his life XD))

Rhys laughed loudly while Serena threw him an annoyed look. "Sorry.." he said to both girls. He turned back to Megan and adressed her,"Touchy...well that was just a pinch of what I go around doing." he grinned.

11/20/2009 #21

"Are you sure just a little? You seem to know exactly how to scary innocent girls." She joked, getting up and gathering her things.

11/20/2009 #22

Rhys grinned as he helped her gather her things. "Hmm...well I don't know your name madamemoiselle" he said bowing.

11/20/2009 #23

"Aren't you such a gentleman." She said laughing. "I'm Megan and you are?" Megan asked.

11/21/2009 #24

Rhys grinned at her sarcastic tone, "Rhys Challon, prefect of ze wizardry departmant at your service ma'am" Rhys said in a gentlemanly British accent.

((sori i cant reply 2 frequently! My exams r cuming up! Darn those exams!!!))

11/22/2009 . Edited 11/22/2009 #25

"I see. So your the one that will be helping me out with school. I feel bad for you." She said grinning. "Im Megan Blacksmith." Megan paused then added, "Oh by the way, your British accent sucks."

11/22/2009 #26

Rhys just laughed, "Thankyou,I would gladly come up with an answer to that but I was ttaught to respect women." He answered, grinning,However, amigo, you'll need more than that to get me mad." he said in an amused voice.

11/22/2009 #27

"I wasn't trying to get you mad. " She said innocently. "I was just the honest truth and besides, if I was trying to make you mad. I would have easily accomplished that." She said in a sly tone.

11/22/2009 . Edited 11/22/2009 #28

Rhys picked up the hint of a challenge in her voice. "Oh really?" was all he said, giving a coy smile with one of his eyebrows raised.

11/23/2009 #29

"Yup." She said nodding and sat back on the bunch. She cocked her head to the side and looked at him. "You seem like somebody who got mad very easily." She told him, but totally lying Megan could never guess just from how a person looks like and basing it on there personality.

11/23/2009 #30
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